The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-08-09T05:09:19Z Record Design Crowdsourcing Project Gets 5,000 Entries on DesignCrowd 2012-08-09T05:09:19Z record-design-crowdsourcing-project-gets-5-000-entries-on-designcrowd Crowdsourcing website has helped a client crowdsource more than 5,000 logo ideas in a record brekaing project for DesignCrowd and one of the largest design crowdsourcing projects ever held., who offered $10,000 to crowdsource a new logo, has received 5,717 logo designs via a crowdsourced logo contest on DesignCrowd. Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd's founder, said, "We believe’s $10,000 prize is one of the largest ever for an online logo contest and one of the only design crowdsourcing projects to receive more than 5,000 entries. It’s a great case study in design crowdsourcing and highlights the creativity and power of the crowd.”The contest received submissions from 1,319 designers which included top design agencies. The contest and its 5,717 entries can be viewed here: Tartamella, the founder of, said, "We needed to find a more creative approach to procuring a new logo design. I wanted the process to be easy, the design ideas to be more creative and the design talent to be global so I chose DesignCrowd to launch my contest.”The winning logo will be unveiled in Times Square on December 12, 2012 (“12-12-12”) followed by a book launch featuring a selection of the entries from the contest. Participating designers whose designs are not selected will be invited to sell these designs on DesignCrowd’s sister website – which allows designers to sell and monetise their unused designs.The project follows a strong year of growth for DesignCrowd. In the last 12 months, the Australian startup has launched in Canada and the UK; raised $3M of venture capital from Starfish Ventures; acquired a US business (; reached 100,000 users; and launched BrandCrowd Targets $1.25B “Goldmine” of Unused Portfolios, Offers Top Designers $5,000 2012-01-19T06:45:20Z brandcrowd-targets-1-25b-goldmine-of-unused-portfolios-offers-top-designers-5-000 – the world’s largest marketplace for ready-made logos and brands – has launched a promotion to entice the world’s best logo designers to upload their unused portfolio designs to BrandCrowd. BrandCrowd estimates logo designers around the world create, in aggregate, at least 1.25 million logo designs every year that are not used by clients. At a value of $200 to $1,000 per logo, BrandCrowd estimates the combined worth of these logos to be between $250M and $1.25B. The six-week long “Upload to BrandCrowd” promotion aims to encourage leading logo designers to monetize their unused portfolio designs by joining the BrandCrowd website and uploading their to the logo marketplace. BrandCrowd is offering $5,000 in prizes to the best designers who upload a logo before the 1st of March 2012 (as well as $10 for every 10 logos uploaded). Prizes include $2,000 for the best logo, $1000 for the most logos uploaded and $10 for every 10 logos uploaded. Designers can enter upload/enter their logos for free (with over 50,000 uploaded logo designs) is already the largest ready-made logo marketplace but believes more designers are sitting on untapped goldmines. CEO of DesignCrowd (BrandCrowd’s parent company), said “ is aiming to revolutionize how logo designers sell logos. Our analysis suggests there's $1.25B of unused logos sitting in designer portfolios around the world and we want to help designers monetize this online. We believe some designers are sitting on portfolios worth $1M and we want to help them unlock the value of these assets." Prizes will be awarded to BrandCrowd members after the promotion ends on 1st March 2012. Contact Information Alec Lynch, CEO BrandCrowd/DesignCrowd Email: About BrandCrowd BrandCrowd (formerly Brandstack) was launched in April 2008 and is the world’s largest marketplace for ready-made brands and logo designs. BrandCrowd helps logo designers monetize their unused logo designs, brands and domains.BrandCrowd is owned by Australian crowdsourcing company DesignCrowd – which also operates a leading marketplace for custom crowdsourced design and a sister website to BrandCrowd. In 2011, DesignCrowd received a $3M of investment from Starfish Ventures. DesignCrowd Acquires Stock Logo Website Brandstack and Launches BrandCrowd 2012-01-05T13:12:48Z designcrowd-acquires-brandstack-launches-brandcrowd DesignCrowd – an online ‘crowdsourcing’ marketplace that in November 2011 received $3M of investment from Starfish Ventures–has announced the acquisition of, a leading online marketplace ofpremium, ready-made brands and logos. Following the acquisition, DesignCrowd launched to combine the Brandstack service with the existing DesignCrowd community.The acquisition of Brandstack and the launch of BrandCrowd will further reinforce DesignCrowd’s leadership in crowdsourced graphic design services. will providepremium ready-made logos and brands(from Business Logos to Church Logos) created by 50,000 designers from around the world. The Brandstack acquisition combined with the DesignCrowd site will provide BrandCrowd with immediate market leadership in the stock logo design market. Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Brandstack was different to other ready-made logo marketplaces - it's a premium offering with beautiful designs. Acquiring Brandstack gives us three things: new, talented designers; a ready-made logo offering; and market leadership. That's why we bought it. Brandstack was the best ready-made logo marketplace. Now, BrandCrowd will be both the best and the biggest.” DesignCrowd will unlock the value of Brandstack by integrating it with DesignCrowd via the new website BrandCrowd. In the short term, the company has combined the communitiesand now has 100,000 users across the two sites. Designers can work across both websites and shortly the company integrate the sites more closely and introduce some new innovations. Explaining Brandstack’s strategic value to DesignCrowd, Lynch said, “Creative ideas are rare assets - they should not go to waste - and Brandstack's model ensures they don't. It will allow us to unlock the value of our 500,000 unused designs submitted on DesignCrowd. This meansevery creative idea or design uploaded to DesignCrowd can lead to cash in the bank for its creator”. Wes Wilson, Brandstack's founder, said "Alec, Adam and the rest of the DesignCrowd team have incredible passion for the design community and I'm glad Brandstack can play a part in their plans to build on it. I'm looking forward to seeing Brandstack thrive under their vision, ambition, and resources. It's a definite win for graphic designers around the world." As an immediate gesture of goodwill, DesignCrowd has repaid Brandstack designers who are owed payment for sold logo designs and offering a $20 discount coupon for any stock logoon BrandCrowd. About BrandstackFounded by Wes Wilson and launched in April 2008, Brandstack is an online logo marketplace providing premium, ready-made agency quality brands and logos for sale to buyers around the world. Brandstack lets designers create their own studios and sell design work to their peers or directly to buyers. Brandstack was built to reinvent how graphic designers reach their customers and how they work, share, and collaborate with each other. In 2011, DesignCrowd completed an acquisition of Brandstack and Brandstack has now been re-launched as BrandCrowd. About DesignCrowd Founded by Alec Lynch and launched in January 2008, DesignCrowd is a leading online crowdsourcing service. DesignCrowd gives buyers of design services access to a 'virtual team' of over 60,000 designers and their studios from around the world (via a process called crowdsourcing). Buyers gain access to high quality international design talent available, at a low cost. At DesignCrowd, every designer can get paid and buyers browse top graphic designers and hand-pick their favourites. Crowdsourcing site DesignCrowd receives $3M investment from Starfish Ventures 2011-11-08T07:31:12Z crowdsourcing-site-designcrowd-receives-3m-investment-for-fairer-higher-quality-crowdsourcing DesignCrowd – an online marketplace that helps businesses around the world outsource or ‘crowdsource’ creative projects – has received a $3M venture capital investment from Melbourne based Starfish Ventures. DesignCrowd (which was founded in 2008 by Alec Lynch at the age of 23 from his “mother’s dining room table” and which specializes in graphic design crowdsourcing) is now a multi-million dollar business with users/clients spanning 159 countries. DesignCrowd’s disruptive crowdsourcing business modelhas helped it grow internationally and attract clients like Harvard Business School (who received 267 logo designs from 57 designers when they ‘crowdsourced’ their Forum for Innovation and Growth logo via DesignCrowd). DesignCrowd already has 40,000 registered graphic designers from around the world (four times more than the 10,000 designers employed in design studios in Australia). Founder and CEO Alec Lynch said, “Starfish’s investment is very exciting - it will help us grow from a bootstrapped Sydney start-up into a global company. We’ve done well in Australia, now we want to take on the world and Starfish is the perfect partner to help us succeed.”Tony Glenning of Starfish Ventures (who led the investment in DesignCrowd) said, “We really believe in the crowdsourcing model. In particular, we are really attracted to the idea of crowdsourcing the solution, rather than simply providing a marketplace for outsourcing, which ends up as a race to the bottom and is neither beneficial to the customer nor the designer. Alec and his team have done a great job providing a unique offering that serves both.”Starfish’s investment in DesignCrowd is particularly noteworthy given the current economic climate. It is the second time DesignCrowd, which launched during the ‘global financial crisis’, has raised capital during an economic downturn. In 2009, Lynch received $0.3M of investment from ‘angel’ investors and the business has since grown more than 1300% - highlighting the strength of DesignCrowd’s business model and team.DesignCrowd, which launched in New Zealand in October, plans to use the investment to grow its client base in markets outside Australia (particularly in the US) and to launch two new services in 2012. In the short term, DesignCrowd plans to hire aggressively and Lynch says “We’re looking to hire ten people by January and we need a Chief Operating Officer immediately to help us handle the growth and implement our plans.” DesignCrowd has setup its own subdomain to advertise variousstartup jobs in Australiaand the US that it is looking to fill. DesignCrowd launches New Zealand crowdsourcing site 2011-10-13T00:42:57Z designcrowd-launches-new-zealand-crowdsourcing-site DesignCrowd has announced the launch of – a New Zealand crowdsourcing service that will help New Zealand small businesses "crowdsource" graphic, logo and website design projects to designers around the world and help New Zealand designers find work from businesses in Australia, the UK and the US.DesignCrowd has selected New Zealand as one of the first markets to expand into as it seeks to increase its share of the NZ$2.5 billion global design market. DesignCrowd (which is based in Sydney Australia) has decided to target New Zealand in October given the increased economic activity due to the Rugby World Cup. DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says, "We think now's the right time to do business in New Zealand. The Rugby World Cup is going to inject half a billion dollars into the economy and, normally, where there's economic activity there are new businesses that need logos and websites. We're also seeing increased demand for logo design in Christchurch which is good to see and a bonus for us." will provide New Zealanders with the same disruptive crowdsourcing process available via (which has grown 336% in the last 12 months and paid out nearly NZ$3 million to designers from Australia and around the world). New Zealand small businesses will be able to post 'design contests' on DesignCrowd inviting designers from around the world to submit designs and ideas (a typical logo design contest receives 50 to 100 different designs). The customer can select the best design and the designer is then paid the lion's share while other designers can get participation payments.DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says " will allow all New Zealanders to supercharge their businesses – whether small or large – with crowdsourcing and we're pleased to be the first to bring a crowdsourcing service to New Zealand. We're planning to do this in other markets around the world so we'll learn as much as we can from our experience in New Zealand." Indian Web Designer Earns $10,000 in 4 Weeks on DesignCrowd 2011-04-13T07:16:34Z indian-web-designer-earns-10-000-in-4-weeks-on-designcrowd ArunBhattacharya a web and graphic designer based in Kolkata India has earned $10,000 in his first 4 weeks of part-time work on design crowdsourcing website Arun - an experienced web designer and developer who runs James Brown Design Studio from Kolkata to service western businesses - has already achieved the number one ranking in DesignCrowd's Top 100 Indian Designersand has usurped Pakistani design studio Xpiderz as the top rankedWeb Designer on DesignCrowd - a significant achievement given Xpiderz held the position for over 1 year.Arun - who has featured in an internalCrowdsourcing Case Studypublished by DesignCrowd - says he has used some of his earnings to buy a Digital SLR Camera - a luxury in India a country where the average yearly wage is less than $1000. Arunsays "DesignCrowd has given a great opportunity to designers like me to come up with their best designs and compete fairly." In a note to DesignCrowd's CEO, Alec Lynch, Arun says "I would like to convey my hearty thanks to you for this website and the opportunity its providing me. Through me you have a faithful and totally positive fan of DesignCrowd."Lynch says part of the reason designers use DesignCrowd over other freelancing sites is "we give designers a chance regardless of their location or education or pedigree. This is our mission statement: to give creative people opportunity."Arun says part of his success is due to his approach to design contests "[You need to be] innovative and think laterally. Keep the ideas fresh by having more than one brainstorming session over the course of the design process, rather than one long one at the beginning."DesignCrowd has paid over $1M to designers around the world since it launched and Lynch says "this money goes a long way in developing economies like India". He went on to say "We have many talented designers in Australia and Canada but countries like India, the Philippines and Romania are a great source of labour, talent and creativity for western businesses. We started during the GFC and designers like Arun who provide amazing creativity, output and customer service at half the cost are one of the reasons our business has flourished during this period. So we're helping businesses in America who need to cut costs to survive and we're helping workers in India to earn money so they can live a happy life." DesignCrowdisone of the largest crowdsourcing sites in the world with 30,000 graphic, logo and web designers, based in Sydney Australia. Crowdsourcing site smashes through $1M in projects, and sets sights for a lot more 2011-04-13T06:21:55Z crowdsourcing-site-designcrowd-com-smashes-through-1m-in-projects-and-sets-sights-for-a-lot-more, a crowdsourcing sitefor everything from logo design to tattoo design and t-shirt design recorded amassive milestone in April 2011 by reaching $1M in payments to designers. The site's rapid growth has been made possible by its innovative crowdsourcing business model(that allows businesses to get 50+ designs and ideas from around the world in just hours) which differs from other crowdsourcing services and its community of 30,000 high quality designers from across over 57 countries including Australia,Canada,India and Mongolia. "I am ecstaticthat we reached this milestone so quickly", said Alec Lynch, who founded DesignCrowd in 2008. "This is significant because it shows the disruptive nature of our service and reinforces that DesignCrowd as a leader in crowdsourcing and design. Another reason we're celebrating this milestone is the benefit that $1M has bought to our designers around the world. Over $1M has been paid to talented designers in developing economies. For example, in February, an Indian web designer made $10,000in his first 4 weeks on the site. That's twenty times more than the average wage in India." In a Crowdsourcing Case Study published by DesignCrowd, Arun Bhattacharya(the Indian designer mentioned above) says "DesignCrowd has given a great opportunity to designers like me to come up with their best designs and compete fairly." One of the reasons DesignCrowd is different to other crowdsourcing sites is it pays participation payments to designers even if their designs aren't chosen. "We've fixed one of the key problems with crowdsourcing - fairness and sustainability. We pay designers participation payments because crowdsourcing doesn't have to be winner-takes-all." DesignCrowd has paid almost $200,000 to designers in participation payments whichAdam Arbolino (DesignCrowd’s Chief Technology Officer) sayshas helped them attract higher quality designers to the site.“The model works really well – everyone wins”, says Arbolino. “The more designers we have and the better those designers are, the more customers want to post projects in order to get access to these designers, which in turn increases the number of designers from around the globe who want to offer their designs, and it keeps going.” While $1M in projects is a great achievement, Alec and Adam don’t see this growth slowing anytime soon. Lynch believes the site will have over 100,000 designers by the end of 2011 as the site’s popularity increases. “Our forecasts suggest we'll hit a run rate of $2M per annum in the next 3 months." starts with a logo contest and plans March 2011 launch 2011-02-25T05:49:11Z pushstart-com-au-starts-with-a-logo-contest-and-plans-march-2011-launch PushStart (an Australian startup accelerator founded with the goal of helping other technology startups grow) is using to crowdsource a logo design in preparation for PushStart’s launch later this year.PushStart will take a similar approach to successful American startup accelerators Y-Combinator and Techstars but will differentiate its services by focusing on community-centered, mentor-driven activities throughout the whole year rather than just for 3 months. Kim Heras, founder of PushStart, has over ten years experience with tech startups and says:“I’m a big fan of the Australian tech startup industry and feel that if I can connect the many excellent people I’ve met over the years, with newer tech entreprenuers, in a way that is completely focused on building the local community, that great things will happen.” is helping PushStart crowdsource a logo design by posting a logo contest and having its international database of 27,000 designers create logos competitively for the company. The PushStart logo contest (one of many logo design contests hosted by DesignCrowd) will be running for six more days and already has over 70 entries with first place designer receiving $350 and other designers receiving participation payments. You can view the contest and the entries here:’s community-centered approach is similar to DesignCrowd’s and Heras says this is one of the reasons he’s using DesignCrowd to crowdsource his logo:“PushStart is all about using the power of community to achieve the best outcomes. That aligns perfectly with DesignCrowd’s model. On top of that, we’re all about supporting the Australian tech startup community and DesignCrowd is one of the shining lights of that at the moment.”PushStart’s use of DesignCrowd follows other prominent brands including Harvard Business School, Hi-TEC, and Fair Trade Australia. Each has utilized crowdsourcing to successfully collect scores of designs and creative ideas from designers around the world. PushStart’s successful logo contest is a great example of crowdsourcing,highlighting the positive results businesses can get from DesignCrowd. DesignCrowd expects to grow its client base dramatically in 2011 and hopes many of the startups PushStart assists decide to use its service also.Additional Articles and InformationInterview with Alec Lynch re Design Crowdsourcing 2.0- Smartcompany.com10 Best Startup Accelerators- Blog.DesignCrowd.comFamous Logo Contests - Blog.DesignCrowd.comLogo Contest Sites - Crowdsourcing site reaches 25,000 designers, approaches $1M in projects 2011-01-27T04:57:23Z crowdsourcing-site-designcrowd-com-reaches-25-000-designers-approaches-1m-in-projects, a crowdsourcing sitefor everything from logo design to business card design to wordpress theme designhas grown its user base 25,000 designers.From design studios, to individuals with years of experience, to students straight out of university, the 25,000 designers on DesignCrowd are a very diverse group of talented graphic design artists. DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says DesignCrowd's Graphic Designer Directory is overflowing with international design talent and designers from around the world - "We have Indonesian designers, Canadian designers, Australian designers, Romanian designers, UK designers and American designers - the list goes on." DesignCrowd's top 500 designers is dominated by Australian graphic designers,Canadian logo designers, UK logo designers, Philippine graphic designers, Singapore graphic designers, Indonesian graphic designers, Indian graphic designersand designers from Romania.DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch puts their success down to DesignCrowd's “Crowdsourcing 2.0” business model - a model that allows for designers to receive 'participation payments' for projects even when they don't win. DesignCrowd, started in 2008 by Alec Lynch and Adam Arbolino, has grown from 4,000 designers to 25,000 in the last 12 months. DesignCrowd’s business has grown over 797% in a year and is approaching one million dollars ($1M) in project budgets to its designers. With the amount of projects launched on the site increasing month to month designers have a good range of work to choose from.Lynch says the $1M project mark is significant because "it shows we're helping designers who want work and need money." Lynch points out that many ofDesignCrowd's designers arefreelance graphic designerswho "work-from-home designers, don't have a full time job or live in developing nations. We surveyed its designers in December and discovered that people around the world are using their earnings from DesignCrowd to buy everything from staples for their kids to chairs for their homes to plane tickets for their holidays".Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd’s CEO believes the site will have over 100,000 designers by the end of 2011 as the site’s popularity increases.Related Crowdsourcing LinksCrowdsource Logo Design,Crowdsource Design, India Crowdsources Rupee, Famous Logo Contests, Crowdsourcing Video, The History of Crowdsourcing, Future of Crowdsourcing Summit Logo crowdsourcing site launches with 25,000 designers 2011-01-20T03:23:17Z crowdsourced-logo-site-launches-with-25-000-logo-designers launched today) is a new website and online service for logo crowdsourcing. allows its users to run a logo design contest to get their logo design completed. CrowdsourceLogo is powered by leading crowdsourcing website and provides another fantastic resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, logo design studios and printing companies looking to outsource logo design or get creative logo design ideas.Crowdsourcing logo design is a new innvovative approach to logo design - DesignCrowd, a leading design crowdsourcing site was established in 2008 is the engine behind To crowdsource logodesign, you post your logo design brief on which then cross-posts it to DesignCrowd. Thousands of logo designers from around the world view your logo project and then upload 50 to 100 or more creative logo design ideas! aims to provide "supercharged logo design" that is faster, cheaper and much more creative than the normal logo design process. will initially provide access to over 25,000 logo designers from around the world (fromIndian Logo DesignerstoAustralian Logo Designers) through its relationship with but this number is expected to grow to over 100,000 by the end of 2011. Freelance designer from Pakistan takes out Top Web Designer of 2010 2011-01-13T06:50:21Z freelance-designer-from-pakistan-takes-out-top-web-designer-of-2010 Xpiderz, a team of 5 web designers, has taken out Top Web Designer of 2010 on design crowdsourcing site Freelance web design team Xpiderz, from Pakistan, have been awarded the Top Web Designer award of 2010 on Xpiderz have the highest earnings on and have an impressive portfolio of web design, Wordpress and banner ads. On DesignCrowd Xpiderz has also had success with logo and other graphic design forms. Net Bloom, a relative newcomer to DesignCrowd, from the USA, took out “Best New Web Designer of 2010.” The top 5 web designers in order were: Xpiderz (Pakistan), Weathered83 (Indonesia), Gabriel Taudor (Romania), Urban Ad (Australia) and Sky Ram (India). This is Urban Ad’s second year in DesignCrowd’s top five. With such a wide and varied group of designers represented in the top five it is no wonder the designs are of such high calibre. The competition on DesignCrowd includes over 24,000 designers specialising in everything from logo design toweb design, poster design, print design and stationery design. When asked why they used DesignCrowd Xpiderz replied, “DesignCrowd give us a very excellent platform to learn more and earn more.” Their team of five was described as, “very enthusiastic and creative in their work, they are always ready to learn” and you can see this clearly from the quality of their designs. DesignCrowd, a leadinggraphic design outsourcing site, has grown its designer base from 3,000 to over 24,510 in the space of 12 months. This has been partially due to a 797% rise in the number of new web design projects posted on the site. Co-founder of DesignCrowd, (and IT Development guru) Adam Arbolino, says the increase in quality web designers on the site can be attributed to an influx in new design projects. He added that "when you offer a highly-available design platform to millions around the world and then fill it with exciting design briefs, you are almost guaranteed to attract the best freelancers from around the globe." Canadian logo designer takes out Top Logo Designer 2010 Award 2010-12-28T04:10:51Z canadian-logo-designer-takes-out-top-logo-designer-2010-award Freelance logo designerElisha Leo has taken out the'Top Logo Designer of 2010'award on internationalgraphic design website Elisha Leo(of Toronto Canada), who landed a job at a Canadian design agency thanks (in part) to her portfolio on DesignCrowd, has received over 181 customer reviews on DesignCrowd with 94% of her designs rated positively (one of the highest percentage ratings on DesignCrowd). UK logo designerRichard Knight fromDesign Studio 'Chomp'took outBest New Logo Designer 2010while designers Ghodezign of Indonesia, DesignRAJU of India, Bluejet of Australia and Jason Shaw of Canada making up the 'Top 5 Logo Designers of 2010'. Canadian graphic designershave dominated DesignCrowd in recent years withJason Shaw(from New Westminster in Canada)taking out the same award last year. Shaw and Leo now sit ranked number one and number two (respectively) at the top of DesignCrowd's overallTop Graphic Designers Directorywhich is notable considering they compete with over 24,000 designers including over 10,000 designers from the USA, UK and Australia. DesignCrowd a leading internationallogo crowdsourcingsite has grown its designer base from 4,000 one year ago 24,067 has alsogrown its customer and revenue base by 797%in the last 12 months. DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says "I'm not sure why, but Canadian logo designers appear to be especially creative. Perhaps there is something in the water. Either way, we're hoping more Canadian designers enjoy our ranks in 2011." Recent Articles by DesignCrowd Designers Startup Logos - 50 examples from 2010 Graphic Design Inspiration - Japanese Design Poster Designs - 50 creative examples Creative Tradesmen Logo Designs - 30 samplesWeb design studio logos - 45 examples Crowdsourcing in China takes off: DesignCrowd CEO 2010-11-29T05:32:33Z designcrowd-ceo-gives-keynote-at-2010-global-witkey-amp-crowdsourcing-conference-in-china Alec Lynch (the founder of graphic design crowdsourcing service has given a keynote video presentation to the first global Witkey and Crowdsourcing Conference in Guangzhou China and provided some interesting insights about crowdsourcing in China including the fact that Chinese crowdsourcing site has 4 million workers.The presentation focused on Witkey (the Chinese word for a crowdsourcing website) in China, its growth and its implications for Western crowdsourcing. One of Lynch's key points was the scale and growth of crowdsourcing in China. Chinese crowdsourcing sites like have made crowdsourcing (or 'Witkey') in China larger (on some dimensions) than crowdsourcing in English speaking markets. Mr Lynch pointed out that the top 2 crowdsourcing websites in China ( and have 4M and 2.8M workers respectively, twice as many as their nearest western, English-speaking competitors.According to Mr Lynch, English-speaking crowdsourcing sites like DesignCrowd have not attempted to crack the Chinese market due to the significant language barrier which exists (only 0.77% of the Chinese population speaks English). However, Lynch pointed out that this was at odds with the needs of Chinese businesses with 8 in 9 Chinese businesses requesting English characters when they crowdsource logo design.You can view Alec Lynch's full presentation here: said he expects advancements in translation technology, the emergence of cheap translation services and increased English-literacy in China to eventually facilitate large, multi-lingual crowdsourcing services.Recent Press and Buzz for DesignCrowdHarvard Business School forum crowdsources logoCrowdsourcing for printers: crowdsourcing site launches wholesale crowdsourcingEthical design crowdsourcing: DesignCrowd launches new crowdsourcing modelFamous Logo Contests - Google, Toyota, Wikipedia Monash University student union crowdsources logo via contest 2010-11-24T05:55:12Z monash-university-crowdsources-their-logo-contest The Monash University Gippsland Student Union (MUGSU) has launched a Monash Student Union Logo Contest to get a new logo design to represent its student union. The Student Union Logo Contest is one of thousands of logo contests on DesignCrowd but designers are expected to jump at the opportunity to participate. Monash University is one of the largest universities in Australia with a prestigious international reputation. Monash has a reputation as a leader in research and academia and is a prestigious educational brand that any graphic designer would be proud to design for, and, through the design contest, the Monash Gippsland Student Union are giving designers a chance to add to their portfolio. The winning first place designer will be awarded over $400 in a logo design contest on can visit the contest and view the submissions via the link below:'s use of crowdsourcing to find the perfect identity, follow's Harvard Business School's Forum for Innovation and Growth who crowdsourced their logo via DesignCrowd earlier this year.Richard Massey of Monash University Gippsland Student Union says he used DesignCrowd to launch the project for the following reasons: "We were concerned about having to pick a logo designer blindly from phone/web directories, paying out our budget and not knowing if the designer was capable of reaching a design we could agree upon. DesignCrowd offered us the ability to essentially hire hundreds of designers, view their response to our brief and determine the designer that seemed right for us. This alone made the decision to work with DesignCrowd easy.” Massey was also please that they were able to engage the students within their university as well as worldwide designers using DesignCrowd’s crowdsourcing model. The logo contest, which runs for 15 days, had received half a dozen submissions within hours of launching, and DesignCrowd predicts it will receive between 100 and 500 entries.Buzz for - 33 Creative Numerical Logo - Crowdsourced Graphic Design - DesignCrowd - Innovative Logo Design - How Crowdsourcing Fixes 2 Common Problems with Freelance - Crowdsourcing Summit Speakers Harvard Business School forum crowdsources logo 2010-11-09T03:20:24Z harvard-business-school-forum-crowdsources-logo-1 Design crowdsourcing site has helped the Forum for Innovation and Growth at Harvard Business School (HBS) crowdsource its new logo. The logo contest (one of hundreds of logo contests hosted by DesignCrowd) ran for 10 days and offered designers $400 as well as the opportunity to add HBS's Forum for Innovation and Growth to their portfolio. The contest received 267 innovative logo designs from logo designers around the world giving Harvard's US-based Forum for Innovation and Growth access to creative logo concepts from designers as far away as the Ukraine and Australia. The winning logo design came from UK logo designer Brent Atkinson (BrentCMI) while designers from Canada, Argentina and the USA received runner up payments. The benefits of logo crowdsourcing became obvious to Harvard Business School’s James Allworth, who had the responsibility of managing the project on DesignCrowd and described DesignCrowd as a 'game changer'. Here is Mr Allworth's personal opinion of DesignCrowd's crowdsourcing process: “DesignCrowd changes the game for getting creative work done. In the old world, you try to find a single designer that understands you and what you're hoping to achieve. You gauge them on their past work, and you just have to hope they'll get your work right as well. In the new world, you jump on DesignCrowd, and you can instantly tell the designers who get what it is you're after. The reason? They've uploaded it there for you to see! You gain access to a veritable army of people who are great at what they do, and who come up with ideas that you hadn't even imagined you wanted. They're all competing to get your business. My personal opinion? It's a great service, and I highly recommend it.” Harvard Business School joins the list of other prominent brands to have crowdsourced graphic design through DesignCrowd. Last yearglobal shoe company HI-TEC crowdsourced 30 icon designs through DesignCrowd; Fair Trade Australia crowdsourced their logo; B&T magazine ran a Brand Australia Logo Contest; and crowdsourced their new logo (and received 630 different logo designs). DesignCrowd hopes other big brands and prominent institutions will look to DesignCrowd for help with their design projects and avoid attempting crowdsourcing initiatives themselves which can lead to problems (as US clothing company Gap recently discovered). About DesignCrowd is a worldwide crowdsourcing service for logo, web and graphic design. DesignCrowd is a venture backed Australian company. 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