The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2001-11-28T16:42:00Z SITA Presents Solution For Worldwide Cival Aviation Security 2001-11-28T16:42:00Z sita-presents-solution-for-worldwide-cival-aviation-security Global air transport IT services provider SITA is launching an intelligent aviation security solution that provides a platform to allow governmental authorities and air transport operators (airlines, airports and cargo agents) to enhance the security of civil aviation worldwide. The security package, which includes the Australian-developed I-Borders passenger checking systems, will be presented to the industry by SITA at the Third International Aviation Security Technology Symposium, tonight (Aust time) in Atlantic City, USA. SITA has a major contribution to make in improving the security of aviation and helping to rebuild a safer and more profitable industry, said John Watson, Director General, SITA. It is vital that all parts of air transport continue to effectively collaborate in areas of mutual benefit for the whole community. By working together to integrate new and existing solutions, SITA will ensure that accurate, real time information can be shared in a safe and secure manner between airlines and all the relevant government and security agencies. All parts of aviation should be encouraging the more extensive use of a community approach to IT. In response to the urgent needs of the aviation industry, SITA has services available immediately to help improve the security of baggage systems, self-service kiosks, passenger screening and all the associated IT infrastructure. The key elements include: Intelligent Border Solutions (i-Borders) Streamlines passenger processing and improves border security management by giving immigration and border authorities passenger bio-data before people travel or board an aircraft. i-Borders was developed in Australia by SITA and CPS for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. Integrated Baggage Solution Meets the Positive Passenger Bag Match (PPBM) requirement and goes beyond matching hold baggage to the passenger on board. It also tracks bags at the airport from check-in, through explosive detection screening, to loading in a container, to placement onboard an aircraft as well as in transit at intermediate airports and through to arrival at the final destination. AirportConnect Kiosk Provides self-service passenger check-in at kiosks, in either a dedicated or common-use environment, that includes biometric devices for passenger identification, hardware, applications and wireless connectivity. More SecureConnect Provides a portfolio of end-to-end managed network security solutions. This includes authentication, firewalls, intrusion protection, vulnerability analysis, virtual private networks, authentication of digital certificates, and professional security consultants for solution design and installation. SITAs competitive integrated voice and date network services are delivered on a cooperative basis in 220 countries and territories worldwide. All the SITA systems will integrate with explosive detection systems to provide a completely connected security environment at airports. Additionally, to further ensure that increased security requirements can be quickly implemented at airports worldwide, SITA has invited vendors of biometric devices to apply for certification to operate these systems over the SITA Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) platform, which is currently deployed in over 200 airports worldwide. Ian Riddell, Chief Operating Officer, SITA, urged all parties to leverage the strengths of SITA for the common good: By making the best use of existing systems and cooperating, through SITA, to share investment in both common infrastructure and enhanced applications, all parts of air transport will be able to simultaneously save money and take advantage of the latest technologies. SITA has a proven track record as a neutral provider of cost-effective, common-use IT solutions and is the obvious, natural partner of choice to continue to do this in the future. Based on industry standards and existing, proven technologies, SITAs common-use airport systems improve efficiency by giving real time access to airlines and their handling agents to their own applications (such as check-in, reservations and departure control) on shared workstations that allow differentiated services to be offered to passengers. By jointly investing in hardware, support and maintenance through SITA, the cost of ownership to all parties is reduced and the economies of scale maximized. Sharing facilities maximizes the use of limited resources and space to help airlines and airports combat congestion and cut costs. All these services are available from SITA over a global network that provides high-performance, secure and seamless connectivity to airlines, airports, travel agents and government authorities on a global basis. ENDS About SITA With over 50 years' experience, SITA is today the world's leading provider of integrated information and telecommunications solutions to the air transport industry. SITA has around 740 members and 1,800 customers including airlines, airports, travel distribution and computer reservation systems, governmental organizations, aerospace and airfreight companies. SITA recorded corporate revenues of over US$1.57 billion in 2000. Further information can be found at AIRBUS and SITA complete first flight test of new Aircraft Data Link 2001-11-21T16:34:00Z airbus-and-sita-complete-first-flight-test-of-new-aircraft-data-link Airbus and SITA have completed the first flight test of a new high capacity data link called VHF Digital Link (VDL). The flight test took place on October 25th over Europe using an Airbus A320 type aircraft that linked via SITAs new VHF ground station to a host computer in the Airbus laboratory. The system flight test represents the culmination of an extensive development programme. The new VHF data link was defined by the ICAO Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel (AMCP) which began its work in 1991. The VDL system uses digital signals to exchange data at a rate of 31.5 kilobits a second, compared to the current analogue signals which can get only 2.4 kilobits through the same size radio channel. The VDL link protocol, called Aviation VHF Link Control (AVLC), is being implemented initially to transport messages for the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting Systems (ACARS) so the system is called ACARS over AVLC (AOA). More than 5000 aircraft have been equipped with ACARS data link over the last 20 years and, via the SITA AIRCOM network, the crew can communicate with airline flight operations centres and air traffic control. The Airbus A320 took off from Toulouse and flew in a circular route via Lyon, Geneva, Orly, and Brest before landing back at Toulouse. A series of scenarios were tested including analogue to VDL switching, handoffs between VDL ground stations, VDL coverage and transmission of large amounts of uplink and downlink data (ACARS messages can be ten times longer using VDL than using analogue signals). Philip Clinch, SITAs Director Aircraft Operations and Navigation Services, said: We have been working for over a year and a half with Airbus to get to this point, and for over ten years to establish industry consensus on the VDL design. We are all delighted with the results. To move a project forward from concept to where it is set to become standard equipment on all new aircraft is a very significant achievement. The radio band available for use by aircraft is limited so the only way to increase aircraft communications capacity is by making better use of what we have by implementing VDL. SITA is continuing to play a key role in enhancing operational and air traffic management services for the air transport community. SITA offers airlines and air traffic control providers a range of aircraft communications solutions, generically known as AIRCOM, through a network of VHF radio stations and satellites. The capacity of these products is being developed using new satellite and VDL technologies to increase the scope of communications for passengers, cabin crew and the cockpit. SITAs VDL Mode 2 service, VDL AIRCOM, was launched in mid-2001, in line with airline plans to upgrade their fleets to the digital-based technology. This service, along with the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (AMSS) already provided by SITA under the Satellite AIRCOM banner, forms the backbone for supporting the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) standards, adopted by ICAO for support of Air Traffic Services (ATS) data link applications. SITA's AIRCOM data link service provides a mobile wireless data communications service to over 150 airlines operating worldwide. SITA AIRCOM supports flight operations, aircraft maintenance and engineering, air traffic control and cabin administrative communications, as well as passenger telephony and facsimile services. Recent expansion of SITAs global air-ground network has centered in North America, where 118 new VHF ground stations (91 in the US, 27 in Canada) now provide continuous coverage for aircraft of SITA AIRCOM customers flying in the region. General VHF coverage is provided by SITA in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Notes to Editors: About Airbus Airbus designs, builds and supports the worlds most modern airliners. It is a leading manufacturer of large civil aircraft, with some 2,600 aircraft in operation with more than 200 customers and operators around the globe. Airbus is consistently winning about a half of large airliner sales - 100 seats and above - and currently has firm orders for some 4,400 airliners and more than 200 customers and operators around the globe. Airbus is a joint EADS company with BAE SYSTEMS. Further information can be found at About SITA With over 50 years experience, SITA is today the worlds leading provider of integrated information and telecommunications solutions to the air transport industry. SITA has around 740 members and 1,800 customers including airlines, airports, travel distribution and computer reservation systems, governmental organizations, aerospace and airfreight companies. SITA recorded corporate revenues of over US$1.57 billion in 2000. Further information can be found at SITA joins with eASSIST to offer airlines immediate benefit from cost-effective customer care solution 2001-11-20T15:50:00Z sita-joins-with-eassist-to-offer-airlines-immediate-benefit-from-cost-effective-customer-care-solution SITA has signed an agreement with eAssist Global Solutions to provide the first low cost integrated customer relationship management (CRM) customer care solution for the air transport industry. Airlines of all sizes can reap immediate benefit from using the modular system while minimizing the investment needed. In Australasia, SITA plans to offer this solution to its customers, which include Qantas and Air New Zealand. Mindshare is a subscription-based application which allows airlines, travel agents and other transport providers to cut costs in operating call centers and build revenue by e-enabling and integrating their customer support facilities. Customers will be able to increase loyalty by building knowledge of their passengers and tailoring support and offerings to suit individual preferences. The system can also be used to help airlines address security concerns by allowing them to store and develop passenger profiles. At the same time, they can reduce passenger acquisition, retention, and support costs. CRM is usually seen as a large and costly initiative that takes a long time to implement. Our pay as you go customer care solution is modular and allows customers to achieve immediate savings while limiting major up-front investment, said Bob Thorpe, SITAs Vice President, Passenger Solutions. Thorpe adds: Integration of call center technologies allows the airlines to break down operational barriers, achieve economies of scale and provide consistent customer service. We selected eAssist because it has extensive CRM customer care experience across many industries and the application offers excellent pre-integrated features to help ensure our customers can benefit from CRM across the entire passenger journey. "Joining with SITA allows us to bring to market the first ever CRM customer care solution dedicated to the air transport industry. The solution combines our strength in customer care with SITAs global reach and knowledge of the air transport industry," said Robert Samuels, Vice President, Strategic Relationships at eAssist. "Now, more than ever, this industry needs to focus on reducing operational costs while at the same time improving customer satisfaction. A recent Bain & Company study indicates that an increase in customer retention rates of just five percent improves profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. With this kind of impact, airlines cannot afford to ignore customer care." Mindshare provides a customer-centric framework that enables airlines to improve their operations without having to replace their existing legacy systems. With a full spectrum of customer support capabilities, airlines will be able to provide consistent customer care, across multiple facilities and locations and through multiple channels such as phone, email, kiosk, or Internet. In one unified interface, agents see a complete, holistic view of the customer and are directed with appropriate responses to the enquiry. This enables them to serve customers more effectively, while streamlining operations and improving efficiency. SITA will offer the joint solution as a fully managed Application Service Provider (ASP) model to the air transport industry across the worlds largest network. The customer care solution joins SITAs extensive portfolio of passenger services provided to airlines worldwide. SITA offers fully hosted services covering applications for online booking, reservations, electronic and interline e-ticketing, inventory management, departure control, passenger revenue accounting, revenue management services, business intelligence and other e-commerce solutions. In addition to passenger services, SITA provides a range of application services for airports, airfreight, aircraft design and maintenance, flight operations and aircraft communications. About SITA With over 50 years' experience, SITA is today the world's leading provider of integrated information and telecommunications solutions to the air transport industry. SITA has around 740 members and 1,800 customers including airlines, airports, travel distribution and computer reservation systems, governmental organizations, aerospace and airfreight companies. SITA recorded corporate revenues of over US$1.57 billion in 2000. Further information can be found at About eAssist Global Solutions, Inc eAssist is a leading provider of CRM customer care solutions. eAssist allows companies to provide the best possible customer service by ensuring that every customer interaction - whether proactive or reactive - provides a positive experience that results in extending the customer relationship and maximizing customer lifetime value. eAssist's subscription-based solutions allow organizations of all sizes to dramatically strengthen relationships with their customers, while substantially reducing inefficiencies and streamlining the entire customer interaction process. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California with offices across the United States, in Toronto, and London. For more information, visit