The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-06-25T00:59:24Z OzGreen Energy and PowerMand launch DreamWatts Energy Management Systems in Australia 2010-06-25T00:59:24Z ozgreen-energy-and-powermand-launch-dreamwatts-energy-management-systems-in-australia Portland, Oregon, USA and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – May 4, 2010 PowerMand, Inc today announced a strategic alliance with OZGreen Energy, a leading Australian energy management firm to implement the DreamWatts Energy Management System (EMS) in Australia. The Australian alliance represents the first time that DreamWatts will be deployed outside North America and demonstrates a shared vision for smarter energy consumption.OZGreen Energy will install DreamWatts EMS in light commercial office buildings and factories throughout Australia beginning June 2010. DreamWatts will provide real-time energy usage data, crucial to support the Australian Governments National Framework for Energy Efficiency (NFEE).All large commercial buildings in Australia will be required to undergo a 12-month energy efficiency-auditing period during which all aspects of building energy consumption need to be monitored and recorded.Working together, OZGreen Energy in Australia and PowerMand in the USA will use the internet and specially developed Dreamwatts gateways to link commercial buildings in Australia directly into Powermand’s sophisticated energy data collection facility located in North America. “This is a breakthrough in the energy sector in Australia which will allows property management to remotely monitor real-time energy consumption in buildings with complete accuracy” said Mr. McKelvey the Managing Director of OzGreen Energy.“By using a laptop connected to the internet, building owners and managers can turn systems and equipment on and off in a building located almost anywhere in Australia without the need to even step foot inside the building” he said.Systems are now developed and able to record the outside weather conditions in Australia in real time. This information, when combined with the control capability of DreamWatts, allows users to comprehend building shell efficiency and provide total control over equipment and systems inside buildings to improve operating efficiencies and energy usage. “We have seen up to 30% energy savings through improved operations management in light commercial buildings in our North America installations,” stated Dan Russell, PowerMand, Inc CEO. “We are excited to offer the same opportunities to property owners and tenants in Australia through our alliance with OzGreen Energy.”DreamWatts’ monitoring and control capabilities will provide the data necessary to improve light commercial office building energy consumption in Australia and this same system will then also be used to provide energy control solutions to improve commercial building energy efficiencies.About OZGreen Energy OZGreen Energy is an Australia-based organisation with principal involvement in development of sustainability technology platforms and energy developments ongoing since 2001. Ozgreen Energy is dedicated to working with leading energy firms around the world to deliver affordable and innovative energy solutions in Australasia.About PowerMand, Inc PowerMand, Inc was founded in Portland, USA in response to increasing demand for cost-effective energy management for light commercial facilities and residences. Since then, PowerMand has created DreamWatts, an automated energy management system that utilizes cloud-computing technology and multi-site aggregation to create truly smarter buildings.