The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2009-10-19T23:00:48Z Survey Confirms Small Businesses Embrace Green Principles 2009-10-19T23:00:48Z survey-confirms-small-businesses-embrace-green-principles MEDIA RELEASE 20TH OCTOBER 2009 SURVEY CONFIRMS SMALL BUSINESSES EMBRACE GREEN PRINCIPLES. New survey results suggest more than 62% of entrepreneurs and small business owners consider the environment when making business decisions, according to a new survey commissioned on behalf of GreenBizCheck by Sydney based small business experts Giraffe Group. The survey results, based on 187 responses across a range of industries, show that 62% of businesses have sustainability and the carbon footprint on the corporate agenda within the next 6 months and 25% within the next year. “The results show that, small businesses are embracing sustainability as concerned caretakers, this is a social revolution, its changing how businesses think and how they make purchases” says Giraffe Group Director, Shelley Pallister. 42% of businesses believe going green will attract and retain clients, and a further 52% have experienced cost reduction by reducing energy and water costs. “These survey results suggest apart from the environmental benefits, businesses are also capitalising on revenue generation opportunities by marketing green, we have seen increased demands in assisting our clients with marketing strategies around social awareness campaigns, and smart businesses are taking full advantage.” Says Shelley. “So not only are companies maximising the potential revenue streams they are also experiencing significant cost saving ultimately growing their business, so a win win all round.” Says Shelley. “The small business sector is entrepreneurial and, despite the rest of the business world in turmoil, we forsee this market continuing to grow,” says Shelley. “We believe it will become an attractive way of marketing & branding for potential clients and cost effective solutions for growing companies.” For information about Giraffe Group, visit HYPERLINK "" For media enquiries contact Louise Pope / Giraffe Group / / 02 89170700 or 0402 323421