The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-05-11T03:06:40Z Reminder Rosie arrives in Australia - Say Hello to Reminder Rosie 2018-05-11T03:06:40Z reminder-rosie-arrives-in-australia-say-hello-to-reminder-rosie SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 11 May 2018 – Reminder Rosie, the state of the art voice activated talking clock, for blind people, vision impaired, memory and cognitive impaired people, is now available for the first time in Australia from TabTimer Reminders™.   Reminder Rosie is a simple-looking digital alarm clock, embedded with revolutionary speech recognition and cutting-edge technologies, that records up to 25 loud personalised, familiar and comforting voice reminders, and plays them back at a specific time and date, everyday, weekly, monthly or annually.   Rosie is so easy to set up right out of the box.  Just wake up Rosie by saying ‘Hello Reminder Rosie’, say a command such as ‘record reminder’ and follow Rosie’s prompts! A family member, caregiver or user simply records a message, perhaps ‘Mum, It’s time to take two red and one white pill after breakfast’ 8:30am every day. Once the task is accomplished the user either says ‘reminder off’ or touches the clock to turn it off. That's it!     A simple solution to organize your loved ones day without touching any buttons.  Remember meds, appointments, household and personal tasks, birthdays and much more! Reminder Rosie is your personal butler who notifies you, or someone you care for, of tasks without the high cost!   Rosie has already been adopted overseas by many people who are very low tech, have vision impairment, or have significant cognitive decline, including user’s aged over 100.    Gary Rotman, Inventor of Reminder Rosie said “I invented a solution for my 80-year old father who was diagnosed with dementia and often forgot to take his medications and other daily tasks.  He ended up back in the hospital. I tested and tweaked the device over several years and started offering the device to others and Reminder Rosie was born! I had no idea at the time that there were millions of people worldwide that had similar challenges as my father.  High levels of hospital re-admittances, health care costs, avoidable deaths and caregiver stress result from poor medication compliance”.   Managing Director of TabTimer Reminders in Australia Jonathan Allott said “Reminder Rosie is an excellent addition to TabTimer’s range of assistive technology.  Personalised reminders in a loved one’s voice has shown to improve compliance more effectively than most task aids.  We are excited to make Reminder Rosie available in Australia for the first time and hope it will help more people live in the comfort of their own home longer, independently and with dignity”.   Further details about Reminder Rosie, TabTimer™, and their range of reminder devices, designed to help keep people on-time, can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846). - ENDS – TabTimer™ – launches new MemRabel 2 Audio Visual Calendar Reminder Clock 2016-04-14T15:13:45Z tabtimer-launches-new-memrabel-2-audio-visual-calendar-reminder-clock SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 15 April 2016 – The NEW MemRabel 2, the latest audio visual reminder alarm clock, for people living with memory impairment, cognitive impairment, or everyday forgetfulness, is now available in Australia from TabTimer Reminders™. Perfect for people living with Alzheimers, dementia, or other chronic illness or disabilities, the MemRabel 2 is a visually appealing calendar clock with a high quality, bright contrast display, showing the full time, day, time of day, date, month and year, to avoid those repetitive questions about ‘what time is it’? Not only is the MemRabel 2 a functional memory aid clock, but the family or health care worker can easily program up to 20 alarms, with accompanying audio visual and video cues.  At alarm time the selected voice reminder with accompanying screen graphic or video is played back on the screen. The alarms can be set as individual one off events, or repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually, for regular medicines, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, or any daily living requirement that needs a gentle reminder. The possibilities are endless. The device comes with over 100 different audio, image and video files pre-installed for typical reminder events, you can create and add your own to the library, or play directly from an external source via USB or SD Card.  Reminders can be set to repeat as many times as you think is necessary for each alarm, or repeat at intervals from 5mins to 25mins. With 4 different calendar display options and four different coloured background options the MemRabel 2 improves visibility for people with poor sight, vision impairment and reduced cognitive ability. MemRabel 2 has proven successful in helping people live more independently, and has provided families with some peace of mind knowing that in their absence there is a simple assistive technology that really is making a world of difference. Further details about the MemRabel 2 Audio Visual Calendar Reminder Clock, TabTimer™, and their range of reminder devices, designed to help keep people on-time, can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846).   - ENDS – TabTimer™ – launches new Large Easy Read Alzheimer's Clock 2015-11-25T15:29:25Z tabtimer-launches-new-large-easy-read-alzheimer-s-clock SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 26 November 2015 – Stylish and functional the new VISO10 Large format Easy Read Alzheimer’s Clock is now available from TabTimer Reminders™. The clear, easy to read VISO10 clock, is a useful tool for people living with memory impairment, caused by Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, or other memory related impairments - as well as a welcome relief for their family and care givers. People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, or other forms of memory loss, often lose the ability to recall; what day, time of day, month, or what year it is - causing them stress, anxiety and frustrations.  Many large format clocks also abbreviate the day and month, shortening words to three characters (i.e. MON or DEC), subsequently confusing some elderly, or baffling cognitively impaired people.  The VISO10 Clock - now available from TabTimer Reminders - is different!  It uses full words, in large bold letters, with no confusing abbreviations.  The non abbreviated display of DAY, DATE, TIME, MONTH and YEAR are easy to understand, with large bold numerals up to 190mm high.  The battery operated VISO10 also has a choice of 8 different languages, can be desk stand or wall mounted, and can be locked to avoid any unintended time changes.  At a total size of 280mm x 190mm the VISO10 is clear and easy to read, whilst remaining sleek and modern, to fit practically into any environment.  The VISO10 Alzheimer’s Clock is a perfect gift for home, aged care facilities, or the reception area of any health care professional – enabling patients and clients to clearly see the day, date and time - providing a stress free, dementia friendly environment.  It may even alleviate carers’ frustrations who will no longer have to continually repeat the day and time to their loved ones. Further details about the VISO10 Easy Read Alzheimer's Clock,  TabTimer™, and their range of reminder devices, designed to help keep people on-time, can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846). - ENDS – TabTimer™ – launches innovative ‘internet-ready’ pill dispenser 2014-08-20T22:45:45Z tabtimer-launches-innovative-internet-ready-pill-dispenser SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 21 August 2014 – Australian company TabTimer Reminders™ has added the MedReady MR-357FL Automated Pill Dispenser to its already large range of medication reminders and assistive technology solutions, providing more independence to the aged, disabled, memory and cognitively impaired people who want to remain in their own homes, and giving families and care givers ultimate knowledge and control over their loved ones’ prescribed medicine regimes.   The MedReady MR-357FL Automated Medication Dispenser is a timed-alarm system which holds 28 doses of medicines, that are automatically provided at the programmed times, up to four times daily. The locked and tamper resistant lid keeps medicines securely stored until the programmed times arrive.  At medicine time, the powerful 90dB, 400Hz audible alarm beeps and a light flashes continuously, until the medicine door is opened to allow access to the pills. Only the most recent medication dose is available to the patient, with missed doses securely stored away.   An in-built SIM card communicates events to central servers which can provide care givers with detailed reports via a website about medicines taken or missed, remote programming and control over the device, the ability to trigger early doses, as well as SMS alerts and email notifications when something goes wrong. A rechargeable battery is used for backup power supply during power failures, or to enable the dispenser to be taken away on day trips or outings.   Managing Director and chief time-keeper of TabTimer Reminders™ – Jonathan Allott says ‘the MedReady Automatic Pill Dispenser provides families of people with memory and cognitive impairment and their caregivers, peace of mind knowing whether prescribed medicines are being administered correctly or not’. ‘The MedReady can assist people to maintain their own independence and enjoy familiar surroundings, in the comfort of their own home’ Jonathan says.   The MedReady is easy to set up and use and can be easily programmed remotely from the MedReady web portal. At just $359 the MedReady MR-357FL Automatic Pill Dispenser, with subscriptions for the web portal and notifications from $16.66 per month, are a valuable solution for people with memory or cognitive impairment and disabilities.   Further details about TabTimer™ and their range of reminder devices, designed to help keep people on-time, can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846). - ENDS – TabTimer™ – launches new website for assistive technology 2014-04-13T08:12:21Z tabtimer-launches-new-website-for-assistive-technology SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 14 April 2014 – TabTimer Reminders™ has just launched its new website for people living with chronic illnesses, diseases and disabilities.   Since 2009 TabTimer has been supplying reminder devices for people with many diverse needs and today has over 100 different reminder products and accessories.   The new website provides; easy product navigation, predictive search functions, image zoom, online chat facilities, support for mobile devices, secure payment methods, a new blog, product ratings and comparisons.  The website is hosted at a fully accredited PCI compliant data centre within Australia making the experience safe to the highest levels of security and importantly, the hosting servers are secure from the most recent threat of the Heartbleed vulnerability.   TabTimer supplies; timers, electronic pill boxes, automated pill dispensers, medical watches, vibrating watches & clocks, talking watches & clocks, other devices and accessories, all designed to help people remember important medicines, personal care tasks, or to assist with general daily living requirements.   The products are used by people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & dementia, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, blood pressure, depression & mental health, hearing impairment or deafness, the aged and disabled, intellectually or cognitively impaired, chronic pain sufferers, people living with chronic illnesses or diseases, as well as people that need a general wake up or reminder prompt.   Suggested for a variety of uses; from medicine reminders, nutrition, hydration, behaviour management, and sleep disorders, to toileting reminders and general time management, TabTimer products are suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly, and are cost effective solutions, with prices starting from as little as $9.95.   Further details about TabTimer™ and their range of reminder devices, designed to help keep people on-time, can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846). - ENDS – TabTimer™ - launches New VibraLITE 12 MINI in Australia 2012-11-27T02:23:04Z tabtimer-launches-new-vibralite-12-mini-in-australia SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 27 November 2012 – Today TabTimer Reminders™ launched the new VibraLITE 12 MINI range of vibrating watches making it the first company in Australia to offer the five new VibraLITE models. TabTimer™ supplies the largest range of VibraLITE vibrating watches and the largest selection of reminder devices available in Australia. Suggested for a variety of uses; from medicine reminders, nutrition, hydration, behaviour management, and sleep disorders, to toileting reminders and general time management, VibraLITE watches are suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly, and are perfect for those who have smaller wrist sizes. Set up is simple with easy-to-follow documentation supplied with the device.  The VibraLITE Mini has a standard watch function with the unique feature of up to 12 audible or vibrating alarms per day, plus a countdown timer and electro luminescent back light – all in a size suitable for wrists of all sizes.  The VibraLITE MINI is handy for multiple daily reminders, or general time management, and at only $89.95 RRP plus postage and handling, its arrival is just in time to make a great Christmas present. The vibrating alarm is especially suitable for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and for those who need a discreet reminder without alerting others. VibraLITE vibrating watches are suggested for use by children and adults living with; diabetes, epilepsy, narcolepsy, autism, disabilities, and behaviour management issues, through to toileting reminders, mental health issues, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and hearing impairment. VibraLITE watches are also used by shift workers, professional presenters, teachers, lecturers and students, for timing examinations and other purposes. The addition of the new VibraLITE 12 MINI brings TabTimer’s range of VibraLITE watches to a staggering 20 models and complements a total of around 60 other reminder devices currently available from TabTimer. Further details about TabTimer™ and their range of medication reminder devices designed to help keep people on-time can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846).  - ENDS –   TabTimer™ – helps keep medications on time™ 2009-08-25T12:22:47Z tabtimer-helps-keep-medications-on-time SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 25 August 2009 - TabTimer™ today launched its website and range of medication reminders used to help people remember to take their medications on time.Longer life expectancy and decreasing birth rates is resulting in an ageing population for Australia. Around 9 per cent of our population (some 2 million people) is aged 70 years or older1. This is expected to rise to 13 per cent by 2021 and to 20 per cent (around 5.7 million people) in 2051. Subsequently health issues are increasing and medication routines are becoming more complex. In Australia today approximately 80,000 people live withParkinson’s, 500,000 Australians live with dementia, over 1.7 million people have diabetes, 3.7 million Australians have Cardiovascular disease and 134,000 Australians experience epilepsy.Some medications for these illnesses require administration half hourly, hourly, or every two hours and so on. Subsequently, complicated medication schedules often make it difficult for patients, their relatives, or carers to remember to administer medications on time.TabTimer™ is an exciting new Australian company dedicated to aiding Australians and their medication routines. TabTimer’s handy range of quality, innovative and affordablemedication reminder devices can be set to alarm when medications are due – serving as a handy reminder to help keep medications on time. TabTimer™ stocks a range of medication reminder devices to help people remember to take their medications on time. TabTimer’s range includes pill box timers with multiple alarms, lockable pill dispensers, handy pocket reminders, fridge magnet reminders and VibraLITE vibration alarm watches. Some of TabTimer’s devices can be set to flash or vibrate only - making the process of remembering to take medications discrete and timely.Further details on TabTimer™ and their range of medication reminder devices can be found at or call 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846 37). Note: 1 ABS 3201.0 Population by age and sex, Australian states and territories, June 2007.- ENDS - About TabTimer TabTimer™ supplies medication reminder devices for use by patients on strict medication regimes, for illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Diabetes and other diseases that require timely administration of medications. Some medications require administration half hourly, hourly, or two hourly and so on. Subsequently, it is often difficult for patients, their relatives, or carers to remember medications on time.Medication reminder devices, which in their simplest form consist of a pill box with a multiple alarm incorporated, aid the process by reminding people and their carers to administer medications on time. Various styles of medication reminder devices are available including daily alarms, multiple alarms per day, single or various pill compartments, and vibration alarm watches. Medication reminders can also be used as a contraceptive pill reminder or pet medication reminder. The various options will appeal to people depending on the regularity of their medication schedule. TabTimer™ helps keep medications on time™ TAB TIMER