The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2001-11-30T00:34:00Z Top Layer Anounces Two New Low Cost, High Performance And Easy-To-Use Security Appliances 2001-11-30T00:34:00Z top-layer-anounces-two-new-low-cost-high-performance-and-easy-to-use-security-appliances Top Layer Networks, a leading provider of high-speed network security hardware and software products, today launched its new Attack Mitigator and IDS Balancer security appliances which boost network defences and deliver patented, proven Top Layer technology at affordable pricing. The appliances help companies keep pace with increasing bandwidth throughput demands and a host of new cyber threats, without sacrificing performance or interfering with legitimate traffic. The Attack Mitigator and IDS Balancer form part of a family of products derived from the award winning AppSwitch / AppSafe . These products were developed in response to customer and channel demand for technologies that address specific security challenges in the market today. Today, most companies have already invested heavily in their security infrastructure. However, new threats emerge daily that impact the effectiveness of these systems. The Top Layer appliances provide a simple way for customers to protect both their security investments and their networks. Specifically, the IDS Balancer provides increased performance and availability for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) be they Fast Ethernet or Gigabit attached systems. The Attack Mitigator serves as an added layer of protection that complements existing firewalls in stopping Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed DoS and worm attacks from bringing down a companys Internet connection. Today, more than ever, companies are constantly evaluating their security infrastructure for points of vulnerability and inefficiency, said Alex Turkington, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Top Layer Networks. We invented IDS balancing as an application, and have incorporated attack mitigation technology that can detect and protect enterprise networks from malicious DDoS attacks. Our goal in developing these products was to make it simple for customers in Australia to afford and deploy our technology such that they can defend their business assets and maintain the confidence of their customer base. IDS Balancer Intrusion detection technology has been around for many years and plays a critical role in network security. As todays traffic flow gets faster, and hacker methods become more damaging, most IDS platforms suffer limitations and cannot keep pace. This has the effect of creating either performance issues or points of vulnerability. Top Layers IDS Balancer product comprehensively and unobtrusively distributes workload among multiple IDS systems. Additional benefits of the IDS Load Balancer include the ability to adapt to customers unique application requirements via multiple carbon copy groups as well as create a fully redundant IDS configuration. Benefits to customers of using the IDS Balancer include: Provision of simultaneous flow mirroring to multiple groups of IDS sensors, protocol analysers, sniffers and RMON probes; Allows aggregate IDS viewing of networks with many segments and VLANs; Enables IDS system scalability to full Gigabit speeds; Filters traffic by application for sophisticated tuning of IDS solution; Ships pre-configured for ease-of-use implementation; Deployed off Layer 3 infrastructure to guarantee no impact to network performance. Attack Mitigator DoS represents unauthorised use of expensive resources such as network bandwidth and server memory. Most DoS attacks are little more than an annoyance. Many simply degrade rather than deny service and therefore go undetected. Companies must actively protect themselves against these expensive and increasingly frequent attacks with a solution that, in real time, differentiates malicious from legitimate traffic. It provides a simple and cost-effective way to fortify existing network security infrastructure against DoS attacks, DDoS and worms. Product Features of the Attack Mitigator include: Ships pre-configured to recognise and effectively block 15 known DoS attacks; Easily adaptable to react to new DoS attack methodologies; Simplified, easy-to-use configuration tool. Pricing and Availability IDS Balancer is available immediately with pricing ranging from $23,995 to $39,995. The Attack Mitigator will be available the first quarter of 2002 with prices ranging from $17,995 to $25,995 About Top Layer Networks, Inc. Founded in 1997, Top Layer Networks is a leading provider of high-speed network security hardware and software products. The AppSwitch and AppSafe employ a patented, ASIC-based architecture to protect the network against high volume Denial-of-Service (DoS and DDoS) attacks and HTTP-based worms, improve the effectiveness of intrusion detection through intelligent balancing and distribution of traffic to IDS systems, and enhance the availability and performance of firewalls through firewall balancing technology. Top Layers SecureWatch software collects and formats highly detailed network session records, turning them into easy-to-use information on security incidents and application traffic entering and crossing the network. All of Top Layers products are built around its core capability: providing high speed, flexible and secure session-aware classification and processing of network traffic. As a result, Top Layer customers derive the highest possible levels of availability, reliability and performance from their network assets. Top Layer world headquarters is in Westboro, Massachusetts in the USA. The company has sales presence in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. For further information, visit or email