The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-12-08T06:44:14Z Granny dumping – in a hospital near you this Christmas 2011-12-08T06:44:14Z granny-dumping-in-a-hospital-near-you-this-christmas While it is the season to celebrate your love for your family, every year over the Christmas period elderly Australians are increasingly being dumped in hospital emergency departments, in a disturbing trend that has been dubbed ‘granny dumping’. Vera Randall, a long-time human rights campaigner who set up the first World Vision office in Australia, the Inaugural Australian Business Woman of the Year 1979 and the passionate author of the ‘Granny Rescue’ blog, said the ageing population and the increased stress levels in people’s lives was fuelling a rise in granny dumping. She estimates that there could be as many as 100 cases of granny dumping across the country every year. “It’s a heartbreaking revelation, but granny dumping is a real issue that is happening all around Australia, and which sadly tends to peak around the Christmas season,” said Vera. “Every year elderly grannies and grandpas are dumped at hospital emergency departments and respite centres by relatives who just can’t cope with their care anymore. These family members have reached a point where they are so desperate that they just don't know what else to do – so they end up dumping their granny or grandpa, sneaking off for a break and then (mostly) coming back,” she continues. Launched this week, Vera’s blog ‘Granny Rescue’ is an initiative that has been sponsored by her employer Just Better Care, aiming to shed light on the shocking practice of granny dumping, and also provide alternatives to dumping. The blog encourages people to participate in conversations online to find ways to engage with older Australians and rescue them from a range of things including feeling isolated, bored and not appreciated. On the blog site you can sign a petition to stop granny dumping, adopt a granny and take the oath, Older Australians MATTER. You can find out how to get help if you’re not coping, find ideas for Christmas presents for granny, for example a diary in which family members can ‘make a date’ with granny to do special things throughout the year. And, Vera, the Granny Rescuer, says, “Make the date and keep it – don’t stand granny up!” “We want Australia to engage in conversations to find ways to rescue older Australians from boredom, loneliness and being dumped, to realise that Older Australians MATTER and deserve a joyful Christmas,” says Vera, who feels blessed to have two grandchildren who makes her feel loved and cared for – and she has high hopes that grannies and grandpas who aren’t so fortunate will be rescued from loneliness this Christmas. For more information on the Granny Rescue blog see The public can help to make sure Older Australian’s matter this Christmas by showing support through social media by: Sign the petition at - Adopt a Granny - just give some of your time, even an hour - apply here Join us on Facebook - See some serious and funny sides of Granny Rescue on Comment on Vera's blog -, share your own stories Join Vera on Twitter @grannyrescue Post the Badge on your Social Networks