The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-10-28T01:27:08Z ‘Protector of Nature’s Protectors’ wins the 2014 Banksia International Award. 2014-10-28T01:27:08Z protector-of-nature-s-protectors-wins-the-2014-banksia-international-award The Banksia Foundation Board is proud to announce the 2014 Banksia International Award is to be presented to Sean Willmore. Sean is the President of the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and Founder and Managing Director of the IRF’s charity arm The Thin Green Line Foundation. This is only the second time in Banksia’s 26 year history that we have recognised an Australian with this International accolade. Sean is far more than a truly inspiring Australia. His inspiration is forged from Sean’s unwavering vision and leadership, entwined with his infectious drive and passion to combat a sometimes-unconceivable real world problem, the human toll of poaching. Sean’s determination has meant despite economic, political and geographical boundaries he has leapt unthinkable hurdles and connected the unlikeliest of organisations, NGO’s, corporates, governments and grass root supporters to tackle this issue at its coal face and support park rangers and their families.  Sean will be presented with the 2014 Banksia International Award at the Banksia Awards Luncheon Presentation SD2014, which will take place in Sydney on the 11th November at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.    The Banksia Board would like to congratulate Sean Willmore, and while we recognise the impact that Sean is having, we understand there is much more still to be done. We know that every Australian will be inspired by and support Sean in his quest to ‘Protect Nature’s Protectors’. It is important to recognise and acknowledge that Australian’s are playing a vital role in the global arena. The Banksia Foundation is pleased that we were able to select an Australian who is a real leader in contributing to enhance our environment for future generations -ends- About Sean Willmore: Sean Willmore is a former Australian Park Ranger (11 years) and now founder and Managing Director of the Thin Green Line Foundation, and the current President of the International Rangers Federation (IRF). While undertaking his work Sean has travelled to and worked with rangers in over 50 countries on 6 continents where he has been ambushed, held a gunpoint, charged by elephants and avoided militias. His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these warriors has won him international acclaim. Using profits from documentary The Thin Green Line, Sean started The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF). His continual inspiration is from the men and women, the park rangers worldwide, that he represents and who do this front-line work on a daily basis. About The Banksia Foundation:  The Banksia Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation, overseen by a national Board of Management, which promotes environmental excellence and sustainability through its Awards program and other associated initiatives. The Banksia Environmental Foundation was founded in 1989 by a diverse group of 44 Australians who shared a common goal to do more to support and recognise members of the community for their positive contribution to the environment. More information about the Foundation or the Awards can be obtained from  About Qantas, the sponsor of the Banksia International Award: Qantas is once again the proud sponsor of the Banksia International Award. In supporting this award we are delighted to say that environmental sustainability is a guiding principle for today’s Qantas Group – it’s about our commitment to innovation, our drive to build a more competitive business and our role in the Australian community. Environmental Sustainability is ultimately a global challenge, so it continues to be so important to recognise international best practice.  About SD2014 Banksia Foundation and Sustainable Business Australia are presenting the inaugural SD2014, a multifaceted business focused, community engaged Sustainability Event, which also brings the national Banksia Sustainability Awards to Sydney. In an Australian first, SD2014 showcases insights from more than 50 Australian organisations across business, community and government, in TED style rapid-fire sustainability narratives from the 2014 Banksia Award finalists. Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore will welcome SD2014 to Sydney will share her plans for the City of Sydney to lead Australia’s sustainable growth. SD2014 concludes with celebratory lunch announcing the winners of the 26th Banksia Sustainability Awards including: The Australian Environment Minister's Award for a Cleaner Environment, The Richard Pratt Banksia CEO Award, the winner of the Banksia International Award. The Banksia Sustainability Awards – Inspiring a Better Way of Living, and a Better Way of Working 2014-06-04T08:33:31Z the-banksia-sustainability-awards-inspiring-a-better-way-of-living-and-a-better-way-of-working The Banksia Awards is Australia’s most prestigious and longest running sustainability awards program.   We recognise Australia’s innovative examples of sustainable research, practices and services – to create a mindset amongst Australians to expose them to the fact that sustainability does work and is the next step forward. The 2014 Banksia Awards are open for entry. As part of the 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards program, the Australia's Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, is pleased to launch an inaugural award to recognise outstanding contributions made by Australians towards achieving a cleaner, healthier environment for a stronger Australia. "The Environment Minister's Cleaner Environment Award recognises Australians working at a local level towards national environmental objectives," Mr. Hunt said. "They set a great example to us all". To reflect the current sustainability area and issues, at the Banksia Foundation we continue to review the award categories. This results in new categories that reflect vital areas of innovation that will most contribute to Australia’s successful future. The new categories in 2014 include: Innovation in Social Infrastructure > $100 Million sponsored by Thiess Leadership in Citizenship and Communities Natural Capital Innovator of the Year sponsored by Mirvac Product Sustainability – through design, manufacture and use sponsored by Closed Loop Recycling “The Banksia Awards are looking for initiatives that enhance the future of Australia in regards to issues such as food security, sustainable energy, water management, social inclusion, gender equality, management of biodiversity and ecosystems, and a move to resilient and productive cities”, commented Graz van Egmond CEO of the Banksia Foundation. As a continuation of our relationship with Australia’s Sustainability in Business Conference and Exhibition (ASBCE), the Finalists’ Presentation will take place this year as part of ASBCE on the 15th of October. At this year’s Award presentation, the finalists will be given an added opportunity in discussing their achievements at an all day event that will be conducted in partnership with Sustainable Business Australia.  At the end of the day in Banksia’s traditional form we will celebrate the winners. If you know anyone who deserves to be recognized for his or her sustainability achievements, or to enter, you can find more information on our website: 71 Finalists Prove That Sustainability is a Winner 2013-08-22T07:07:02Z 71-finalists-prove-that-sustainability-is-a-winner The 2013 Banksia Sustainability Awards Finalists are waiting for no-one. Each finalist exemplifies leadership and innovation and is a catalyst for change in their specific areas. The array of finalist is mind blowing, all sharing a concern for our country from outback Australia to the centre of our major metropolis, irrespective of whether they are small community groups or major corporations. To honour its 25th year in acknowledging leadership and innovation in sustainability, the Banksia Foundation has introduced the inaugural Richard Pratt – Banksia CEO Award. In the tradition of Richard Pratt, this award recognises an individual executive's contribution towards the economic, social and environmental sustainability achievements of the organisation or company they work for with collateral benefits. The finalists demonstrate the broad spectrum of areas pursuing this quest. Mark Joiner, CFO and Executive Director Finance, NAB Mary-Lou Kelly, CEO, Ecospecifier Global Ravi Naidu, CEO & Managing Director, Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment Simon Wild, CEO, Cundall AustraliaAnother highlight sees a record number of finalists in the Indigenous Award category, reinforcing the invaluable contribution of our Indigenous community as well as pointing out the innovative approaches developed to address an assortment of issues facing stewardship of the land, waterways, wildlife habitats, native flora and fauna. With 15 individual awards, the breadth of categories proves how vast the area of sustainability continues to be. The 71 finalists reaffirm that Australian ingenuity in this area is thriving. Winners will be announced on 9 October 2013 at the gala presentation held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The evening will feature the 2013 Banksia International Award winner Jochen Zeitz, Director of Kering and Chairman of the Kering board's sustainable development, dubbed by the New York Times as ‘the fashion world’s energetic activist’. – ends – Banksia Indigenous Award Closing Date Extended Until 4 August 2013 2013-07-24T03:53:50Z banksia-indigenous-award-closing-date-extended-until-4-august-2013 The Banksia Indigenous Award - Caring for Country, sponsored by the Australian Government Caring for Our Country, recognises those delivering excellence in stewardship of the land, waterways, wildlife habitats, native flora and fauna through demonstrated indigenous leadership, community involvement and benefit. The Banksia Indigenous Award has a long history of highlighting environmental efforts of the Indigenous community around the country. In 2012, the award was taken out by North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA) for their I – Tracker Initiative. NAILSMA and the I-Tracker Initiative also won the Banksia Land and Biodiversity Award. “Winning a Banksia award is an outstanding recognition of NAILSMA’s work, and winning both the Indigenous and Land and Biodiversity categories was a real affirmation of the increasing role that Indigenous people are playing in national environmental efforts. It was an honour to be recognized alongside the finalists of both categories, all of whom are making significant contributions to the conservation of Australia’s unique cultural and natural heritage” said Joe Morrison - CEO at NAILSMA.   Banksia Indigenous Award winners have had great success at the Banksia Awards. In 2010 Banksia Indigenous Award winner, Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation, took out the prestigious 2010 Banksia Gold Award for their Yellow Crazy Ant Management Project. The recipient of the Banksia Gold Award is selected from the winners of the various Banksia Category Awards.  It is awarded to the individual or organisation which, in the judges' opinion, has made the contribution most worthy of extra recognition and acknowledgement. Recognition through the Banksia Awards program can make a difference. “Winning two Banksia Awards has been a great boost to NAILSMA’s current efforts, and has helped us raise the profile of our program. It has also been a fantastic way of affirming the success of our efforts, and strengthening the links between our project partners across north Australia and internationally” added Joe Morrison. – ends – Business Revolutionary and Eco Campaigner Wins 2013 Banksia International Award 2013-06-05T08:31:27Z business-revolutionary-and-eco-campaigner-wins-2013-banksia-international-award-1 Jochen Zeitz is behind Puma being the world's first major company to put a value on its environmental impact, which signalled a radical change in the way business accounts for its use of natural resources. Now in the position of Director and Chairman of the board’s sustainable development committee at PPR, Puma’s parent company, Zeitz has managed to achieve the adoption of the practice across all of its brands, from Gucci to YSL. This will be the first time that a global group of companies has undertaken such an analysis. “Jochen Zeitz has made it clear that the current system is responsible for degrading the planet's eco-systems and irresponsibly depleting natural resources and needed to go through fundamental change. More importantly in collaboration with PWC and Trucost they have actually demonstrated how this fundamental change could be implemented. He made his vision a reality and his inspirational leadership is the reason the Banksia Board has awarded him the 2013 Banksia International Award” says Graz van Egmond Chief Executive Officer, Banksia Foundation. In 2008, headquartered in Kenya Zeitz founded the not-for-profit “Zeitz Foundation of Intercultural Ecosphere Safety”. The goal of the Foundation is to maintain or improve the integrity of ecosystems through effective, sustainable management practices that ensure ecosystems continue to deliver services - such as clean water and air, carbon sequestration, and healthy soils - for the benefit of mankind. Dubbed by the New York Times as ‘the fashion world’s energetic activist’, in October 2012, he co-founded The B Team with Sir Richard Branson to help transform the future of business. The B Team is a plan with a single purpose: to make business work better, by shifting the focus from just financial gains, towards environmental and social gains as well. As a previous Banksia Award winner and current sponsor, Qantas are pleased to be flying out Jochen Zeitz to receive this honour and meet the other 2013 Banksia Award winners at the Banksia Gala Presentation on 9 October. – ends – About the Banksia International Award The 2013 Banksia International Award is sponsored by Qantas. Qantas was the recipient of the 2012 Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award. The Banksia International Awards is the highest accolade Australia confers for environmental achievement internationally. The Award identifies and celebrates extraordinary individuals or organisations that have made, or are making, a significant contribution to improve our environment or promote sustainability on a global level. 25 Years On, The Banksia Awards Innovates Again 2013-05-15T23:17:00Z 25-years-on-the-banksia-awards-innovates-again When the Banksia Awards first commenced in 1988, recognising environmental excellence was a unique concept. After 25 years it has become mainstream and Australia no longer sees environmental matters in isolation. “Today, it is important to reflect the interdependency between environment, society and the economy and the resulting excellence that comes from meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” says Graz van Egmond Chief Executive Officer, Banksia Foundation. “So to mark its 25 Anniversary, the Banksia Awards (now known as the Banksia Sustainability Awards) has acknowledged this vital step forward and the Awards in 2013 will reflect a sustainability approach throughout the various category awards”. To demonstrate this expansive area there will be 21 Awards in total. New awards added in 2013 to the portfolio are: 1.       The Banksia CEO Award - recognising an individual executive's contribution towards the economic, social or environmental sustainability achievements of the organisation or company they work for and which has collateral benefits for the globe. 2.       The Banksia Technical Awards including:a)      Waste Minimisation Soil Remediation & Improvementb)      Energy Efficiency and Carbon Managementc)       Transportationd)      Climate Adaptation 3.       The Banksia Business and Not-for-Profit Award – recognising leadership in implementing projects, strategies and initiatives that demonstrate capacity building, measurably enhancing the long-term social, economic and environmental state of the community and implementation of relevant solutions. This is seen through the full application of shared sustainability principles and practices throughout joint activities, demonstrating societal value add. 4.       The Banksia Local Government - Sustainable Procurement Award 5.       The Banksia Local Government - Sustainability Award To cater for this array, the awards presentation program format needed to be changed. This has allowed for specific awards and areas to be spotlighted. The Banksia CEO Award will be presented at the inaugural Banksia CEO's Corroboree. A breakfast gathering of Non-Executive Directors, CEOs and Senior Bureaucrats designed to provide the opportunity to discuss where their respective sector will be under the sustainability umbrella in 10-15 years. Providing an opportunity to focus on the technical aspects of sustainability, the Banksia Technical Awards will be presented at a lunch. The traditional Category Awards, the GPT Group Community Grant, the Banksia International Award and the Banksia Gold Award will be bestowed at the evening awards function.The Banksia Foundation acknowledges that the Awards are not just for the recipients but should be made accessible to as many as possible to learn and be inspired by the amazing examples of excellence. To enable this accessibility, the Awards Presentation program will be associated with the Australian Sustainability Conference and Exhibition, in Melbourne (9 – 10 October 2013). The Banksia Foundation is pleased to be working with Sustainability Business Australia (SBA) to reach Australian businesses and assist them in these challenging times. Entries are now open for the 2013 Banksia Sustainability Awards, providing Australians a great opportunity to showcase our innovation and leadership in the various areas of sustainability. – ends – Sustainable Business Australia and Banksia Foundation Join Forces 2013-03-12T22:57:50Z sustainable-business-australia-and-banksia-foundation-join-forces The Banksia Foundation and Sustainable Business Australia (SBA) today announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will enable the two organisations to be united by a shared commitment to provide business leadership for sustainable development in Australia.   The MoU, signed by Banksia Foundation Executive Director Graz van Egmond and SBA CEO Andrew Petersen, recognises the common interests of each organisation in raising awareness, demonstrating excellence and promoting sustainability through leadership in business and industry.   Banksia’s Executive Director Graz van Egmond said: “We believe very much in the critical role and power of leaders and partnerships for achieving business objectives and Banksia is delighted to be working with SBA in promoting this common purpose.”   “The Banksia Awards are not only Australia’s most prestigious environmental sustainability awards but also the longest running awards program of this kind. In the past 25 years there have been over 300 Banksia Award winners and the Awardees have demonstrated that Australian business has the capacity and motivation to develop and deliver solutions for a sustainable future.   "This new relationship with Sustainable Business Australia will reinvigorate our mission to find pathways to forge business relationships with government, NGOs and civil society and, by doing so, to showcase and stimulate cutting-edge, world-class corporate practice in sustainability,” Ms Van Egmond said.   SBA’s CEO Andrew Petersen said that the MoU with Banksia Foundation would help the mutual expansion of business, government and NGO networks, while reinforcing SBA’s role to help businesses in Australia foster economic development in harmony with environmental preservation and social development.   “We are excited about this partnership with the Banksia Foundation, which has been acknowledged as encouraging leadership and excellence in the environmental sustainability area for 25 years through its delivery of the annual Banksia Awards,” Mr Petersen said.   “The Banksia Awards have been a significant influence to inspire and recognise the “best in class” in environmental sustainability and this relationship will explore how Australian business, large and small, as well as community and not-for-profit action are all positively impacting different sectors and bringing solutions to scale to make Australia and the world more sustainable.   "This relationship provides leading organisations with a platform for high-level discussions and initiatives to support their efforts to develop and share cutting-edge approaches, exchange ideas and find business partners to progress their sustainability objectives,” he said.   SBA will work with the Banksia Foundation on a program of activities in 2013, including a celebration of Banksia’s 25th Anniversary and the 2013 Banksia Awards to be launched at the end of March.   The MoU is valid for two years and, under the agreement, Mr Petersen will be joining the Banksia Foundation Board this month. – ends –About Banksia Foundation: The Banksia Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation, overseen by a national Board of Management, which promotes environmental excellence and sustainability through its Awards program and other associated initiatives. The Banksia Foundation was founded in 1989 by a diverse group of 44 Australians who shared a common goal to do more to support and recognise members of the community for their positive contribution to the environment. More information about the Foundation or the Awards can be obtained from   About SBA SBA is Australia’s sustainability think tank and business association that advocates and educates on the Australian business role in the green economy. It is also the peak body in Australia for the low carbon and environmental goods, technologies and services sector. The organisation raises awareness about the scale and relevance of major environmental challenges and the solutions that Australian business and industry can provide to address them through policy, markets, technology, investment and trade. The organisation is not-for-profit and membership-based and has no political ties. SBA's membership is drawn from many sectors and includes energy providers, investors, bankers, technology and infrastructure developers, energy, consultancy and engineering companies involved in all areas of the Australian economy. For more details on SBA please visit  Record Number of Finalists in Banksia Awards as NSW Edges Past Vic for the First Time 2012-10-03T08:14:11Z record-number-of-finalists-in-banksia-awards-as-nsw-edges-past-vic-for-the-first-time 2012 has produced a record number of finalists, an overall 18% growth. “It reflects the high quality of projects and programs that are being undertaken in Australia at this time” says Graz van Egmond Executive Director of the Banksia Environmental Foundation. This year New South Wales has broken Victoria’s dominance with the highest number of finalists. There are 21 finalists representing New South Wales compared with 18 representing Victoria. Queensland has 10 finalists, Tasmania four, Northern Territory and Western Australia three and South Australia one.  More than just an acknowledgement, the Banksia Awards are an opportunity to highlight what is possible and what is being achieved to the wider Australian community. Whilst views about climate change, the environment and everyone’s role are more diverse than they have been at any time over the past ten years. The record number of finalists indicates that there are still many Australians, doing amazing things in their everyday lives to enhance Australia’s environmental sustainability.  “Today when everyone is cutting back, the Banksia Awards are more important than ever. It brings to the public’s attention a positive message - ‘things are happening more and more sustainably’”, continues Graz van Egmond, “and more importantly it provides inspiration for future excellence and innovation”. This year’s finalists are representatives from a diverse array of groups and corporations.The Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award category is represented by some leading Australian organisation such National Australia Bank, Treasury Wine Estates, Spotless Group, Interface, Qantas, Melbourne Water, Monash University, Sunshine Coast Council and Woolworths Limited. There are finalists such as Zoos Victoria's Wipe for Wildlife use humour to engage the community with Australian fauna species, calling on families to switch to recycled toilet paper to help local wildlife. Other finalists are from areas not traditionally associated with water conservation such as abattoir owners R Radford and Son looking at abattoir waste, water recovery and reuse. It is fascinating to learn that CHEP has a program to deliver a sustainable food supply chain not just from paddock to plate but back again. Winners will be announced on 26 October 2012 at the gala presentation held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and featured at the public Banksia Forum on 27 October 2012. The Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year and The Environment Minister's Young Environmentalist of the Year Awards withdrawn for 2012 2012-07-25T06:30:09Z the-prime-minister-s-environmentalist-of-the-year-and-the-environment-minister-s-young-environmentalist-of-the-year-awards-withdrawn-for-2012 It is with regret that the Banksia Environmental Foundation announces that the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has withdrawn funding from Australia’s Environmentalist of the Year Award and Australia’s Young Environmentalist of the Year Award for 2012. This withdrawal of funding is due to financial constraints being experienced by the Department who have sponsored this award for the last 10 years. In the meantime Banksia is working with the Department to conduct the Banksia Indigenous Award for 2012. Banksia can confirm that these two awards will be back in 2013. For individual entry in 2012 we invite Australia’s environmental innovators and leaders to consider entry in the inaugural GE Eco Innovation Award, the winner will have the extraordinary opportunity in spending time at the GE Research Laboratories in New York USA. All the information is available on the Banksia website Entries are now open and submissions close – 24 Aug 2012 at 5.00 p.m. - ends – Banksia Indigenous Caring For Country Award – Launching Call for Entries in NAIDOC Week 2012-06-29T07:37:07Z banksia-indigenous-caring-for-country-award-launching-call-for-entries-in-naidoc-week Since 2007 the Banksia Awards have celebrated the contribution of Indigenous communities to Australia’s environment and sustainable future through the Indigenous Caring for Country Award and entries are now open for the 2012 award. Supported by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, the award recognises those delivering excellence in stewardship of the land, waterways, wildlife habitats, native flora and fauna through demonstrated Indigenous leadership, community involvement and benefit. Launching this year’s award during NAIDOC week, the Banksia Foundation invites all Indigenous groups leading the way in taking care of our precious environment to enter. “This year’s winner will follow in the great tradition of the important Indigenous initiatives that have been recognised over the last five years,” says Graz van Egmond Executive Director. In 2011, the award was won by West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Partnership from the Northern Territory. Comprising five Indigenous land management groups that began working together in 1997 to develop and test a plan to address the environmentally damaging effects of late dry season wildfire on the West Arnhem Plateau. By 2006 the project attracted industry funding for its greenhouse gas abatement work. From 2006 to 2010 the Indigenous partners on-ground management abated 706,956 tonnes CO2e — a 140% success against the target of 100,000 tonnes CO2e pa. This project provides an exciting example of inherent collaboration between traditional knowledge and contemporary scientific practice – a key reconnection to country and culture. This national award provides an essential vehicle for indigenous communities to showcase their invaluable contribution through the various initiatives undertaken around the country. Submissions for the 2012 Indigenous Caring for Country Award close 24 August 2012 at 5.00 p.m. (AEST) Learn more about the awards at Living World Environment Day 365 days a year 2012-06-05T23:34:59Z living-world-environment-day-365-days-a-year For 24 years the Banksia Awards have been seeking out these people providing them with the recognition they deserve and 2012 will be no different. Winning a Banksia Award makes a real difference and is often the tipping point to bigger and better things. “The Banksia Award is helping us to raise the profile of, and promote, our project within existing and new networks” said Gail Siracusa Manager CEO’s Office & Community Relations Gail Siracusa the 2011 GPT Community Grant recipient SustainAbility Stars - E.W. Tipping Foundation. While Paul O’Byrne Sustainability Project Manager, Sydney Theatre Company 2011 Leading in Sustainability Award Setting the Standard for Small Organisations winner feels that “this has been a boost for the Company to go even further in the area of social and environmental sustainability”. It is the reputation built on 24 years that makes the Banksia Awards so sort after. “Banksia is recognised as the most prestigious environmental awards in Australia and we entered these because we want to compare ourselves to the best, we want to go toe to toe against other large organisations in Australia who are leading the way in sustainability. The level of competition and the quality of the evaluation means that everyone has confidence in Banksia and takes its endorsements seriously” comments Alison Rowe, Global Executive Director Sustainability Fujitsu winner of the 2011 Leading in Sustainability Award - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd, 2011 Clean Technology Award - Harnessing Opportunities winner chose to enter the Banksia Awards “as these awards represent ‘environmental thought leadership’ and offer credible recognition of new and innovative environmental solutions” says Trent Rowe Group General Manager – Product & Marketing. The Banksia Category Awards comprise eight separate Awards; Education; Water; Land & Biodiversity; Leading in Sustainability - Small & Large Organisations; Built Environment; Clean Technology; Agriculture and Food. Entries are now open and submissions close – 24 Aug 2012 at 5.00 p.m. If you want learn more about the awards and gets some insight into putting together an entry, come to the one of the Banksia Awards Information Sessions being held around the country register at - ends – Searching for Australia’s Leading Environmental Sustainability Initiatives 2012-05-18T06:24:13Z searching-for-australia-s-leading-environmental-sustainability-initiatives With eight category awards that acknowledge various important areas of focus such as Education (sponsor Publishers National Environmental Bureau),Water (sponsor MMG),Clean Technology (sponsor AusIndustry) and Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations (sponsor Fujitsu), there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your environmental innovation and excellence. The 2011 Built Environment Award Winner Hepburn Wind is already experiencing the benefits of winning this prestigious award. “Our Banksia Award provides recognition for the 1900+ members that have made our project possible and the dedication of our small staff and dozens of passionate and visionary volunteers” says Simon Holmes a Court, Chairman at Hepburn Wind. Furthermore, “with the turbines complete and generating clean, safe electricity, we are excited by the opportunities now available to other communities. National recognition of our achievements, through the Banksia Awards, assists us to explain the benefits of locally owned renewable energy to a large number of communities” adds Simon. With a 24 year history, the Banksia Awards have made a difference to numerous community groups though to large organisations. This year will be no exception. “A Banksia Award can assist initiatives to move to the next level, get recognition creating greater awareness” says Graz van Egmond, Executive Director, Banksia Environmental Foundation “so we encourage entries because outstanding environmental sustainability achievement deserve to be recognised.” Entries are now open and submissions close – 24 Aug 2012 at 5.00 p.m. If you want learn more about the awards and gets some insight into putting together an entry, come to the one of the Banksia Awards Information Sessions being held around the country register at The 2011 Banksia Awards Presentation – The Environmental Event of the Year 2011-10-26T10:12:37Z the-2011-banksia-awards-presentation-the-environmental-event-of-the-year This year’s award theme is the Art of Sustainability. To reflect the theme of Australia’s most prestigious environmental awards will be held at NIDA, Parade Theatre on 28 October 2011 commencing at 6.30 pm The Art of Sustainability is a celebration of the individual brushstrokes that the award nominees and finalists make to ensure that our great land remains the masterpiece that it is. Every effort has been made to ensure that this year’s event demonstrates mindful and sound sustainability practice. Suppliers with proven sustainable philosophies and methodologies have been sourced to deliver the awards this year. During the course of the evening you will witness Charles Billich, multi-award winning artist, putting the final brushstrokes on his painting ‘Ecotopia’. We are privileged to have Allan Zavod, internationally renowned pianist and composer, play his new composition ‘Flying Willow’, also specifically created for the 2011 Banksia Awards. ‘Tannos Choice’ one of Australia’s up and coming contemporary choreographic teams have created a dance piece that through three distinct parts celebrates Australia - ‘The Beginning’, ‘The Destruction’ and ‘The Art of Sustainability’. The Elliotts will perform Robbie Elliotts new composition ‘Favourite Place’ as a kind of love song metaphor where the struggle for maintaining a relationship and love can be viewed through the same lens as our struggle to take care of the world around us. Let us present some of the members of the amazing team that has taken Banksia’s vision and made it real for all to enjoy. Ant Hampel from a-live events is recognised as one of Australia's leading event producers with over 22 years’ experience locally and internationally. “We are proud to be producing the Banksia Awards this year and in particular, to be creating a platform for some of Australia’s best, recognised and soon to be discovered talent to share their self-expression in the name of sustainability.” He also added “This year we have worked with Banksia to also minimize the environment impact of staging this prestigious event. I would like to personally thank our entire team and ‘extended family’ of suppliers who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the event to life.” “We are proud that the Parade Theatres are this year’s venue of choice for the annual Banksia Environmental Awards. The Banksia Environmental Foundation through its award program underlines the importance of striving for best practice, particularly in the arts and cultural industries which are often characterised by short term and single usage of materials.” said Lynne William Director / CEO, NIDA Ian Martin from the Avocado Group has gone to great length to cater for the guests in the most sustainable manner. “We attempt to identify the source of our produce and use farming systems that minimise harm to the environment. Where possible we use ingredients that are seasonally available locally therefore minimising the transportation required. Our fish products are sourced only from sustainable sources and consideration is given to the environmental cost in getting produce from the farm to the plate.” Eight Acres wine supplied by Taylors is proudly 100% Carbon Neutral, which places this winery at the leading edge of global best practice. “As a winner of the Leading in Sustainability Award in 2010 we are well aware of the crucial role the Banksia Foundation plays in raising environment awareness. As a family owned business we’re committed to preserving the local environment and moving our winery towards broader sustainability” Mitchell Taylor Managing Director, Taylors Wines. “Without these amazing people our vision would be just that… instead, tonight we will be living the art of sustainability in action” remarks Graz van Egmond Executive Director Banksia Environmental Foundation. This year the Banksia Awards event is not just about celebrating the achievements of amazing Australians who are working to works a sustainable Australia. It is about demonstrating how a group with a vision can create an amazing work of art in a sustainable manner.- ends – About the Banksia Awards The Banksia Awards program celebrates the achievements of Australians who have made a significant contribution to the sustainable future of this country in “living better” and “working better”; through their leadership and innovative ways in managing environmental and societal improvements. From a total of 58 finalist representing individual, community and organisational initiatives winners will be announced for: - The Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award (sponsored by Australian Government) The Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award (sponsored by Australian Government) The Mercedes-Benz Australian Environmental Research Award (sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific) The 10 Banksia category awards The Origin Banksia Gold Award (the best of the 10 category award winners) (sponsored by Origin) The Banksia Community Grant Award (sponsored by The GTP Group) The Banksia People’s Choice Award (sponsored by Australia Post)The Banksia Environmental Award entries go through a three part judging process by Banksia’s national volunteer team of judges. Banksia judges are experts in their field and their expertise are matched to the relevant category. Congratulations to the 2011 Banksia Built Environment Category Awards Finalists 2011-10-05T04:34:33Z congratulations-to-the-2011-banksia-built-environment-category-awards-finalists This year’s category finalists are: - ANZ Centre - Jones Lang LaSalle in partnership with ANZ, Lend Lease, HASSELL Gippsland Water Factory, A new era in sustainability - Gippsland Water Hepburn Community Wind Farm - Hepburn Wind LGS Socially Sustainable Property Program - Local Government Super SAFElink Alliance, Changing attitudes to sustainability in civil construction - Leighton Contractors, BMD Construction, Arup, AECOM, and Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD The finalists represent a diverse cross section, from buildings, utilities to infrastructure. They provide a clear example, showing that sustainable practice has been embraced by all aspects of the built environment in Australia and not confined to small segments. These finalists have been chosen from an unprecedented number of entries and were judged to exhibit leadership and innovation by integrating sustainable principles and practices in design and building. Furthermore it was important that each finalist demonstrated a contribution to a sustainable infrastructure for the future. The winners will be announced on 25 October 2011 at the Official Awards Presentation to be held at NIDA, Sydney. For finalist details go to - ends – 2011 Banksia Awards Finalists realising sustainability for Australia 2011-09-08T05:00:41Z 2011-banksia-awards-finalists-realising-sustainability-for-australia 8 September 2011- In the auspicious surroundings of the National Gallery of Victoria, launching Banksia’s presentation theme – “The Art of Sustainability”, the who’s who of the environmental world waited in anticipation for the announcement of the finalists in Australia’s annual environmental ‘Oscars’ – the 2011 Banksia Awards. In total there are 58 Finalists representing 10 category awards, Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award, Environment Minister's Young Environmentalist of the Year Award and the Mercedes-Benz Australian Environmental Research Award. Small and medium businesses are well represented. All finalists of the 2011 Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Small to Medium Businesses Award (sponsored by Amcor) have another thing in common – a passion to leave this country in a better state. Whether it is Cate Blanchett’s Sydney Theatre Company, two restaurants at the top and bottom ends of the country (Saffrron Restaurant NT; The Ugly Duck Out, Tas) or a fairtrade organic clothing company (3Fish, Vic). They are all driven with a vision to inspire. The competition is hot for the 2011 Education - Raising the Bar Award (sponsored by the Publishers National Environmental Bureau) with a record number of finalists, reflecting not only the volume of entrants but the high standard and amazing variety of initiatives. Finalists range from an education program for the disabled to assist them reduce their footprint (SustainabilityStars - E.W. Tipping Foundation) to initiatives that give us a greater understanding of impact of our choices when shopping (Don’t Palm Us Off – Zoos Victoria). Public and private organisations compete for the 2011 Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award (sponsored by the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW). A cross section of local and international large businesses, include Stocklands, Finsbury Green, Godfrey Hirst Australia, NAB, Sinclair Knight Merz and Fujitsu, show the diversity of commitment to sustainability. The 58 finalists represent thousands of people working together demonstrating that sustainability in Australia is possible today and more importantly they prove that it is a wise business choice. The Banksia Environmental Foundation would like to congratulate them on the phenomenal contribution they are all making to this country. The winners will be announced on 28 October 2011 at the Official Awards Presentation to be held at NIDA, Sydney. For finalist details go to