The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-02-01T08:54:21Z Personal duress with a difference 2016-02-01T08:54:21Z personal-duress-with-a-difference Introducing the world’s smallest personal panic button! The React Sidekick is the fastest way to reach a wide network in an emergency. When an app alone is not enough – pairs with the React Mobile safety app via LE Bluetooth 4.0. Get help fast when your phone screen is locked or phone is out of reach with one click activation. The React Sidekick helps you reach a wide network so they know where you are and that you need help. Paul Delaney, Myionu Sales Director says " The React Mobile Sidekick package is a low cost low worker safety device that works in harmony with existing smartphone devices and is the ideal solution for business and groups such as students who need a safety solution but have been put off by ongoing service fees and charges"  The React Mobile Sidekick  is a one-off purchase with no monthly service fees or charges. The sidekick is priced at just $134.99 including GST ONE CLICK IS ALL IT TAKESWe’ve found the fastest way to reach a wide network of people when it matters the most. With just the click of a button, your custom contact list is alerted, giving you peace of mind.GPS AND TRACKINGWhether you’re on a nightly run, a first date, exploring the world abroad or working, your Sidekick will be with you when you need it.NEVER FEEL ALONEBuild your own custom list of contacts you trust the most. When an alert is sent your network is notified of your GPS location and that you need help.WEAR IT OR CARRY ITThe React Mobile Sidekick comes with both an activity clip for runners and athletes, and carabiner clip that is perfect to attach onto keychains, backpacks and purses. More info Smart Driver ID Uses QR Technology To Save Lives 2014-10-27T03:53:06Z smart-driver-id-uses-qr-technology-to-save-lives The Myionu Smart Driver ID with Roll Over Detection uses start of the art camera technology to capture 1D and 2D codes to relay via 1-wire or via serial.  Using the built in roll-over sensor the Smart Driver ID will trigger an output. he Smart Driver ID uses red LEDs for illumination, so the engine shows better reading performance on, barcodes printed in non-red colours. For applications involving red barcodes, it is advised to turn off the engine’s illumination and use non-red supplementary  lighting instead.  Myionu Smart Driver ID can read barcodes on virtually any medium – paper, plastic cards, mobile phones. The embedded roll over alerting system will trigger a location  raising an automated alert which is sent via email as well as being displayed on the Myionu web based portal showing the precise location on a map along with full driver details to provide responder as much detail as possible. Smart Driver ID is launched in Australia on November 1st 2014 and will retail for $499 and will work with most vehicle tracking systems. Specifications: Output: 1-Wire® RS 232 1 x External output  (ground) Roll Over detection external alert. Input Voltage    12 – 24V Performance Precision   ≥ 5mil UPC-A (13mil)  55mm -270mm Depth of Field Code 39 (20mil)   50mm -340mm PDF 417 (6.67mil)   70 mm-165 mm Data Matrix (10mil)   55 mm -180 mm QR Code (20mil)   35 mm -275mm Symbol Contrast   ≥ 30% Scan Angle**   Roll: 360; Pitch: ±50; Skew: ±50° Field of View   Horizontal 36°; Vertical 23° Image Sensor   752 ×480 CMOS Illumination   Red LED 625 ±10 nm Size  50mm x 50mm x 10mm Environmental Operating Temperature   – 20℃ – +60 ℃ Storage Temperature   – 40℃ – +8 0 ℃ Humidity   5% – 95% (non-condensing) Ambient Light   0 ~ 100000 lux (natural light) Myionu increases safety for lone workers 2014-09-26T02:57:18Z myionu-increases-safety-for-lone-workers Perth September 26th 2014. GPS tracking service provider Myionu has introduced a range of safety monitoring devices from Blackline designed to increase the safety for the thousands of lone workers employed throughout Australia. Paul Delaney, General Manager, Myionu said “our technology is helping keep workers’ safe without invading privacy” Whilst there are many GPS tracking products on the market, very few are designed specifically for the safety of employees. Our employee product enables employers to monitor the safety of employees with a combination of automatic and manual safety alerting features including True Fall Detection®, man-down detection, missed check-in detection, emergency latch, and silent emergency. When safety incidents occur, the device communicates the employee’s identity, precise location, and an alert type to monitor personnel who are empowered to manage a pinpoint emergency response. One of the biggest issues using GPS to provide a location is that if the employee is in a building or under cover, a false location is given, this presents a real problem when trying to locate an employee in an emergency situation. The solution to this issue is to install low cost indoor location beacons. In areas where GPS location data is unavailable, our devices can communicate an employee’s location based on signals from nearby Loner Beacons. If an employee suffers an injury or health condition, his or her Loner safety monitoring device communicates the alert type, employee’s name, and location to monitoring personnel who manage a pin-point emergency response to the correct building, floor, and room. Installation is easy, requiring just a few minutes to mount a bracket and click the Beacon into place. The Beacons are self-powered by two C-cell alkaline batteries that provide five years of operation. Battery replacement is simple and cost effective. “With many employees working in remote areas where mobile phone coverage is poor or non-existent presents additional communication challenges” Said Delaney. “It not just a case of using satellite phones or standard satellite based communication devices. Simply put, if the user does not have a view clear view of the sky, traditional devices just won’t work”. To combat this issue Myionu has devices that connect to a portal base station to provide communications; Range General Use: up to 2 km; Range Hilltop to Hilltop: 10+ km; Terrain, foliage, and buildings will affect overall 900 MHz radio link range. Using the bridge provides employees with true satellite communication when in buildings and even underground. The Myionu suite of safety devices can be purchased directly from Myionu or from its network of Authorised Dealers.  Packages start from just $39 with annual service plans from $199 About Myionu:  Myionu is a division of AffiniftyOne Pty delivering a range of location based devices and services to business and individuals throughout the world to improve safety, security and productivity. Myionu systems are fully scalable and integrated into user friendly web and smartphone based portals, About Blackline: Blackline GPS is a wireless location leader that develops, manufactures, and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring, covert tracking, and consumer applications. Blackline solutions deliver safety, security, and location awareness through innovative wireless hardware and custom user interfaces, including web, mobile, messaging, and web services. Blackline's vision is to become the leading supplier of wirelessly connected worker safety monitoring and covert tracking products in the world. Blackline products allow customers to protect their personnel and valued assets, share the conditions of their environment, and connect with emergency services when necessary. Blackline solutions Protect. Share. Connect.® More Information Myionu Announces PayPlan Instalment Plan for GPS Devices. 2014-04-29T08:02:17Z myionu-announces-payplan-instalment-plan-for-gps-devices Myionu has launched PayPlan which provides its GPS Tracking customers with the ability to enter the market, upgrade or migrate from their current provider by reducing the initial hardware costs to a capped rate of just $199 (the balance is spread over the following three months without interest or administration fees). Paul Delaney, Myionu General Manager said “ Although we offer rental packages, PayPlan provides our customers with an interest free short term payment mechanism without having to commit to a longer rental plan” PayPlan will initially be available on Myionu’s GSM and Next G vehicle tracking products - including their popular All-In-One packages which provide subscribers with the hardware and 12 months unlimited access. Myionu Launches TrueView - Ultra Fast GPS Tracking 2014-04-14T07:57:54Z myionu-launches-trueview-ultra-fast-gps-tracking GPS Tracking Service Provider Myionu announced the launch of its brand new service called TrueView. Myionu TrueView provides vehicle telemetry updates every Second reporting back their web based portal which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Along with the location of the vehicle, TrueView will deliver fuel usage based on manufactures consumption figures, vehicle speed and heading along with range of driver behaviour data including harsh breaking and excessive acceleration.     Paul Delaney GM of Myionu said “The TrueView service has been developed following an increased customer demand for even more detail than our current 1 minute and turn by turn packages”. Delaney continues “We see TrueView as a natural evolution in vehicle tracking. TrueView is available on the Telstra Next G network at $49 Inc. GST per month including unlimited access and data costs” Myionu customers can view the real-time data in a map format using Google as well seeing overview using a trip simulator which allows users to “fly “above the route at around 100 meters off the ground.   With so much data available Myionu TrueView is supported with a comprehensive range of management reporting along with rules based alerting platform.   For more information visit Steath GPS Tracking Beats The Crooks 2014-04-03T09:17:41Z steath-gps-tracking-beats-the-crooks Myionu Launch OnDemand On Demand from Myionu has been developed to meet the needs of fleet rental operators who want to deploy GPS tracking but can’t justify paying service fees ‘just in case’ they may need it. Whilst most operators are happy pay for hardware, the regular service fees are a real deal breaker. Myionu OnDemand provides fleet operators with a high quality GPS Tracking module that can remain dormant until needed. Fees are only charged when the module is enabled. Operators will pay a small activation fee and then a daily fee (which provides real-time tracking via our web based portal with regular updates as frequently as every 10 seconds). The fleet operator can de-activate the module when tracking is no longer required, putting it into a dormant state ready for reactivation if (and when) needed. $200 GPS Tracking Device Set To Beat Theives 2014-01-23T05:15:18Z 200-gps-tracking-device-set-to-beat-theives Perth based SPOT Distributor AffinityOne has announced that it will be distributing the new SPOT Trace in Australia. AffinityOne General Manager Paul Delaney said “Australia wide GPS tracking will be affordable and reliable with SPOT Trace”. AffinityOne have already had interest from resellers of recreational vehicles and vessels who see the device as a must have for owners.  Delaney commented “we hope Australian insurance companies embrace GPS tracking technology and actively encourage policy holders to fit a tracking device buy providing an additional level of premium discount." The SPOT Trace offers advanced theft-alert tracking for anything. Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move, or follow them on Google Maps anytime on your phone or computer. Custom tracking options allow you to select the rate at which updates are sent – every 2½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. Affordable and easy to use, SPOT Trace is a no-brainer for your cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables. NO WORRIES.     Hardware As with all things SPOT, the RRP will be low and competitive estimated to be under $200 Service Fees There will be two plans available and we estimate the tariffing to be as below and are yet to be confirmed. Subscription is paid directly to FindmeSPOT and is charged in USD $Basic Service Estimated $115 USD per Year SPOT Trace automatically sends a SMS text/email with your asset’s GPS coordinates once movement has been detected. View the asset’s GPS coordinates anytime online or via our app. Basic service allows you to customize your Trace to track every 5, 10, 30 or 60. Also, customize your device’s dock mode, movement alert, status, low battery and power off settings.Extreme Tracking Upgrade Estimated $99 USD per Year Enjoy even greater assurance with Extreme Tracking. Enjoy all the features of Basic Service, with the added benefit of being able to track your asset’s GPS coordinates every 2½ minutes.The Power of Satellite Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT Trace tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world, beyond the reach of traditional cellular coverage.Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move, or follow them on Google Maps™ anytime on your phone or computer. SPOT Trace Message Features:Key Features: •             Custom Tracking •             Movement Alerts •             Quick Setup •             Easily Mountable •             Rugged + Waterproof •             Long Battery Life •             Line Power OptionCustomized Tracking Options to Fit Your Needs Select the rate at which tracking updates are sent — every 2 ½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.Advanced Theft-Alert Tracking for Anything Once activated and powered on, SPOT Trace will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network. SPOT Trace sends the GPS location to communication satellites. The satellites relay the message to a ground network, which uses the internet to route the message to your phone or computer. SPOT Trace allows you to monitor your asset and track its movement in near real-time via Google Maps™. Because SPOT Trace uses satellite technology, it can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world. Never let your most valuable asset disappear without a trace.Multi- Purpose Design SPOT Trace’s compact and discreet design allows the device to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. Durable and lightweight, SPOT Trace goes anywhere.Power Options •             (4) AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92) — Installed •             (4) AAA Energizer® NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12) — Sold Separately •             Line power with a 5v USB connection (NOT waterproof) — included •             Waterproof line power with a custom USB cable — sold separatelyIncluded Mounting Options •             Reversible mounting bracket •             Industrial strength double-sided tape •             Adhesive grip pad •             Adhesive hook and loop tapeSize & Performance •             Height: 2.69 in (6.83 cm) •             Width: 2.02 in (5.13 cm) •             Thickness: .95 in (2.14 cm) •             Weight: 3.1 oz. (87.9 g) •             Operating Temp: -22 F to 140 F (-30 C to 60 C) •             Operating Altitude: -328 ft. to 21,320 ft. (-100 m to 6,500 m) •             Humidity Rated: MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.3, 95% to 100% cond. •             Vibration Rated: Per SAE J1455 •             WATERPROOF RATED: IPX7 (1 m for up to 30 minutes GlobalStar Spot Gen 3 Comes to Australia 2013-11-08T06:27:01Z globalstar-spot-gen-3-comes-to-australia Myionu parent company AffinityOne Pty Ltd has announced that the all new SPOT Gen 3 should hit Australian streets later in November. SSP will be just $199 Inc  When your adventures take you beyond cell service, SPOT Gen3 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication. The latest generation of award-winning SPOT devices, SPOT Gen3 lets family and friends know you’re okay or send emergency responders your GPS location, all at the push of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you roam. New SPOT Gen3 Features Choose your Track Rate: New upgraded tracking options, Unlimited and Extreme Tracking, allow you to choose the rate at which your tracking messages are sent – every 2 ½ , 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. Extended Tracking Mode: Adventure doesn’t have a time limit and neither should your tracking. When you upgrade to Unlimited or Extreme tracking SPOT Gen3 will continue sending tracks for as long as you keep moving or until the power runs out. Motion-Activated Tracking: No matter the tracking service level you choose, SPOT Gen3’s tracking has the added benefit of being Motion Activated. A vibration sensor tells SPOT to send tracks when you are moving and to stop when you do. This conserves battery power and keeps your Shared Page from getting cluttered when you stop to camp for the night. Longer Battery Life: SPOT Gen3 has nearly twice the battery life of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger! Keep the adventure going even longer, without the hassle of changing your batteries. New Power Options: Now there are more options for how you power your SPOT! In addition to using the included 4 AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries, you can use NiMH rechargeable batteries or, line power your SPOT Gen3 with a 5v USB connection. Managing Your SPOT Gen3: SPOT requires an active subscription for service. Set-up your account and choose your services at From your SPOT account you can manage personal contacts, customize your messages, set your rate of tracking, and edit emergency contact information.  SPECS Height:   3.43" (8.72 cm) Width:   2.56" (6.5 cm) Thickness:   1" (2.54 cm) Lightweight:   4.0 oz (114g) with Lithium batteries Operating Temp:   -30C to 60C (-22F to 140F) Operating Altitude:   -100m to +6,500m (-328ft to +21,320ft) Humidity Rated:   MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.3, 95% to 100% cond. IPX7 Waterproof Rating:   (1 meter for up to 30 minutes) Vibration Rated:   Per SAE J1455 BATTERY Type:   4 AAA Energizer™ Lithium Ultimate 8X Or 4 AAA Energizer™ NiMH Rechargeable   Myionu Launches Short Term GPS Tracking Rental Service In Australia 2013-09-24T03:44:18Z myionu-launches-short-term-gps-tracking-rental-service-in-australia About MyionuMyionu is a division of AffinityOne Pty Ltd based in Perth Western Australia. AffinityOne have been supplying GPS tracking products in Australia since 2006 and in Europe since 2002.  Myionu is a revolutionary GPS tracking platform which has been designed to integrate with almost any GPS Tracking device, on any network, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, if a device can be tracked, the chances are we can deliver location data to the Myionu platform. Applications include: vehicle tracking, personal tracking, asset tracking, container tracking and much more.Perth, Western Australia.  23rd September 2013A range of GPS enabled location devices can now be rented on a daily basis thanks to a brand new service from Myionu. Myionu have been supplying GPS tracking products and services in Australia since 2005 and see the short term rental market as a natural progression.“Customers wanting to hire our product simply complete our secure online booking form and we’ll ship the unit direct to them; when they’ve finished using it, we’ll arrange collection” says Paul Delaney, General Manager at Myionu. Users have full, unlimited access to the Myionu web based portal which can be accessed from ANY internet connected computer or smartphone (anywhere in the world), with the ability to download a complete range of reports, set up no go areas, even generate alerts when a speed limit is exceeded.“Having the ability to access this technology without having to invest in hardware or commit to long term contracts will allow our customers the flexibility to use this technology for short term projects, where previously the costs would be prohibitive” continues Paul Delaney.Having access to a real-time tracking system for a day, or even a week or two makes this an ideal solution, not just for business, but for parents whose children may be going on a school excursion, or situations where the need for real time location based information is required on a short-term basis.Once a business or individual has experienced the benefits that Myionu delivers in their own environment, making the decision to implement Myionu long term becomes easy to justify. Rental customers will be eligible for a discount against purchased hardware.     Web  Employee Safety Monitoring Indoors Becomes A Reality 2013-08-30T02:39:57Z employee-safety-monitoring-indoors-becomes-a-reality Perth, Western Australia.  August 30th, 2013 Perth based GPS Tracking Company, Myionu (pronounced ‘my eye on you’), Have signed a distribution deal with Blackline GPS to supply a revolutionary GPS enabled Tracking and safety system that provides precise in building positioning. "Employers are looking for a single source safety monitoring solution for all employees regardless of their location or environment," says Cody Slater, CEO and Chairman of Blackline GPS. "Our new ANThill location beacon brings the value of safety monitoring from the field into facilities for all types of industries, including Oil & Gas, Public Works, Manufacturing, and beyond." ANThill location beacons broadcast a short-range wireless signal. When an employee-worn Loner safety monitoring device is within proximity of a beacon, the Loner device reports its location to Blackline's hosted infrastructure. An employee's location is mapped within a Loner Portal user account with pinpoint accuracy wherever ANThill beacons are deployed. Wiring into a building's electrical system is not required as ANThill beacons are self-powered with two standard C-cell alkaline batteries, featuring a battery life of 5 years. “We expect demand in Australia to be high. Many companies have expressed an interest in deploying a cost effective location and safety system that delivers precise locations in both indoor and outdoor environments.” says Paul Delaney, General Manager of Myionu. “Whilst locating staff externally has been available for some time, locating staff effectively internally and externally had always been a challenge - until now.” Employees face the everyday risk of injury and health incidents whilst at work. When a safety incident occurs, Blackline's Loner(R) brand of employee safety monitoring solutions provide instant, automated and real-time safety alerting to monitoring personnel and enable a pin-point emergency response. Industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Compressed Gas, Wastewater, and Power Technology (all of which require Intrinsically Safe instrumentation) now have a Class I, Division 1 certified worker safety monitoring solution at hand with the launch of the newest innovation from Blackline GPS (TSX VENTURE:BLN) ("Blackline"): the Loner® IS. The employee's GPS location is reported to monitoring personnel when a safety alert is triggered, in order to direct emergency response teams to that employee in need. Monitoring personnel are aided by direct access to the alert type, the employee's name and phone number, an interactive map of the employee's past location history and the locations of any nearby colleagues whom could possibly go to the incident right away. Some of the Loner IS features include: Instant wireless communication of safety alerts generated by an employee's Loner IS device. True Fall Detection® technology that alerts monitoring personnel when a fall is detected; (differentiated from other activity such as jumping off a loading dock or running down stairs). Activity monitoring that detects man-down situations where an employee has become motionless. An emergency latch that allows monitored personnel to instantly request help. Local alarms that generate a loud audible tone and flashing indicator lights to aid responders to quickly locate the employee. Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D intrinsic safety certification. More information visit About Myionu. Myionu (a division of AffinityOne Pty Ltd) is a Perth based GPS tracking service provider for a wide range vehicle, personal and asset tracking systems. AffinityOne also holds distribution rights for SPOT, inReach and Blackline GPS in Australia. Myionu’s mission is to provide a single source and operating platform for high quality location based products and services, allowing customers to have a complete view of their personnel, vehicles, and assets in almost any environment anywhere in the world.Loner IS DeviceANThill Internal Beacon Long life battery protects assets 2013-05-07T05:30:34Z long-life-battery-protects-assets Perth based GPS Tracking Company, Myionu (pronounced ‘my eye on you’), have introduced a range of intelligent battery powered GPS Tracking devices which remotely monitor location and movement of a range of assets and plant equipment. Unlike many tracking solutions, Myionu AssetTrack does not rely on external power. Using the very latest battery technology coupled together with intelligent GPS Myionu AssetTrack can last up to massive 7 years. The fit and forget devices are IP67 rated and can work in extreme temperatures  Temperature -30º to +75º C (operating) -40º to +85º C (storage). Using the Telstra Next G network to send data, coverage is excellent. Paul Delaney, Myionu GM says “the Myionu AssetTrack now gives customers a cost effective solution to track and manage a range of assets including trailers, containers and plant equipment” Measuring just 55 x 55 x 260mm the device is completely self-contained and can be deployed in minutes without specialist installation.   The Myionu AssetTrack is a battery operated, non-rechargeable trailer tracking product designed for reliable, multi-year deployments. The AssetTrack is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance needs. The AssetTrack can be configured over the air to change the way the unit reports. Regardless of the number of updates the AssetTrack produces, the monthly service fees remain the same at just $30 per unit per month. As with all Myionu™ products, AssetTrack comes with a life time warranty† and the choice of a no contract option. Location and management information can be viewed at anytime, anywhere in the world from any device that has an internet connection using a standard web based browser.  ‘Pay as you use’ tracking now available in Australia 2012-10-26T04:34:31Z pay-as-you-use-tracking-now-available-in-australia Perth based GPS Tracking Company, Myionu (pronounced ‘my eye on you’), have introduced a range of ‘pay as you use’ real-time GPS tracking products that allow users to monitor and locate people, products or property at anytime - only paying for the service when needed. The Myionu Protector Series is aimed at users who only want to know location information on an occasional basis; for example to check on a child’s location, or to know then something (or someone) has been moved without their knowledge. Paul Delaney, General Manager said “many customers have asked us to produce a system that does not involve a fixed monthly cost. They want to be able to have access to real-time tracking when they need it, without having to pay a monthly access fee” Users are charged just 15c for each location. The service has no monthly fees, no mobile network access cost and no minimum contract term. Paul continues “Myionu has used the same high quality hardware that is found in our current range, changing only the way that hardware delivers location based information. In doing this, users can upgrade their existing product at no cost to our fixed cost web based system at a later date, should they wish”. The initial range will include a personal, vehicle and asset tracking option, all of which include a duress facility. The range powered by a rechargable battery which provides a massive 400 hour standby on a single charge. The asset and vehicle options include a wiring kit which provides constant power from the asset/vehicle’s power source (where available), whilst the personal option includes a wall charger. All products in the Protector series are small (68mm x 40mm x 21mm) and packed with safety and security features, including duress, low power and device on/off alerts, along with configurable alerts to monitor speed, non-authorised movement and entry or exit activity from selected geographical areas.  Our low cost 15c per message charge within Australia is further enhanced with the ability to use the service overseas, with the inclusion of our International Roaming package.  This means that locations can be sent from over 55 Countries worldwide, for just 75c each. The system uses SMS to send back the co-ordinates (in real time), contained within a simple hyperlink to the Google mobile mapping application, allowing Smart Phone users to see the precise location and address details on a map.  Pricing is $ 299 inc GST and delivery and includes SIM card and a $ 5 credit to get you started. GPS helps Alzheimers and dementia patients 2012-07-18T04:59:22Z gps-helps-alzheimers-and-dementia-patients Perth based GPS Tracking service provider Myionu has launched a new GPS tracking service called Myionu for safety to help carers of Alzheimers and dementia patients. The small GPS tracking device will raise an alert should a patient leave or enter any preset location, (for example their home). The device will then constantly update the location of the patient at regular 1 minute or 3 minute intervals. The location can be viewed via a secure portal from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an internet connection. Paul Delaney, Myionu head of sales said “Carers are turning to GPS Tracking technology to provide real-time visibility of patients” He continues “now that GPS tracking devices have become more affordable they are fast becoming a viable solution in the healthcare market ” Myionu for safety is a small battery powered GPS tracking device that can be put in a pocket, clipped to a belt or lanyard. The battery can last up to 400 hours in a single charge with alerts being raised and sent to the carer via email when the battery level gets too low. Myionu for safety also features a duress system which, when activated, immediately alerts the carer via email and an audiovisual alert on computer screen as to the location of the patient. The unit will also continue to track the patient’s movements. There are no doubt concerns whether this technology is an invasion of privacy. Mr Delaney commented on these concerns, “ each customer has a secure personal login, I believe that GPS tracking will become as common place as mobile phones are within a few years. It is the responsibility of ourselves (and other service providers) to ensure subscribers only use the service for legitimate purposes and that should we become aware that the service is being misused it will be immediately suspended. The cost of the Myionu for safety is just $249 with monthly subscriptions from only $30. AffinityOne Distributes Delorme inReach 2012-06-21T04:09:38Z affinityone-distributes-delorme-inreach AffinityOne are pleased to announce that it will be distributing the new DeLorme inReach for Pivotel in Australia.The inReach will availablefrom all AffinityOne and approved dealers throughout Australia. DeLorme inReach. The DeLorme inReach is the first affordable, two-way, satellite communications device ever. It’s about the size and weight of a smartphone, but much, much more durable: it’s waterproof, buoyant and impact-resistant. Use it alone, and it's a revolutionary survival device; pair it with a smartphone , and it's one of the most versatile devices you’ll ever meet. Two-way SOS So you know your cries in the dark aren’t just “cries in the dark.” Affordable, two-way, satellite communication has arrived at the ends of the earth — and everywhere in between. It’s the “two-way” feature of the Delorme inReach that is blazing new trail in the industry. Without it, you’re just pressing an SOS button and wondering if help will arrive. Two-way SOS means your messages will be confirmed upon delivery. You'll also have remote tracking and access to GEOS emergency services (at no extra charge). Follow-Me/Find-Me Tracking and Location “This way to the middle of nowhere.” Bring family and friends with you, using Follow-Me/Find-Me Tracking and Location’s automatic location feature. Turn it on or off at a whim, and ensure that your route is known. Use it to aid rescuers, to make maps, to keep you connected to the world, or just to provide a measure of authenticity to your travel stories or adventures. People can even ping your inReach to find your latest location. Two-way Messaging. If you’re going off the grid, stay in touch with inReach. Two-way communication becomes two-way texting when your inReach is paired with a smartphone. Now you can both send and receive messages — that means interactive SOS messages, text messages, emails, social network updates, etc., and full GPS navigation. In short, an affordable remote satellite connection that is no less than revolutionary. Device Compatibility iPod touch (3rd and 4th generations) iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPad (3rd generation) iPad 2 iPad Android phone Android tablet Specs Dimensions: 3.4" H (4.77" including antenna), 2.85" W, 1.73" D; 8.6 cm H (12.1 cm including antenna), 7.2 cm W, 4.4 cm D Weight: 7 oz (198 g) without batteries; 8 oz (227 g) with 2 lithium batteries Waterproof and dustproof (IP68) and buoyant (it floats) Impact-resistant (Mil STD 810F) Operating temperature: −20C to 70C (−4F to 158F) Storage temperature: −45C to 75C (−49F to 167F) SOS locking mechanism complies with RTCM SC-128 for satellite emergency notification devices (SEND); prevents false alarms and supports one-handed gloved operation GPS chipset for remote tracking and embedding location coordinates in all sent messages. Accuracy +/− 5 meters GPS fix reports position, speed, course, and elevation with each track or message sent Power Uses two AA lithium batteries (included) Lithium batteries provide the best performance and are strongly recommended. Alkaline and NiMH batteries also supported Battery life: 60 hours (lithium) sending one-track point every 10 minutes; results will vary depending on usage conditions Certifications IC FCC CE C- Ticked Pricing has yet to be annouced, however inReach will be available in August 2012More information can be found at Myionu Android App released on Google play 2012-05-17T07:55:14Z myionu-android-app-released-on-google-play Perth, Western Australia.May 17th 2012 Using Smart phones to send location is nothing new however, the team at Myionu have taken this concept to a new level and have released the next generation of intelligent, Smartphone tracking. Up until now, using your Smartphone as a tracking device has been a gimmick due to its limited functionality. The Myionu Smartphone Application is now available free on Google Play: - Myionu for Mobiles uses the existing GPS technology that is commonplace in most Smart phones and mobile tablets and enhances delivery of this information to produce a low cost, business grade tracking system. Location data is triggered by a combination of time, distance and speed. In doing this, battery use (which up until now has been one of the biggest downfalls) is minimised. As the location data is received by Myionu, it is interrogated to determine if any events should be triggered; for example, entry into a pre-defined area, speed and even if the user has been at a location longer than a pre-set time period. An automated alerting system will generate an event (which can be sent as an email, or displayed on specific or groups of PC’s) The Myionu system will also provide a wide range of detailed managements reports including trip detail, stop times and more. With Myionu™ for mobiles you are now able to harness the GPS power of your Smart phone to deliver real-time location based data directly to theMyionu™portal. Key Features Use existing smartphones Real-time tracking anywhere ˆ Detailed trip information Choice of update times‡ Customer activity Geofencing – with alerts Speed alerts Stop time Journey time Full management reporting Restricted area alert Duress* Myionu for mobiles is available for i-phone, Android phones, Windows phone, and Blackberry. Android and iPad tablets are also compatible provided they have a mobile phone network connection. (not Wi-Fi) Myionu for mobile has a one-time licence fee is $49 per device with a monthly service fee of just $17.50. About Myionu Myionu™is a revolutionary GPS tracking platform which has been designed to integrate with almost any GPS Tracking device, on any network, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, if a device can be tracked, the chances are we can deliver location data to the Myionu™ platform. Applications include: vehicle tracking, personal tracking, asset tracking, container tracking more.