The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-05-07T02:15:31Z Australia's first Managed SMS Authentication Service launched 2010-05-07T02:15:31Z australia-s-first-managed-sms-authentication-service-launched 15 cents per user per day. No other charges. Includes SMS messages. How simple can this get? Finally two factor authentication for remote access to organizations is affordable and there is no costly management of tokens. “Tokens were designed before the Internet and before everyone had a mobile phone. It is time to ditch the token and move on. We’re living in 2010 not 1996. CIOs want cost savings and they want a better user experience for their customers. This service delivers all of the criteria without the hyperbole of scope, consultation, preliminary, proof of concept, roadmaps, milestones, sponsors steering committees etc. It is just a straight to the bottom line deliverable. We can have customers up and running in less than a day.” Commented Campbell Bradford the Director of 2nd Phase The service is based on SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess product that overcomes the SMS latency issue. SecurEnvoy are the inventors of tokenless two-factor authentication and have been around since 2003. They have the world’s best SMS authentication product on the market. The product provides remote workers with ‘virtual tokens’ – passcodes sent to their mobile phones via SMS – which are entered alongside usual login details, to access networks and emails safely from different locations. Bradford also said: “For 20 years organizations have been crying out for an affordable strong authentication solution that is easy for anyone to use. SecurAccess beats anything on the market when using the selection metrics of convenience v security and cost. Australians will adopt this technology since Australia is in the top three countries of the world regarding SMS take-up rates. Australians also love practical solutions.” “Mobile working is the favoured option for employees who want more flexibility. But with this comes higher security risks, which absolutely need to be addressed,” said Steve Watts, co-founder at SecurEnvoy. “Working with 2nd Phase, we’re looking forward to developing some good opportunities in Australia. There’s big demand for secure network access, and businesses need to be able to feel confident that they’ve got the right technology in place to achieve this.” “Traditional hardware tokens get lost, go wrong and create waste, but everyone has a mobile phone with them all the time, so tokenless two-factor authentication is a much safer option, not to mention a greener one. “NOTES TO EDITORS About SecurEnvoy ( SecurEnvoy provides two-factor authentication via mobile phones. Pass codes are sent to the user’s mobile phone in order to access networks or private emails. SecurEnvoy’s products - SecurAccess, SecurPassword, SecurICE and SecurMail - are adopted worldwide. Customers benefit from a reduced installation time and a zero footprint approach as no token manufacturing or remote software deployment is required, so ROI for organizations is relatively high. SecurEnvoy distributes through the channel, providing customers the value added benefits of working with local partners. It has built up a technical and sales infrastructure that supports most languages and cultures around the world. Partners include: Juniper, Citrix, Fortinet, Sonic Aventail, Cisco, Checkpoint, Celestix, Microsoft and F5. SecurEnvoy’s customers include T-Mobile, Symantec, John Lewis, NHS and Save The Children. Founded by Andrew Kemshall and Stephen Watts in 2003, SecurEnvoy is based in Theale, Berkshire, UK. For more information about SecurEnvoy and its products, visit About 2nd Phase ( 2nd Phase is the Security Distributor for SecurEnvoy to the Australian and New Zealand markets. 2nd Phase markets security products that are affordable, quick to implement, easy to maintain and ensure customer’s security. Founded in 2007 by Campbell Bradford, 2nd Phase is based in North Sydney.