The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-11-15T04:13:57Z DUCON TRIUMPHS AT HIA CSR VICTORIAN HOUSING AWARDS 2013 2013-11-15T04:13:57Z ducon-triumphs-at-hia-csr-victorian-housing-awards DUCON WINS HOME OF THE YEARDucon has been awarded one of the housing industry’s highest recognitions, the HIA-CSR Victorian Home of the Year for the new residence at Cosham Street, Brighton. Project Profile.Ducon was awarded the accolade at the HIA-CSR Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards at Crown Towers on Friday 8thNovember 2013 before a crowd of hundreds of industry leaders and peers.As well as taking out the top honour for: Victorian Home of the Year  Ducon was also awarded:Winner - Custom Built Home over $2 Million Victorian Custom Built Home of the YearWe will go on to compete against other Custom Built Homes from around the country at the 2014 HIA Australian Housing Awards, to be held in Queensland in May.A bold venture between Ducon, Peddle Thorp Architects, and the Client has resulted in a striking example of how a dwelling expresses an original design and quality structure.This unique residence combines simple forms and pure geometry to ensure a crisp built form which is well-proportioned in volume. The interplay of solid and void spaces in both horizontal and vertical dimensions creates a rich and interesting series of experiences as you move from the street through the home.‘The pedestrian entrance strikes straight to the heart of the home, where spaces flow vertically and horizontally, offering a sense of freedom.A confidence in the home’s spirit extends to the selection and application of building materials,’ the judges commented. ‘Wall surfaces glisten super smooth, both inside and out, polished vertical timber lining boards articulate zones and large pavers complete the floor,’ they added. ‘This elegant, relaxing and flexible family home takes a form of interconnecting boxes, some double volume whilst others single.The individual tradesmanship was truly exceptional, particularly at the junction of various materials which combined seamlessly – different types of concrete were not clearly evident.’ ‘The design is highly functional with the creation of six discrete zones making it effortless to move from space to space. The home sits comfortably amongst an eclectic range of architectural styles from different times in this Bayside suburb of Melbourne.’Ducon will go on to compete against other Custom Built Homes from around the country at the 2014 HIA Australian Housing Awards, to be held in Queensland in May.Project ProfileHIA CSR media releaseHouse Local Profile “Cubby Life” sets new record in the Kids Cubby Challenge 2012-04-02T10:22:21Z cubby-life-sets-new-record-in-the-kids-cubby-challenge “Cubby Life” sets new record in the Kids Cubby Challenge Media Release 2 April 2012 “Cubby Life”, the cubby designed by Six Degrees Architects and built by Ducon has taken the Kids Under Cover Cubby Challenge to new fundraising heights. “Cubby Life” raised $12,500 for the charity, setting a new record for this event. Managing Director Peter Mason was extremely delighted with the result, commenting that it was fantastic to see the public voting with their cheque book. “It was a real collaborative effort for a great cause. We were delighted to be able to support the Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge as it allowed Ducon and 6 Degrees to use our skills to service kids in need. We wanted to create a design with 6 Degrees that encouraged kids to use their imaginations while also using a sustainable design. We also want to thank our great suppliers that helped make this cubby possible” Ducon is proud to be part of the challenge; which raised over $55,000 for at risk youth. The innovation and design of each of the 5 cubbies showed what a world class event the Cubby Challenge is and Peter hopes that it will encourage more leading architects and builders from across Australia to take part next year. “Cubby Life” was recognized for its sustainability, receiving the “Eco Friendly” award for its use of the self-watering living garden wall and recycled materials. The cubby was purchased at the live auction by a family in Northcote, and will provide a wonderful sanctuary for years to come. The Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge brings together award winning architects and builders to design, build and decorate highly creative and unique children's cubbies for public viewing and subsequent raffle and auction at the Melbourne International Flower Show each year. Ducon has teamed with architects Six Degrees to design Kids House for Charity 2012-02-13T03:37:18Z ducon-has-teamed-with-architects-six-degrees-to-design-kids-house-for-charity A cubby house is much more than place for pint-sized people to play. It creates an imaginative space where kids can dream, learn, invent, create and grow. In short, it is life sustaining; it connects kids to the real and imaginative worlds that foster life. It is on this foundation that ‘Cubby Life’ is built. Cubby Life is a sanctuary that kids can retreat to – a place of their own, where the screen-mediated world is unplugged and where they can embrace their dreams and their friendships. Its innovative, sustainable design encourages kids to commune with nature, to interact with the space and to let their imaginations run free. Botanical walls and a planter fed by rainwater-runoff create tactile, scented surfaces that connect kids with nature and with the need to sustain these living elements. Recycled timbers and products introduce changing colour and texture, and suggest expanded lifecycles – materials creatively reused rather than expended and turfed out after first use. Plywood guarantees functionality and robustness for long life, essential to the play of children. Pigeon holes and under-seat storage form appealing hideaways, spaces for secreting much-loved toys, diaries, notes, books, found objects and the like. They allow kids to manage their space and their favourite things, revealing them only as they please. The daybed offers a soft surface on which to play, converse or nap. And while Cubby Life is an enclosed sanctuary, it also unfolds. A wall draws back to let nature and light flood in and to let the garden bridge the space between the cubby and the home. Cubby Life is the domain of its small inhabitants. Ducon took up the Cubby Challenge with Six Degrees, combining their considerable construction and design skills to create a cubby house that would actively engage kids. ‘When the Cubby Challenge came up,’ says Ducon director Peter Mason, ‘I was excited at the prospect of building something specifically for kids, which would connect them with nature, disconnect them from screen-time and would help develop their resourcefulness and independence. I was especially happy to be part of a Kids Under Cover project, helping raise funds to address the very real problem of at-risk and homeless youth in the community.’ Ducon works closely with architects and the clients, using a ‘common interest’ approach in which each is a valued partner in the delivery of exceptional results. Like Ducon, Six Degrees has a people-oriented philosophy, so a collaboration that enriches the experience of childhood is a perfect endeavour, with designer and builder bringing their specific skills and common interest to the service of kids. Donate here to this great cause.Help us to make a difference bydonatingonlineor by bidding on our cubby house at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show live auction,Sunday April 1st at 3pm. Profile of a Victorian Builder 2010-11-02T23:09:35Z profile-of-a-victorian-builder-3 Peter Mason has always had a passion for building things. Maybe it’s in his blood, (his dad and granddad were very successful in the building industry), or maybe, it’d because as a kid he just could see how things went together like a jigsaw in his head. What might have been disguised as a passion for construction actually turned out to be a passion for creating the best team of people in the building industry.Peter started Ducon in 2003 with business partner Roger Gribble after leaving Kane Constructions where they both worked for a number of years. What Peter describes beginning “like two kids playing in the sandpit”, today is a company of over 50 staff with a turn-over in excess of $30 million.In those first few years Peter was on the “tools”, running the jobs and Roger was in the office. They were flat-out just servicing the work. From small beginnings, they built their office in Clayton and quickly put on staff. Peter then found his talent for building and managing a team. The staff quickly grew, as did the projects, including retail giants like Nando’s and Kathmandu, several private developers and institutions. These two builders had to grow themselves fast. They transitioned from being the experts on the tools to managing the demands of running a multi-million dollar business, with a great team and a distinctive culture.Tell us about Ducon:“Every day we work with architects and owners to make building easy. We are building a reputation for caring and communicating that has given us repeat work with many clients. We have built the Ducon culture on some core values that we feel set us apart from other building companies.” Peter says. “It is our job to make building easier. In a serviced based industry it is all about how we make the process as simple and easy for the people involved. We do this by living our values. Our team is awesome. Everyone says we are great to deal with and that is something I am really proud of.” Where is Ducon going? Can you paint us the future picture?“The future for Ducon is really exciting. We have plans to increase our exposure in the Victorian market and are always looking at ways we can work better with architects in the building process. We already operate in commercial, residential, retail and maintenance markets and have some great projects lined up for 2011. We are further refining our offering so we can cater for specific targeted building projects. We want people to think building, think Ducon.”What has been your most outstanding business achievement?“We have won numerous awards and to me that is a great public affirmation of our success but the real achievement is building a company that I am proud of. We are set on a course to build a brand that our customers and employees love.”What are your top building tips?1. Unless you’re after a good dinner party story, (the one about the unreliable shonky horror building experience), DON'T choose the cheapest! We all buy from the same shops and have the same pool of contractors, so the only way to be cheap is to cut corners. 2. When choosing your builder remember, building is not an exact science. Building is bringing together of many different elements in sometimes trying conditions. At times things don’t go as planned. Choose the builder who you trust can resolve the issues quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 3. Remember the three keys to an all-round successful project. Time, cost and quality! You can’t build a quality job on time at no cost or a low cost high quality job with little time. 4. Be part of the project, not in the way of the project. Have regular site meeting with your builder and ask questions. Do your homework. Be ready to answer questions and make decisions. Your builder should prompt you about things that need to be answered ahead of time so both parties can have things in place for every stage. This allows for a much smoother project. What can't you live without?My two girls, my wife and my sailing and fishing (not necessarily in that order!)Peter MasonCEODucon55 Whiteside RoadClayton South VIC 3169Tel 039558 8411 fax 03 9558 8422email with Peter at Linkedin Services: Construction company building high end residential, retail, commercial and maintenance projects Awards:2009 HIA CSR Victorian Housing Award Winner Winner Best Custom Home over $1 Million, Winner Best Small Commercial Project, Winner OHS Trainer of the Year Runner up Best Townhouse/Villa Development DUCON CONGRATULATES ARCHITECT ON AWARD WINNING DESIGN 2010-07-15T09:11:08Z ducon-congratulates-architect-on-award-winning-design Ducon would like to congratulate Architect Justin Mallia on winning the Multiple Housing Architecture Award in the 2010 Victorian Architect Awards. This project was also successful at the HIA Awards in 2009. The project 1 Yan Lane and 3 Yan Lane Richmond is a credit to Justin and his team and Ducon is proud to have been the builder. Ducon CEO Peter Mason, “ It is a real pleasure to be part of a team, especially when you are building something you know is going to be special. Our job was to just make the whole process easier for everyone involved. We couldn’t be happier for Justin and the team.” Project particulars: Date of construction completion: June 2008 Cost at completion of construction: $650,000 Gross floor area: 360m2 Cost per square metre: $1,800/m2 Project team: Design architect: Justin Mallia Project architect: Justin Mallia Building surveyor: BSGM Pty Ltd Mechanical & electrical consultant: Thomas Consulting Group Pty Ltd Hydraulic consultant: David Fairbairn Consulting Engineer Structural consultant: Perrett Simpson Land Surveyor: Barge and Miller Surveys Photographer: Emma Cross and Paul Cadenhead (middle picture) Photographer: Paul Cadenhead Builder: Ducon Pty Ltd LOCAL BUILDER WINS NATIONAL AWARD 2010-02-04T02:33:53Z local-builder-wins-national-award Ducon was recently announced winner of the HIA 2009 winner for the Best Custom Home over $1 million in the construction industry. In addition to this award, local builder Ducon won in the category Best small commercial project for the Cranbourne golf club and was the runner-up for Best Town House for a project in Richmond. Winners were chosen from 133 businesses across Victoria by a judging committee, with the HIA-CSR Housing Awards representing the pinnacle of achievement in Australia’s residential building industry. This award follows a recent string of HIA Victorian Housing awards for Ducon over the last few years in several categories, including Victorian Host trainer of the Year and OH&S Trainer of the year. CEO of Ducon, Peter Mason, said, “We were delighted to win these HIA Awards. Being recognised by the Housing Industry of Australia is the highest recognition you can receive as a builder and this fantastic result makes me proud of the company’s achievements and great team work. 2010 looks set to be another great year for Ducon as we look forward to new projects and many new awards of course!” Ducon is medium sized construction company, based in Clayton and offers construction services in including high-end residential, commercial, retail fitout and maintenance.