The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2006-01-19T21:09:00Z VIVIDAS LAUNCHES WORLD FIRST, ONE CLICK TO FULL SCREEN VIDEO STREAMING 2006-01-19T21:09:00Z vividas-launches-world-first-one-click-to-full-screen-video-streaming VIVIDAS GROUP, PLC, one of the world's leading developers and providers of video streaming technology, today announces the launch of The Vividas Sniffer Automatic Bandwidth Detection Software - a world first of "one click" to launch, full screen, high quality video over the Internet. This technology allows users, who have previously accepted the Vividas security prompt and have a broadband connection, to click on a web link in a browser and go straight to viewing full screen video. There are no other examples of this currently available on the Internet. It is true web TV. Said David Winter, CTO of Vividas Group, plc. Coca-Cola Amatilis the first company to utilise the new technologywith the launch of their new sugarless Coke brand, Coke Zero. See By detecting the download time to a 10KB test component, the Vividas Sniffer calculates the bandwidth available to the user and selects the appropriate sized file to stream. While buffering, a second check takes place and within seconds confirms that the correct file has been chosen, providing an alternative bit rate file if necessary. The result is a seamless launch of full screen, high quality video online. The Vividas Sniffer has impressed clients and is about to be used by our major accounts. This is just the first of many new technology enhancements to be added to Vividas offering this year, enabling best viewing performance for our clients and their users as well as reaffirming our continued commitment to developing Vividas as the leading video streaming technology brand. Added Neil Speakman, Executive Chairman of Vividas Group, plc. Notes for Editors: Please see the Vividas web site to see the Sniffer at work. Vividas: Vividas Group plc trades on the AIM facility on the London Stock Exchange (VDS). Vividas Group plc is a developer and provider of video streaming technology and related products, which enable straightforward playback on personal computers of full screen, high quality video via discs or over networks, including the Internet, normally without requiring software installation. Vividas proprietary technology overcomes the disadvantages of competing CD and streaming market solutions. These competing technologies typically offer only partial screen, or poor quality full screen, viewing and generally require the user either to have or to install specialist player software. Vividas launched in Australia in October 2004 and in the UK in March 2005, and have attracted an impressive number of leading global clients who use Vividas as part of their online marketing, employee and corporate communications as well as in the entertainment sector. Vividas streaming technology online is accessible through firewalls and with high bandwidth compression leading to low bandwidth consumption, full tracking, secure DRM as well as being extremely quick to open, to load and to stream -full screen - making Vividas a more engaging experience for viewers. Clients include: Deloitte, Fosters Group, Jaguar, Nike, Ogilvy & Mather, Rip Curl, Unilever and United International Pictures (UIP).