The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2004-03-09T22:47:00Z Poor email management practices create liability risk for Directors, Managers 2004-03-09T22:47:00Z poor-email-management-practices-create-liability-risk-for-directors-managers Directors and Managers are continuing to place their companies at risk from possible malfeasance and litigation because they do not have in place solutions for email management and compliance. "The management of email and all other forms and formats of electronic information is becoming pervasive and must be treated as a mission-critical business process unto itself," said Michael Warrilow, Senior Analyst with META Group. "Organisations in Australia must examine how they currently undertake the lifecycle management of all forms of content and communication. These management systems must ensure compliance to whatever statutory level senior management has established," Mr Warrilow said. Steve King, President and CEO of ZANTAZ, Inc., the global leader in e-communications management and compliance solutions, said electronic communications, especially email, are among the most strategic-and scrutinised-assets in any organisation. "Businesses that operate without the proper email management systems in place put themselves at risk everyday," Mr King said. "Today's enterprises need robust email management systems that not only allow them to manage risk and comply with industry regulations, but also improve productivity and operational efficiencies." "Directors and Senior Managers in large organisations are often not aware of the extent to which their business viability rests on the integrity of email and other forms of electronic document exchange," said Managing Director of SecureData Group, Evan Penn. "Transactions are negotiated, conditions are agreed to, responses to customers, regulatory bodies and suppliers are all completed and are transmitted by email every day in every company in Australia." Mr Penn said it is possible that some corporate collapses and major financial losses in Australia may have been prevented or their extent reduced if these corporations had software-based email management and compliance systems in place. "It is no longer enough just to store emails for possible future use. The speed of business equates to the speed of email. If you do not have an adequate email management system in place, it is likely that you do not know what is going on in your company," Mr Penn said. Mr Warrilow said that along with protecting content integrity, managing availability, and protecting sensitive information, an organisation's ability to provide complete, secure, and timely access to content throughout the enterprise is a fundamental requirement for an effective enterprise records management strategy. Achieving this level of operational maturity has become a cost of doing business for most large-scale organisations today. Mr Penn said many organisations do not have email management systems with the archiving and retrieval capabilities in place that comply with regulatory and legal requirements, let alone fast and cost-effective ways to restore and retrieve historical data to meet legal discovery demands. He said comprehensive systems such as ZANTAZ Exchange Archive Solution (EAS) provide businesses with an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution to electronic communication retention and monitoring requirements that meet the stringent American SEC, NASD and NYSE rules. SecureData Group is the Australasian distributor of ZANTAZ EAS, following ZANTAZ' acquisition of EDUCOM TS [see attached announcement]. SecureData was the distributor for EDUCOM's email management systems before the acquisition. ZANTAZ offers best-of-breed solutions for email archiving and management, and is the only single-source provider of end-to-end e-communication management and compliance solutions. The ZANTAZ solution set ensures that businesses minimise their risk by: . Centrally managing email storage over geographically dispersed sites. . Automatically capturing, archiving and instantly retrieving critical electronic documents, including email, attachments, instant messages, records and transactions. "Without a system that is comprehensive, management and Directors will continue to be at risk because they do not have adequate control over what is going in and out of their organisations," Mr Penn said. 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