The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2009-10-15T05:49:22Z SOCIAL MEDIA FALLS IN LOVE WITH ‘TWEET ME’ 2009-10-15T05:49:22Z social-media-falls-in-love-with-tweet-me-1 He rocks in the tree tops all day long ‘hoppin an a boppin and a tweeting his song’, Michael Jackson may not be back, but a chirpy, tech savvy ‘Robo Robin’ is… This modern day songbird is spreading the love to tech savvy Gen X, Y’s and Z’s with NEW pop dance release ‘Tweet Me’, which tugs at their heart strings and keyboards with super catchy lyrics such as “Tweet Me with your love and I will follow you”. ‘Tweet Me’ is released and co-written by electro pop’ster Whodeani (the dance outfit least likely to disappear), one of Australia’s first self-confessed serial Twitterer’s and talented Melbourne Entrepreneur (aka Dean Jones). Dean Jones describes ‘Tweet Me’ as an “up-tempo, dance track combining progressive trance sounds with radio friendly pop sensibilities and contagious lyrics”. “Tweet Me tells the story of unrequited love via social media”, said Dean. “With the booming popularity of social media it speaks to a wide and varied audience.” This Whodeani musical offering was conceived back in 1995 and then titled ‘Release Me’. But poolside on a romantic getaway, ‘Tweet Me’ came to mind while recalling the original tracks chorus line, ‘I will follow you!’ Instantly Dean thought a case of Twitter overload or perhaps a hit in the making! Jones has been writing and producing music since the early 90’s, musical successes include a No. 1 club dance hit in Australia with 2 DJ friends called ‘Deuce by Cleva Cleva’ ( More than just a song release Tweet Me is interactive art, where fans are invited via platforms such as Facebook and of course Twitter, to interact and give their music and video producing skills a workout. For more information visit the dedicated Tweet me Song website @ Here you’ll find a free preview of the track, all the audio elements necessary to build your own version of the song, plus you can view the official music video. Whodeani is signed to Xelon Entertainment who will officially release ‘Tweet Me’ from October 17th 2009 on all the major online digital platforms, including iTunes