The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-02-07T10:56:00Z Adam Goodes teams with Telstra to promote Safer Internet Day 2011-02-07T10:56:00Z adam-goodes-teams-with-telstra-to-promote-safer-internet-day Adam Goodes teams with Telstra to promote Safer Internet Day 7 February, 2011 – AFL legend Adam Goodes has teamed with Telstra to share some tips on how Aussies can protect their online reputation this Safer Internet Day. “Like most people, I love sharing photos and stories online and checking into Facebook to find out what my mates are up to. But as someone who lives in the public eye, I’m really mindful of how the things I say and do online affect my reputation,” Adam said. “With so much of our lives now posted on Facebook, broadcast on Twitter and recorded in text messages, all it takes is one poorly-chosen or inappropriate comment to create some real headaches for anyone. So on Safer Internet Day, it’s worth considering the simple things we can all do to protect our online reputations. “Adjusting your privacy settings, being respectful to others online and only sharing photos you’d be happy for everyone to see are my top suggestions. The other important thing to do is to maintain a balance between the digital and real worlds. The online space is great, but nothing beats getting outside, meeting up with people and getting into activities like sport. ” Telstra’s Officer of Internet Trust and Safety, Darren Kane said the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day– 'It’s more than a game, it’s your life' – highlights that how you behave online can affect your reputation in the real world. “Often people don’t realise that once they post something online, it can be widely accessed and is often there indefinitely. Something you post online as a teenager might be seen years later by a potential employer or work colleague -- so think before you post,” Darren said. “When you’re online avoid using language or pictures that might upset, embarrass or offend other people. Always take disagreements offline where they can be more effectively communicated and resolved. And remember, if you do have personal conversations online, make sure you’re privacy settings are turned up,” Darren added. Telstra partners with the Australian Communications and Media Authority to support Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 8 February) to build awareness of safety and privacy risks and the need for users to responsibly share information online. Safer Internet Day tips: What you do online has real world consequences. Creating a positive online community is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you’re using your real name or an on screen avatar, what you post and how you treat others affects real people positively or negatively, including yourself. Manage your personal information online. Don’t assume that just because something looks credible online it’s safe to enter personal details. Think just as carefully about whether to post your phone number, address and credit card details as you would in the offline world. Use the privacy settings to manage who is able to view your information. Look after your digital reputation. Nothing you do online is anonymous. It’s not just your key personal information you should look after online – the same applies to your personal photos or details about what you did during the weekend. Never forget that once it’s online it can be impossible to remove completely. Maintain a balance between your online and offline lives. Spending too much time online can have a negative impact on other parts of your life. A good balance between time on social networking sites and time with offline friends and family is important for everyone. Notes to editors For more information or high-resolution images of Adam Goodes with his iPhone, contact Peter Symons, Tel.: 0407 709 654 / Telstra’s Internet and Cyber-Safety site contains information to help Australians of all ages have a positive online experience: