The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-04-10T05:42:04Z 1835 Capital sells out of RCC Fringe 2019-04-10T05:42:04Z 1835-capital-sells-out-of-rcc-fringe Managing Director of 1835 Capital, Jason Di Iulio, announced that on 30 January, 2019, the firm sold all of its interests in, what is now known as RCC Fringe, to a consortium led by Roberto Cardone, who was also the COO of RCC Fringe. "Our work here was done, and it was time to let the creatives run with it from here," said Mr Jason Di Iulio, Managing Director 1835 Capital.  "We saw our role in RCC Fringe, given its previous history, as one of bringing strict management and financial controls in addition to the capital required to acquire the assets from the Administrators and to operate the business.  "Not only have we delivered that outcome, but we have negotiated the relocation of RCC Fringe, from Pinky Flat to The University of Adelaide, on a long term agreement.  "The past twelve months have been amazing for all involved, and it is now with the new owners to continue to build on the successes that have been delivered to date.  "What we have delivered in a very short space of time has been extraordinary and a testament to all involved." Mr Di Iulio concluded.  Effective from the sale date 1835 Capital and Mr Di Iulio will have no further involvement in RCC Fringe. Illiteracy seriously impacting us all 2018-09-06T10:33:41Z illiteracy-seriously-impacting-us-all With one in four people struggling to read today, illiteracy and low-level reading skills is often a hidden social issue in our community. Reading a medicine label, understanding a road sign or writing an email is a barrier for millions of illiterate people who are socially and economically isolated. Illiteracy impacts a person’s future education, employment, relationships and their health & wellbeing. Mr Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation says, in today’s world, children are reading less books and using more digital devices and social media. The result is we are heading towards a major train wreck and an illiteracy crisis with catastrophic social outcomes. The basic reading and writing levels of young people are falling at a rapid rate. Globally, 800 million people can’t read a single word, with a further two billion people who struggle to read a sentence. Literacy can leave people trapped in poverty marginalisation and isolation. It is estimated that the cost of illiteracy is $1.2 trillion USD each year to the global economy .   Mr Kay says, International Literacy Day is an important annual reminder that the ability to read and write, which so many of us take for granted, is not shared by millions of people. We mark this day in 2018 to highlight the broad range of benefits literacy skills can bring to breaking a poverty cycle and provide a pathway to education, employment and social cohesion. About International Literacy Day. September 8 was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO on October 26, 1966. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. About World Literacy Foundation World Literacy Foundation is a peak global not-for-profit body aimed to create greater understanding and awareness of the role of literacy in a person’s life.     Christmas is about Religious Persecution 2016-12-22T07:58:56Z christmas-is-about-religious-persecution "Our message this year is to confront the issues of religious persecution, bigotry and racism,” said Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors Australia.  "Jesus’ claims to be the Messiah, The Christ, The Son of God, were all religious statements that lead to his crucifixion for blasphemy.  "Ever since Christians have been persecuted for their faith.  “The ISIS crisis is a persecution of minorities, whether they are Christians, Yazidis, Shi-ah or Sufis.  "Jesus’ great statements this Christmas are “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those that curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you  and persecute you," Gore concluded.   FACT FILE OPEN DOORS In over 60 countries we are...  PROVIDING BIBLES AND CHRISTIAN LITERATURE Open Doors provides a wide range of biblical materials in various languages to persecuted Christians, including study bibles, children's bibles, MP3 bibles and discipleship literature.   TRAINING IN LEADERSHIP AND DISCIPLESHIP Open Doors offers training in church leadership and discipling others, in order to help believers grow in their faith and learn how to stand strong in the midst of persecution.   SUSTAINING LIVES, SUPPORTING LIVELIHOODS Open Doors practically supports victims of persecution, violence and natural disaster. We assist families, widows and orphans with literacy training, livelihood and business opportunities.   BRINGING PERSONAL ENCOURAGEMENT Open Doors brings personal encouragement to many persecuted believers in various ways, including letter writing campaigns, as well as sending travelers to meet and pray with them in their local areas.  SPEAKING OUT IN ADVOCACY Open Doors helps persecuted believers by advocating on their behalf, providing legal support, seeking positive policy changes and campaigning in Australia.   RAISING AWARENESS AND ENCOURAGING PRAYER Open Doors produces a range of resources that are available to Australian Christians, alerting them to the needs to the persecuted church and encouraging prayerful support. New report shows the high cost of illiteracy 2015-09-08T06:16:48Z new-report-shows-the-high-cost-of-illiteracy “More than one third of the world’s population struggle to read or are illiterate. For many people this means they can't read the instructions on a medicine bottle, they can't read a map, they can't read a recipe."  Speaking on International Literacy Day Tuesday September 8 2015, Mr Kay says it's a hidden statistic, a serious issue that many people don't realise exists. “A lot of people who struggle with reading are very clever at hiding it”.  ·       Hidden cost of  illiteracy in 2015  tops $1.2 Tn ·       93 per cent of employers say low levels of language, literacy and numeracy are having an impact on their business ·       Access your country’s data ·       Illiteracy has long term social impact on a person  "It's a serious issue that we as a society choose to ignore and don’t talk about. For the sake of future generations we must address it, and ask what we can do”.  Tuesday September 8 is International Literacy Day, an event declared by the United Nations to recognise the importance of reading and writing. "We're encouraging parents to read to their children for 10 minutes every day, so we can begin to turn the cycle of illiteracy around." A new report from the World Literacy Foundation shows that nearly 800 million people across the world lack the basic reading and writing skills needed to accomplish simple tasks costing the global economy more than $1.2 trillion in 2015. “The Economic and Social cost of Illiteracy” report, looks at the cost of illiteracy in emerging, developing and developed countries. The report shows that across the globe more than one in five people can’t read or write, and more than 100 million children don’t go to school each day. This means an individual may have only a simple grasp of written English and will for example, struggle to complete a form from the bank.  “We need to view illiteracy as a disease that we are aiming to eradicate. We need to understand that early intervention can avert a lifetime of hardship, poverty and pain for a child, young person or adult who is struggling to read or write,” he said. Contact:Report author and World Literacy Foundation CEO Andrew Kay   Forget the 3 R’s – New Business Coaches Embrace the 6 E’s 2013-11-21T00:27:41Z forget-the-3-r-s-new-business-coaches-embrace-the-6-e-s “Entrepreneurs are practical, goal oriented people” said Grimoldby.  “They identify an unmet need and set out to meet it.  However, all too soon they realise that they don’t own the business - the business owns them!  Their aspirations and dreams turn into disappointments, and their goals become millstones around their necks.  They find the basic education they received at school isn’t enough to run a business in the complex world of compliance, that financial literacy isn’t enough and that financial competence seems unattainable.”   Luceille Outhred, Corporate Leader of the Workright Group and GEM College of International Business is also assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams.  Our Mission “has always been to assist individuals and corporations towards achieving their highest potential” Outhred said “And to do that we move beyond the 3 R’s through the 6 E’s™.   “Through Education people experience Emancipation, they are Empowered to leave the 40 hour a week ‘working for the man’ routine, and they gain the confidence and courage to step out and experience the freedom of Entrepreneurship.  Of course, today’s technology provides flexibility through E-learning and those components all combine to enhance Economic Development, locally, regionally and nationally. That’s the 6E’s!” Outhred said.   When Grimoldby first read Michael E Gerber’s top selling business book, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It, she was running her own Sydney-based public relations consultancy.   It was the mid 1990’s.  She was immediately fascinated by the E-Myth principles, and went on to become a client of Mr Gerber’s E-Myth Worldwide, and later travelled to the United States to train  as a Certified E-Myth Consultant.   Since that time Grimoldby has helped hundreds of frustrated entrepreneurs turn their business and their lives around.  She’s assisted in getting the seemingly unattainable back within reach, to give business owners the life they always wanted.   “I’ve looked at the complexity that my SMEs are now confronted with, environmental and regulatory compliance, issues of globalisation, added to this a lot of my clients employ family members in the business, and they want the best for them,” Grimoldby said. “I’ve gathered a network of outstanding business coaches that I’ve worked with and trained over the past 15 years, and we’ve noticed the shifting needs of SME owners”.   “GEM College of International Business, and in particular, access to the GEM Online campus is exactly what our clients’ need,”  said Grimoldby. “ They can gain accredited training in Business Management, and it’s delivered via e-learning.  This provides total flexibility for the learner-entrepreneur, who can demonstrate their competence on-the-job, in their business, at the times that suit them with accredited Assessors supplied by GEM”.   Outhred added, “And GEM’s whole package is further supplemented with quality business coaching by Lesley Ann and her team.   It is undeniably a perfect example of GEM’s 6 E’s™ in operation.”   Lesley Ann is founder of Next Level Up Business Mentoring and Coaching, and writes extensively on practical business topics in her blog at She has published an e-Book:  The Top 7 Tips for Working ON your Business Not IN It (available at ), and runs Webinars including: 5 Reasons You Will Never Get Off the Tools and What You Can Do About It and 5 Ways to Stop Working ON Your Business, Increase Your Profits and Take Back Your Life   For further information go to or contact Arise Church New Zealand Enters The Music Publishing Market 2013-11-21T00:20:06Z arise-church-new-zealand-enters-the-music-publishing-market Already Arise Churches song has been downloaded by thousands in its first week and gone virally across the world.  “We are giving away for free through a website called 'pay by tweet' this will be linked to our ARISE music page music,” said Pastor John Cameron, Senior Pastor Arise Church New Zealand.  “From the early years of Arise Church, writing music that would inspire the church of New Zealand and the world had been on our hearts.  “Songs that would capture the essence of Arise Church - infectious joy, true freedom, and a desperate hunger for Jesus,” Pastor Cameron said.  The song "I'm In Love With Jesus" was written by Arise worship pastor Shehan Joseph from the thought that you can love someone, but not really be in love with them. When you are in love things are fresh and not stale, the person you love is always on your mind. People can live out a christian life through their actions, but not truly be pursuing God with their hearts. As Christians we need to not just love God, but be in love with Him! - ENDS - Tanzanian Deaf Access GEM Training 2013-08-22T22:55:55Z tanzanian-deaf-access-gem-training Robin Donkersgoed, a Dutch-Australian is founder of the EOTAS Foundation, which has been operating as a registered Non Government Organisation (NGO) in Tanzania since 1999.  EOTAS believes all children with a disability have equal rights to a quality education and that they should be able to become skilled at the trade or profession of their choice - which is very radical for a developing nation like Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries, the World Bank states 33% of Tanzanians live in poverty, the gross average annual income is $570.00; and while 94% of children are enrolled in Primary School, only around 60% are likely to reach Grade 5, after that the drop off is really rapid. Child labour is common, with the poor being exploited, and their children vulnerable to internal trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. In 2001, Directors of GEM College of International Business (Global) and the National Manager of Workright Australia travelled to Tanzania, and saw first hand the Canon Andreas Mwake Anglican School in Dodoma, as well as the residential School for the Deaf that had been established in Kigwe, near Dodoma. At that time Mr Donkersgoed shared his vision to establish a residential Vocational Training College for deaf students. In 2011, Mr Donkersgoed transferred the responsibility for the Dodoma Deaf School to the Anglican Church (DCT), and turned his attention to establishing the residential Vocational Training College for the older students. Training in construction, carpentry and mechanics has commenced, with the students demonstrating their new competencies on-the-job with the construction of the training facilities and providing repairs to local vehicles.  The young women are being trained in business administration. EOTAS has a target of 150 pupils receiving sustainable quality education, and that’s where the partnership with the GEM College of International Business comes in. Luceille Outhred, Corporate Leader of GEM College of International Business (Global) and Workright Australia said “We are delighted to be associated with Robin and the EOTAS Foundation. Having seen first hand all that he has put into providing quality education for some of the most disadvantaged people in the world, we are honoured to partner with him and with EOTAS in establishing the GEM College of International Business (Tanzanite) campus.” The extensive quality training materials of the GEM College of International Business are a significant educational resource for the GEM (Tanzanite) campus. Translation into Kiswahili using translation technology is commencing in September, and human translators will correct any nuances of language that have escaped the technology’s capabilities. Instructional designers will then complement the text with images and activities. In addition to 200 personal and professional short courses in Information Technology and Soft Skills, the GEM (Tanzanite) campus will be offering fully accredited courses in Business and Business Administration from Certificate I up to Advanced Diploma level, creating an academic and career path that has previously been inaccessible. Currently, the EOTAS Foundation relies solely on donors to sponsor students, and support its core activities. EOTAS also manages six quality residential apartments in Dodoma, from which net returns are utilised for the running of the School. In the future, it is envisaged that GEM Tanzanite campus will open enrolments to full fee paying hearing students as well, thus the GEM and EOTAS partnership will be:- ·         an education provider ·         a “social leveller” ·         an “income generator” ·         a work experience provider ·         an employment provider, and   ·         an economic development agent and EOTAS will become a self sustaining provider, and hopefully able to open other campuses in other cities to help other disadvantaged students. To learn more, visit    World’s First Solar Powered Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Launches In Australia 2013-06-12T23:21:37Z world-s-first-solar-powered-outdoor-bluetooth-speaker-launches-in-australia “This speaker was designed by a French technical team that is suitable for all outdoor weather conditions, is waterproof, dust proof and can be used in wind and rain,” said Mr Robert Allford, Managing Director, AFA Interactive. Specifications: LiFePO4 Battery High-energy LiFePO4 battery; Stronger power output brings higher quality sound; Core technology from electric vehicle battery, reliable and recognised as the most secure explosion proof battery in the world; Battery charge ≥2000 times; Battery life 10 years. 5 times battery life of average mobile phone. Solar Power Each hour of sunshine provides enough power for 1 hour of playback; The World’s leading Solar Cell – Photovoltaic Chip, Photoelectric conversion rate of 22.5%, leading the Industry Standard; Charge time: 10 hours via solar, 5 hours via USB cable Protection Outdoor all weather protection, waterproof and dust proof to IP44, can be used in wind and rain; Resistant to high and low temperatures, operational range -10° to +60°C; High grade plastics used for external construction: Anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and anti-fade. Which means your speaker will look great for years to come.    Electroacoustic Overall structural integrity provides a balanced dissemination of audio in 360°; High-efficiency Class D digital amplifier for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption; Full range speaker (2.75inch) with high sensitivity, which provides high-fidelity sound; High end ultra stable MCU controller, eradicates distortion. Bluetooth Smart connect and smart shutdown; High fidelity transmission, transfer rate 2M/s, support A2DP protocol; Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology, compatible with almost all smart devices including: Android, iOS, Windows Phone; Transmission distance up to 10 meters; Anti-interference and anti-radiatation. Design Stylish, fashionable modern design; Portable and light, dimensions 217x197x192 weighing only 1.4kg’s; Colouful LED night light, which automatically comes on in low light; One button operation-switch – adjust volume, skip track, play & pause, Bluetooth connect and disconnect. - END – Global Training at Work For International Business GEM College 2013-05-01T14:00:44Z global-training-at-work-for-international-business-gem-college Workright Australia was one of the first private accredited training providers to bring nationally recognised, competency based training to learner/workers and industry groups around Australia.  GEM College of International Business (Global) was previously known as Workright Global, and delivered training in China, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya under that brand, and formed a Joint Venture, Workright Danubius, in Eastern Europe in 2010. GEM College of International Business (Global) will take over responsibility of all off-shore training,  and is now calling for appropriate Joint Venture partners to register their interest in establishing GEM campuses throughout the Greater Asia Region and African countries.  Educational institutions, quality training providers and investors with a commitment to social entrepreneurship are invited to complete an Expression of Interest in being involved in establishing a GEM campus. GEM’s training is “pracademic” – it’s practical and it’s academic.  On-the-job assessment ensures the practical application and transference of competencies into the workplace and, the consistent application of quality educational resources, based on adult learning principles ensures that the training is “deep learning” at a sound academic standard. GEM students, and GEM campuses will deliver training from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma levels, with curriculum for three graduate qualifications currently being prepared for accreditation.  GEM students and campuses will be supported by the GEM Online Campus, which ensures a consistency of delivery, making it equitable for all learners! Luceille Outhred, Corporate Leader, of the Workright Group and GEM Global experienced the benefits of “distance learning” as it was then called, when she was studying for a Master of Distance Education in 1993 – 1994. “I had three children and was nursing a terminally ill relative, self paced distance education was the only way I could study!” Ms Outhred said.  “Online learning is personal, convenient and portable, you can do it from your smart phone, any time, anywhere!  You take the class when you feel like it, as it fits in with your timeframe and amongst your other life commitments. It’s delivered in bite-sized chunks, and … if you don’t get it at first it’s repeatable.  It’s so motivating and it’s so free from fear of failure.”  Education is the world’s largest industry. Right now there are over 1 billion people currently involved in training world wide.  Corporate training is a $200B industry, and e-learning, which was previously regarded as a “passing fad”,now represents $52.6B of corporate training investment.  What’s more corporate e-learning is predicted to grow into a massive $107Billion market by 2015. As 40% of every dollar spent on training is spent on travel costs, it makes sense for employers to deliver training in-house, and the support provided by GEM Online Campus makes that simple and cost effective. Monthly Google searches for “online university” exceed 1.8 million, and “e-learning” 2.2 million, and in response to the massive market pull in North America, 96% of universities now offer at least one online-only course. While the United States and Europe dominate the global e-learning market with more than 70% share of the revenues, Asia is set to take over the US in the next 5 years. Learning has changed.  It’s changed to meet the significant economic, technological and lifestyle changes that have occurred in the last 20 years, and Workright and GEM are adapting to those changes.; Assist Finance Launches Independent Charity & Not For Profit Review Program. 2013-05-01T00:25:14Z assist-finance-launches-independent-charity-amp-not-for-profit-review-program In light of two recent landmark class actions, Jason Di Iulio, Managing Director of Assist Finance Corporation Limited, has launched their Independent Charity and Not for Profit Review Program to keep charity and not-for-profit investments safe.   Earlier in 2012, Wingecarribee Shire, the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, won a landmark class action suit against Lehman Brothers Australia, awarding them an initial AU$9 million settlement out of an AU$21.4 million loss on investments.   It was found that Lehman Brothers were not transparent and failed to give sound financial advice to Wingecarribee Shire and other councils, thus exposing them to high-risk investments.   On November 6, 2012, another case was settled for similar reasons. This time, Central West Councils in New South Wales have been vindicated in a class action against Standard and Poors, investment bank, ABN Amro, and Local Government Financial Services.   The Federal Court found that the councils had been misled into investing in investment bonds which had initially carried a triple A rating, losing the councils a joint AU$15 million dollars.   As with councils, charities have money to invest to further the interests of their service and the people who rely on those services. They need sound, independent financial advice to guard against loss and to avoid high-risk investments.   “Charities and not-for-profits invariably tender out their investment management or outsource their investment decisions. This creates a two fold problem,” said Di Iulio.   “Firstly, independence in the investment decision process is lost as there is no independent mechanism of reviewing what is being recommended as an acceptable investment or strategy. Secondly, board members often do not have the financial skill sets to decipher what, at times, can be quite complex investment recommendations, and as a result they may be blinded by the proposed high returns.”     Graeme Kirkwood, Founder and Director of Sydney-based Global Church Solutions, a charity management consultancy, says that even smaller charities are looking to alternative investments due to a downturn in philanthropy. “These charities are choosing alternative, higher risk investments in order to maximise the shortfall experienced through giving fatigue in the philanthropic market."   “This widening of the investment base is admirable, but in the absence of pro-active and broad based, qualified advice and risk assessment, I’ve seen it lead to several cases of significant loss to these organisations,” said Kirkwood.    Such cases have raised concern for Di Iulio, inspiring the launch of the independent review program through Assist Finance.   “As an independent advisor, we can analyse investment recommendations from a wide range of asset classes and direct a charity or a not-for-profit organisation toward the safest, most secure funds while enabling the highest potential return. Independent advice allows full transparency and lowers risk, misrepresentation and dishonesty, thereby protecting valuable assets,” said Di Iulio.   “Assist has been operating as an independent service for charities, not-for-profit associations, high net worth, and family investors for over 50 years.” Top Australian Company Providing The Best Of Online Purchasing 2013-02-20T01:55:19Z top-australian-company-providing-the-best-of-online-purchasing Beat the Bomb is a New Australian company that already is breaking new ground.   “We are really excited about this new online purchasing opportunity,” said E-Commerce Manager Wade Beger.   “ In our view retailers have two options, one they can take current stock, put it online with all the initial costs of building ecommerce site and trim the pricing a bit to make it more attractive.   “Two they could source or import product that is cheaper than local and sell at below suggested retail pricing because they are buying cheaper.   “The problem with number one is that it's not much cheaper and importers will beat the pricing. But retailers have on their side the quick turn around on orders.   “The problem with number two is while it is cheap the online retailer is often overseas and so delivery is 10 days or more,” Mr. Beger said.   “Our research has shown that people want to purchase online but have been burnt by buying from overseas,” he said.   “They cant send the game back if there is a problem, there is no technical support and often orders don’t arrive, but not with “Beat The Bomb,” Beger stated.   Beat the Bomb takes the best of option one and two and give customers quick delivery as the products are in Australia plus Beat the Bomb is a cheap source with products at the best prices that are housed locally in Australia   “If you did a quick Google search you will find “Beat the Bomb” is a further 10% cheaper than any other online site.   Beger concluded “That's the Beat The Bomb advantage in a nutshell.”   Beat the Bomb is a great source for movies as there is a massive back catalogue that again is cheaper than retail.    Fact File:   •           Australian owned business, paying Australian taxes, creating Australian jobs •           Sourcing products worldwide to get the best prices •           Exciting Beat the Bomb Game…..get the best games, movies and clothing/accessories before the “Bombs” go off! •           Exclusive mailouts informing of the latest “bomb”deals •           A huge range of not just games and movies but cool clothing and accessories with brands such as Super Mario, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, DC Comics and Marvel and many more. •           Fast turn around with overnight freight available unlike purchasing from overseas websites Over 20,000 People Attended Free Carols At Docklands Event And Childrens Christmas Festival. 2012-12-24T06:13:42Z over-20-000-people-attended-free-carols-at-docklands-event-and-childrens-christmas-festival Planetshakers Church would like to thank: City of Melbourne, Medibank, Channel Seven, Docklands News and Light FM for their generous support.  “Planetshakers church, organised, hosted and financially contributed to this event as our Christmas gift to the City of Melbourne and the Docklands precinct,” said Russell Evans, Senior Pastor of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne.  “We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the event, it was amazing to be there,” he said.  Kids Carnival started at 5:30pm with face painting, rides, characters, jumping castle, fairy floss and Santa. This was followed by Christmas Carols with special guest artists Stan Walker, Evermore, hip hop group No-Limits! + 50 piece gospel choir performing.  The grand finale was a spectacular fireworks display, proudly sponsored by Medibank.  The event trended number two on Twitter in Melbourne with over 700 photos being tweeted on the evening of the 23rd of December 2012.  All ages were welcome and it was an alcohol free event. - Ends - It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas for Digislide 2012-12-23T00:31:08Z it-s-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-christmas-for-digislide Handheld projectors include the popular digishow™ and Ray® projectors, and the WeSii™, which was “born global” having won the coveted iAward from the Australian Information Industry Association while in prototype stage.  Designed as a companion projector to the Nintendo Wii™, WeSii™ will team with the WeSii™ audio system enabling the gaming anywhere.  An infrared curtain has been designed into the WeSii™ audio system, so there’s no need for the fragile Wii™ sensor bar to travel. Furthermore, the inbuilt infrared curtain has an expanded reach, allowing individual players to spread further out and use more physicality.  The great news for owners of digishow™ is that it is compatible with, and can dock into the WeSii™ audio system, which can be bought separately. The WeSii™projector and audio docking system puts a Home Theatre in Your Hand™ , as it enables the consumer to project images™ from their smart phone, DVD, digital camera or any games console with a composite video interface. The WeSii™ speakers fold out to sit flat on a table when interfacing with other products So, the great news for caravan and mobile home owners, is that they can interface WeSii™ with a set top box, and have light weight, robust, large screen TV reception or projected images anywhere they want to go!  WeSii™ really sets the Wii™ free from the TV! The popular Sii™, StingRay™ and XRay 480™ ultra portable SVGA projectors, designed to complement the Nintendo Wii™, Sony Playstation™ and Microsoft XBox™ have also arrived this month.  These projectors are built around Texas Instrument technologies, have a robust LED light source and require no warm up/cool down period.  They’re Plug and Play! and Show and Go! With a 150 lumens output for a guaranteed 30,000 hours, these projectors are absolutely ideal for gamers, families and group presentations!  With DLP technologies, and 480,000 pixel resolution all three products have PC Compatability (VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA) and Video Compatibility (NTSC, PAL, SECAM),  Auto keystone correction and a range of interfaces (vga, composite video, S video, USB, SD-Card Reader) makes presentations easy. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for all believers in Digislide! Digislide's Springs Back to Life 2012-10-11T12:35:54Z digislide-s-springs-back-to-life South Australian technology company, Digislide Holdings Limited (ASX:DGI) which was placed in Voluntary Administration just before Christmas 2011 has experienced a resurrection which began over the Easter weekend, when former CEO, Luceille Outhred, commenced negotiations with Blueknight Syndicate from Western Australia.   Ms Outhred, who was Sole Director of the company, was also part of a consortium of “friendly creditors” who were owed more than $4M, representing over 70% of the company’s debt.      The technology company’s problems began when the Australian Taxation Office withheld a large rebate which it acknowledged it owed the Company, further compounding the negative effects of a protracted 12 month audit, a massive clawback, and fines and interest levied by the ATO.  This placed the company in a vulnerable position."   “Any SME which has a reduction in working capital of about $600,000 is going to struggle to stay afloat, but this is particularly true of an early expansion stage technology company entering emerging markets in the midst of a global economic downturn" said Luceille Outhred, former CEO of Digislide Holdings. “As there were those who were threatening to take advantage of the situation, to protect the interests of all stakeholders, the Directors put the company into Voluntary Administration.”     Administrators, Messrs Michael Humphris and Stephen Dixon, of Grant Thornton, have subsequently advised that they believe the ATO acted illegally in increasing Digislide's R&D claim forcing the company to breach the anomalous 2009 Financial Year's $1M R&D threshold.  The ATO had boosted R&D costs, by reallocating general expenditures into R&D activities. This was despite rigorous denials by the company’s Management, employees and all key consultants.  This had resulted in a clawback of approximately $390,000, and by the time fines, interest and other penalties were added, there was a total adjustment of about $600,000.     As Sole Director, during the Administration period, Ms Outhred worked with the Administrators to finalise arrangements that would see Digislide’s operations continue.  Digislide’s Creditors, including its underwriter, its largest shareholder, all employees, all key contractors and all lenders unanimously approved the proposal, and on August 27, shareholders with a weighting of approximately 10:1 approved the 15 Proposals tabled.    Ms Outhred, who had resigned from directorship of ASX:DGI immediately prior to the Shareholders Meeting, remains on the Boards of two private companies that have now been issued global, exclusive licence agreements for the commercialisation of Digislide’s Intellectual Property.   Projected Investments Pty Ltd now assumes exclusive responsibility for ongoing development and commercialisation of Digislide's LED and laser projection technologies for embedding in smart phones, and AV Extraordinaire Pty Ltd has secured the exclusive global rights to the commercialisation, marketing, sales and distribution of Digislide branded consumer projection products. These two companies, together with Digislide Americas Inc and Allied Animation Technologies Pty Ltd, a former JV partner with Digislide, now comprise the new Digislide Group.   ASX:DGI has appointed a new Board, and will continue to trade under the name DGI Holdings, at its head office in Perth, Western Australia. It will continue to contribute to Intellectual Property and Marketing costs of the Digislide Group, and in turn will receive royalties from Digislide operations. Spinergy's Pipe Power Generates Interest 2012-08-27T14:23:16Z spinergy-s-pipe-power-generates-interest Isle Utilities, a UK consultancy firm specialising in water, waste, energy and carbon sectors has identified South Australian firm, Spinergy as having technologies of significant global interest to the Water industry, and introduced them to TAG the Technology Approval Group of the Water Alliance Association of Australia in Australia. “Spinergy was invited to present to Water Alliance Association’s members in Melbourne, Australia on 17th August,” said Mrs Luceille Outhred, Director, Spinergy. Isle Utilities use TAG endorsements to introduce new cleantech companies to potential industry partners and investors worldwide. Spinergy is involved in the design, development and commercialisation of small-scale power generators. The Spinergy™ technologies have domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructural applications. They provide in situ power enabling real time measurement and remote monitoring of water usage and powering other devices, which ensures a reduction in water wastage, enhances soil quality, destroys harmful bacteria and viruses, and can drive instrumentation and telemetry equipment for irrigation, or acoustic monitoring of infrastructure pipes. These "pico" and "femto" generators are, not surprisingly, the inventions of South Australian inventors, Peter Rubinshtein, Kevin Soper and Luceille Outhred - members of the R&D team that won global awards for the Digismart Miniature Projection Technologies, marketed by Digislide. The Adelaide University's Centre for Energy Technology has indicated a keen interest to work with Spinergy in the development of the Spinergy "femto" generators. Spinergy Director, Luceille Outhred said, "Spinergy technologies and products are cheaper, safer, easier to install, and more reliable and robust once in operation than any other of the alternatives. “Their simplicity of design, robustness of construction, scaleability and longevity make Spinergy™ products ideal for Total Power Management Control Systems and they do all this with a minimal carbon footprint," Mrs Outhred concluded.