The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-04-22T06:54:20Z 4 ordinary folk strive for the impossible 2010-04-22T06:54:20Z 4-ordinary-folk-strive-for-the-impossible A bunch of ordinary middle-aged Aussies are going to undertake a challenge never previously attempted – let alone achieved.They will run a marathon a day for 15 consecutive days across the centre of Australia – in temperatures up to the high 40s.What would possess an average guy – in his 50s - to take on a seemingly impossible challenge; battling against at least 130 sand dunes a day, running across clay and salt pans, through spinifex and scrub?For Glenn Dobson it’s his mum.“We’re called The Impossibles because people seem to think that a bunch of pudgy old folk won’t be able to do it”, says Dobson “But I reckon it takes more strength and determination to face breast cancer than it does to take on one desert”.Glenn has joined The Impossibles in memory of his mum, in honour of his wife and daughters, and to support all the women who are facing breast cancer.He is not a professional athlete. He is a business management consultant who helps business owners tap into their persistence and achieve their goals.Glenn’s last big athletic endeavour was the Australian Ironman competition."Sad to say I got pipped by Tony Abbott. Beat him on the 4km swim and 180 km bike legs, but he beat me on the Marathon when my legs seized up” said Dobson“For those who wanted me to knock him off I actually very nearly did on the bike when I missed a gear on a corner!”The Impossibles will run a total distance of 640km, passing through 3 States (NT, SA, QLD) and over 1315 sand dunes in a West to East direction in just 15 days from the Geographical Centre (Lambert Centre) of Australia across the full breadth of the Simpson Desert to Birdsville in July.“It wasn’t that many years ago that the idea of curing cancer or adding decades onto the life expectancy of those diagnosed was thought to be impossible. But every year we make huge advances in treatment and survival rates. I want to do my bit to add to that”, Dobson said.The Impossibles set off from the centre of Australia on July 1. “It isn’t about raising profile. It’s about raising real money to throw at the huge challenge of finding a cure for breast cancer. And I don’t think that’s impossible”.Glenn and The Impossibles invite supporters via