The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-03-11T02:10:23Z Sync, charge, store, secure and more with new Carts and Charging Stations. 2015-03-11T02:10:23Z sync-charge-store-secure-and-more-with-new-carts-and-charging-stations Sydney, NSW – 11 March 2015 – PC Locs, physical mobile device management specialists, has announced four new products that can sync, charge, store, secure and transport just about any device, including Chromebooks, Macbooks, iPads and other Tablet devices. The new products being launched are; Carrier 10 Charging Station™, Carrier 20 Cart™, iQ 10 Charging Station™ and iQ 10 Sync Charge Station™, all of which incorporate Baskets by PC Locs.  PC Locs’ goal is to provide the Australian education sector with purpose built Carts and Charging Stations, which enhance the usability of the devices in a classroom setting. They do this by incorporating Baskets by PC Locs. The Baskets allow teachers to distribute the devices into Student’s hands faster and safer, leaving more time to teach and interact with the devices. “We identified that there was a lot of teaching time wasted during the process of distributing and retrieving the devices. The Baskets allow both students and teachers to hand out Baskets a lot faster compared to the tradition front loading, cabinet style cart”, said James Symons – CEO of PC Locs. Incorporating Baskets by PC Locs means that the Tablet Cart and Charging Station are no longer limited to one location. They can go where other can’t, allowing users to safely carry and share the devices between multiple classrooms or up a flight of stairs. The Carrier 10 Charging Station and Carrier 20 Cart is a response to the growing popularity of Chromebooks, and Tablets in the education sector. It’s designed to store, charge, secure and transport almost anything – from a small Tablet, with or without cases, all the way up to a 13” Chromebook and Macbook. It does this with the new larger Basket by PC Locs. The larger Basket offers the compatibility of accommodatinglarger devices, and the ability to distribute five devices at the same time. For larger devices, PC Locs offers Stainless Steel Devices Racks to replace the Baskets in the Carrier Range of products. As an introductory offer, the Carrier 10 Charge Station ships with the Device Rack free of charge, whilst it’s an added fee for the Carrier Carts. The new iQ 10 Charging Station and iQ 10 Sync Charge Station are specifically designed for Tablets devices with USB connectivity – iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and others. 2.4 amp powered USB charging means that it will efficiently charge devices at the optimal rate whilst the syncing functionality on the iQ 10 Sync Charge Station is engineered to communicate with syncing software such as Apple configurator. The iQ 10 Sync Charge Station also feature LED status indicators so that you know when the devices are charging, syncing, charged and more. A key new feature you’ll notice immediately with the iQ 10 Stations is how small and compact the units are. They are designed to be mounted onto a wall or any other flat surface, such as a desk or bench. PC Locs prides itself on building innovative, high quality and functional products that are specifically designed to make life easier for educators. Each product comes with a lifetime warranty. According to Patrick Noonan, General Manager at PC Locs, the new products represents a significant step for the company as it expands its product range. “PC Locs products are designed with the user in mind. Whether it be an IT Manager in charge of the devices, the School Teacher or a Student, we identify problems and do our best to solve them to make their lives easier.” Patrick Noonan said. The PC Locs range of products are available through the Reseller Channel. For ‘where to buy’ details,, or contact us on 1300 725 627 for more information.     Pricing: Carrier 10 Charging Station – $699 +GST. Free freight to selected areas. Carrier 20 Cart – $1699 +GST. Free freight to selected areas. iQ 10 Charging Station – $649 +GST. Free freight to selected areas. iQ 10 Sync Charge Station – $849 +GST. Free freight to selected areas.   About PC Locs PC Locs’s primary purpose and reason for existing is to make life easier. Our vision is “to be globally recognised as the most innovative and trusted brand, in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology”. PC Locs is a privately owned, multi-national company that is solving the growing problem of physically managing the deployment of Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks Laptops and others. PC Locs global headquarters is based in Perth, Western Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Malaysia, USA and the UK. Fifteen years ago, PC Locs began operating out of a backyard shed – at the home of Mr Paul Symons, now co-owner, director and product designer for the global company. Paul was a school teacher who identified a need in the market after seeing hundreds of computers being stolen on a weekly basis within his hometown Perth, Western Australia. Paul designed and developed a solution for securing desktop computers, which went on to have a radical impact on reducing computer theft throughout Australia. In 2001, Paul was approached to develop a solution to store, charge, secure and transport laptop computers in schools. This led to a decade of product development, and the distribution of innovatively designed carts for managing technology in Australian Schools.   Mobile technology is deployed for a reason. It is used to teach, to train, to inform, to enable and to entertain. To be effective, and to serve its intended purpose, the technology must be fully operational and accessible at all times. PC Locs exists to make life easier for the users of the technology by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of the technology at any time.   -ENDs-   PC Locs Announces New Charging and Storage Classroom Cart 2014-08-22T02:31:13Z pc-locs-announces-new-charging-and-storage-classroom-cart Perth, WA, August 22, 2014 – During Schooltech by IWBNet, K-12 mobile device management specialist PC Locs, is showcasing the new Carrier 30 Cart™ - an innovative solution for storing, charging and protecting mobile devices in schools.  The cart lets teachers focus on teaching using mobile technology without being slowed down by it. Expected to arrive in Spring, the portable high-quality steel Carrier 30 Cart makes organising and charging mobile devices in the classroom a breeze. The cart is universal and flexibly designed to adapt to a school’s changes in mobile technology. It is compatible with iPad, Chromebook, tablet and laptop devices of all sizes. The Carrier 30 Cart enables simultaneous charging of up to 30 devices and is the only cart to ease and speed up device distribution and sharing through ergonomic carry baskets. The large well inside the cart holds up to six baskets of five devices and is designed to enable several people to access it at once. By using multiple baskets to contain the devices, multiple students can quickly grab a basket and help distribute, or the baskets can be passed down rows. The baskets are light and easy to carry to a different room, if rooms are sharing devices, without moving the whole cart. The baskets also helps to protect the devices from accidental dropping and designed to fit devices with or without cases. “The Carrier 30 Cart is the most universal technology storage cart on the market,” said James Symons, CEO of PC Locs. “Designed with this premise in mind, our customers shouldn’t have to repurchase a cart if they change their technology.” PC Locs, a global leader in providing K-12 mobile device management solutions, is headquartered in Perth, WA, with Offices and representatives is Melbourne and Sydney. The company is known for innovative carts that efficiently store and simultaneously charge mobile devices in Schools. PC Locs is showcasing the Carrier 30 Cart in its booth at the SchoolTech conference, booth #C7 – September 12 to 14 at Firbank Grammar School. The company will also be providing delegates with a secure charging station area to ensure that the visitor’s devices at the tradeshow/conference are fully charged. PC Locs’ top of the line smart power management system within the Carrier 30 Cart, ECO Safe Charge™, can handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices. Different types of devices can be charged right alongside each other in the same bank. This power system also prevents the main electric circuit in the room from being overloaded, to keep classrooms up and running with many devices that need power.                  The cube-shaped Carrier 30 Cart features an advanced highly secure sliding top lid, with two layers of key locks to protect the school’s valuable mobile technology investment safely inside. The included floor anchor kit provides further security by enabling teachers to chain the cart to floor at the end of the day, locking it in place so it can’t be moved or stolen. New Features PC Locs’ primary goal is to make life easier for teachers, students and IT administrators. It is building a reputation as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. PC Locs listened to customer feedback and incorporated new features that they wanted in the Carrier 30 Cart: -       New five-slot Carry Baskets give users the flexibility to deploy Chromebook, tablet or iPad devices with ease. The new and improved baskets are lighter, easier to grip, and are designed to accommodate almost any device, with or without cases. -       Improved cable management. The Carrier 30 Cart features a new center channel system which holds all the device cables in place. It is now neater and easier to set up. -       New soft-closing, sliding lid. The soft close protects teachers’ and students’ fingers from being caught in the lid and closes quietly. The lid secures up to 30 Chromebook, tablet or iPad devices and the baskets that they are stored inside. -       Smaller footprint takes up less storage space.   Pricing and Availability The Carrier 30 Cart is expected to arrive in Spring. It requires one standard power outlet to plug in the cart. The suggested price for one cart, which comes with a lifetime warranty, is $1,999+GST. Schools can order now for Term 3 through PC Locs resellers. For information, questions or advice in deploying mobile devices, PC Locs is available. Just call PC Locs on 1300 725 627 or visit . About PC Locs PC Locs designs and manufactures tablet/laptop carts, wall cages and lockers that secure, sync, and charge mobile devices. PC Locs is a global company with headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, and our US headquarters is in Madison, WI. The company was founded in 1999, at the home of Paul Symons, now co-owner, director and product designer for PC Locs. As a schoolteacher in Perth, Paul identified a need in the market after seeing computers being stolen on a weekly basis. He created a solution for securing desktop computers, which went on to have a radical impact on reducing computer theft throughout Australia. Since our beginnings in Perth, we’ve expanded globally to help make our customers lives easier by developing mobile device management products that take the workflow of a classroom into consideration.   iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Chromebook™ is a trademark of Google. Carrier 40 Cart™ is a trademark of PC Locs. CHOGM prepared for anything and everything 2011-11-03T03:51:24Z chogm-prepared-for-anything-and-everything Perth, Western Australia, 26 October 2011 – As the whole of Australia focuses on welcoming the Queen and the Commonwealth Heads of Government, Australia is pulling out all the stops to protect and impress. And Perth based company PC Locs is playing its part. Perth, Western Australia is the host city for CHOGM 2011 and the city is preparing for every possible worst case scenario. “We are doing everything possible to make the Queen’s visit together with all the Commonwealth Heads of Governments arrival into Perth as pleasant and safe as possible”. – CHOGM Representative The holistic approach is designed to protect all aspects of event. That includes human protection, public and private property protection, and prevention of theft. Under the CHOGM (Special Powers) Act 2011, police have increased powers of authority to do what ever it takes in order to keep the peace and protect everyone in attendance. Laptops and similar mobile devices are an easy target for thieves and pose a substantial security risk if they end up in the wrong hands.“PC Locs have installed three FUYL™Stations in hot spots around the Perth Convention Centre for visitors and delegates to use free of charge”. – CHOGM Representative PC Locs FUYL™ Stations are laptop charging lockers built entirely from steel and offer the highest level of security. Delegates can leave their valuable laptops in a FUYL™ cell compartment knowing that they can be charged whilst remaining fully secure. WA company PC Locs, distributes this unique security solution to education, corporate and government bodies throughout Australia and NZ as well as to international markets. About PC Locs is an Australian company dedicated to designing high quality laptop and iPad management products. The latest PC Locs Ipad solutions can sync and charge multiple iPads simultaneously. PC Locs FUYL cells are a unique solution for high security storage and charging of laptops. For further media information contact: Vlad Vasilciuc – 0433 587 713 Pat Noonan – 0422 457 144 iPad management made easy 2011-06-15T02:42:29Z ipad-management-made-easy-1 The emergence of iPads and other tablet devices in Australia has revolutionised the way we learn, teach and work. The education sector is no exception with many schools and teaching institutions adopting this new technology. However, with new technology come new challenges such as, syncing, charging and security of iPad devices. The new iQ32 Cart by PC Locs solves all those issues and offers a truly unique and innovative product that can efficiently manage iPads in your school. The iQ32 Cart can charge and manage the downloading and synchronisation of software application (apps) on your full set of iPads with the new iQ16 Sync-Charge-Box (SBC) powered by Cambrionix C3 Case. Each Cart is equipped with two iQ16 SBC’s, but these can be optionally removed and conveniently used on a bench or in another location separate from the Cart itself. The iQ32 Cart also features two large capacity lockable drawers on opposite sides of the Cart, allowing users to retrieve and return iPads quickly. The drawers are secured electronically via the key pad built into the top of the iQ32 Cart. The iPads are stored in four removable and lightweight portable baskets, allowing users to carry pods of 8 iPads to different areas of a classroom easily. Cart security is achieved with the Anti-theft security lock down kit that consists of a heavy duty chain, padlock and anchor. The new iQ32 Cart is designed with the teacher in mind, combining the latest in design, technology and functionality. Sync, charge and secure up to 32 iPad devices with the new iQ32 Cart by PC Locs. For more information about the new iQ32 by PC Locs, contact us on 1300 725 627, or email us at Alternatively you can visit our website at Australian design invades NCCE 2011 2011-02-03T07:41:52Z australian-design-invades-ncce-2011 Perth, Western Australia - February 3, 2011 – The trusted name for school computer security solutions is coming to the USA.PCLocs Pty Ltd, an Australian company, has been producing high quality, all steel solutions for the storage, charging, security, and transport of mobile computer labs for over 10 years. They are now bringing their quality line of laptop carts and wall cages to schools in America via Lock n Charge Technologies, a division of PCLocs Pty Ltd. Created for teachers, these unique designs combine superior strength, lighter weight, and a more efficient design in an environmentally friendly way. “Most of the carts on the market are encased in a thin shell that is secured by a basic lock. Once that lock is compromised, the shell is useless. While we use hardened steel for greater security, we use less of it making for a lighter weight overall product. At-a-glance you can see that your laptops are present and charging with our more open design. Ours is stronger and more secure," says Mr. Rezac, "without the added weight of that external shell. We know that the users of our products are not bodybuilders, they are teachers who already have many things to keep track of. They need a system that doesn’t slow them down." ECO Safe Charge™, a standard option on our 16 and 28 bay carts and an optional addition to the 8 bay wall cages, provides a safe and economical way to recharge your notebooks and netbooks while reducing your power consumption and helping to extend the life of your laptop batteries. Mr. Rezac is excited to be sharing these practical solutions to the problems facing a teacher when implementing the new student laptop initiatives. "Security and storage shouldn’t be a hindrance in the classroom if you want teachers and students to get the most out of your technology investment." Powerhouse Cube, soon to be released in the US, is a secure 5 bay laptop locker to allow charging of a laptop and USB device for an individual student, ideally suited for higher education and libraries. Lock n Charge Technologies is sponsoring two blocks of these charging stations for use by NCCE attendees to celebrate their latest US addition to the Lock n Charge line.ENDS Laptop security, charging and storage at Strathmore Secondary College 2010-09-07T08:21:43Z laptop-security-charging-and-storage-at-strathmore-secondary-college The Australia education sector is undergoing a significant change in the way that students can access computers at school. Since the introduction of computers in schools, PCs have always been the dominant computing platform. The price and perceived fragility of early generation laptops made them an unfavourable option for many school IT buyers. But the problem with PCs was that they required a dedicated room or lab, specifically wired to take multiple machines, which had to be booked by teachers and when not in use, lay idle. Many saw this as a waste of valuable school resources. The falling price and increasing robustness of laptop computers has now enabled many schools to create real estate, turning any classroom into a computer lab by using mobile laptop trolleys. PC Locs have been providing tough and functional laptop trolleys to schools and other education facilities in Australia for over 10 years. Implementing a laptop program with PC Locs laptop trolleys Strathmore Secondary College is one of many schools opting for laptops rather than PC’s because they are a lot easier to utilise and manage. “We chose Computelec to assist us in implementing our laptop program as we have a long history with them. They have always been able to deliver a tailored solution that best met our needs,” – Gary Cameron, Network Manager at Strathmore Secondary College. Implementing a laptop program isn’t as simple as purchasing laptops and sending them out to be used. Apart from the obvious considerations of infrastructure, software, training etc, schools need also to consider the physical security, storage and on-site charging of the laptops. “Laptop storage is not an easy decision. Considerations like security, power, and also appearance were important to us. I did an extensive search for what the market was offering, and found Computelec had PC Locs available. PC Locs stood out from the other alternatives to me,” Gary explained. PC Locs has provided high quality laptop physical security solutions for over 10 years, and is the most trusted brand in laptop trolleys. “We wanted a product that offered secure storage, the ability to charge the laptops, and something that looked presentable, not a steel box. I consider [PC Locs products] to be the best available at present,” – Gary Cameron. Results Strathmore Secondary College is very happy with the laptop program at the school, and intends to build on these foundations. “Teaching staff have responded to the availability of laptops very positively. All faculties are integrating the use of laptops into their curriculum and students are really enjoying the variety in their lessons”, said Gary Cameron. As the leader in physical laptop security, PC Locs continually evaluates and tests its products. In July 2010, PC Locs will launch ‘version two’ of the popular Revolution Range. The new Revolution Range will feature all of the fantastic features that made it the most popular laptop security trolley, with the added bonus of a new remote controlled power management system – ECO Safe Charge™. The ECO Safe Charge™ provided with the new Revolution Rangelaptop trolleys, allows teachers to manage the charging of banks of laptops by remote control. This advanced unit offers teachers a choice of a SAFE ON (sequential start) or a TIMED charging mode. As energy saving is becoming an increasingly important factor to consumers, the new Revolution Range laptop trolleys with ECO Safe Charge™ functionality, are a great way to manage power usage and prevent power surges. For more information, please contact PC Locs on 1300 725 627 or visit PC Locs Laptop Locker to improve laptop security for schools 2009-10-14T07:02:56Z pc-locs-laptop-locker-to-improve-laptop-security-for-schools Perth, Australia, 14th October 2009 – PC Locs, Australia’s leading manufacturer of notebook and netbook trolleys, has unveiled the Powerhouse Cube Laptop Locker to improve laptop security for schools in a cost saving and space saving way. The Powerhouse Cube is a revolutionary, five bay storage and charging locker solution, primarily designed to service the education sector and improve laptop security. “With the Digital Education Revolution in full swing, and a significant amount of schools electing to upgrade computers to laptops, a solution was required to individually store and charge laptops while not being used by students, such as when they are on their recess and lunch breaks, or even overnight as they are highly secure,” said James Symons, Managing Director of PC Locs. The perfectly square dimensions of the Cube give it the capability to fit and blend into any space and a group of Cubes can be configured in almost any orientation. They can be stacked one on top of another, side by side, or back to back, and can be rotated to open vertically or horizontally. “We are big believers that the Powerhouse Range is the future of school lockers as more and more schools are electing to purchase laptops for students and want improved laptop security and storage,” said Mr Symons. PC Locs recently took a prototype of the Powerhouse Cube to a conference in Victoria to test the response of delegates and visitors, who were made up of school teachers, principals and IT managers, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. “At PC Locs we strive to have a solution for any situation. We pride ourselves on producing the best products for physically securing laptops, and we have a wide range of products that will suit any budget,” said Mr Symons. To view PC Locs entire range of products, please visit For more information about the Powerhouse Cube, contact PC Locs on 1300 725 627.ENDS