The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-04-15T06:42:19Z Introducing the NEW KuGA HiTOP CAMPERVAN 2016-04-15T06:42:19Z introducing-the-new-kuga-hitop-campervan Travellers Autobarn's is proud to announce the arrival of it's new flagship model KuGA HiTOP Campervan - the result of 23 years of experience and feedback from customers. With strong demand in the 2-3 berth campervan market and following the successful design, build and launch of our own 2-berth campers - the Budgie Van (2007) & Chubby Camper (2013) - Travellers Autobarn has no doubt their new Hitop models will be a game changer in the budget/youth/backpacker market.   Peter Burke, owner of Travellers Autobarn, stated “We have had great success in building & designing our own 2-berth vans and it was time for us to take next step - a 2-3 berth campervan model that is better, bigger, newer, more reliable and will also  allow us to increase and renew our fleet without relying on the availability of 2nd hand models in the market. Our fleet age will decrease and the quality will increase, without any rental rate increases" "Compared to the current models our new  Kuga model will start its life newer and with less kilometers, about 3-5 years  younger and more importantly for our customers , all the new Kuga's have 100% brand new fit-outs rather than the 4-5 year old  pre-loved interiors of the superseded model." Mr Burke went on to say "that the most underrated quality of any campervan is space. There is nothing more valuable than space when you are living on the road. The new Kuga offers extra space. More headroom and more storage space." Travellers Autobarn are betting their new Hitop model will bring a new dimension to the budget/backpacker/youth market in Australia & New Zealand. Australia will initially see a mixture of 2nd hand as well as own-built models in the Kuga Campervan class with the long-term focus to only feature Travellers Autobarn's own built models in the Kuga Campervan class. New Zealand Kuga Campervan class will only feature the new designed & built model. About Travellers Autobarn: Travellers Autobarn has been a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget travellers in the Australian campervan rental market since 1993 and now New Zealand campervans since 2016. Travellers Autobarn offers a range of campervans, cars and stationwagons for hire and sale, with their famous buyback guarantee, at six locations around Australia & two locations around New Zealand: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Auckland & Christchurch. Travellers Autobarn now in New Zealand 2016-04-04T01:27:50Z travellers-autobarn-now-in-new-zealand Travellers Autobarn in conjunction with long time partner in New Zealand, Happy Campers has been offering rentals from Auckland & Christchurch mainly via our online agent portal with great success, since 2009. As of today Travellers Autobarn will be offering the Travellers Autobarn designed and built, game changing, Toyota Hiace Hitop campervans out of Auckland & Christchurch. A favourite with the backpackers & budget conscious travellers from all over the world. Travellers Autobarn promises to deliver the same friendly service and backpacker benefits, such as unlimited kilometres, rentals to 18-21 year olds at no extra cost, and no cash bonds and just great value spacious campervans. Everything that made Travellers Autobarn famous in Australia, now also in New Zealand. Travellers Autobarn will continue to work with their successful strategic partner - The iconic New Zealand brand - Escape Campers - to offer a full range of campervan options in New Zealand. Peter Burke, owner of Travellers Autobarn, stated “The current macro economic conditions, of low capital cost, favourable exchange rates for travellers and low fuel costs for renters, make it the perfect time to launch a new and exciting product into the New Zealand market at time when tourist numbers are showing strong growth" "For Travellers Autobarn it just makes sense to broaden our appeal to agents and to capitalise on growth opportunities as they arise. It's only taken us 23 years to make the leap and open in New Zealand, we are a campervan company that wants to deliver a quality experience to our customers. That's our only goal, and offering the new Kuga Hitop campervan to our New Zealand clientele will help us achieve more happy customers." Travellers Autobarn aims to reach a fleet size of 300 campervans in NEW ZEALAND within a few short years and a combined fleet across Australia and New Zealand of 1000 Campervans within 5 years. About Travellers Autobarn: Travellers Autobarn has been a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget travellers in the Australian campervan rental market since 1993 and now New Zealandcampervans since 2016. Travellers Autobarn offers a range of campervans, cars and stationwagons for hire and sale, with their famous buyback guarantee, at six  Travellers Autobarn's 20th anniversary celebration 2013-11-05T06:31:25Z travellers-autobarn-s-20th-anniversary-celebration Travellers Autobarn is proud to celebrate their 20th anniversary this November - quite an achievement in today's tourism industry. Travellers Autobarn was established way back in 1993 and still trades from it's first ever store at 177 William St, Kings Cross. Initially selling cars with a guaranteed buyback to backpackers who at the time were limited to stupefying long distance bus journeys or domestic airfares to rival a return flight to London. Travellers Autobarn later diversified into campervan rental and now has a national branch network, that includes, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Cairns & Brisbane  20 years later Travellers Autobarn is now the largest and most popular backpacker self drive company in Australia.  Peter Burke, owner of Travellers Autobarn, stated “I remember in the first 5 years we used to get loads of postcards from happy customers and we lived or died based on reviews in the Lonely Planet, which came out every 2 years, then the internet came along and changed everything. Postcards in the mail evaporated, low cost airlines sprang up offering one way fares, online booking systems arrived and campervan rental flourished. It could be said we were well positioned to benefit, but I'd like to think we made full use of the opportunities as they arose.  Despite being a small business we have built a team that is not afraid to innovate, and that believes in listening to the customer. If it was possible I'd like to thank all the staff and customers that have driven a Travellers Autobarn vehicle and enjoyed all Australia has to offer. Thank you!"   Travellers Autobarn is hosting the anniversary party on the 7th of November 2013 from where it all started - the Sydney Showroom - based in Kings Cross.   About Travellers Autobarn: Travellers Autobarn has been a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget travellers in the Australian campervan rental market since 1993, in that time Travellers Autobarn has sold over 10,000 vehicles and, when you include all the rental vehicles and the people our rental fleet has transported, we estimate that over the last 20 years, some 250,000 people have road-tripped with Travellers Autobarn. Travellers Autobarn launches brand new 2013 2-berth campervan rental models 2013-10-09T04:43:47Z travellers-autobarn-launches-brand-new-2013-2-berth-campervan-rental-models Travellers Autobarn is proud to announce another product launch - its newest Chubby Camper models - 2013 models with zero kilometers - which will be launched in November 2013.  The initial Chubby Campers - 2007/08 models - have been a great hit with customers as well as agencies due to their space as well as functionality compared to some of the other brands in the market. This was supported by funky designs! Peter Burke, owner of Travellers Autobarn, stated “The new Chubby Campers allow us to offer the newest 2-berth van hire models in the market, which will see a great buzz among our agencies & our clientele. Compared to our previous models we have refined the new Chubby Campersto meet the demand of the market even further. Being brand new it also allows us to attract customers who are not the traditional backpacker!” The new Chubby Camper will feature a tropical ice box rather than an esky, which will keep the ice much colder and last longer. With customers looking more and more for cheaper options, it is a great step to avoid paying for powered camp sites (to recharge a small fridge) which will outweigh the cost of a bag of ice easily. It also features funky internal LED lights and lots of space for storage. Just like the previous van hire models they come with power plugs to allow any customer to recharge their electrical appliances. The new campervans will be very affordable for backpackers as well as "budget" travellers with an average increase of only 5 to 10% compared to the previous models! Travellers Autobarn has planned an initial launch of 50 new Chubby Campers, with plans to increase the fleet in 2014.About Travellers Autobarn: Travellers Autobarn has been a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget travellers in the Australian campervan rental market since 1993. Travellers Autobarn offers a range of campervans, cars and stationwagons for hire and sale, with their famous buyback guarantee, at six locations around Australia; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and Perth. KINGS CROSS BACKPACKER HEADACHE SOLUTION 2011-10-28T04:34:02Z reopening-of-the-sydney-travellers-car-market Relief is on the way for residents and business owners of Victoria St, Kings Cross from the recent scourge of Backpackers trying to sell their tired but trusty cars & campervans on the beautiful tree lined inner city street. Right in the nick of time, before the peak backpacker summer season kicks in a new backpackers car market will open in the Kings Cross Car Park in Ward Ave.The first day of the new car market will be November 15. The City of Sydney, in response to a deluge complaints from unhappy ratepayers, has struck an agreement with Wilson’s Parking the current car park operators of the Ward Ave Car Park to provide 40 spaces on Level 2 of the semi-underground car park. This positive outcome is a direct result of Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s carrot & stick approach to moving the backpackers away from Victoria St. At times up to 30 or more cars & campervans belonging to young travellers from all over the world would line both sides of Victoria Stfrom 9am to 6pm 7 days a week, taking parking from residents and causing local shop owners to suffer due to a lack of turnover in parking spots for their customers. This combined with the sellers often setting up makeshift picnic sites besides their vehicles, and even boiling water on the footpath for tea, coffee or that backpacker delicacy – 2 minute noodles. The carrot for the backpackers is the car market, an orderly, sheltered, centralised location for buyers to view the cars offered for sale by fellow travellers. The car market will be free for sellers for the first 3 months as an added incentive. The stick is new legislation making it illegal to sell a vehicle on Victoria Stand making it possible for authorities to tow away any car in breach. Backpackers selling their car are usually at the end of their trip and very short of cash, so any delay in selling their car by having it towed and having to pay a hefty fine to recover the vehicle should prove extremely effective in helping the current crop of sellers that the new car market is the best place for them to park and sell their car. The new car market will be known as the SYDNEY TRAVELLERS CAR MARKET and will be run & managed by the management team behind Travellers Auto Barn, a successful national backpacker car dealer & campervan rental company, that has been working with backpackers since 1993 and has 6 branches around Australia. The Managing Director of Travellers Auto Barn, Peter Burke, was also the first ever manager of the original Kings Cross Backpackers Car Market back in 1991 before going on to establish Travellers Auto Barn. This experienced and well resourced team should see Victoria Stresidents and shop owners enjoy a return to relative normality, for what is a very bohemian inner city avenue. Mr Burke says ‘We are excited to be involved in this project for many reasons, but one of our main motivating factors was that we could see the animosity growing between locals and backpackers and being part of the backpacker industry and being a local business our self we though it almost our duty to both help the locals and to protect the image of backpackers as well. Tourism in Australia is struggling and the last thing we need is young backpackers going home with tales of being abused & threatened. Backpackers seem to easy targets for the mainstream media on slow news days, something which is not helpful to those struggling tourism related businesses’ The new SYDNEY TRAVELLERS CAR MARKET is not associated in any way with the business known as Kings Cross Car Market, which is a licensed Motor Dealer in Woolloomooloo Peter Burke has previously held the position of President, NSW Backpacker Operators Association and Chair of Backpacker Tourism Advisory Panel Travellers Autobarn is the winner of the following awards 2011 Golden Backpack Award best car/campervan rental company – finalist 2010 Golden Backpack Award best car/campervan rental company – Winner 2009 Golden Backpack Award best National Transport Company – finalist 2008 Golden Backpack Award best National Transport Company – Winner 2007 Golden Backpack Award best National Transport Company – Winner Travellers Auto Barn launches backpacker car sales webinars 2011-05-24T01:25:37Z travellers-auto-barn-launches-backpacker-car-sales-webinars Backpackers, buying a car in Oz? This is for you!!! Travellers Auto Barn are to begin offering online “webinar” information sessions during May and June for backpackers and travellers considering buying a vehicle in Australia . With an ever increasing number of working holiday makers, travellers and backpackers choosing to buy their own vehicle for their Australian holiday it’s no surprise that there’s an increase in discussions, forums and blogs offering help on that very subject. The range of information out there can be a little daunting and considering that a lot of it is given from the very narrow perspective of one travellers experience it can be a little confusing especially when one blog suggests one thing and another the exact opposite. Add to that the minefield of state rules and regulations surrounding vehicle sales, registration, insurance etc and you’d be forgiven for being a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. T.A.B Managing Director, Peter Burke – who will be conducting the sessions - is all too aware of the pitfalls and trials involved in buying, registering, insuring, maintaining and ultimately selling a vehicle for an Australian trip. After nearly 20 years in the business there’s very little he hasn’t seen. “The idea of offering information sessions to backpackers thinking about buying a car came to me a few weeks back after I got chatting to a Dutch couple in our Sydney showroom. They had just arrived in Australia and bought a car privately but had no idea on registration, insurance, blue slip testing in NSW or even how to go about changing the car into their name. I thought what a great idea it would be to be able to offer our experience in the industry to travellers either before they arrive in Australia or at least before they try to navigate the process by themselves. The more information they have before they dive into looking for a car the better and hopefully it will make their trip just that little more enjoyable” While Travellers Auto Barn have been buying and selling cars in the backpacker industry since 1993 Mr. Burke was quick to add that the idea behind the series of webinars was to better inform travellers before making what is probably their biggest financial decision of their trip. Topics covered during the sessions will include, Choosing the right car for your trip Registration and transfer – State by state around Australia Roadworthy issues versus reliability issues Why buying a car can be the cheapest way to see Australia Selling your car after your trip. Initially two webinars will be held. The first being on 30th of June at 7pm AEST and the second on June the 6th at 6am AEST (ideally for European customers). For more information please see Travellers Auto Barn wins the Golden Backpack 2010 2011-01-10T07:12:47Z travellers-auto-barn-wins-the-golden-backpack-2010 Travellers Auto Barn, Australia’s number one Backpacker vehicle company has again scooped the hotly contested Golden Backpacks award for Best Car/Camper rental company in 2010. This is the third time the Sydney based company has taken home the silverware in the four years of the competitions history. With a record 20,000 votes cast across more than 30 categories by the travelling public in this years ballot the Golden Backpacks have firmed their reputation as the industry award and competition between nominees was fiercer than ever. Winners were revealed at a gala event at Sydney’s StarCity casino in front of over 400 industry insiders from Australia and New Zealand with English comedian Jeff Green hosting the evening to great acclaim. The Travellers Auto Barn team were on hand to collect the award and celebrate the win with Managing Director, Peter Burke having this to say, “It was such an honour to be nominated again as a finalist for the Golden Backpacks. This award just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year so even to included in the final five or six is pretty special. But to take home the prize – again - against some excellent competition tonight is just amazing. It’s testament to the hard work anddedication shown by everyone at T.A.B over the last 12 months and really caps off another great year for all of us. With all the hard work and planning which is going on at T.A.B HQ right now you’d better watch out for us come 2011 as well!!!” This was Travellers Auto Barn’s third win and forth nomination at the awards having won in 2007 and 2008 and being a finalist in 2009. With the introduction of new vehicles classes over the last year Travellers Auto Barn are continuing to expand their place in the ever growing backpacker vehicle market and are poised to take things further in 2011. The Golden Backpacks is Australia and New Zealand’s premier industry award for the youth/backpacker industry. This is it’s fourth year of operation. Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). Travellers Auto Barn welcomes new campervans to its fleet. 2010-08-11T04:12:23Z travellers-auto-barn-welcomes-new-campervans-to-its-fleet Sydney, Australia – July 2010 has been a busy month at Australia’s number one budget camper rental company, Travellers Auto Barn, as they welcome the latest addition to their rapidly growing fleet: “Deluxe Campervans”. These campervans represent a whole new class of vehicle Travellers Auto Barn are making available to the backpacking traveller and will offer a new level of comfort, quality and style while still being keenly priced to compete in Australia’s increasingly crowded youth/backpacker market. The new “Deluxe campervans” - a three berth model which Travellers Auto Barn will run alongside its existing fleet of Hitop campers - will offer travellers looking for that little bit extra in comfort and modern design an excellent alternative to the more mainstream rental companies. Travellers Auto Barns Managing Director, Peter Burke was enthusiastic when asked about the delivery of the first vehicles through his Williams St branch. “These new vehicles make an awesome addition to our fleet and if customer reactions are anything to go by they are going to prove to be incredibly popular. So much so we’re looking at a second batch of campers to add to the 35 we have already received” Mr Burke also went on to explain their place in Travellers Auto Barns existing fleet as well as some of the decision making behind the addition of the “Deluxe Campervans”. “The “Deluxe Campervan” will not only swell our fleet numbers giving us the means to be able to fulfil more of the demand over peak periods but most importantly for us the constant updating of our fleet with newer, more modern vehicles means we can offer a superior quality, better appointed and more practical product at a price equal to or less than many of the other budget or backpacker operators out there.” “Keeping the vehicle fleet fresh, high quality and excellent value should always be our main priority. If we continue to do this the rest takes care of itself” Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). TRAVELLERS AUTO BARN HONOURED WITH ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL AWARD 2010-06-25T03:35:19Z travellers-auto-barn-honoured-with-asia-pacific-regional-award Sydney - In February 2010 Travellers Auto Barn, Australia’s leading campervan rental specialists, set themselves a task to identify and produce a raft of new marketing material for distribution to their worldwide network of preferred agents and tour desks. The brief was simple; produce a range of attractive, eye catching but above all useful material which will not only bring greater awareness of the Travellers Auto Barn name but also provide a valuable tool for everyday use by the agents themselves. After several visits to local agents and talks with overseas agencies it was apparent the travel agents loved the idea of an Australia map which they can use for giving customers a better understanding of their Australian adventure. After some research Travellers Auto Barns Marketing Manager, Bastian Graf engaged the services of Cartodraft Australia to assist in design and production. Cartodraft Australia is the #1 supplier of Australian maps in the Australian market and has a strong reputation for delivering quality products. Within a few weeks and after a number of designs were produced an Australia map had been developed focusing not only on the locations of Travellers Auto Barn around Australia, but also on the distances between the key cities, size comparisons of Europe, the US & Japan in relation to Australia and of course, the main roads & highways around Australia. Also included were inspirational photographs from Travellers Auto Barn customers to help agents sell the great adventure that is a self drive Aussie holiday. The success is apparent: IMTA, the International Map Trade Association, which is the foremost worldwide organization of the mapping, geospatial and geographic information industry, awarded the Travellers Auto Barn map with the Asia Pacific Region Silver Award 2010 in the category of “Best Tourist/Free Publication”. When interviewed Mr. Graf was very excited about this success: “It was important for us to not just create traditional marketing material which simply said “buy Travellers Auto Barn” but rather to listen to what the market wanted. Nowadays travel agents are getting swamped with all manner of marketing material almost daily and in the end it’s money down the drain for suppliers if it has no effect. There’s a limit to the number of stress balls shaped like a van, novelty Koalas, ill fitting t-shirts and cheap pens an agent can safely stow in their workspace and the last thing we needed to inflict on our agents was yet another unwanted bit of tat for them to fling in a draw and forget about. In our Australia map what we have produced is practical, informative and will be used every single day. The best part is it’s not specific to the self drive/campervan market. It’s being used by agents worldwide for any Australian enquiry and as a result bringing the T.A.B name to the attention of many who may not have considered a self drive holiday” Cartodraft Australia are reportedly very proud of their achievement with a spokesman saying “We are excited to have received this award for our work with Travellers Auto Barn. It was great to be able to produce a map which will inspire so many people to get out and see the real Australia, to get off the beaten track and get a bit lost – not too lost though as they will always have our map to help them home!” Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). Travellers Auto Barn supports “Macro” stand against poverty 2010-03-08T06:09:12Z travellers-auto-barn-supports-macro-stand-against-poverty Sydney, Australia – Travellers Auto Barn are proud to be associated with charity rider Geoff Dittrich, and his cycling team who are to take the fight against poverty across Australia with an 80-day bike ride from Sydney to Perth. What’s been called the ‘Macro for Micro’ initiative hopes to raise more than AUD$50,000 for Opportunity International Australia, a non-profit organisation that uses a business based initiatives to help solve the problem of poverty. The 5,600km ride, which starts in Sydney on the 8th of March and is scheduled to finish in Perth on the 29th of May aims to highlight the issue of global poverty and raise awareness of microfinance as a sustainable solution. The basis of microfinance is to make available small loans to people living in poverty, which allows them to establish or invest in a business which in turn allows them to earn an income, afford food, clean water, housing and education. A successful small business can also have far greater benefit than just for those directly involved for example it helps in improving quality of life for all by growing the local economy and in turn employing other from the community. Travellers Auto Barn managing director Peter Burke was enthusiastic about his company’s involvement with Opportunity International Australia (OIA). “We are proud to be involved with OIA and wish Geoff all the best with what is a massive journey ahead. We had been involved with various charities over the years but I see OIA as being one of the most pro active and inspiring programmes to date. OIA has been providing microfinance to help people lift themselves out of poverty for about 35 years now which is a remarkable achievement. Providing these loans, which are often tiny by our standards, gives so much more than a simple handout or traditional charitable donation. These loans give people something to work toward, a way to pull themselves up and as a result give the back dignity and sense of ownership which is stripped away by poverty” Geoff Dittrich, cyclist and organiser of Marco for Micro, said, “Opportunity International Australia has used microfinance to provide a hand up rather than a hand out for more than a million people in poverty around the world, which is an amazing statistic for a local charity organisation. Our challenge, with Macro for Micro, is to raise AUD$50,000 for Opportunity International Australia, so they can continue to help the working poor. With Macro for Micro, we wanted to take on a significant physical plight in order to bring attention to a much more serious global challenge” Various corporate partners are involved in supporting the ride in many ways. Travellers Auto Barn will be providing the team’s campervan for the duration of the three month journey as they travel from Sydney to Perth. The team will be relying on Travellers Auto Barn for the reliability of their support vehicle and for use of the accommodations and cooking facilities it provides. For more information about Opportunity International Australia, please visit: For more information about Macro for Micro, and to track the bike ride please visit: For more information on Travellers Auto Barn please visit our campervan rental company. About Opportunity International Australia Opportunity International Australia has over 35 years’ experience providing microfinance and other support services to the people living in poverty in developing countries. The organisation sees 97% of its loans repaid, which go on to help other families break the cycle of poverty, year after year. Each successful business can feed a family, employ more people and contribute to the entire community. About Travellers Auto Barn Travellers Auto Barn began in 1993 in Sydney, Australia and now has offices in 6 Australian cities plus affiliates in across New Zealand. T.A.B have been twice winners of the prestigious Golden Backpacks award for “National Transport Provider” in 2007, 2008 and finalists in 2009. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as sales (including 4WDs) from 6 Australian wide locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth & Melbourne. THE KINGS CROSS CAR MARKET - R.I.P 2009-12-18T01:20:27Z the-kings-car-market-r-i-p The world famous Kings Cross Car Market that operated since 1991 from the depths of the Kings Cross Car park is sadly no longer. The old car market was an institution, a place where backpackers would arrive with the most amazing array of Aussie buckets you were ever likely to see in one place. Good cars, cheap cars, outrageously over-priced cars, cars full of camping gear and outdoor gadgetry, cars on their last legs, cars that entered and never left, vans, bloody Kombi Vans, 44’s, and a never ending cavalcade of the backpackers best friend, the ford falcon station wagon. The old Car market was just that, a car market. Sellers would arrive and pay for a parking spot, they would register their details and their car’s details in the car market register, pay their fee and wait for some likely punter to come along and lay down some cash. Most sellers would tart their cars up with photos, eye catching posters and slogans, “Long Rego included”, “New Engine”, “20,000ks without aflat tyre”, “One careful lady owner” Certainly the old market was an institution and it was fiercely proud of its “no dealers” status. The car market was a place where backpackers sold to other backpackers. Only dealers rip off people and another backpacker would never do that, right! All this action went on right under the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross. Most locals in the Cross barely new of its existence, it was on the second lowest level of an underground car park after all. Despite the camaraderie of the sellers, the place was bleak, working there was horrible, the sooty particulate matter that settled on everything tickled on the lungs of anyone who visited for days to follow. It was bleak, dark dingy and cold. Cold in summer and freaking’ freezing’ in winter. Many buyers were predatory knowing full well that sellers had sell-by-dates, fixed airline tickets and would simply lead sellers up the garden path hoping that as each day passed one of them would crack and take anything that was offered. Other buyers knew so little about cars it was scary. But, like any sample group in society there were winners and losers. Some got bargains that never broke down while others bought cars and were back two days later trying to sell it in, pretending they’d owned it for months – “Yeah she’s super reliable. She’ll go anywhere” - always searching for some sucker as dumb as they were a couple of days previously. On the whole the majority of buyers bought and sold for a reasonable loss. They wasted a week or so deciding which car to buy, they spent a week or so (better spent at Bond or Byron) trying to sell, they had a few breakdowns along the way, breakdowns which in years to come will become great dinner table yarns, but they did it all themselves. It was more like a ritual of passage than a financial transaction. But all that is history. Today there is a Kings Cross Car Market located near where the old market operated but it resembles the old market in name only. When the Sydney City Council installed new operators at the Kings Cross Car Park those new operators, being excellent car park business operators, where not interested in this quaint backpackers car market that had been quietly going on underneath Kings Cross for all those years. The new Kings Cross Car Market, which just happens to be located within meters of Travellers Auto Barn, is a small garage so it can be a bit tricky to find and when you do find it you will no longer find eager backpackers itching to sell you their pride and joy. They are long gone. What you will find is a licensed motor dealer like any other. All cars for sale are owned by the Kings Cross Car Market, and the Kings Cross Car Market is a now thenew kid on the block. They are not the rag tag, ramshackle market of old but a newly licensed, inexperienced car dealer who have to compete in the real world with every other dealer out there. Travellers Auto Barn have been operating since 1993 and have seen many operators come and go. We have always been a licensed dealer and have been proud to offer the security and support that comes with buying from licensed dealer. We have always welcomed competition and diversity in the market as it keeps everyone on their toes. We just hope the New Kings Cross Car Market has more to back it up than just a name. To find out more visit our campervan hire website or contact T.A.B directly on 1800 674 374 or +61 2 8323 1505. Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). Travellers Auto Barn - Golden Backpack Finalists 2009 2009-11-06T06:20:45Z travellers-auto-barn-golden-backpack-finalists-2009 Travellers Auto Barn, Australia’s number one budget camper and car rental company, came away from the TNT Golden Backpacks awards last night an honourable runner up to this years winner Greyhound coaches who took home the gong for “Best National Transport Company” for 2009. Sydney, Australia – Already having won in 2007 and 2008 Travellers Auto Barn have this year been pipped at the post for the award of “Best National Transport Company” and been narrowly denied the award for the third consecutive year. The prestigious awards held in Sydney every year are to recognise excellence in Australia and New Zealand’s backpacker and independent traveller market and are voted on by the travellers themselves. 2009 saw a huge increase in the number of votes cast and having shared the category with names such as Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways and Greyhound, Travellers Auto Barn managing director Peter Burke has described the result as “outstanding” for his campervan hire business. “After what had been an interesting year in the travel industry it is outstanding to be once again recognised for what we do. While large parts of the travel industry have undergone radical change to try to capture their share of a difficult tourist market, we at Travellers Auto Barn have stuck to our guns and concentrated on providing a quality product for independent and adventure travellers to experience the best Australia has to offer. Having found ourselves finalists for the third year running and this year against some substantially larger companies it is reassuring to know our efforts are appreciated by the travelling community”. Mr. Burke went on to congratulate Greyhound on their win saying that “ They (Greyhound) have obviously gone to a great lengths to ensure they deliver a high quality service to their customers and it’s awards like this that will ensure the industry strives to better itself and the continue to deliver what travellers want. You just need to look at this years finalists and the few notable exclusions to see that travellers are demanding a high quality and it’s those who strive to provide this who are rewarded by travelling public”. The awards were this year hosted by AFL Legend Sam Kekovich and were well attended by industry insiders with around 450 guests there to witness the awards. 36 awards in all were presented across a wide range of areas including Best Hostel, Experience, Backpacker Night and Tour operator. To find out more visit our campervan rental website or contact T.A.B directly on 1800 674 374 or +61 2 8323 1505. Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). Travellers Auto Barn offers opportunity to young travellers 2009-10-14T04:26:16Z travellers-auto-barn-offers-opportunity-to-young-travellers Travellers Auto Barn, Australia’s #1 campervan and car rental company for travellers and backpackers, has been offering rentals to the youth market for over 15 years. Often when young, independent minded travellers think of seeing Australia they think self drive, and why not? A self drive holiday, especially in a campervan, offers the adventurous traveller the scope and freedom to see Australia their own way, at their own pace and allows them to recapture the element of discovery which has gone missing in “backpacking” circles over the years. Self drive imposes no boundaries or timetables and the lack of a fixed itinerary leaves travellers open to take advantage of those unexpected detours that often bring the greatest reward, those chance turns that end up being the highlight of your trip. Traditionally for anyone under the age of 21 the only way to embark on a self drive tour of Australia was to purchase their own vehicle, negotiate the minefield of registration, insurance etc and pray their new chariot lasts the journey. Insurance conditions and high pricing meant that renting a vehicle was not an option for the 18-20 age bracket. If their time was limited to just a few weeks or a couple of months the complications associated with buying and selling a car meant this was too much hassle so for most travellers on a short trip their options were limited to buses, planes and trains. This was where Travellers Auto Barn Managing Director, Peter Burke saw an opportunity. “I saw increasing numbers of young travellers coming to Sydney and looking for a short term, reliable and, most important of all, independent method of touring Australia. Campervan rental companies at the time were pretty much the domain of older holiday makers with deeper pockets and the under 21 set were missing out on this amazing way to see the country. This is what led us to start Travellers Auto Barn. I think our continued growth, and also that of the entire sector is proof that we were really on to something” The company was started in Sydney in 1993 and has now grown to include offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth with further expansion is due in 2010. To find out more visit our campervan rental website or contact T.A.B directly on 1800 674 374 or +61 2 8323 1505. Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs). TRAVELLERS AUTO BARN: THE ULTIMATE “GET AWAY CAR 2009-08-20T04:53:39Z travellers-auto-barn-the-ultimate-get-away-car Travellers Auto Barn, two time winnerand current holder of the Golden Backpacks “Best National Transport Company” have teamed up with two of the countries hottest backpacker venues and are putting up a “GET AWAY CAR” to be won by lucky travellers. From August 2009 Travellers Auto Barn, The GAFF(Sydney) and Rhino Bar (Cairns) will be providing the perfect escape vehicle for backpackers – a classic Aussie station wagon. Every two months a winner will be chosen and given 6 weeks to travel along the East Coast. Winners will have 6 weeks to drive from Sydney to Cairns or Cairns to Sydney. The Sydney give-away will be presented by THE GAFF, which was voted being the best backpacker bar in NSW in 2008. The Rhino Bar, well known for its outrageous themed nights, will choose the winner in Cairns. Travellers Auto Barnthe campervan rental & campervan sales specialist, are providing the classic stationwagon for 12 months. Winners will be picking up & returning their vehicles at the Sydney & Cairns branches of Travellers Auto Barn. Travellers Autobarn Managing Director, Peter Burke says: “This is a fantastic experience for any backpacker – to travel along the East Coast in the classic Australian station wagon, FOR FREE! What a way to travel. The SouthEast Coast offers great destinations; classics like ByronBay and Brisbane or chilling in Noosa & FrasierIsland. There are also the undiscovered gems like Yamba, Woolgoolga and a few others I’m keeping just for myself! Heading north you’ve got well know party spots like Airlie beach & the awesome Whitsundays Islands – who wouldn’t want to be part of this great adventure. And of course on each end you have Sydney and Cairns – what more can I say?!! Both backpacker bars will come up with different ideas every two month on how to give the car away – so if you are in the area pop-in and askhow you can get your hands on this cracking prize. Travellers Auto Barn marketing adds the following:” This is also a great way to show people what they can experience in their own campervan or station wagon. We will use this opportunity and promote this amazing trip with pictures of the winners during their trip and engage them by writing about their adventures on our blog & facebook page. Everyone wins!!!”. To find out more visit our campervan hire website or contact us directly on 1800 674 374 or +61 2 8323 1505. Travellers Auto Barn is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as sales (including 4WDs) from 6 Australian wide locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth & Melbourne. 18 August 2009 Media Enquiries: Bastian Graf Marketing Manager 02 8323 1505 Travellers Auto Barn Announces the Addition of Fifty New Chubby Vans in Bold New Designs to Corporate Fleet 2009-06-10T01:24:06Z travellers-auto-barn-announces-the-addition-of-fifty-new-chubby-vans-in-bold-new-designs-to-corporate-fleet And Now For Some Positive News About Campervans For Backpackers... Since 1993, Travellers Auto Barn has sold and rented backpacker vehicles from locations nationwide. In late 2007, the company released the now legendary 'Chubby' van, a brand new 2 berth budget camper with funky, eye-catching designs. These have taken the market by storm and due to their popularity, the Sydney based company has just begun the release of another fifty brand new Chubby vans in bold new designs. "We want to make a strong statement with these vans, that they are reliable, great value and very cool, rather than trying to grab attention with offensive pictures and slogans. The only thing wicked about these Chubbys is the price" says Managing Director, Peter Burke. Joining the fleet of 50 existing Chubbys is the brand new surfing-inspired design called the 'Slow Jam'. "We know that backpackers want to explore in something that they can tell their mates back home about and show off in photos, so we developed some pretty unique body decals for these vans. Add to this the fact that the Chubbys are basically brand new, extremely comfortable and just about the cheapest budget van on the road, and there is no real reason to rent something that looks, smells and drives a lot worse" according to Burke. "These things are like a private room on wheels and they actually cost less than a private room in a hostel! It’s taken a long time to build up our reputation within the backpacker industry and adding high quality, great value products to our fleet sits perfectly with our image. The backpacker campervan industry has suffered some bad press lately, but we are determined not to be tarred with the same brush." Travellers Auto Barn (, operates from six locations around Australia and rents a fleet of 350+ campervans and station wagons as well as selling vans, wagons and 4WDs to budget travellers for their Aussie adventures. Bookings and enquiries can be made through the website or calling the toll free number within Australia at 1800 674 374. For campervans hire & rentals, please visit