The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-12-22T02:00:50Z Recent Reduced Price for Whole Range of Wrapsol and Polaroid Products 2010-12-22T02:00:50Z recent-reduced-price-for-the-whole-range-of-wrapsol-and-polaroid-products Farewell RRP Finally DigitalBuyDirect (DBD)offers discounted prices for all Wrapsol and Polaroid products. ______________________________________________________________________________Wrapsol (Scratch Proof Films) for: iPhone+Mobiles Now from $23.95 Notebooks+Netbooks Now all$44.95 iPad Now $34.95 iPod Nano Now$24.95 Nintendo DS Now$19.95*More special offers will be applied for other Wrapsol products shortly. *The above price does not include further discounted offers which will be selectively promoted on DBD website on a “48hrs deals” category and DBD promo newsletters. Discounted Polaroid products include all Gaming + Computer + Phone + Vodio/Audio accessories (see DBD website> Polaroid for price and product details) *Current price does not include further discounted offers which will be selectively promoted on DBD website on a “48hrs deals” category and DBD promo newsletters. The Internet without the Internet 2010-08-27T04:02:50Z the-internet-without-the-internet Discovering something new every day, the search for answers doesn’t have to mean a search for WiFi. You don’t need the Internet to quench your thirst for knowledge.People don't go to Wikipedia because they want to be on the Internet; they go there because they want to find answers and discover new questions. Of course, the best answers are never ends in themselves. They raise our curiosity and lead us down new avenues. They don't stop conversations but rather, sustain them. Similarly, each WikiReader experience is the beginning of something new. With more than three million interconnected articles in a completely offline, handheld package, the WikiReader is discovery, investigation, entertainment, and inspiration all rolled into one. It has a touch screen that accommodates international keyboards and it uses widely available AAA batteries. Since the WikiReader never requires an Internet connection, it can deliver all of this to anyone, anywhere, any time. Turning a WikiReader on is easy. Turning it off is a different story. Jump over to our site at toread moreabout the Wikireader Electronic Encyclopedia- a perfect gift for your family! Make sure you don't miss out on this one! Compare Price! 2010-05-31T05:54:24Z compare-prices Digital productbusinessis facing increasingly strong price competition, so if you are serious about getting a good deal, you must compare prices before buying. If you buy from Australia, there are some price comparison sites that you have to take a look: DigitalBuyDirect offers very competitive price (you will notice savings up to 80% off retail prices) for your technology products, you can either reap the deals at our website or just go to any one of those price comparison sites and find out how much you can save when shop at DigitalBuyDirect. Enjoy Shopping, Enjoy Saving. Wrapsol - the world's strongest, clearest and greenest scratch-proof protection system is Now available in Australia 2010-05-31T05:18:40Z wrapsol-the-world-s-strongest-clearest-and-greenest-scratch-proof-protection-system-is-available-in-australia Whatever your gadget, you can make it look new and cool, which also protecting it! Wrapsol - the world's strongest, clearest and greenest scratch-proof protection system is available in Australia, Download Wrapsol .pdf, WatchWrapsol Video,Buy Now! Why Wrapsol? With touchscreen technology becoming more pervasive every day, strong, dependable protection from daily damage, wear and tear is critical. To ensure both the safety and design integrity of your device, Wrapsol ultra drop + scratch protection system utilizesa patent-pending dry-application repositionable film that releases air bubbles while eliminating any risk of moisture damage. However, for traditionalists — the original Wrapsol scratch protection uses a conventional application process and comes with an optically clear screen film and a proprietary matte body-film that enhances grip and eliminates fingerprints. And because everyone should do their part to protect the environment, every sale of every Wrapsol product results in us making a cash contribution to Cool Earth, an international charity that protects endangered rainforest around the world to combat global warming, protect ecosystems. So thanks in advance for purchasing Wrapsol — the strongest, easiest and fastest-to-apply protection you can get for all the digital devices that connect you to your world. Visit our Onine Shopat DigitalBuyDirect Opened for Business in May 2010 2010-05-31T05:01:02Z digitalbuydirect-opened-for-business-in-may-2010 Welcome to Digital Buy Direct (DBD), Australia's most exciting online technology specialist store. DBD is a growing, leading e-retailer specialising in technology products and is committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web by offering a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. We are 100% Australian owned and operated so you will have the comfort and security of purchasing locally and supporting Australian businesses. With a growing range of products and some of the world's newest tech- inventions on our web site, DBD earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and novice e-shoppers alike. Our website offers customers a comprehensive selection of the latest high-tech products, detailed product descriptions and images, as well as customer reviews. Digital Buy Direct is headquartered in the City of Sydney. DBD offers customers a peace of mind with lightning fast delivery and cutting-edge logistics. We operate over 20,000 square meters of warehouse space in Australia alone. At DBD, we believe true service starts after the product you ordered arrives at your doorstep. We follow through on our commitment to excellence with exceptional customer service. Our team of service associates are available via speedy e-mail response times to ensure your utmost satisfaction. At DBD the customer comes first! Whether you are a novice or a tech guru, you are sure to enjoy shopping at DBD. We work passionately to exceed your expectations every time. 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