The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-01-16T00:32:24Z Korean Travel Meta Search App Allstay Selects Partnerize as Its Exclusive Partner Management Solution 2020-01-16T00:32:24Z korean-travel-meta-search-app-allstay-selects-partnerize-as-its-exclusive-partner-management-solution Partnerize, the leading provider of partner automation solutions for global brands, today announced that Allstay Company Limited, the leading Korean travel metasearch company, has selected the Partnerize platform to manage all of its revenue-generating partnerships. Partnerize's award-winning Partner Automation Platform is an end-to-end, SaaS solution for forming, managing, analyzing and predicting the results of partner marketing programs using artificial intelligence (AI).Allstay's first-to-market iOS and Android app bring powerful accommodation metasearch capabilities to the highly connected mobile-first Korean consumer. The Allstay app compares over two million inventories from carefully curated booking sites to provide users with the lowest price and latest availability information for hotels and private accommodations. Allstay partnerships drive traffic to many of the world's largest OTAs and other travel ecommerce sites. When users convert on those sites, Allstay receives a share of the revenue.Allstay chose Partnerize because of its ability to track and report on all traffic and sales the company sends to its partners. With the Partnerize Platform, Allstay will benefit from:- Richer real-time traffic insights- More rapid growth in the number of travel providers in their ecosystem- Faster payments from their e-commerce partnersPartnerize's industry-leading mobile tracking capabilities were also a key factor in the Allstay decision. Partnerize offers multiple approaches to capture consumer events and conversions that take place on the mobile web, in-app, web-to-app, and app-to-app."Partnerize offers the entire suite of capabilities we need to power a larger and more productive partner program," said Hyunsoo Cho, CEO of Allstay. "We need a highly flexible platform that can handle enormous scale, and Partnerize's long track record meeting the needs of hundreds of the world's largest brands gave us confidence in their abilities.""We are very proud to have been chosen to help Allstay build their business," said Pete Mycock, Partnerize General Manager for the APAC region. "We look forward to serving this innovative mobile-first company and unlocking extraordinary growth opportunities."About PartnerizePartnerize is the leader in partnership automation. The AI-powered Partnerize Partner Automation Platform delivers data-driven intelligence and industry-leading management tools that are essential for materially improving ROI from this fast-growing sales channel. The Partnerize platform has won more than two dozen awards including Best Technology from the International Performance Marketing Awards. The world's leading companies, including 63 top retailers, 12 international airlines, 9 of the largest telecoms, and more than 200 other global brands rely on Partnerize to drive and manage more than $6B in partner sales and $500M in partner payments every year. For more information on how Partnerize can grow your partnerships and business, please visit World's Greatest Videos awards 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize 2020-01-14T20:15:43Z world-s-greatest-videos-announces-2019-us-100-000-grand-prize-winner World's Greatest Videos™ (WGV™) is pleased to announce the winner of the highly anticipated 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize. The first global, cash-awarded, continual short video competition, World's Greatest Videos hosts Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests. The first-place winners from each of these contests go on to compete in the Grand Prize Contest held every December. This year's final five competitors were from countries across the world including the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico. The videos encompassed a variety of categories: Music, Comedy, Feel good, and Pets. The final winner was declared as Victor Franco from Brazil with his video Hello! Ma Baby, but it's JAZZ ( year old Victor hails from the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He comes from a family of musicians, and started singing in church when he was just three years old. Victor says he got a lot of support from his parents for his music over the years, and he wants to use part of the prize money to give back to them.Other finalists include Lyricmjc from the United States, who won $3,000 in the June Monthly Contest. Lyric, the little girl featured in the video Down Syndrome ABILITIES! ( has Down Syndrome. In the last year, she's learned to match the pitch of different tunes, and articulate the words and phrases of songs.Beccabsmithmusic, from the U.K., has won several prizes for over $300. She says was inspired to share her talent after her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and she performed for the residents at her nursing home. Her video can be accessed at Flores is from Mexico and won 1st place for $3,000 in our May monthly contest. Hermes Flores, Toshiro's owner, manages a fan page for Toshiro, which has followers from all over the world. Watch the video at Mckenzie, aka. zzfrosty won $10,000 in the February contest. Ansel is not only a content creator, but an aspiring entrepreneur as well. He says that he used his prize money to invest better production for his videos and his business. His video can be seen at's Greatest Videos gave away 3,500 cash prizes worth US$267,000 in the first (Beta) year to short-form video makers from around the world. The platform prides itself on true community - members who watch and react to videos are just as important as members who create them.  According to 27-year-old founder Makayla Allen, there's a lot more that makes it stand out from the crowd. "We are truly inclusive, and take a firm stance against any type of bullying or negative comments," Allen explains. "Our goal is a safe, comfortable environment for creators and viewers alike, so we only allow positive comments and reactions to our members' videos."For more information about World's Greatest Videos and to view the winning videos, visit World's Greatest VideosLaunched on January 1, 2019 by 27-year-old Makayla Allen, World's Greatest Videos awards 21 cash prizes every week. First-place winners from Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests become eligible for the annual Grand Prize which is announced in December.As the first global cash-awarded video contest, World's Greatest Videos is on a mission to expose people around the globe to different cultures and what those cultures find entertaining. The company's app and website operate in the top 20 languages across the world. The Dallas Cowboys Choose Adra by Trintech to Accelerate and Streamline Financial Close Process 2020-01-02T16:05:36Z the-dallas-cowboys-choose-adra-by-trintech-to-accelerate-and-streamline-financial-close-process DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE, Jan 3, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Trintech, a leading global provider of integrated Record to Report software solutions for the office of finance, today announced that the Dallas Cowboys have chosen its industry-leading software, Adra, to automate and simplify its financial processes.The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football team based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In 2018, they became the first NFL franchise to make Forbes' list as the most valued NFL team for the 12th straight year. The organization is implementing Adra to help drive greater efficiency, accuracy and control across its financial close process."As we continue to rapidly scale our business, we knew we needed to implement a solution that would help give us greater control and visibility over our financial close process," said Tom Walker, Chief Financial Officer of The Dallas Cowboys. "We are very excited to be deploying Adra to automate our reconciliation and financial close processes so that we can refocus our time and effort on the strategic direction of our organization.""We are thrilled to be partnering with the Dallas Cowboys in their efforts to modernize their financial close process," said Darren Heffernan, President, Mid-Market at Trintech. "By combining effective finance processes with Adra, they will see increased ROI, improved accuracy, and greater visibility across their entire financial close process."Currently deployed by over 1,800 companies across the globe, the Adra Suite provides cloud-based, financial close and reconciliation solutions for companies looking to quickly increase the efficiency, control and visibility for all key areas of the financial close process including: balance sheet reconciliations (Adra Balancer), transaction matching (Adra Matcher), and financial task management and controls (Adra Task Manager). If you are interested in learning more about how Adra can benefit your organization, please contact us.About TrintechTrintech Inc., a pioneer of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software, combines unmatched technical and financial expertise to create innovative, cloud-based software solutions that deliver world-class financial operations and insights. From high volume transaction matching and streamlining daily operational reconciliations, to automating and managing balance sheet reconciliations, intercompany accounting, journal entries, disclosure reporting and bank fee analysis, to governance, risk and compliance - Trintech's portfolio of financial solutions, including Cadency(R) Platform, Adra(R) Suite, and targeted tools, ReconNET(TM), T-Recs(R), and UPCS(R), help manage all aspects of the financial close process. Over 3,500 clients worldwide - including the majority of the Fortune 100 - rely on the company's cloud-based software to continuously improve the efficiency, reliability, and strategic insights of their financial operations.Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Trintech has offices located across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the Nordics, as well as strategic partners in South Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. To learn more about Trintech, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.Media Contact:Kelli Shoevlin+1-972-739-1680Kelli.Shoevlin@trintech.comSOURCE: Trintech, Inc. Holista Files Patent for Water-Soluble Technology Targeting Cannabidiol (CBD) and Other Fat-Soluble Nutraceuticals 2019-12-15T16:30:23Z holista-files-patent-for-water-soluble-technology-targeting-cannabidiol-cbd-and-other-fat-soluble-nutraceuticals    PERTH, AU, Dec 13, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Holista CollTech (ASX: HCT; Holista) today announced that it has filed its 100%-owned global patent for platform technology that will deliver many fat-soluble medications by creating a water-soluble delivery system. This patented process can apply to a whole range of molecules including the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry. The commercial benefits for the CBD producers include making their CBD formulation up to 40 times more potent (allowing them to reduce their dosages significantly) as well as making their product palatable for the young and the elderly.Fat-soluble molecules have poor bioavailability as they don't dissolve well and reach the bloodstream. As such, a higher dosage needs to be ingested. This is both wasteful and costly. The platform technology will particularly benefit the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry where the active material is scarce, costly and poorly water-soluble.A statement released this week by Dr Roscoe Moore Jr, Project Leader and head of Holista's Technical Advisory Panel, stated: "Working on developing this technology is exciting. Most medicine consumed orally is wasted due to its poor absorption by the body. This is especially true for CBD, which is also expensive. More important, the integrity of the final molecule is preserved exactly as it is found in nature and hence, there is no apparent need for any lengthy approvals process anywhere in the world. We only use materials certified as 'Generally Regarded as Safe' (GRAS) by the FDA[1]."Dr Moore is the retired Assistant Surgeon General of the United States. He currently sits on several Company boards linked to CBD in the United States and Canada.CBD Oil has an earthy, musky and lingering bitter taste due to the high concentration of organic compounds that make it very unpalatable. This makes formulating CBD for oral consumption difficult. The taste masking technology linked to this patented formulation used GRAS botanicals to allow wider applications in pharmaceutical and food with oral dosing."Holista drew from parallel work done on the turmeric molecule which is also very fat soluble," said Dr Swanand Malode, leader the teams in Europe and Asia that worked on this technology for more than five years."We note that there is growing consensus in the medical community that CBD can be used to improve patient outcomes for conditions such as seizure, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety," said Dr Rajen Manicka, CEO of Holista.Holista is focused on fat-soluble substances such as CBD, curcumin and Vitamin D, targeting initially the food and nutraceutical markets in Australia and North America.According to a new estimate from cannabis industry analysts the Brightfield Group[2], the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022. The prospects for Australia are also increasing. According to a 2016 University of Sydney report[3], "Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry", found that the Australian medicinal cannabis market, if it emulates cannabis regulations in Netherlands and Canada, may produce demand for as much as 8,000 kg of product. Australia approved medical cannabis in 2016 and is working towards liberalising this space further.CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, has had a surge in popularity. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the chemical compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects, CBD has been shown to help patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy - without having the harmful effects.The patent was registered in the USA and filed for a global coverage, as US Filing No: 16/694,197 (the patent may be viewed on the Holista website). Holista has instructed its patenting firm to secure all global strategic markets world-wide.With the patent filing completed, Holista has commenced negotiations with companies involved in CBD processing in North America and expect these negotiations to complete in 2020, leveraging the expertise and network of Dr Moore Jr.The commercial model will seek to charge an industry-standard formulation fee for non-exclusive access and then a quarterly licensing fee and royalty based on wholesale pricing of the licensee product.[1] FDA - Food and Drug Administration, USA[2] For more information on the Brightfield Group, refer to[3] Details of the study can be found at  Cognovi Labs Brings Consumer Insights to the Financial Sector 2019-12-05T14:59:26Z cognovi-labs-brings-consumer-insights-to-the-financial-sector Columbus, OH & New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE, Dec 5, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Cognovi Labs, a market leader in Emotion Artificial Intelligence, today announced that its alternative data set is now available through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. With Cognovi Labs' award-winning alternative data, investors now have access to daily insights for a large universe of US-traded consumer stocks. Clients can now test the data and integrate it into their own proprietary investment process."This is a completely new source of investment insights," explains Beni Gradwohl, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognovi Labs. "By combining machine learning and behavioral psychology, we are able to go two steps beyond common sentiment analysis tools and dive into the decision making process and intent, thereby providing a new set of insights into company fundamentals."Launched in September 2018, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is a web-based access point that allows Bloomberg Data License clients to discover and acquire reference, pricing, regulatory, historical and now alternative datasets. Clients can browse high quality data online, examine the metadata, sample datasets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within their organization.Besides providing this rich new dataset through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, Cognovi Labs also offers its Event Impact App on Bloomberg's App Portal for Terminal subscribers. The app indicates in real time whether a corporate event could affect future sales.About Cognovi LabsCognovi Labs' innovative Emotion AI combines machine learning with behavioral psychology to quantify how people make decisions and how it affects the outcome, from corporate sales to political events. Clients range from investment management firms to large corporations.Cognovi Labs underlying technology was originally developed at the Kno.e.sis Center at WSU in Dayton, Ohio, a globally recognized research center in semantic processing and AI.Media Contact: Colin Butler, Cognovi Labs, +1-760-390-8964, colin@cognovilabs.comRelated link:, info@cognovilabs.comSOURCE: Cognovi Labs Cognovi Labs Launches Event Impact App on Bloomberg's App Portal 2019-11-26T13:37:49Z cognovi-labs-launches-event-impact-app-on-bloomberg-s-app-portal New Cognovi App brings consumer insights to the financial sector COLUMBUS, OH and NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE, Nov 26, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Cognovi Labs, a market leader in Emotion Artificial Intelligence, and Bloomberg announced today the launch of a new Event Impact App on the Bloomberg App Portal. The app gives Bloomberg subscribers a tool to estimate, in real-time, if a corporate event could affect consumer purchasing intent and future sales."As an investor, you cannot avoid the unexpected, but you can be informed when it happens. Having insight into the importance of a company-specific event, days - if not weeks - before other information becomes available, allows our clients to make better business decisions in real time," explained Beni Gradwohl, Cognovi Labs' Co-founder and CEO.Mike King, Bloomberg App Portal Global Business Manager, said, "Cognovi Labs' Event Impact App is a strong example of how data science technologies can complement existing Bloomberg functionality. This app helps demonstrate our drive to be the leading Capital Markets FinTech destination."The Cognovi Labs Event Impact App is available on the Bloomberg App Portal to Bloomberg subscribers {APPS COGNOVI}. The Bloomberg App Portal gives Bloomberg subscribers instantaneous access to a diverse library of financial tools provided both by Bloomberg and software developers from around the world. Bloomberg reviews and selects applications for its portal based on a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg's existing feature set and financial information resources.About Cognovi LabsCognovi Labs' award-winning Emotion AI combines machine learning with behavioral psychology to quantify how people make decisions and how it affects the outcome, from corporate sales to political events. Clients range from investment management firms to large corporations.Cognovi Labs underlying technology was originally developed at the Kno.e.sis Center at WSU in Dayton, Ohio, a globally recognized research center in semantic processing and AI. The company is a graduate of Ikove's Startup Nursery in Columbus, Ohio.About BloombergBloomberg, the global business and financial information and news leader, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. The company's strength - delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology, quickly and accurately - is at the core of the Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg's enterprise solutions build on the company's core strength: leveraging technology to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage data and information across organizations more efficiently and effectively. For more information about Bloomberg please visit or request a demo.BLOOMBERG, BLOOMBERG TERMINAL and BLOOMBERG APP PORTAL are trademarks and service marks of Bloomberg Finance L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.Media Contacts:Colin Butler, Cognovi Labs, +1-760-390-8964, colin@cognovilabs.comJohn Perilli, Prosek for Bloomberg, +1-646-818-9264, jperilli@prosek.comSOURCE: Cognovi Labs Majority of the Fortune 100 Choose Trintech to Transform Financial Processes 2019-11-07T17:12:02Z majority-of-the-fortune-100-choose-trintech-to-transform-financial-processes-1 Bank of America, Honeywell International, Kroger, Microsoft, Target, Valero, and Walgreens Among Trintech's Enterprise Customer Base DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE, Nov 8, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Trintech, a leading global provider of integrated Record to Report software solutions for the office of finance, announced today that the majority of the Fortune 100 companies, including 7 of the Fortune 10, have partnered with Trintech to achieve world-class financial operations and insights. "Trintech has been a leading solution provider for large enterprises for over 30 years," says Teresa Mackintosh, CEO at Trintech. "As any organization serving large enterprises knows, this segment is the most difficult to satisfy with complexities in scale, performance, security, and diversity, with additional regulatory and geographic requirements. We call it "Enterprise Grade Financial Accounting software" and our Cadency solution has it at its core." Cadency is the only System of Financial Controls(TM) that combines all financial close activities into a single, seamless process, including operational matching, intercompany transaction management, balance sheet reconciliations, journal entry management, close task management, compliance, and disclosure management. Complex, large, multinational Fortune 100 companies demand a seamless, integrated, and configurable solution, with end-to-end encryption, for high transaction volumes in a multi-user environment, supporting 100+ ERP instances, such as SAP(R), Oracle(R) and NetSuite(R). Cadency is the only solution that can meet these needs. A sample of Fortune 100 companies that have partnered with Trintech to transform their financial processes include Albertsons, Anthem, Bank of America, Capital One, Enterprise Products, Honeywell International, Kroger, Microsoft, Target, Valero, and Walgreens. "We handle complex environments that are inevitable in organizations of this scale," continues Mackintosh. "Even as companies plan to simplify their ERP environments, it is critical to invest in a solution that was built with this complexity in mind and can provide financial controls that span the ecosystem. More and more companies are realizing that it takes more than a reseller agreement to meet the comprehensive financial close needs of large enterprises." Trintech has built and invested in the most comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions to meet the needs of any organization, from start-up to large enterprise. Trintech's two flagship products, Adra and Cadency, are powerful and easy to use, with capabilities to manage, automate and optimize the financial close process. These solutions give organizations the world-class insights needed to improve operations and drive strategic decisions. About Trintech Trintech Inc., a pioneer of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software, combines unmatched technical and financial expertise to create innovative, cloud-based software solutions that deliver world-class financial operations and insights. From high volume transaction matching and streamlining daily operational reconciliations, to automating and managing balance sheet reconciliations, intercompany accounting, journal entries, disclosure and fiduciary reporting and bank fee analysis, to governance, risk and compliance - Trintech's portfolio of financial solutions, including Cadency(R) Platform, Adra(R) Suite, and targeted tools, ReconNET(TM), T-Recs(R), and UPCS(R), help manage all aspects of the financial close process. Over 3,500 clients worldwide - including the majority of the Fortune 100 - rely on the company's cloud-based software to continuously improve the efficiency, reliability, and strategic insights of their financial operations. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Trintech has offices located across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the Nordics, as well as strategic partners in South Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. To learn more about Trintech, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Media Contact: Kelli Shoevlin +1-972-739-1680 SOURCE: Trintech, Inc. Protiviti and Trintech Announce Strategic Alliance to Help Global Organizations Transform Financial Processes 2019-11-04T16:15:16Z protiviti-and-trintech-announce-strategic-alliance-to-help-global-organizations-transform-financial-processes DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE, Nov 5, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Trintech, a leading global provider of integrated Record to Report software solutions for the office of finance, and Protiviti, a global consulting firm, today announced a strategic alliance to deliver finance solutions that empower finance & accounting (F&A) teams to deliver real-time financial intelligence to executives and add strategic value to the enterprise. "Our strategic alliance with Trintech supports our holistic view around aligning people, process and technology to help reduce the cost and risk for finance and accounting teams, while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the financial reporting cycle," said Chris Wright, managing director and global leader of the Business Performance Improvement practice at Protiviti. With this strategic alliance, Trintech and Protiviti can provide F&A teams with effective finance processes and technology solutions that optimize efficiencies, visibility, governance and control across the entire Record to Report process. By improving and automating finance operations, Trintech and Protiviti help CFO organizations reduce costs and risk and allow them to free up valuable resources to refocus their time and effort on other initiatives critical to the business. "We are confident that organizations committed to digitally enabling their financial processes will benefit immensely from the strategic combination of Trintech's financial solutions portfolio and Protiviti's expertise in helping businesses simplify and automate their processes," says Russ Hubbard, Chief Revenue Officer at Trintech. "Together, we aim to help leading enterprises not only navigate the challenges associated with the financial close process, but to also accelerate their financial transformation journey so they capture the full value of being simple, agile and efficient as early as possible." For more information, register to our one-hour webinar on November 12th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. CST where Protiviti's finance transformation experts Ken Thomas, Neil Koenck and Kathie Topel will walk through the methodology of transforming the Record to Report process to create an intelligent workplace that truly changes the way people work. Attendees will also hear from Syril Mathai about how Trintech's solutions can enable process improvement through automation and provide actionable data intelligence as the process is executed. About Protiviti Protiviti ( is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Through its network of more than 85 offices in over 25 countries, Protiviti and its independently owned Member Firms provide clients with consulting solutions in finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, governance, risk and internal audit. Named to the 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For(R) list, Protiviti has served more than 60 percent of Fortune 1000(R) and 35 percent of Fortune Global 500(R) companies. The firm also works with smaller, growing companies, including those looking to go public, as well as with government agencies. Protiviti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Half (NYSE: RHI). Founded in 1948, Robert Half is a member of the S&P 500 index. About Trintech Trintech Inc., a pioneer of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software, combines unmatched technical and financial expertise to create innovative, cloud-based software solutions that deliver world-class financial operations and insights. From high volume transaction matching and streamlining daily operational reconciliations, to automating and managing balance sheet reconciliations, intercompany accounting, journal entries, disclosure and fiduciary reporting and bank fee analysis, to governance, risk and compliance - Trintech's portfolio of financial solutions, including Cadency(R) Platform, Adra(R) Suite, and targeted tools, ReconNET(TM), T-Recs(R), and UPCS(R), help manage all aspects of the financial close process. Over 3,500 clients worldwide - including the majority of the Fortune 100 - rely on the company's cloud-based software to continuously improve the efficiency, reliability, and strategic insights of their financial operations. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Trintech has offices located across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the Nordics, as well as strategic partners in South Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. To learn more about Trintech, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Media Contacts:Kelli Shoevlin/ Kathy Keller/ SOURCE: Trintech  MackeyRMS Adds Integration with Symphony, Slack and Microsoft Teams 2019-10-30T16:24:05Z mackeyrms-adds-integration-with-symphony-slack-and-microsoft-teams-1   BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE, Oct 30, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - MackeyRMS, the leading provider of next-generation research management software, today announced integrations with messaging applications Symphony, Slack and Microsoft Teams. The new integrations enable the seamless capture, sharing and audit of chat collaborations among investment teams about securities and funds within their portfolios.Symphony, Slack and Microsoft Teams have seen rapid adoption in recent years within the financial services industry, and particularly within asset management firms seeking to modernize and streamline the way investment teams collaborate and communicate. Integration with MackeyRMS, a pioneer in modern, mobile-first financial technology, will facilitate a more structured, fully auditable framework for investment process communications.These integrations add to the more than 50 financial applications that already seamlessly integrate with MackeyRMS, an investment research management platform unrivaled in its ability to work with users' existing devices, applications and workflows to aggregate and organize both external and proprietary research content."We were founded on the core belief that outdated financial technologies had created fundamental flaws in the way investment teams manage and share insights and intelligence about their investment portfolios," said Chris Mackey, founder and CEO of MackeyRMS. "To address that problem, we engineered a platform that mirrors the way teams work today and has the built-in flexibility to adapt when new technologies and workflow preferences emerge. These latest integrations are a part of that continued mission."About MackeyRMSMackeyRMS is the leading SaaS-delivered research management software engineered for the modern investment management firm. Founded in 2011 as the first next-generation RMS, the firm quickly became the dominant provider in the market. Early adopters of the technology were long-short equity hedge fund investment teams seeking a flexible platform to support custom investment process workflows. Today, the world's leading asset managers, multi-managers and institutional allocators use MackeyRMS to manage their investment process, engender trust from investors and boards, and streamline their regulatory and compliance procedures. MackeyRMS serves nearly 100 clients in more than 30 countries representing more than $2.5 trillion in AUM. For more information, please visit: Contact:Adam GerberCaliber Corporate Advisersadam@calibercorporateadviers.comT: 1.917.985.6630 ext.09SOURCE: Caliber Corporate Advisers Orbital Micro Systems Captures High Resolution Passive Microwave Temperature Soundings of Typhoon Hagibis 2019-10-11T03:44:32Z orbital-micro-systems-captures-high-resolution-passive-microwave-temperature-soundings-of-typhoon-hagibis Boulder, Colorado, Oct 11, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - via NEWMEDIAWIRE - Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), a leader in advanced instrumentation for small satellite missions, and analysis-ready earth data intelligence platforms, has released images of Typhoon Hagibis from its IOD-1 GEMS satellite. Typhoon Hagibis imagery at 118 GHz, revealing important data about internal storm structure. Typhoon Hagibis has strengthened dramatically in recent days, representing the greatest intensification of a Western Pacific storm since Typhoon Yates in 1996. OMS captured observations of the storm October 8, 2019 at 12:36 a.m. UTC, shortly after the typhoon intensified from a 60-mph tropical storm to a 150-mph super typhoon in 18 hours. The data shows the beginning of the eyewall replacement cycle, a process that occurs with particularly strong storms. During this scan, a core of warmer air - depicted as darker red colors on the right side of the storm - is being drawn into the center of the storm. This warmer air represents a temporary weakening of the storm as a prelude to the development of a new eyewall and further strengthening."The GEMS 118 GHz, 8 channel microwave radiometer has delivered exceptional spatial resolution and sensitivity in providing imagery and sounding data from Typhoon Hagibis competitive with multi-billion-dollar government programs performing similar measurements," said Michael Hurowitz, chief technology officer for OMS. "These images validate the capability of OMS' remote sensing technology and have demonstrated the highest spatial resolution of any passive microwave temperature sounder flown in space on an operational mission."The raw data downlinked from the satellite was processed at OMS's International Centre for Earth Data (ICED) located in Edinburgh, Scotland."Observed data from this satellite can be combined with information from government-owned systems to improve the accuracy of storm forecasts," said Hurowitz. "We are working with other providers and partners to provide enhanced weather information that improves safety margins for people and businesses facing severe weather events."For more information about Orbital Micro Systems and the International Center for Earth Data, please visit Orbital Micro SystemsOrbital Micro Systems (OMS) specializes in the development and delivery of technology and data for space applications. With broad expertise in applied science, weather science and earth observation, instrumentation development, data science, space operations, and program delivery, OMS is positioned to deliver innovation to many areas of the aerospace sector. For more information about OMS, please visit StaffordParallel Communications, New study highlights how the fragrance industry adds socio-economic value in Asia and globally 2019-10-08T14:02:10Z new-study-highlights-how-the-fragrance-industry-adds-socio-economic-value-in-asia-and-globally    SINGAPORE, Oct 8, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Fragrance boosts the value of consumer goods such as perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products by up to ten times, according to a new report.'The Value of Fragrance' - a study conducted by professional services firm PwC on behalf of The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) - shows that the manufacturing of fragrance ingredients alone adds EUR7.2bn to the global economy and is responsible for between EUR48bn and EUR72bn in Value Added for 25 consumer product categories.In the Asia-Pacific region, the fragrance industry contributes up 42% of worldwide Value Added**, with China the single largest contributor globally* at EUR1.54bn (US$1.69bn). Singapore plays key role as an R&D and innovation hub for the fragrance industry, with direct Value Added of EUR227m (US$248m).The IFRA President, Martina Bianchini, said:"The fragrance industry may be relatively small, but it makes a big impression. This report shows how we add significant economic value to our suppliers and customers, as well as consumers, for whom fragrance is a major factor in purchasing decisions.But the report also shows our social value - supporting jobs and sustaining communities in Asia and globally. Fragrance has the power to make the difference - in every sense."One of the innovations of the report is a mapping of the global and complex 'fragrance value chain'. This chain begins with 3,000 suppliers of natural and synthetic raw materials, from smallhold farmers to chemicals companies. It continues with an innovative fragrance industry - represented globally by IFRA - that delivers ingredients for use in fine fragrance, cosmetics and personal care products, and household products and detergents.Manufacturers of these products use a wide range of retail channels to bring them to consumers, meeting people's emotional and functional needs.Rohaya Mamat, Regional Director of IFRA APAC, which is based in Singapore, said:"This report highlights the key role Singapore plays in a sophisticated global fragrance value chain. We will continue to work with stakeholders in Singapore and across the region to ensure the safe use and enjoyment of fragrance and that our industry continues to benefit our partners, our employees and consumers."The IFRA report, which covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, is based on data gathered and analyzed by PwC for the year 2017.To read the report and find out more, go to to EditorsThe full report and additional information, including country- and regional-level information as well as segmented information on downstream industries, can be found at* Excluding Canada and USA** Excludes Value Added / Employment in Africa and the US generated from supply chain spendingAbout The International Fragrance Association (IFRA)The International Fragrance Association, founded in 1973, represents the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide. IFRA comprises seven multinational companies, 21 national associations in four global regions representing hundreds of small and medium-sized fragrance ingredient manufacturers, and seven supporting members. Its mission is to promote the safe use of fragrance for everyone's enjoyment.Fragrances are a key platform technology used by consumer goods companies - for fine fragrances, personal care products, household care and more.IFRA has a dual role as an advocate and a regulator. The IFRA Code of Practice is the industry's flagship self-regulatory program and includes the IFRA Standards, which apply safety management measures based on scientific assessment and the evaluations of an independent Expert Panel. For further information, please visit ifrafragrance.orgMedia enquiriesPRecious Communications+65 6303 0567ifra@preciouscomms.comDavid O'LearyIFRA Communications Director+32 474 523 Professor Usha GOSWAMI and Sir Fazle Hasan ABED named Yidan Prize Laureates for 2019 2019-09-20T07:38:44Z professor-usha-goswami-and-sir-fazle-hasan-abed-named-yidan-prize-laureates-for-2019 HONG KONG, Sep 19, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - The Yidan Prize, the world's largest international prize in education, announces its 2019 laureates. Professor Usha GOSWAMI, Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, has been awarded the Yidan Prize for Education Research, while Sir Fazle Hasan ABED, KCMG, Founder and Chair Emeritus of Bangladesh's BRAC has been granted the Yidan Prize for Education Development in recognition and support of their ground-breaking work. Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, Founder of the Yidan Prize Professor Usha GOSWAMI Sir Fazle Hasan ABED KCMG Professor GOSWAMI's neuroscience research has made great strides in understanding brain function, which allows educators to design different teaching pedagogy, techniques and tools to help children with dyslexia and special needs to learn languages more effectively. As the Founder and Chair Emeritus of BRAC, the world's largest non-governmental organization, Sir Fazle's work of innovative Play Labs allows the poorest and the most vulnerable children to obtain high-quality and low-cost early childhood education. The two laureates will receive their awards at the Yidan Prize Awards Presentation Ceremony. Distinguished guests from around the world will witness this memorable moment at a widely anticipated international education event. This year's laureates were chosen by the Yidan Prize Judging Committee during a six-month judging process from an overwhelming number of strong candidates to the two laureates. The geographical reach of the nominated projects this year covers 129 countries or regions such as China, the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil and many others, indicating the growing significance of the Yidan Prize on the global stage. The 13 new countries on the list include Saudi Arabia, Belarus, North Macedonia, El Salvador, Gambia, Togo, Lesotho, Belize and others, representing a rich tapestry of different cultures and geographic regions. Dr. Charles CHEN Yidan, Founder of the Yidan Prize, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Yidan Prize Judging Committee for their completion of the judging process in Hong Kong. He said: "I congratulate Professor Usha GOSWAMI and Sir Fazle Hasan ABED, KCMG on their outstanding achievements and commitment to improving education. Knowledge attainment is an area that transcends racial, religious, economic and national boundaries, affecting everything from human health and the environment to well-being and personal fulfillment. I hope every country and region can benefit from the results of the best research and education development work, helping to create a better world through education." Dr. CHEN added, "I believe, in the future, education will continue to evolve - alongside with technological breakthrough and social change - and we will have deeper understanding on education. To me, education itself is not an end goal; it is an ongoing process to help mankind pursue long-term individual well-being and sustainable social development." Yidan Prize Judging Committee is led by Dr. Koichiro MATSUURA, former Director-General of UNESCO. Mr. Andreas SCHLEICHER, Director for the OECD's Directorate of Education and Skills, heads the panel judging the Yidan Prize for Education Research, while Ms. Dorothy K. GORDON, Chair of UNESCO IFAP, leads the panel judging the Yidan Prize for Education Development. Dr. MATSUURA, Chairman of Yidan Prize Judging Committee commented: "This is the third year the Yidan Prize has been awarded and we are pleased with the result. Our Committee is delighted to see that the laureates' inspiring projects are helping transform education in different communities, improving learning in a meaningful and sustainable manner." Professor Usha GOSWAMI, Laureate of Yidan Prize for Education Research, is a world-leading researcher in the fields of literacy, neuroscience and education. She is Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of St John's College Cambridge. Her research has identified the importance of children's awareness of linguistic rhythm patterns for their reading acquisition, and has also revealed the brain basis of rhythm perception, showing how this neural process is impaired in developmental dyslexia. In 1972, Sir Fazle Hasan ABED, KCMG, Laureate of Yidan Prize for Education Development, founded BRAC, an international organization with a focus on empowering the poor, especially women and girls, to achieve their full potential through education. Since then, BRAC has grown to be one of the most effective development organizations in the world, working each year with over 100 million people globally. Agility PR Solutions Brings Top-Rated User Experience to Reimagined Media Monitoring Software 2019-09-16T09:44:53Z agility-pr-solutions-brings-top-rated-user-experience-to-reimagined-media-monitoring-software OTTAWA, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE, Sept 16, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Agility PR Solutions, a subsidiary of Innodata Inc. (NASDAQ:INOD), announced today the launch of their reimagined media monitoring software that incorporates an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, simplified but powerful search functionalities, and sleek, real-time executive reporting abilities. "We understand how hard it can be to stay on top of brand and competitor mentions, especially if your monitoring solution fills your inbox with irrelevant results," says Martin Lyster, CEO of Agility PR Solutions. "That's why we've put an intuitive user experience at the core of Agility Monitoring, putting powerful search and reporting capabilities in the hands of our clients so they can efficiently find the coverage that matters and easily pull together insightful briefings and custom reports to share their results."While media monitoring has long been a staple of Agility PR Solutions' tools and services, major upgrades have been made to their monitoring module to deliver the same intuitive user experience that earned their media database top honours this year on G2 Crowd, one of the world's leading business solutions review websites.Notable features of Agility Monitoring now include:- Intuitive Workflow: Behind the scenes workflow improvements puts all the essentials for an effective media monitoring search front-and-centre. With intuitive navigation and a streamlined process, you can focus on your monitoring results and waste no time getting set up.- Powerful Search: The power of a trained media analyst right at your fingertips. The upgraded search feature allows users to conduct an advanced-level search without in-depth knowledge of Boolean logic and uses artificial intelligence technology to provide suggestions for search phrases or keywords to produce highly relevant search results.- Sleek and Simple Sharing: Easily share your monitoring results using curated or automatic briefings, or dive deeper with executive reports that can be put together in a snap from a library of beautiful charts, using real-time data. Quickly download individual charts for use in presentations or create an in-depth campaign or quarterly report to share with stakeholders.To learn more about Agility Monitoring, visit Agility PR SolutionsAgility PR Solutions, a subsidiary of INNODATA INC. (NASDAQ:INOD), provides powerful yet intuitive media outreach, monitoring, and measurement solutions for tomorrow's communicators. Since 2003, clients have trusted our tools and services to help them discover and connect with media influencers, amplify messages, monitor coverage, and measure the impact of their public relations efforts. Whether we do it for you or help you do it yourself, our patented monitoring technology and team of media analysts can help you glean the insights that will help your organization flourish. Learn more at Contact:Emily Walsh, Content Marketing StrategistAgility PR Solutions+1-866-545-3745 x1183emily.walsh@agilitypr.comSOURCE: Innodata Aomaijia's e-platform transforming how Australasian brands connect with and support Chinese customers 2019-09-15T23:27:36Z new-sales-platform-revolutionizes-the-way-australian-businesses-connect-with-and-track-their-chinese-customers SYDNEY - (ACN Newswire) - For the first time Australian manufacturers targeting online Chinese consumers can market and sell their products directly to consumers on a dedicated overseas brands platform, cutting out agents and maintaining better control of their branding and distribution into the world's biggest market. One of China's fastest-growing e-commerce businesses, Aomaijia Group today signed agreements with five leading Australian companies; Sukin, Kids Smart, NESTLE Australia, and TASMAN UGG. They will join other Australian brands Swisse and Blackmores, which are already available across the e-commerce platform. In total, Aomaijia sells more than 100,000 product lines across 3,000 individual brands.Aomaijia (pronounced OW-MY-GEE-ARE) has developed China's most innovative integrated e-commerce platform which does not simply sell overseas made products to end users but provides an entire suite of services that deliver products from the supplier, through the supply chain, sales channels and consumer delivery.Unlike China's two best-known online retail platforms, Taobao and T-Mall, 90% percent of products on Aomaijia are international brands. This differentiates the platform as one focussed entirely on supporting the branding strategy of international manufacturers.Speaking in Sydney today at the signing of these agreements, Aomaijia Group CEO Ms. Liping Liu said, "Even though most of our sales go through digital channels we are not simply an online mall. Other online trading platforms allow overseas companies to connect very quickly with millions of Chinese consumers; but they have significant limitations."The biggest drawback is that online malls sell many products through second-hand agents who may or, in many cases, may not be appointed by product producers. They generate sales but the trade-off is a loss of control in branding, distribution and retail pricing."Aomaijia distinguishes itself by only dealing directly with manufacturers, or their appointed agencies."The Aomaijia platform was created to give suppliers, like those in Australia, control of their branding in China but also control over distribution, sales volumes and ultimately their profits." said Aomaijia CEO Ms Liu.Australian brands will not only benefit from access to China's most sophisticated retail e-commerce platform, Aomaijia can supply an entire suite of services from supply chain financing and management through to technical services and tracking end users through tailor-made CRM solutions.Aomaijia's business to consumer (B2C) sales rest on three platforms; a mobile phone app, an online retail site, and a mini sales program operated on the WeChat social media platform. It also has 14 physical stores in key locations across all of China's major first-tier cities, including: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhuhai and Wuxi. The company has an aggressive roll-out strategy with plans to open nearly 100 stores nationwide in the coming year.Aomaijia calls its retail outlets Dual-line Stores which help customers to get efficient shopping experience. Its two major advantages are that it gives consumers confidence that they are buying authentic brands; and they have the opportunity to physically sample new product lines which may not be familiar in China.One of the unique aspects of the Dual-line Store is that Aomaijia's platform allows consumers to track individual products right across the supply chain from entry into China to point-of-sale. This gives Chinese consumers absolute confidence that they are purchasing genuine products through proper channels.Established in 2015 in Guangdong (China's richest province by GDP) the company launched its online platform the following year. In first half year of 2019 the company's total customer base grew more than 200% and it now has more than 30 million registered users across its three digital platforms. TransCanna Signs Binding Agreement with Lyfted Farms Inc. 2019-09-15T22:54:38Z transcanna-signs-binding-agreement-with-lyfted-farms-inc TransCanna Holdings Inc. (CSE: TCAN; FSE: TH8) ("TransCanna") is pleased to announce it has signed a binding agreement to acquire all the outstanding shares of Lyfted Farms Inc., which updates the terms of the previously announced non-binding letter of intent.Lyfted Farms brings over 2 decades of cultivation experience to the company and currently holds a Distribution License, Nursery License, and a Cultivation License at both the State and Local levels. Lyfted Farms has long been a recognized leader in complying with statewide regulations, the company was issued the 9th Cultivation License in the State of California."With this acquisition we are not only securing a high-quality brand but fulfilling a need in sourcing and stabilizing our upper supply chain which we see as a serious requirement in the California Cannabis marketplace" stated Steve Giblin, TransCanna President & CEO. "This acquisition represents a significant talent acquisition for the company moving forward.The purchase price for the acquisition will be $6,300,000 USD comprised of $5,550,000 USD in cash and the issuance of 1,000,000 TransCanna Common Shares. $150,000 USD has already been advanced as a deposit and the remaining cash portion of the purchase price will be payable as to $400,000 USD on closing and the issuance by TransCanna of a non-interest bearing promissory note in favour of the vendors in the amount of $5,000,000 USD."This acquisition, once completed, allows our team to commit to the growth of the TransCanna business model. We see and believe in the vision of quality brands produced and distributed on scale and we can help with that execution" Commented Bob Blink, CEO and Founder of Lyfted Farms.Under the TransCanna umbrella, Lyfted Farms is expanding their nursery and production capacity for a cost of $695,000 USD of which $105,000 USD has already been advanced. Completion of the expansion is expected within the next 90 days. This will pave the way for new staff to be onboarded and trained while the company looks to complete the process of licensing and building out the 196,000 square foot Daly facility.Lyfted Farms is an award-winning trusted brand and has developed a very loyal following amongst cannabis consumers. As a leading brand, Lyfted Farms is continuously innovating, developing new strains and products and delivering them to the end consumer. Lyfted Farms and their products set and influence trends instead of following them. Shareholders or interested parties can follow the brand development on Instagram @lyftedfarms.About TransCanna Holdings Inc.TransCanna Holdings Inc. is a Canadian based company providing branding, transportation and distribution services, through its wholly-owned California subsidiaries, to a range of industries including the cannabis marketplace.For further information, please visit the Company's website at or email the Company at