The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-12-01T00:11:49Z ThoughtWorks’ Bi-Annual Technology Radar Identifies Blockchain Gaining in the Enterprise 2017-12-01T00:11:49Z thoughtworks-bi-annual-technology-radar-identifies-blockchain-gaining-in-the-enterprise November 30, 2017 — CHICAGO, IL The technology underpinning the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is increasingly being adopted in the enterprise, with companies finding ways to leverage blockchain solutions for distributed ledgers and smart contracts. This trend has been highlighted in the 17th edition of Technology Radar from global software consultancy, ThoughtWorks. The bi-annual report provides an assessment of the emerging trends shaping the future of software development and business strategy. “With the promise of benefits such as cost reduction, increased transparency, and accountability, organizations are moving beyond proof-of-concept and leveraging blockchain-based solutions,“ said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology Officer of ThoughtWorks. “As with any nascent but fast-moving technology there are risks that need to be assessed and blockchain, although maturing, is no different.” “Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum are being used in ever more interesting ways, as the basis for decentralized applications beyond fintech and cryptocurrency,” said Mike Mason, Head of Technology, Office of the CTO at ThoughtWorks. “The technology has the ability to create a tamper-proof record of facts across a multitude of data points throughout the supply chain. Whether it’s combatting pharmaceutical counterfeiting or tracking our food from farm to fork, blockchain is gaining in the digital ecosystem and worth following.” The Technology Radar, based on ThoughtWorks’ observations, conversations and frontline experiences solving its clients’ toughest business challenges, includes both existing and nascent technologies. The report uses a visual approach to divide trends into four groups covering Techniques, Platforms, Tools and Languages & Frameworks, with each area further broken down into a recommendation to Hold, Assess, Trial or Adopt. In addition to blockchain-based solutions gaining traction, the notable themes in this edition include open source on the rise in China, organizations embracing a polycloud strategy and Kubernetes fast emerging as the de facto choice for managing the deployment of containerized applications. Visit to explore the report and interactive version of the Radar. And if your organization is interested in mapping your technology portfolio and objectively assessing what’s working and isn’t, we encourage you to use this open-source visualization tool and build your own Technology Radar. About ThoughtWorks We are a software company and community of passionate purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change. Deep Instinct Brings World-first Deep Learning Cybersecurity to ANZ 2017-11-29T22:02:24Z deep-instinct-brings-world-first-deep-learning-cybersecurity-to-anz Deep Instinct, the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity and the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer of 2017, has arrived in Australia as part of its global expansion into the Asia Pacific region. Disrupting the traditional cybersecurity market with unparalleled levels of accuracy, Deep Instinct detects threats others cannot find. It replaces legacy solutions based on manual analysis and detection methods, with an instinctive approach that identifies and blocks cyberattacks in real-time before any potential damage can occur. Israeli-based Deep Instinct uses a proprietary neural network inspired by the brain’s natural ability to learn and is the first of its kind to be applied to cybersecurity. It scans 100% of data sets with unprecedented, industry leading precision to protect against zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, while ensuring less false positives and an overall safer organisation. Stuart Fisher, ex-Sophos APAC Managing Director and now Senior Vice President at Deep Instinct, is spearheading the start-up’s regional presence, with fellow alumnus Justin Peters as Senior Director, Sales Engineering and Professional Services, APJ. “Cybersecurity threats remain one of the biggest challenges for the enterprise. They’re becoming more frequent and intelligent, and organisations are engaged in an arms race to protect themselves,” said Stuart Fisher, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Deep Instinct. “Every enterprise has a responsibility to protect data so it’s become an operational imperative that CISOs today deploy the most advanced, predictive AI algorithms for autonomous cyber protection. While new data regulations won’t solve the CISO’s challenge, they will make organisations more accountable and encourage the evaluation of superior AI solutions that are far more predictive, with a greater level of autonomous operation and minimal human intervention - and that’s where Deep Instinct excels.” With millions of highly malicious and automated malware mutations created everyday, Australia has experienced a 26% increase in cybercrime costs since 2016. On average, each cyberattack within Australia costs an organisation USD$2.55m, indicating traditional cybersecurity solutions are no longer effective protection against ever evolving threats. Deep Instinct’s neural network has stopped all threats like Spora, WannaCry, NotPetya and Badrabbit in their tracks, with zero input or updates required from SOC teams and before any customer impact. It operates in parallel with customers’ legacy systems, augmenting existing infrastructure and investments without the need to ‘rip out and replace’ as with most solutions. Deep learning deploys quickly to deliver an immediate increase in enterprise cyber protection. “We provide the most advanced cybersecurity protection available to help enterprises protect their data, their brand and their profit. This gives them the confidence to innovate with new and emerging technologies that drive revenue growth, because they know their security is robust enough to detect and block any new threats,” said Stuart. Deep Instinct is actively onboarding qualified Australian partners to support the increasing demand for its premium AI expertise and capabilities, focusing on the BFSI, manufacturing and education sectors. -Ends- About Deep Instinct Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. Leveraging deep learning’s predictive capabilities, Deep Instinct’s on-device, proactive solution protects against zero-day threats and APT attacks with unmatched accuracy. Deep Instinct provides comprehensive defense that is designed to protect against the most evasive unknown malware in real-time, across an organization’s endpoints, servers, and mobile devices. Deep learning’s capabilities of identifying malware from any data source results in comprehensive protection on any device and operating system. For more information about Deep Instinct, visit: For further information or to arrange an interview with Stuart Fisher, contact: Michelle Rovere/Lewis Khan Allison+Partners Australia +61.408.441.662 / +61.423.665.628 / The Australian Red Cross partners with ThoughtWorks for Agile transformation 2017-11-22T02:50:57Z the-australian-red-cross-partners-with-thoughtworks-for-agile-transformation Sydney, Australia - 22 November 2017 – Global software development and digital transformation consultancy ThoughtWorks, has partnered with humanitarian aid and community services charity The Australian Red Cross, to introduce new Agile ways of working to deliver its valuable services more efficiently. Managing the details of 180 services across every state in Australia, across 30 different systems, was proving to be an ongoing challenge for Red Cross. As an organisation that offers the community everything from vital mental health and NDIS services to assistance for children, the aged and those who are homeless, it recognised that having the ability to easily access important data about who it was helping through which services, would substantially improve its operating efficiency. Combining this level of visibility with the ability to capture and maintain data in a single system, would also increase levels of accountability, as well as making it easier to meet regulatory and funding requirements. “We provide worldwide support in times of crisis, encourage the upholding of international humanitarian law and offer migration support and community services for disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. The world is changing rapidly, and so are the challenges that we face. Unexpected disasters, a changing climate and new conflicts and legalities create the need to be able to respond to change at speed,” said Holly Brown, Project Manager Client Case Management at Australian Red Cross. With a case management product identified, the team considered how a diverse change management system, affecting the entire organisation, could be broken down to deliver key functionality, build capability and advocacy early, as well as respond to ongoing change. ThoughtWorks began working with Red Cross to introduce an Agile way of working into the organisation. The process started with a discovery phase to identify themes for improvement, before creating a visual system to plan out the entire portfolio of work across all services. A lean roadmap then established a standardised, yet highly flexible approach to onboarding individual services, introducing Agile tools and techniques to each team as they were engaged. The Agile approach to change management has enabled Red Cross to rapidly unlock the value of work undertaken to select and customise a product, building alignment in the team and fostering advocacy with service stakeholders, technology stakeholders and senior leadership. "The Agile approach has allowed us to deliver value to Red Cross employees and clients faster, as well as using visual systems to create deeper engagement with our business stakeholders," said Holly. “The case management product is already being used by over a third of our services, which means we’re edging closer to our goal of achieving a centralised data management system.” -Ends- About ThoughtWorks We are a software company and community of passionate purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change. For further information: ThoughtWorks Michelle Rovere, Allison+Partners 0408.441.662 The Australian Red Cross Kylie Johnson, Media and Communications Adviser 02.8234.3107 or 0466.464.695 ThoughtWorks named as this year’s Australian workplace of choice for graduates 2017-02-07T07:07:36Z thoughtworks-named-as-this-year-s-australian-workplace-of-choice-for-graduates Sydney, Australia - ThoughtWorks, a global technology company with over 300 ThoughtWorkers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, has been named as the 2017 Top Graduate Employer in Australia by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE), as determined by feedback from over 2,500 graduates. The list of Australia’s top 75 employers is a definitive guide to the best places to work for new graduates entering the workforce and aims to recognise organisations that provide the most positive experience. Rankings are determined from survey responses gathered from graduates who have spent 12 months working with organisations. In addition to the 2017 Top Graduate Employer Award, ThoughtWorks was the 2013 AAGE Best Graduate Employer, as well as a finalist in 2014 and 2015 in the same category, and is a finalist in this week’s GradConnection 2017 Top 100 Most Popular Graduate Employers due to be announced on Thursday, February 9. It was also a finalist in the 2016 JobAdvisor Coolest Places to Work for Diversity and received the 2016 Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation, awarded by the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). ThoughtWorks Australia offers graduate roles across Software Development, Business Analysis, Testing and Experience Design in its Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offices. Since 2000, it has hired more than 160 graduates, including 29 in 2016. 59% of ThoughtWorks’ 2016 graduates were female and the company has consistently hired at least 50% female graduates every year since 2011, as part of its commitment to improving diversity in the local technology industry. “Many of our most inspiring and successful ThoughtWorkers joined the company as graduates which makes it easy to recognise the valuable contributions that all graduates make to the business everyday. As a result, our commitment to attracting and nurturing graduates is a key focus for us again in 2017, not just here in Australia but across our entire business,” said Ange Ferguson, Group Managing Director for ThoughtWorks APAC. “This year, we’re on track to fill 32 graduate roles in Australia, an increase on last year, – and at least 16 of them will be allocated to female technologists as part of our ongoing commitment to improving diversity without the tech industry.” Graduate ThoughtWorkers have the unique opportunity to attend ThoughtWorks University – a five-week experience in India that enables them to connect with colleagues from around the world and gain an intimate understanding of the business and its broader purpose. Last year 324 graduates attended ThoughtWorks University and in 2017 that will increase to 444. According to Ben Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, AAGE, the annual list of top graduate employers serves as a valuable resource for employers, university career services, Professional Associations and suppliers to the graduate recruitment industry. “University career services are also encouraged to direct students to the list as part of job hunting activities to help them learn more about the top employers in Australia,” he said. What Grads Love Most About ThoughtWorks… “Amazing support from every person in the company. Everyone is very involved and keen to set aside time to help with any questions or problems. I have already been placed on a few different projects working with other more experienced colleagues which has lent itself to faster learning yet also been put in lead positions where I am responsible for the design of a project which makes me feel trusted and in a position to rise to the challenge, which I’ve loved.” “Great culture, plenty of different outside of work things to get involved with, ability to work overseas, self driven development.” “Amazing people, being trusted, having freedom, great benefits including impressive maternity leave, you are a person not a resource/number, company reputation, interesting and fun events often, informal….the list goes on.” “Immediate relevant on the job work experience, initially starting in a shadowing position and then quickly becoming billable. Excellent support and development offered. Clients with similar values. Friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.” -Ends - For further information about the AAGE Top Graduate Employers, please visit NOTE TO EDITORS: To learn more about ThoughtWorks and its graduate programs, visit: ThoughtWorks Graduate Careers ThoughtWorks on LinkedIn ThoughtWorks in the US was recently awarded Top Company for Women in Tech - ahead of Google and Facebook - and was also recognised in19 Companies as Great as Google. About ThoughtWorks We are a software company and community of passionate purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.