The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-03-28T06:48:32Z Knowledge & Resources on Digital Business Launched to Help Businesses Succeed Online 2013-03-28T06:48:32Z knowledge-amp-resources-on-digital-business-launched-to-help-businesses-succeed-online Business leaders of large companies, Government executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world are trying to align their business and marketing strategy, their people and their processes to a digital-centric world. But it's not an easy task because the technology and online business practices are changing quickly.Lack of information about best practices, learning resources, products and services is a chronic problem. Simplogy Knowledge & Resources will fill a key knowledge gap for business leaders as well as marketing professionals by connecting them with all these resources via their directory and then update them via the magazine.Knowledge & Resources DirectoryThe Knowledge & Resources directory lists about 1400 manually curated listings of learning resources, articles, products and services across digital strategy, content management, web design & development, web team operations, online marketing and web analytics. Digital Business News & Updates MagazineSimultaneously launched with the directory was Digital Business News & Updates, a free weekly business magazine brings the best of thinking in digital strategy, search engine optimisation, search marketing, social media, lead generation, digital industry training and more to the mailboxes of its subscribers each week on Friday afternoon.Said Hasnain Zaheer, editor of the newly launched directory and magazine, "Knowledge & Resources directory is an essential reference whereas Digital Business News & Updates is must-read update for online business professionals. The key appeal is that these are compiled, curated and presented by their peers - enterprise digital business managers, Chief Digital Officers - people who face and solve the same problems that its readers face, day in day out. It's practical content, delivered weekly, just in time for your weekly reading."Both these publications are edited and published by digital strategists, search marketers and online advertising optimisers with years of experience and practical insights derived from campaigns and strategies crafted and operated for dozens of businesses.  Simplogy has released Internet's most comprehensive review and trends in digital business, media and marketing 2013-01-15T07:17:05Z simplogy-has-released-internet-s-most-comprehensive-review-and-trends-in-digital-business-media-and-marketing Simplogy, a leading digital strategy and online marketing solutions firm in Sydney, has released a compilation of the best of 2012 trends in digital strategy, marketing, search engine, social media, mobile, e-commerce, data and analytics and even digital personal technology is covered. This is the most comprehensive list on the Internet and will help digital industry professionals in advertising, marketing, communications in the government, industry and agency world to learn how to tailor their responses to market developments.This doccument also contains Simplogy's own commentary and predictions by its highly experienced consultants. A few snippets of their predictions is as follows:"2012 saw its share of a mind-boggling array of new product launches (iPhone 5, iPad mini, Windows 8, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Nokia 808 PureView), and a solid rally of others (Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones, and cloud computing).2012 also saw some major downers (the disastrous Facebook IPO, the woefully inadequate handling of queries on privacy concerns by Instagram, the Apple Maps fiasco), the twin effects of PIPA and SOPA anti-piracy bills in the US, and high profile lawsuits (Apple vs Samsung, Oracle vs Google).In web design, responsive design and HTML5 finally found their place under the sun. In search, re-targeting was all the rage. In social media, who can ignore the rise of Pinterest and the rise (and a bit of deflation) of instagram. Google+ held steady but Linkedin emerged the winner with steady growth under Jeff Weiner who acquired great respect and admiration for his steering of Linkedin.In 2013, we would be looking to hear a lot more about re-targeting and will see it going mainstream, mobile search and mobile ads would grow even more, big data’s hype cycle would continue,.....Simplogy 2012 review and 2013 predictions - Full document may be viewed at Simplogy's blog on online business and marketing strategy.Readers are requested to add to the list by commenting. To consume this huge content, they may connect with Simplogy's accounts on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ because we would post one or two of these links every day for the next few weeks and so you would be able to review all the links in the document over the next few weeks. Simplogy Releases Comprehensive Review & Compilation of Digital Trends 2012-01-04T04:14:09Z simplogy-releases-comprehensive-review-amp-compilation-of-digital-trends Simplogy, one of the leading digital services firms in Sydney has released a compilation of previous year's reviews and what to expect in 2012. These trends will help business and government executives prepare to harness the enormous power of search, social, web, mobile, digital media and e-commerce that is being unleashed by the technology forces.Along with its compilation, Simplogy has also presented its own views and commentary.This compilation and commentary, an annual feature of Simplogy's website, may be accessed at: more details or to discuss, please contact Simplogy.Simplogy is a digital strategy consulting and services firm in Sydney with its office in Ultimo and clients all over Australia. We offer high quality services in digital strategy, new website, paid search, social-search and CRM Simplogy Announces Solution Partnership with Nimble 2011-08-23T02:56:29Z simplogy-announces-solution-partnership-with-nimble Sydney, 23 August, 2011 –Simplogy has announced their solution partnership with Nimble. Nimble is a Social Business Platform that combines relationship management and social engagement into an affordable web-based solution. It integrates Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google, email contacts and conversations into one seamless, intuitive environment, empowering small businesses in today’s socially connected world to attract and retain the right customers.Created by Jon Ferrara, the founder of GoldMine, a pioneering SFA/CRM product, Nimble is the only solution on the market that integrates the “4 Cs” -- contacts, calendar, communications and collaboration -- to enable professionals to effectively manage the way they see, hear and connect with their company's most important asset: their business contacts.“The problem today is our contacts and our communications are in too many places,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “Between IM, text messaging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email, we can't keep track of it all. Trying to manage all of this in eight different tabs on your browser isn't the solution. We created Nimble to solve our own needs and we’re bringing it to the world to help small businesses solve theirs.”Simplogy PartnershipHasnain Zaheer, CEO of Simplogy said, “We are excited to announce this new solution partnership with Nimble. We are pleased to offer our customers Nimble which unifies email, calendar and social channels in one application. This will allow our customers to easily see all of the communications made with their contacts no matter where the conversations took place.Nimble is the next evolution in relationship management – a social relationship manager that makes it fun and easy to nurture personal and business relationships.About SimplogyAt Simplogy, our goal is to build digital strategies for your organization that will help transform your business. For more information, pleasevisit our websiteor call us at 0403 569 410.You can also join us socially onTwitter@hzaheer, onFacebookor onLinkedIn.About NimbleNimble was founded in 2009 to help small businesses transform their communities into business opportunities. Nimble opens a whole new channel for businesses to engage customers in two-way dialogue, leveraging the power of traditional CRM and social media with its web-based social business platform, Nimble. Located in Santa Monica, Nimble is in the heart of the Southern California tech community. Please join the conversation on Nimble’sFacebook page, LinkedIn and on Twitter @nimble. Course on digital strategy for small business owners and marketing managers announced 2011-01-31T02:23:14Z course-on-digital-strategy-for-small-business-owners-and-marketing-managers-announced Hasnain Zaheer, an experienced digital strategy and Web business professional, and Rob Marston, a search engine marketing and mobile professional, will be teaching a 2 days full time course for business owners and marketing managers.Titled 'Implementing a digital strategy for your small business', this course will help business owners learn how to harness the power of the Web. They would learn how to build a digital focused marketing strategy, how to select the right designers, developers, agencies and other service providers, how to manage their digital projects, how marketing has seen a paradigm change in the previous decade and what are the new rules of marketing, PR and promotion.The course will also cover the latest tools and concepts - social media, crowdsourcing, new hosted applications, benefiting from group buying as a business and several other exciting developments over the past 2 years.Participants will receivepractical insights, engaging case studies and tips from workshop leaders who are experienced Web business practitioners and have worked with Yahoo!, 24/7 Real Media and Starcom Mediavest, among others - in agencies as well as in client companies, so we have experience on both sides of the table.View course content, schedule and registration information at Quorumm Digital Venture Partners opens its operations in Australia along with Hasnain Zaheer 2010-11-25T12:29:39Z quorumm-digital-venture-partners-opens-its-operations-in-australia-along-with-hasnain-zaheer Quorumm Digital Venture Partners (QDVP), a third generation venture capital firm with more than 500M under management to invest and accelerate early stage companies in the digital advertisement industry , appointedHasnain ZaheerasSenior Partner of Quorumm Australia, as well as, advisory board member of Quorumm Global.Hasnain Zaheer is an experienceddigital strategistand online marketing practitioner, analyst and trainer based in New South Wales, Australia. With more than10 years in digital media and marketing industryinternationally.His 16 year career is split between India and Australia, working for leading companies such as:National Stock Exchangeof India,Yahoo! AustraliaandWPP’s 24/7 Real Media.He is also the founder and editor ofWeb Business Age– a practical online resource for Web business and online marketing strategies and tools. Also, as theCEO of Simplogy, a digital strategy consulting and marketing services company based in Sydney, he advises leading Australian companies.“Hasnain will be our partner for conducting the business ofQuorumm in Australiaand we believe that through his experience and leadership, we can establish asolid footprint in the local digital industry to connect brandswith the digital audience ,and also in the searching for the best digital entrepreneurs to accelerate their companies” announcedJack Hartmann,CEO and founder of Quorummfrom Washington D.C.Quorumm Digital Venture Partners currently has operations inAsia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, and has established itself as aVenture Capital of third generationin the Digital Marketing Industry. Since it’s launch has been investing more than 200 million dollars in acquisition of companies, and M&A of digital assets in 12 countries, achieving an annual average growth rate of 34.4% in its global portfolio.“In the next few months, we will be consolidating a regional team and begin toexplore strategic opportunities for investment in digital marketing and social media sector.”, saidHasnain Zaheer, Senior Partner of Quorumm Digital Venture Partners Australia.Hasnain’s pursuit of business management studies at MGSM (Macquarie Graduate School of Management), one of Australia’s top three business schools, his knowledge ofstrategic marketing, performance measurement andbusiness management, helps him to appreciate the online requirements of a business from a strategic perspective. He also teaches a digital strategy course at theUniversity of Sydney.About Quorumm Digital Venture Partners (QDVP)Quorumm Digital Ventures was launched in2007 by veteran venture capitaliststo focus on early stage Digital Marketing Agencies that demonstrate the potential for exceptional creativity and market leadership, with over$500 Million under management, has international offices in5 continents,and is defined as a third generation Venture Capital.For more information, please visit our website at Web Business Age launched to help business owners and executives think about, build, run, market and measure their online business 2009-11-11T09:04:38Z web-business-age-launched-to-help-business-owners-and-executives-think-about-build-run-market-and-measure-their-online-business Sydney, 17 November 2009, Web Business Age, industry enginefor Web business and online marketing industry, was launched today in a function in Sydney.This online resource offers essential reading and useful resources to business and marketing managers, small business owners and other online professionals.It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people are online worldwide. They type in their questions, needs and requirements in to search engines 4 billion times a day (on average). About 300 million active users on Facebook and about 60 million Twitter users represent the active and vibrant Web 2.0 in which user-generated content and communities rule.“No wonder, businesses want to reach, engage and interact with online users. They are asking how they can align their business to the Web. By offering practical strategies, tips and directions, Web Business Age hopes to be a part of the answers.”Hasnain Zaheer (view his blog), managing editor of Web Business Age said, introducing this Web site.The most prominent feature is a directory of products, service providers, technical platforms, and reading & learning resources. Selected by experienced editors and neatly categorised in several well-thought out practice areas, listings are continuously updated to keep up with the fast changing online marketplace.An online magazine with practical strategies, useful guides, news and analysis from expert staff and contributors aims to help its readers design practical Web business strategies: build usable Web sites, run great Web teams, write compelling content, stretch their search marketing dollars, utilise social media, in short succeed in the quicksands of online business.“Online strategies, assets, innovations, investments in digital capabilities and digital talent are at the top of the minds of decision makers. They are looking for ideas, people and processes to thrive in the age of Web business. We hope to provide them the missing pieces of the puzzle.” Added Zaheer.Web Business Age is developed by Simplogy Web Business based in Sydney with a global team of online journalists and digital industry professionals.For more information:Click here for more about Web Business AgeView this online presentationContact Anjum onPhone (61) 403524572; E-mail:; Skype: simplogy1