The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-12-12T23:45:37Z Freedom SEO Offers Cheapest Domain Names 2010-12-12T23:45:37Z freedom-seo-offers-cheapest-com-au-domain-names Does it sound awkward when it is told to you that SEO is something that should be considered when selecting a domain name? Well it’s true. Choosing a domain name that reflects best SEO practices can make your website popular even before you launch it. Every time an Internet user needs some information, product, or service, he naturally tries to look for it on a search engine. Search engine optimization is a process which when applied while choosing domain name can cater to its popularity. In simple words, it is important to apply right words when you are selecting a domain name. Using relevant words make your website search-engine-friendly. Freedom SEO offers cheapest domain names in Australia. 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Use Google PPC Campaigns to Find Better Keywords for SEO 2010-08-16T23:57:31Z use-google-ppc-campaigns-to-find-better-keywords-for-seo The brilliance of Google PPC advertising campaigns is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert meaning that you only pay for successful campaigns. If you create an advert that doesn't look particularly eye catching, or use an un-popular search term, then you will find that no one clicks on the advert, but that won't have cost you anything so it won't matter. At the same time you can also set the amount you're willing to pay out for each click on your advert, as well as overall. If you offer to pay a lot for each advert click then you will find that your advert is displayed more regularly and you drive more traffic to your site (the adverts are displayed at random with an element of bidding involved) but it will of course cost you more. To make sure you don't spend more than you want to though you can also set an upper limit, so that after spending a certain amount that day your advert then stops showing. This allows you tightly control the specifics regarding your advertising campaign, and at the same time it also means that you can create an advertising campaign to suit any budget. At the same time though this also importantly gives you a lot of feedback and data that you can use to improve your site and your adverts. You know precisely how many times each advert has been clicked on and where they were displayed. When it comes to targeting keywords this gives you some powerful information. Here you target specific keywords with adverts so that when someone searches that term your link will come up at the top as one of the 'sponsored' results. Many people don't know the difference between the sponsored results and the real results and so this is a very quick way to send people to your site, and even those who do know can often be tempted by a well worded advert that makes thee website sound appealing. What this tells you though, is which keywords are being typed most regularly and which ones are specifically sending people to your site. This is also essentially the idea of Search Engine Optimisation - using other techniques to make your site rank at the top of the list and thereby gain a prime position and lots of traffic in a more 'natural' way. The reason people use PPC then is that SEO takes more time and gives you no guarantee of success. However the two combined provide a powerful solution in that they enable you to use your data gathered from your PPC campaign to know which keywords and keyphrases are the most profitable. In other words you can target a keyword with a PPC campaign and then if it's successful choose to start using SEO to target it, or if it's unsuccessful move on. This way you're not wasting time or money on SEO work that won't be profitable. In this way you can even 'swap' your PPC for your SEO and then move on to a search term. This ensures that you're always dominating that search term, and furthermore enables you to create successful SEO campaigns more quickly. The really brilliant thing is then that you're not actually losing anything if it doesn't work as you won't pay for the advert unless it gets clicked.