The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-12-06T04:00:53Z Capture little moments from any angle with new smart baby monitors from Uniden 2016-12-06T04:00:53Z capture-little-moments-from-any-angle-with-new-smart-baby-monitors-from-uniden-1 Uniden has expanded its award-winning[1] Baby Watch range of baby monitors with two new audio monitors and a flagship two-in-one monitor. The premium wireless two-in-one monitor features the popular ‘handy clamp’ camera, a pan and tilt camera, and many other advanced and practical features which make the Baby Watch range ideal for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers. Designed to be exceptionally easy to set-up and use, the new Baby Watch models can be taken out of the box and ready to go in a matter of minutes. The refreshed line-up includes three new models: the BW3451R+1 – a smart 2-in-1 baby monitor with two cameras, and two new audio-only baby monitors. With two-in-one functionality, the BW3451R+1 is a standalone baby monitor that provides interactive opportunities thanks to a dedicated Baby Watch app, accessible via iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. A pan and tilt camera lets users control pan, tilt and zoom both manually and remotely via the Baby Watch app. The app also gives parents the ability to talk to their baby at any time through their smartphone. Unique to the market is the inclusion of an adjustable clamp-style camera. This can be easily and securely positioned anywhere within the nursery for uninterrupted visual monitoring and peace of mind. It can even be mounted to the edges of a cot for perfect vision of baby. A large 4.3 inch colour screen with video and audio display produces crystal clear viewing and listening, while the infrared night vision provides around-the-clock monitoring. Other useful features include a built-in nightlight and a selection of lullabies to help soothe bub to sleep while a built-in microphone lets parents hear when their child may need attention. A walkie talkie function enables parents to communicate with people in other areas of the home while tending to their child. For those seeking a more advanced solution, up to four additional cameras can be supported on the BW3451R+1. Parents can also view up to four cameras on the one screen and record up to 32 gigabytes of footage off multiple cameras simultaneously onto a micro SD card. The entry-level BW130 and BW120 audio-only portable baby monitors are ultra-convenient and easy to use. A perfect gift giving idea for loved ones who are soon welcoming the arrival of a new bundle of joy, these models will also be practical as a second unit for the grandparents’ home or to take on holiday. Both the BW3451R+1 and BW130 baby monitors feature temperature display with temperature range alert which notifies parents or caretakers of sudden changes to comfort levels in the nursery. All Uniden Baby Watch baby monitors are digitally encrypted to ensure a secure connection. Uniden two-in-one Baby Watch baby monitor with two cameras (BW3451R+1) ·         Portable, stylish two-in-one baby monitor with remote access via the Baby Watch app ·         4.3” colour LCD screen with night vision and a walkie talkie function ·         Includes two cameras: a zoom, pan and tilt camera to capture all angles and an adjustable clamp-style camera ·         Temperature display with temperature range alert ·         Selection of lullabies and a night light feature ·         RRP $449.95   Uniden audio-only Baby Watch baby monitor (BW130) ·         Audio-only monitor with a portable, stylish design ·         1.5” colour LCD screen ·         Temperature display with temperature range alert ·         RRP $69.95   Uniden audio-only Baby Watch baby monitor (BW120) ·         Audio-only monitor with a portable, stylish design ·         RRP $49.95   Learn more about the Uniden Baby Watch baby monitor range here:   For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see [1] Flagship Uniden Baby Watch baby monitors have been voted as the most popular baby monitor by Mother & Baby in 2016, 2015 and 2012 (models BW3451R, BW31xx series and BW2101, respectively). Uniden shines a spotlight on its new surveillance systems 2016-10-10T01:41:48Z uniden-shines-a-spotlight-on-its-new-surveillance-systems A leader in communication solutions, Uniden has refreshed its popular Guardian digital wireless surveillance system range with the introduction of the G37xx series. The new DIY security systems offer homeowners greater flexibility and a host of practical, advanced features. The new models - the G3720 and G3710 - each include a seven-inch touchscreen tablet and weatherproof cameras (two and one, respectively). The range can be expanded to include up to four weatherproof cameras, making it suitable for growing families. In addition, the ability to install cameras where cables cannot reach means users can change the camera configuration quickly and easily as required and is a practical inclusion for roving households. Suitable for monitoring the interiors and exteriors of residential properties, the G37xx series cameras communicate wirelessly via the touchscreen tablet. This can also connect to the internet for remote access from a smartphone. The touchscreen tablet has Full High Definition (HD) 1080p resolution for spectacularly clear picture quality, allowing homeowners to clearly see details such as registration plates and facial features which are critical in the event of an incident. Unique to the market is the introduction of an optional motion detection spotlight with a weatherproof outdoor camera. Enhancing night vision further, this deters unwelcome visitors by casting a bright light when movement is detected. Advanced features include an infrared LED with infrared cut filter for true representation of daytime colour, Full HD picture quality and PentaZoom 2x digital zoom-in on live videos. Remote access via an iOS/Android app means homeowners can logon from anywhere in the world to watch and record footage live as well as switch the optional spotlight on to deter intruders. The app also sends push notifications and email alerts whenever the system detects movement. Secure, digital and interference-free transmission offers peace of mind while a two-way talk function offers interactive opportunities. The Guardian wireless surveillance series offers a plug-and-play set-up and can be ready to use within minutes. Uniden Guardian digital wireless surveillance systems - models, accessories and pricing Models RRP Guardian G3720 with a 7” touchscreen tablet and two outdoor weatherproof cameras $499.95 Guardian G3710 with a 7” touchscreen tablet and one outdoor weatherproof camera $349.95 Guardian optional motion detection spot light with weatherproof outdoor camera (G3700L) $199.95 Guardian optional weatherproof outdoor camera (G3700) $169.95 To learn more about the Uniden Guardian wireless surveillance range, visit Customer enquiries: phone Uniden on 1300 366 895 or visit Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Uniden adds intelligence to the home with its Smart Home Control range 2015-07-29T23:30:00Z uniden-adds-intelligence-to-the-home-with-its-smart-home-control-range An extension to its popular Guardian series of DIY home surveillance products, Uniden has released its new app-enabled Smart Home Control range designed to help users secure their home environment quickly and easily.   The unique Smart Home Control series offers a long range wireless solution with   High Definition (HD) pan and tilt cameras for crisp, clear footage. Launching in two kit combinations, Deluxe and Starter, both systems work straight out of the box and can be setup in a matter of minutes.   The Smart Home Control series includes magnetic sensors for doors and windows, and indoor sirens, compatible with Uniden’s existing range of AppCam indoor and weatherproof outdoor cameras. Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors are a practical inclusion, detecting movement in ‘blind spot’ areas not covered by cameras like a driveway or backdoor.   A gateway hub acts as the control room which sends and receives signals from the sensors, sirens and cameras. At the touch of a button, the key remote control can arm and disarm the home, and begin filming on cameras connected to the system. The future-proof system can also be expanded with additional sensors, cameras and sirens[i], making it the perfect DIY surveillance solution for virtually any home.   Uniden’s Guardian Home app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets - used in conjunction with the Smart Home Control range - provides users with greater flexibility and control. The app enables homeowners to logon remotely to view footage in real-time, manoeuvre camera movements and even set off sirens to deter intruders. When sensors or sirens are triggered, users are notified via alerts sent to the Guardian Home app and their assigned e-mail address. Users can set-up multiple scenarios via the Guardian Home app to suit their preferences. For instance, create automated settings to begin recording on cameras and set off sirens when unauthorised entry is detected from the magnetic sensors or PIR sensors.   Developed especially for the Smart Home Control series long range is a benefit which is achieved by a hybrid transmission[ii] ensuring activity does not go unseen or unheard.  Pricing and availabilityUniden Smart Home Control: Deluxe Kit (GSHC5000) 1 x gateway hub 5 x magnetic sensors for doors/windows 2 x passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors 2 x remote controls 1 x indoor siren 2 x App Cam 26 HD pan and tilt indoor cameras Available September, RRP $699.95  Uniden Smart Home Control: Starter Kit (GSHC1000) 1 x gateway hub 3 x magnetic sensors for doors/windows 2 x remote controls 1 x App Cam 24 HD indoor camera Available September, RRP $399.95   The new Uniden Smart Home Control series is available from leading electrical retail stores nationally.   For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see   [i] More accessories scheduled for release in 2015. [ii] Hybrid transmission operates at 900MHz and 2.4GHz. Top tips for encouraging safe and positive behaviour on the roads 2015-06-16T00:09:00Z top-tips-for-encouraging-safe-and-positive-behaviour-on-the-roads While speeding remains the biggest contributor to fatal road accidents in Australia, behavioural changes can make a positive impact in helping to reduce a range of road-related incidents. Wet weather, snowy conditions and unfamiliar roads can lead to an increase in vehicle collisions.   As the leading brand in in-car dash cams in Australia[i], Uniden provides advice to encourage safer driving in all weather conditions.   Remain observant of the local surroundings as well as other road users. Be mindful of pedestrians and children in school zones, changed conditions and speed limits when travelling past construction and road works and wildlife in regional areas, particularly at sunset when many animals are on the move. It’s reported that animal collisions increase by 30 per cent in the winter months, with a peak danger period between June and August[ii]. Stick to the local speed limit in dry weather conditions. When wet weather strikes, always slow down, keep a greater distance between the vehicle ahead and be extremely vigilant on the roads. Australian drivers have a track record for severe and high rates of road rage[iii]. It’s a good idea to practice basic road etiquette with minor gestures like giving way to other motorists, and waving in the rear view mirror as a way of ‘thanks’. It helps to reduce hostility on the road, and it’s a positive habit that encourages others to do the same. Be mindful of your motor vehicle’s capabilities, particularly in locations prone to flooding, high levels of wind or snow. Use treads when required and avoid driving altogether if it’s advised to do so by the local authorities. Avoid driving when fatigued. It has been suggested that a person who has been awake for 17 hours has the cognitive ability similar to a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05. Invest in a quality accident cam vehicle recorder that’s reliable and easy to use. New models are easy to install yourself, can be used to capture on-road or carpark incidents, and offer fatigued drivers audible and visual alerts when the vehicle is drifting over a lane while in motion.   Uniden has a wide range of iGO Cams designed for recreational road users, as well as professional drivers and other motorists wanting to protect themselves from road-related accidents and disputes.   The Uniden iGO Cam vehicle recorders are available from leading consumer electronics retailers.   Customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or visit   [i] Based on sales units measured over six months in 2014-15 through a third-party market data collection company in Australia. [ii] [iii] Keep everyone connected with new colourful UHF handheld radios 2015-05-12T23:20:00Z keep-everyone-connected-with-new-colourful-uhf-handheld-radios Day trippers, weekend warriors and outdoor adventurers can stay connected while on the move with the latest range of colourful two-way handheld radios from Uniden.   The UH35 series UHF two-way handheld radios combine performance, robust design and ease-of-use for better group communication. Available in triple and quad packs (UH35-3 and UH35-4), the UH35 series offers everyone their own dedicated radio to clip on when travelling or exploring the world around them.   The ultra-compact, shock resistant and temperature tested radios are perfect for hiking, camping, skiing and cycling or just hanging out in the urban jungle. With access to up to 80 channels, Uniden’s handheld radios are affordable and reliable, particularly in locations where there is little to no mobile phone coverage.   The radios provide superior range and more efficient battery performance when compared with standard UHF radios in the market. The UH35 series operates up to 20 hours and can communicate across a range of up to three kilometres. Depending on the location of the local repeater station and topographical conditions, the communication range can be extended further using the Range Extender (Duplex) Capability. Auto Squelch blocks out low level hissing noises for a stronger incoming signal and clearer messages.   The radios’ lightweight and bright designs let users choose a colour to suit their personality, packing away neatly in luggage for extended trips. Other convenient features include an LCD screen, Auto Battery Save to conserve power when in standby mode and a Battery Level indicator.  Pricing and availability UH35-3 triple pack, colours include lime, blue and orange - RRP $79.95 UH35-4 quad pack, colours include pink, lime, blue and orange - RRP $99.95   The new Uniden UH35 series UHF two-way handheld radios are available now from leading specialist electrical retailers. Uniden customer enquiries: phone 1300 366 895 or visit Supercharge while on-the-road with new portable Uniden Jump Start Kit 2015-04-14T23:16:00Z supercharge-while-on-the-road-with-new-portable-uniden-jump-start-kit Daily commuters, truck drivers, campers as well as boat owners can enjoy peace of mind while on-the-go thanks to the new Jump Start Kit (UPP120) from Uniden.   Designed as a must-have travel companion, Uniden’s compact Jump Start Kit enables users to self-sufficiently recharge a flat car battery, power up a variety of devices and even adjust tyre pressure. This removes the need for third-party roadside assistance, which can be costly, time intensive and inconvenient to road users.   A powerful 12 volt portable battery pack and a set of jump cables allow users to supercharge a flat battery when required. With a lifecycle of 1000 discharges, this battery pack offers a reliable way of staying powered while out and about. Simply connect the jumper cables to the battery terminal and the battery pack before switching on the vehicle’s ignition.   In addition, motorists can inflate their own tyres while on the road with the help of a compact air pump with pressure gauge and an in-built air hose. For greater convenience, this air pump also has a sports ball needle which can also be used to inflate sports accessories such as footballs and basketballs, making it ideal for weekend sports.   Portable power banks are often considered an essential travel item for smartphone and tablet users. With enough juice to start a motor vehicle, the Jump Start Kit also has a 2-1 mini USB/micro USB cable making it an effective and powerful solution for charging mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A powerful LED flashlight offers users greater visibility in environments where there is little or no light. In addition, the compact size makes the Jump Start Kit ideal for storage underneath passenger seats or in the boot of a vehicle.    KEY FEATURESUniden Jump Start Kit (UPP120) 12 volt battery pack with a lifecycle of 1000 discharges One pair of jump cables - 400A peak current Compact air pump with pressure gauge, in-built air hose, sports ball needle, and a car and bike valve connector 2-1 mini USB/micro USB charging cable for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets LED flashlight One year warranty RRP $199.95   The new Uniden Jump Start Kit will be available from leading specialist electrical retailers from mid-April 2015.   To watch how the Jump Start Kit works, see Uniden customer enquiries: phone 1300 366 895 or visit New UHF CB mobile radio with Master Scan™ technology 2014-06-30T03:53:00Z new-uhf-cb-mobile-radio-with-master-scan-technology Uniden is paving the way in UHF radio communication with its new UH8050S UHF CB mobile radio featuring the new Master Scan™ technology. The UH8050S UHF CB mobile radio is ideal for a variety of road users looking for an advanced DIN*  in-car mount UHF solution, including truck, 4WD and recreational drivers. The latest innovation added to the Uniden UHF range, Master Scan™ technology, is designed to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication. This premium feature also has Dynamic Switching, which lets users retain constant communication by changing over to unused channels. This network scan function searches for other radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone. When the radio detects a signal with no code or an incorrect code, it switches to an unused channel when transmitting. By scanning only group channels, radios in the network will be able to detect and receive group transmissions, offering continuous communication without interruption. Using pre-batched group channels also helps to avoid complicated settings by preloading group channels. The Lightning Encode feature is an advanced rectifier circuit, enabling the radio to decode CTCSS/DCS quickly.  “As a leader in UHF communication, Uniden continues to engineer quality products offering advanced features that are both practical and intuitive for users. The UH8050S UHF CB mobile radio is designed to satisfy the needs of drivers looking for a highly-featured DIN in-car mount UHF solution. With the inclusion of Master Scan™ technology, we anticipate the UH8050S will be a popular and reliable choice for staying in touch with the outside world while on the road,” said Brad Hales, National Marketing Communication Manager, Uniden Australia. Using Uniden's world recognised BearCat scanning technology, the UH8050S can scan unencrypted analogue UHF police, fire and ambulance frequencies, UHF CB Channels and user programmable channels at the same time. It also has 100 user programmable RX channels allowing users to select from 9600 receivable channels. Featuring Instant Replay, the UH8050S can record and replay up to one minute of recent received signals ensuring important transmissions are not missed. The UHF mobile unit is also +12V and +24V DC power input compatible, making it a versatile inclusion to most vehicles available on the market.  Built for rugged Australian conditions, the new UHF radio has been temperature tested to withstand harsh summers and is shock resistant for high performance, even when travelling across rugged terrain. For added peace of mind, the UH8050S is backed by Uniden’s five year platinum warranty.  Other advanced features include a microphone and a built-in large LCD backlit screen for easy, remote access to functions such as volume control and power on/off. Users can also choose from seven backlit display colours to suit personal preferences and lighting scenarios. KEY FEATURES Uniden UH8050S UHF CB mobile radio  •    Innovative Bearcat Engine and Master Scan™ technologies •    80 narrowband channels  •    Five watt maximum TX output power •    Analogue police and fire frequencies •    100 user programmable RX channels (400-520MHz in 12.5kHz steps) •    18km typical range line of sight •    Heavy duty microphone (MK850) and microphone hanger included •    Instant Replay Function •    Seven colour LCD and backlight •    Platinum five year warranty •    RRP $449.95 The new Uniden UH8050S UHF CB mobile radio is available from leading electrical retailers from July. Uniden customer enquiries: phone 1300 366 895 or visit  *   German standards organisation Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) adopted the acronym, DIN, to define the standard size for car stereo head units in 1984. Protect yourself from car accident disputes with new Uniden in-car camera 2013-01-24T04:46:15Z protect-yourself-from-car-accident-disputes-with-new-uniden-in-car-camera More than 600,000 road accidents are reported in Australia each year[1], at an estimated cost of $15 billion per annum[2]. Helping to protect drivers from fraudulent claims and accident disputes, Uniden has launched its first series of in-car vehicle recorders. Comprising of two models – the iGO Cam 300 and iGO Cam 800 – Uniden’s in-car camera range offers the latest in ‘black box’ vehicle accident recording technology.  Mounted on the inside of the car windscreen, the iGO Cam will automatically detect any sudden changes in car movement, such as when an accident occurs, and immediately record the footage in High Definition.  Whether they happen while parking at the shops, commuting to work or operating as a professional driver, all incidents can be recorded on the iGO Cam, providing evidence of who is at fault and enabling drivers to easily report incidents to police and insurance companies. The Uniden iGO Cam can also be set up to continuously capture road vision and users can playback journeys taken. This makes the cameras ideal for recreational drivers such as 4WD enthusiasts, parents wishing to monitor the safety of younger drivers or commercial fleet managers who seek to keep track of employees and protect against fraudulent insurance claims made to the company. Packed full of state-of-the-art features, Uniden iGO Cam utilises a HD Camera for high quality recording.  Motion Detection enables the camera to collect evidence even when the car is parked and without the driver present – with the camera instantly capturing footage if the car is bumped or scraped. With the help of a built-in G-sensor and the device’s Collision Detection Mode, the camera can also detect a change in motion which will instantly trigger recording. In the event of an accident, this gives drivers the ability to analyse the direction of impact and view how it happened. The iGO Cam 300 has a single HD camera, featuring Infrared Night Vision to record quality footage even when in poor light. The iGO CAM 800 is equipped with dual cameras, so drivers can record what is going on in the front and back of the vehicle, ensuring all potential areas of the car are monitored. “If you have an accident you might have to pay a hefty excess on your insurance premiums and you may lose your no-claim bonus - this can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars,” said Brad Hales, Senior National Marketing Executive, Uniden Australia. “In the shock of an accident is it often difficult to remember every detail in order to complete an insurance claim or police report. Capturing live road events, Uniden’s iGO Cams have can protect drivers from becoming a victim of fraudulent claims or assist in crash disputes – or for instances when your car is damaged in a parking lot. In-car cameras have also been known to help dispute unfair traffic infringements.” A plug-and-play device, the Uniden iGO Cam is easy to install, configure and operate.  Its portable and wireless design enables the camera to be transferred between vehicles as required.  An 8GB Micro SD Card is included as a bonus with the iGO Cam 800, and users can purchase larger capacity Micro SD cards for longer recording. iGO Cam 300 RRP $89.95 Ultra Compact Design 1.5” LCD colour screen iGO Cam 800 RRP $149.95 2” LCD colour screen 2 x 180º swivel cameras to capture extra wide footage whether from front or back of the vehicle Anti-shaking function for ultra clear recording 8GB Micro SD Card included Uniden iGO Cam series is available nationally from leading electronics retailers. Customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or visit [1] Australian Automobile Association 2011 [2] Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (BTRE) 2012 Bluetooth Car Kits help NSW drivers comply with new mobile phone laws 2012-11-01T05:09:00Z bluetooth-car-kits-help-nsw-drivers-comply-with-new-mobile-phone-laws A recent reform to NSW laws has placed greater restrictions on how drivers can use their mobile phones when on the road – prompting increased reliance on technologies such as Bluetooth car speakers. Effective from November 1, NSW drivers will only be able to use mobile phones if they are completely hands free or mounted. Any activity which requires holding a phone - such as texting, emailing, or even answering a phone call while placed in your lap – will be prohibited. A range of Bluetooth car kits from Uniden provide one solution to help drivers stay connected while complying with the new safety laws. Using advanced voice control technology, the BTSC 1500 Bluetooth® Hands-free Car Kitoffers drivers a true hands-free experience. Ideal for iPhones, Android smartphones, Blackberrys and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, the stylish BTSC 1500 is perfect for talking on the go with Text to Speech caller ID number announce, voice dialling and auto-answer. Numbers are displayed vividly on the bright blue backlit OLED display. Equipped with a Full Duplex 1 Watt Speaker and the latest noise and echo cancellation technology, the BTSC1500 offers improved sound volume and clarity for crystal clear calls while on the go. It also utilises Bluetooth® 2.1 technology to provide faster transmission speeds and lower power consumption – this extended battery life provides up to 15 hours Talk Time and 300 hours Standby Time, reducing the hassle of having to frequently recharge the device. Uniden Bluetooth car kits are slim, unobtrusive and hook easily on to the car’s sun visor. Providing greatest convenience to drivers and their passengers, up to two phones can be partnered with the device at the same time. Users can also download their mobile phone contacts onto the devices’ phonebook, enabling the caller ID function on the OLED screen as well as Caller Number Announcement. Uniden’s suite of Bluetooth hands-free car kits also includes the BTSC 1700. Equipped with Complete Voice Control, this advanced device enables users to choose to either ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’ incoming calls and SMS’s through these simple voice commands. The BTSC1700 also features a user-friendly CarKit App for Android, enabling the device to check and read SMS messages received on the paired mobile via Text to Speech technology. The app can also check and read aloud email, upcoming appointments in Google Calendar and advise the weather –all completely hands free. Additional features of the BTSC1700 include: · Full duplex 2 Watt speaker phone · Full Auto Pairing · Bluetooth 3.0 · Magnet Visor Clip for easy installation & Slide ON/OFF switch for easy use · Clear display of caller ID on 46mm wide OLED Display · A2DP GPS guide streaming BTSC 1500 RRP $79.95 BTSC 1700 RRP $99.95 Uniden Bluetooth car kits include car charger, AC Adaptor and 24 month warranty. Available from The Good Guys, selected electrical retailers and department stores. Customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or visit Identify visitors at the touch of a button with Uniden DoorGuard 2012-10-24T05:53:00Z identify-visitors-at-the-touch-of-a-button-with-uniden-doorguard Uniden has announced the launch of DoorGuard UWG200, an all-in-one intercom solution. Designed for households and small businesses, DoorGuard is a combined intercom, doorbell and cordless phone. The system includes an intercom panel and two DECT digital cordless phones, allowing users to speak to visitors at the door or reception area with ease – through the cordless phone system. DoorGuard is a plug-and-play system for user-friendly set up and use. The battery-operated intercom panel allows for the system to be transferred if the user moves house or changes business locations, and can be mounted to any wall without requiring professional installation. For crystal clear conversations, DoorGuard uses Uniden’s secure digital DECT wireless solution. “As residential crime rates remain high in many areas around Australia[1], home owners are becoming more vigilant about who they open their door to,” said Brad Hales, senior national marketing executive, Uniden. “DoorGuard is ideal for residents who want the ability to speak to their visitors at the touch of a button. It’s particularly useful for apartment blocks and in-home businesses that receive a lot of traffic around their front door. Larger households might also use the system to communicate between the main house, garage or granny flat.” Uniden DoorGuard UWG200 is available now at leading electrical retail stores nationally. RRP $129.95 For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see [1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, ‘Property crime on the rise’, June 2012 Uniden delivers on-call support for seniors, the disabled and people with impaired vision or hearing 2012-10-10T23:52:00Z uniden-delivers-on-call-support-for-seniors-the-disabled-and-people-with-impaired-vision-or-hearing One of the most profound changes influencing our population growth is ageing, with studies estimating that more than 24 per cent of the population will be aged 65 years and over by 2056[1]. Appealing to the needs of this growing demographic, Uniden has launched a new series of digital cordless phones which incorporate an optional emergency alert pendant. Designed for easy use by seniors, people with disabilities and those with impaired vision or hearing, the Uniden SSE series cordless phone features large buttons, large LCD and caller ID display, extra loud audio controls and is hearing aid compatible. Text To Speech (TTS) announces the name of callers so users know who is calling before they pick up the phone. The system includes an integrated digital answering machine with a slow playback function, which slows down the voice when listening to messages, as well as remote access which enables users to check any messages left when away from home. Unique to the Uniden SSE phones is an optional emergency alert SOS pendant, offering seniors and their families’ greater peace of mind to know that help is only a press of a button away. Set for release in January 2013, this splashproof personal alarm can be worn around neck or wrist, and activated in case of an emergency such as a fall or sudden illness. When the ‘help’ button is pressed, the device will first call the internal home phone so that someone in the home may be notified. If unanswered, the pendant will then dial up to five phone numbers that have been pre-programmed by the user. Through the pendant, users can have two-way communication with their contact once the call is answered. If the call is not answered it will then automatically move on to the next contact until one of the five contacts pick up. The safety of the elderly and disabled, particularly those living alone, can cause anxiety for family members. An emergency pendant allows seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle, with the ability to call family and close friends for assistance if required, rather than an alarm centre. This also means there are no ongoing expensive monitoring fees, unlike other emergency pendants available. Featuring advanced XDECT technology, the Uniden SSE phone’s extended digital coverage eliminates reception drop-out areas around the home and provides greater call clarity. As the SOS pendant is linked with Uniden’s fixed line phone system it has long-range capability, ensuring it can be activated anywhere around the house or property. Additional features of the SSE phone include: - Do Not Disturb function – allows users to mute the ringer at times when not wanting to be interrupted - WiFi friendly – will not interfere with any other frequencies in the house - 50 Caller ID memories and 200 phonebook entries on each handset - Seven day battery standby time and up to ten hours talk time - Hands-free speaker - Multi handset capable – expand up to six handsets using the one phone socket The Uniden XDECT SSE series is available from October at leading electrical retail stores nationally. The optional emergency alert SOS pendant will be available from January 2013. SS E35 RRP $79.95 SSE35 + 1 RRP $129.95 SSE Pendant RRP $99.95 (January 2013) SS E35 + Pendant RRP $169.95 (Coming Soon) For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see high res images: [1] ABS, Australian Social Trends, ‘Future population growth and ageing’, March 2009 Uniden announces Australian first with tablet-style wireless surveillance and app 2012-04-23T00:33:23Z uniden-announces-australian-first-with-tablet-style-wireless-surveillance-and-app Homeowners are becoming more security conscious than ever, with recent research revealing that one home is broken into every 90 seconds in Australia[1]. Addressing the increasing demand for high quality, affordable security, the new Uniden Guardian is Australia’s first true plug-and-play wireless surveillance system with a remote viewing iPhone or android app. Ideal for monitoring both the inside and outside of properties, the Uniden Guardian is the ultimate all-in-one security system for the home. The first of the series, the Uniden Guardian G2720 comprises of two outdoor weatherproof cameras and a 7” tablet-style monitor with an intuitive touch screen interface. An optional wireless portable indoor camera, which can be moved from room to room, is also available for those seeking extra surveillance inside the home. Unique to Guardian is Uniden’s innovative new iPhone and Android app, which allows people to check on their home remotely, be they at work, on holidays or simply out and about. Utilising an internet portal, users can ‘log-in’ to the home monitor via their Mac or PC for access to the live video feed anywhere in the world. Unlike more complex internet-hosted IP surveillance systems, this easy-to-use app requires no complicated installation giving residents the opportunity to play ‘big brother’ in their own home - indoors and outdoors, and even take snapshots of what they see on their smartphone. Offering wireless ‘plug and play’ functionality, Uniden Guardian is a true DIY security solution for the home. Set up is easy and can usually be completed in a matter of minutes. Guardian utilises the latest digitally encrypted FHSS technology to protect families against eavesdropping and hacking, while ensuring crystal clear, interference-free transmission of video and audio signals to a range of up to 150 metres between camera and monitor. The Uniden Guardian system is capable of supporting up to four cameras, and users can customise recording settings to suit their individual needs, with scheduled, motion detection or manual record modes. In an industry first, the digital wireless system can record up to four cameras at once on the SD card so footage can be played back when required. Outdoor cameras can be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling, offering residents the flexibility to monitor activity where most required, such as at the front door, gate, garage or side of the house. Other features include: Round-the-clock protection with professional quality infrared night vision – up to 12 metres in total darkness Fantastic ‘true daytime colour’ picture quality 2x digital zoom, pan and tilt capability of live video Quad, auto scan or individual camera views available on monitor ‘Quick tips’ user manual on the monitor Remote Viewing. Anywhere. Anytime. Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices™, PC’s and MacsUniden’s Guardian wireless video surveillance range is available from June at leading electrical retail stores nationally. For the first three months, any customer who purchases a Guardian 2720 will receive a free indoor camera valued at $129.95, via redemption at the Uniden website. Guardian G2720 (7” tablet + two weatherproof cameras) RRP $549.95 Guardian G2711 (7” tablet, one weatherproof camera + one indoor camera) RRP $549.95 Guardian G2710 (7” tablet + one weatherproof camera) RRP $449.95 For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see View the Uniden Guardian Video at: Download high res images fromthe online gallery [1] ABS, Crime Victimisation, Australia, ‘Household crime’, 2010-11 Tune in to the action with new Uniden Bearcat digital scanner 2011-12-04T23:42:37Z tune-in-to-the-action-with-new-uniden-bearcat-digital-scanner Making its return to the digital scanner radio market, Uniden today launched the new Bearcat UBCD396XT – offering professionals and enthusiasts access to the latest digital scanner technology, widest channel selection and improved useability. The state-of-the-art UBCD396XT can access up to 25,000 dynamic channels, including commercial grade channels. Ideal for truck, emergency and air scanning, users can pick up any frequency in the range* as well as make use of eight pre-programmed service searches: police, marine, railroad, air, CB radio, UHF-CB radio, racing and FM broadcast searches. This superior range appeals to a diverse scanner community, from those seeking emergency alerts as they occur, to diehard racing fans chasing the action between V8 drivers and their pit crew, to aviation enthusiasts hoping to listen in on pilot/ground crew communication. Featuring TrunkTracker IV™ Technology, the UBCD396XT allows users to follow all the action on the four major types of trunked radio systems: APCO25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS and LTR. Providing the greatest possible access to monitor activities and transmissions of city service departments, these four systems can be tracked on virtually all bands and all configurations, including narrowband and ‘rebanded’ systems. Complete with APCO25 digital capability, the scanner can pick up both digital and analog radio systems. Equipped with advanced Close Call RF Capture technology, the UBCD396XT can automatically lock onto nearby radio transmissions even if they have not been programmed into the scanner. This is ideal for use at events where the frequency being used is unknown, such as sporting matches. The UBCD396XT also debuts a range of GPS support features which can be accessed once the scanner unit is connected with an optional GPS Antenna. Location-based scanning will automatically turn systems and channel groups on and off as you change location – a simple and convenient feature which means users won’t have to take their eyes off the road to change channels. This GPS function also enables users to determine the location of the frequency they are listening to, in addition to location alerts and crows flight navigation. Rounding out the new features is Bandscope, providing a graphical representation which indicates signal strength of transmissions in a selected range. This helps users to zone in on possible interference sources, tune into intermittent signal sources and also help to pinpoint where the signal originates. Other features include: Key-safe – protects important programming and modes from accidental changes Custom searches – offers users the flexibility to program up to 10 search ranges IF Exchange Priority ID Scan 100 Quick Keys and Quick Search 500 Search Lockouts (250 temporary and 250 permanent) Multi-colour back lit LCD Ultra compact unit Specially certified for Australian + New Zealand market.Uniden’s UBCD396XT Digital Scanner is available now from specialised communication retailers, and in Dick Smith stores nationally from early 2012. RRP $499.95 For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see * Frequency range (MHz): 25-520 MHz, 758-960 MHz, 1240-1300 MHz Uniden makes a splash with new Waterproof VHF Marine Radio 2011-09-19T03:05:12Z uniden-makes-a-splash-with-new-waterproof-vhf-marine-radio As the summer boating season approaches, Uniden has launched a new range of submersible, waterproof VHF marine handheld radios – the MHS050. Featuring an innovative floating and lightweight design, the new 2.5 Watt MHS050 is fully submersible and waterproof*, making it the ultimate in marine communication. This handheld radio is exceptionally easy to use and ideal for use on boats, jetskis, canoes and other watercraft. Built specifically to handle Australian and New Zealand marine conditions, the durable MHS050 offers outstanding performance in all situations. Equipped with a precision matched built-in antenna, the MHS050 delivers superior range and crystal clear sound. Users can also switch the radio between 1W and 2.5W output to either preserve battery life or access maximum transmission power. In addition, the unit’s Large Backlit LCD Display enables easy viewing at night or in low light situations. The MHS050 harnesses the latest safety technology with a Triple Watch Mode, which monitors emergency channels 16 and 9 simultaneously for a signal while at the same time allowing users to listen to their selected channels. Users also have quick access to emergency channels with a convenient One Touch Channel 16/9 button. Other features include: Memory Scan Access to International Marine VHF Channels Up to 12 hours operating time 3 level Digital Squelch Carabiner clip for secure connection to optional belt or strap Table-top drop-in charger allowing convenient battery charging your unit this compact Battery Level Indicator and Battery Save Operation Keypad LockUniden’s MHS050 Waterproof VHF Marine Radio is available now from all specialised communication stores, and includes a three year warranty. RRP $129.95 Twin pack to be released 26 September. RRP $199.95 For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see * The MHS050 radio is certified to meet the world standard JIS8 waterproof level. Eureka! Uniden conquers one of the tallest buildings with its new Long Range XDECT Phone 2011-09-13T05:38:12Z eureka-uniden-conquers-one-of-the-tallest-buildings-with-its-new-long-range-xdect-phone Sydney, 13 September 2011: World leader in cordless phone technology, Uniden, has set the new benchmark in long range cordless phone communication with the launch of the XDECT 80xx Series Phone – so powerful its signal conquered one of the world’s tallest buildings.Determined to demonstrate that the XDECT 80xx is the only genuine extended long range cordless phone on the market, Uniden put its credentials on the line in a recent range and performance test. Conducted in June 2011, Uniden set up a conference call with one caller stationed on the top level of the iconic Eureka Sky Tower, Melbourne, and another caller at street level – a total distance of 91 storeys. A second test successfully completed a distance of 698 metres, from the top of the skyscraper to Melbourne’s famous Flinders St Station.Brad Hales, Senior Marketing Executive Uniden Australia, commented on the results “The XDECT 80xx Series performed exceptionally well, recording excellent and full signal strength in both tests – without the use of a repeater system. These results showcase Uniden’s superior XDECT technology, and prove that our cordless phones can deliver quality sound and clarity over longer distances than ever before.“While the average homeowner may not require their cordless phone to reach these extended distances, the XDECT 80xx Series is ideal for those seeking a solution to phone reception challenges or who desire the flexibility to make calls from anywhere around their home or property without interference.“The XDECT phone system not only provides exceptional call clarity within the home, but extends to other uses where normal DECT technology is limited, such as on larger properties or commercial uses within warehouses, factories or farms,” he said.This unprecedented range and performance is achieved through Uniden’s unique Diversity & High Gain Antenna system. This technology effectively eliminates drop out areas by sending out multiple signals and bouncing them off the strongest wireless paths to provide maximum coverage. In comparison, traditional cordless phone systems transmit the one signal only. To extend phone coverage to even longer distances, the XDECT 80xx Series is compatible with a separate Long Range Repeater.The XDECT 80xx Series comprises of 10 new models, including answering machine and non-answering machine phones as well as a waterproof and dustproof range, which is popular for commercial use and among those living on properties.The new phones are equipped with a range of innovative features such as repeater station compatibility, headset jack and belt clip for added convenience and portability. The XDECT 80xx is WiFi network friendly which means it won’t interfere with household gadgets, and multi handset capabilites allows users to expand the phone system to up to 12 handsets.Customers of the XDECT 80xx Series will also receive a bonus repeater inside every package worth $69.95 with answering machine models. Non answering machine phones come with a bonus headset worth $29.95 which is excellent value.The XDECT 80xx Series is available in leading department stores and electrical retailers. RRP from $69.95For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or visit