The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-12-13T01:44:52Z Blend up healthy goodness to go 2016-12-13T01:44:52Z blend-up-healthy-goodness-to-go MEDIA RELEASE December 2016 Blend up healthy goodness to go As the weather heats up and delicious summer fruits become available, it’s an ideal time of year to kick start each day with a nutritious smoothie for the commute to work, morning walk or post gym workout. Convenient and easy to use, the Kambrook Blitz2Go personal blender creates delicious breakfast smoothies, juices or protein shakes directly in the bottle. Simply switch the blade holder with the closable drinking cap and it’s ready to enjoy on the go. With a greater focus on eating more fruit and vegetable in 2016*, the Blitz2Go is an ideal option for busy Australians who like to maximise their nutrition. Featuring an easy grip design, the Blitz2Go includes a 300ml and two 600ml BPA free Tritan plastic bottles. Stay on top of your fruit and vegetable intake with the Kambrook’s Blitz2Go recipe e-book with more than 200 recipes. Kambrook Blitz2Go™ Active personal blender RRP: $49.95 Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798. Consumer blog Facebook * Images can be downloaded here: Stand mixer stands up to competition 2013-07-31T06:00:27Z stand-mixer-stands-up-to-competition Make light work of preparing that next birthday cake, bake sale treat or artisan loaf with Kambrook’s PowerMix Stand Mixer. This powerful machine boasts a 600 watt motor to whip egg whites or knead bread dough in minutes, with a price tag of just $129.95 to entice both the casual and serious baker.Ensuring no task is too tough for this appliance, the PowerMix includes durable stainless steel ribbon beaters and dough hooks, both easily released for cleaning. The 12 speed settings make it simple to select the right speed for a range of kitchen tasks, from whipping cream, to folding and creaming ingredients and kneading dough.  The turbo boost button can provide an extra burst of power.For added versatility, the PowerMix includes two interchangeable, stainless steel mixing bowls.  Use one bowl for the batter and another for the icing to minimise washing up between tasks. The quality 4 litre and 1.8 litre bowls have been weighted to minimise movement and can be manually or automatically rotated. This easy-to-use mixer includes a convenient eject button so the dough hooks and beaters can be easily removed. The tilt adjustable head gives added control when mixing and convenience when cleaning and inserting beaters and dough hooks.With a quiet and smooth performance, the Kambrook PowerMix Stand Mixer is a durable helping hand in the kitchen for bakers on any budget.Kambrook PowerMix Stand Mixer (KSM400) – RRP $129.95Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798. Consumer blog Facebook Media enquiries:Emily Kennedy or Simone Esamie, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email: or Stick mixer has the X factor to mash, chop or blend 2013-07-18T23:52:48Z stick-mixer-has-the-x-factor-to-mash-chop-or-blend With four blade precision and a mashing attachment to make lump-free mashed potato, the highly featured X Blade Food Prep System from Kambrook powers through meal preparation. Matched with a blending jug, chopper bowl and blade, the compact appliance manages multiple jobs with ease, saving valuable time in the kitchen.   The perfect side to hearty lamb shanks or to top off a cottage pie, creamy mashed potato is quickly and effortlessly achieved with the X Blade’s mashing attachment.  Featuring stainless steel blades and an easy to clean design, foods can be mashed directly in the saucepan to a silky smooth consistency.    The convenient stick mixer features a stainless steel shaft and simple operation for hand blending soups, smoothies, cocktails, dips and pureeing baby foods.  Ideal for processing small or large quantities, the Kambrook X Blade is a practical helper for singles, couples and growing families.    Adding to its versatility, the 500ml chopper bowl and blade transform the X Blade into a mini food processor.  Simply attach the control and adjust the variable speed dial to suit the task at hand.  Chopped salads, nuts and herbs are just seconds away and freshly made curry pastes, pesto or dukkah will pack a full flavour punch.      This 600 watt X Blade food preparation system includes a turbo boost button when extra power is needed and an 800ml blending jug is shaped for mixing a quick smoothie or power shake.  To keep prepared foods fresh in the fridge, the blending jug and chopper both come with lids which double as a non-slip base when processing.   X Blade Food Prep System (KSB100) – RRP $69.95   Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798. Consumer blog Facebook Kambrook’s winter heating solutions 2012-05-04T00:11:05Z kambrook-s-winter-heating-solutions Kambrook’s comprehensive range of winter heating appliances ensures that staying warm this winter is affordable and safe. With a wide selection of both electric heaters and electric blankets to suit all budgets and needs, Kambrook is the smarter choice for winter heating.Stay snug and warm in bed this winter with Kambrook’s new, easy to use Snugasabug Fitted King Electric Blanket. Suitable for standard king-sized beds, the King Fitted features three personal heat settings and an extra foot warmth feature for added comfort. With dual detachable controllers and made from quality, machine washable materials and fabrics, the Fitted King is family-friendly and easy to clean. Like all Kambrook electric blankets, the Fitted King incorporates high-quality Japanese components, built-in safety overheat protection and a three year warranty for added peace of mind.Kambrook’s new Dual Heater combines two great heating elements in one - convection and radiant heat - to deliver maximum results. A multi-purpose heater, the Dual Heater emits convection heat from the top to warm the air in the room and radiant heat from the front panel for instant warmth. The Dual Heater is easy to use and features four heat settings and variable thermostat control. In keeping with Kambrook’s strict safety standards, the Dual Heater also has a safety tip-over cut-out switch and ThermoGuard overheat protection.Take the chill out of the air with Kambrook’s new Upright Fan Heater. Great for personal heating and smaller rooms, the Upright Fan Heater heats up quickly and uses a fan to circulate warm air around the room. It features two personal heat settings, a fan only setting and variable thermostat for extra control. The Upright Fan Heater is safe to use and includes a safety tip-over cut-out switch and ThermoGuard overheat protection as standard.Kambrook Snugasabug Fitted King Electric Blanket (KEB442) - $99.95 RRPKambrook Dual Heater (KRH300) - $99.95 RRPKambrook Upright Fan Heater (KFH310) - $49.95 RRPConsumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798.Keep an eye on Kambrook’s Facebook fan page for the company’s latest news: Kambrook helps take the pressure off busy mealtimes 2012-03-09T02:56:03Z kambrook-helps-take-the-pressure-off-busy-mealtimes With the launch of its new Pressure Express Pressure Cooker, leading Australian home appliance brand, Kambrook believes a whole new generation will warm to the benefits of pressure cooking. Kambrook’s new Pressure Express enables cooks under time pressure to create delicious, nutritious meals in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods. A stew, for example, can be cooked in 45 minutes rather than the usual 8-10 hours. The Pressure Express is one of Kambrook’s one pot wonders, giving consumers a choice of appliances which save time cooking and cleaning up. It’s as simple as sauting meats and vegetables in the Pressure Express before adding extra ingredients to cook a casserole or curry, for example. The manual dial features six settings and a saut function for different types of meals for flexibility. Legumes, grains, meats and vegetables can all be cooked in the Pressure Express. Easy to ‘set and forget’ until dinner time, it is even designed to serve meals directly at the table. With its heat resistant base, simply remove the cord and the pressure cooker becomes a serving dish. The convenience of pressure cooking in the Pressure Express is matched by its safety and ease of use. Three levels of safety are built in. The lid’s safety locking rod and seal ensures that it closes securely. The steam release valves activate automatically when excessive pressure builds and can also be used manually. And the high pressure valve acts as a back up ensuring pressure cooking is safer than ever before. As with all Kambrook appliances, the Pressure Express Pressure Cooker has been rigorously tested to ensure safety and durability. At $99.95, it’s good value and a great time saver for busy cooks.Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798. For recipes and further inspiration, visit the A Perfect Pantry blog at Additionally, keep an eye on Kambrook’s Facebook fan page for the company’s latest news: New two-in-one combo mixer takes the cake 2012-01-19T23:13:07Z new-two-in-one-combo-mixer-takes-the-cak Kambrook has just released the PowerMix Combo Stand Mixer; a handy two-in-one appliance which gives cooks more flexibility in the kitchen. This stand mixer and hand mixer in one is a great addition to any cook’s toolkit and Kambrook believes it to be the best value stand mixer on the market.The turbo boost ensures the appliance is powerful enough to knead bread and the five speed control makes it gentle enough for even the most delicate tasks. The thoroughness of mixing and the smoothness of its operation make it a great appliance for any cooking or baking enthusiast. Ease of use, convenience and durability will win over busy cooks who appreciate the versatility of the PowerMix Combo. The tilt-head feature and generous sized stainless steel rotating mixing bowl make it user friendly and easy to clean. The chrome plated beaters and dough hooks guarantee perfect results. Having two appliances in one also means there is less need for storage space.This two-in-one, practical appliance would take pride of place in any kitchen whether whipping cream, cake batter or bread dough. The PowerMix Combo Stand Mixer makes a great gift for the pro cook and novice baker alike.Kambrook PowerMix Combo Stand Mixer (KMX200) $59.95 RRPFor recipes and further inspiration, visit the A Perfect Pantry blog at enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798.Additionally, keep an eye on Kambrook’s facebook fan page for the company’s latest news: Kambrook introduce kitchen’s little helper 2011-12-19T05:21:40Z kambrook-introduce-kitchen-s-little-helper Kambrook has introduced the perfect small appliance for people who love cooking but hate all the preparation that goes with it. The Chop & Store Mini-Chopper is a must have in the kitchen for any cooking enthusiast. It chops and dices quickly and evenly and saves valuable time. It’s the ideal small appliance for every day use. The Chop & Store has a one touch soft grip, instant processing function which makes food preparation simple. The powerful and durable stainless steel blades chop easily through vegetables, and the one litre glass bowl, with matching lid, allows for easy storage after processing. The Chop & Store Mini-Chopper is perfect for chopping garlic, slicing onions, cutting vegetables and much more. Plus, it’s simple to clean, dishwasher safe and comes with Kambrook’s 12 month warranty. No more slicing and dicing for hours on end. Let the Chop & Store Mini-Chopper take the hassle out of everyday cooking. Kambrook Chop & Store Mini-Chopper (KFP40) $39.95 RRP For recipes and further inspiration, visit the A Perfect Pantry blog at Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798. Additionally, keep an eye on Kambrook’s facebook fan page for the company’s latest news: Quatro cooking magic from Kambrook – four types of cooking in one handy appliance 2011-10-05T04:25:00Z quatro-cooking-magic-from-kambrook-four-types-of-cooking-in-one-handy-appliance Taking versatility and convenience in the kitchen to a new level, Kambrook has launched a combined slow cooker and rice cooker, known as the Quatro Multi-Cooker. The first product of its kind on the market, the Quatro is able to saut, slow cook, steam and cook rice.Perfect for dinner parties, families or households with limited space; it can easily produce dishes from lamb shanks and casseroles, to soups and curries, roasts and even puddings. Featuring a saut function with variable temperature control, the Quatro Multi-Cooker makes it easy to retain the flavour, browning meats and frying vegetables. Enabling the flavours to develop and intensify, the slow cooker function sets the appliance to a low temperature cooking for up to six hours, all in the same large 4.5 litre non-stick cooking bowl. As a rice cooker, the Quatro has an eight cup capacity. The addition of a keep warm function makes any dish a pleasure to prepare and serve. Offering a quick and healthy fourth cooking function, the Quatro Multi-Cooker enables cooks to steam vegetables, seafood or chicken and lock in nutrients using the removable steaming rack and glass lid with steam vent. Designed with convenience in mind, its cool-touch handle and removable crockery bowl make the process even simpler as it’s possible to cook and serve all in the same dish. There’s less washing up and less need for storage space.Quatro Multi-Cooker (KMC200) – RRP $79.95For recipes and further inspiration, visit the A Perfect Pantry blog at enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798Additionally, keep an eye on Kambrook’s Facebook fan page for the company’s latest news: Media enquiries:Emily Kennedy or Alexandra Galloway, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email:; What budding bakers knead to know 2011-06-27T00:05:28Z what-budding-bakers-knead-to-know To help shave dollars off grocery bills, Kambrook has introduced the new Size Select Bread Maker that bakes delicious and healthy bread for as little as $1.57 a loaf.A cost effective solution to escalating food prices, the versatile Kambrook bread maker can be programmed to bake a fresh loaf for breakfast, bread rolls for school lunches, pizza dough for a family meal, or to create a delicious specialty bread to accompany dinner.“It’s hard not to love the inviting aroma, taste, texture and warmth of freshly baked bread.It’s a beautiful smell to wake up to,” said Cassandra Heneghan, Kambrook’s Home Economist. “Having a bread maker at home means there can be fresh and healthy bread for breakfast, but it also gives budding bakers an excuse to get creative. The Kambrook bread maker can also be used to create unique specialty loaves, pizza bases, sweet breads or fruit loaves, slices, jams and even chutneys that are otherwise expensive to buy.”Sure to be a hit with the whole family, the easy to use Kambrook Size Select Bread Maker offers 11 easy touch preset programs and light, medium and dark crust selections to accommodate a multitude of recipe adaptations. Home bakers simply need to place ingredients into the bread maker, select the cooking process and the Kambrook bread maker will take care of the entire process - from the rising and kneading of the dough through to the golden crust.The bread maker allows effortless control with a smart LCD screen, easy view window, automatic keep warm function and 15-hour delay start timer. For added inspiration, it comes with a range of recipe ideas – from the classic French loaf, to strawberry vanilla bread and orange rum marmalade.* Approximate cost from Australian Bureau of Statistics Average Retail Prices of Selected Items report, Mar 2011: Size Select Bread Maker – RRP $99.95Consumer enquiries: visit or call 1300 139 798 Puree power with Kambrook’s stylish Stick Mixer 2011-03-30T04:42:00Z puree-power-with-kambrook-s-stylish-stick-mixer Kambrook’s new Power Drive Stick Mixer is a smart, ergonomically designed appliance, featuring durable stainless steel blades for high performance mixing. Offering variable speeds and a boost function, the 500 watt mixer can effortlessly blend, emulsify, chop, grind or puree - all at the touch of a button. The stylish Stick Mixer offers excellent value for money and comes with a chopping attachment, large measuring bowl and mixing container. The detachable shaft also enables easy cleaning. In a white finish, complementing Kambrook’s full Power Drive range, the Stick Mixer is a must-have for the modern kitchen.Power Drive Stick Mixer (KSB8) – RRP $54.95Enquiries: 1300 139 798 / enquiries:Emily Kennedy or Alexandra Galloway, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email: or Kambrook’s portable vacuum makes cleaning a breeze 2011-02-22T05:56:25Z kambrook-s-portable-vacuum-makes-cleaning-a-breeze Able to handle a variety of mess and spills with both wet and dry pick up, the Captiv12V portable vacuum alsoboasts a large capacity dust and liquid canister for comprehensive cleaning. Priced at an affordable $59.95, the lightweight unit is simple to manoeuvre and promises versatility, with a built-in crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas and additional brush tool.The model features an on/off LED light which also indicates when the battery has been fully charged. For further convenience, the vacuum is wall-mountable making storage easy and is simple to clean thanks to the removable canister.True to Kambrook’s rigorous testing procedures, the Captiv12V model has been put through 200 hours of continuous usage. That’s enough time to pick up more than 300 litres of water.For information about Kambrook’s complete range of vacuum cleaners, call 1300 139 798 or visit Additionally, keep an eye on Kambrook’s facebook fan page for competitions and the company’s latest news: Captiv12V portable vacuum (KHV200) – RRP $59.95Media enquiries:Kristine Snell or Lara Nickson, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email:; Home cooks keen for light and healthy meals over summer 2011-01-31T07:19:47Z home-cooks-keen-for-light-and-healthy-meals-over-summer According to small appliance brand Kambrook, steaming, grilling and frying are particularly popular cooking methods at this time of year.“We’ve noticed that rice cookers and woks are used a lot during the summer months,” says Cassandra Heneghan, Kambrook’s Home Economist. “Both products are ideal for healthy meals as they need only a minimum amount of oil. And there are so many ways these appliances can be used to make straightforward yet delicious summer dishes.”Traditionally, the rice cooker is viewed as an appliance dedicated to rice-based dishes such as risotto and stir-fries. However, rice cookers can be used to create soups, stews, porridge and oatmeal, jams and marmalades and to steam vegetables, fish and chicken.“The sky really is the limit with a rice cooker so it’s no surprise that it’s often called the ‘everything’ cooker.”The same goes for the wok. While it is synonymous with stir-fries, it’s also perfect for omelettes, fried rice, vegetable salads and dumplings. Additionally, because of its high cooking temperature, it is ideal for preparing red meats.For full recipes and further inspiration from Cassandra, visit her new blog A Perfect Pantry at further information about Kambrook’s products, visit 1300 139 798 / enquiries:Juliet Fisher or Kristine Snell, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email:; Pure power blending with Kambrook’s Power Drive range 2010-11-18T05:35:44Z pure-power-blending-with-kambrook-s-power-drive-range The 600 watt blenders offer two speeds and a pulse function for total flexibility and can be used to prepare a variety of different foods and drinks, such as juices, sauces and pts.Large quantities can be made at one time thanks to the 1.5 litre capacity glass jug and the stainless steel blades make light work of crushing ice.For safety, non-slip feet are included and both blenders can be easily disassembled and cleaned.In either a white finish, complementing the other products in the Power Drive range, or in stainless steel, the blenders are sure to sit smartly on the kitchen benchtop and offer excellent value for money.Power Drive Blender (KBL110) – RRP $49.95Stainless Power Drive Blender (KBL210) - RRP $69.95Enquiries: 1300 139 798 / enquiries:Juliet Fisher or Kristine Snell, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email:; Kambrook encourages families to cook together 2010-10-14T04:35:43Z kambrook-encourages-families-to-cook-together Great for kids’ parties or holiday cooking, Little Chefs is a range of six products offering excellent value at just $39.95 each. With three step-by-step instructions, each appliance is easy to use and creates delicious treats. And as a bonus, kids can get a free Little Chefs apron.Perfect for a light snack, the Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker produces delicious, fluffy popcorn. Simply pour popcorn kernels into the top of the appliance using the measuring cup, turn the appliance on and watch it pop into action.On a hot summer’s day, the Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver is the ideal way to cool down. Pour water into the containers provided and freeze. Then place the ice into the appliance and press the button on the top to start it. Add flavouring for the desired taste and enjoy a refreshing shaved ice treat.The Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker is sure to be a crowd pleaser and comes with two cups for added convenience. Just add milk and flavouring to a cup and place it under the nozzle to mix a frothy, smooth and delicious drink.The Crazy Crunch Cookie Press is a fun and easy way for kids to prepare freshly baked cookies for friends. Insert the cookie dough into the appliance and select a disc to determine the cookies’ shape. Press the button to eject the dough onto an oven tray and bake. Once cooked, decorate with sprinkles, chocolate drops and other tasty toppings.Perfect for entertaining, the Sugar & Spice Doughnut Maker makes six light and fluffy doughnuts in one go. Simply add the mixture into each of the six holes, close the lid and after three minutes enjoy fresh, warm doughnuts.Due to popular demand, the Mr Mustard Hot Dog Maker has been updated and re-introduced into Kambrook’s product line-up. Simply place cold water into the main container. Once the water is steaming, add the hot dogs and pop the buns onto the two warmers. Finish with a favourite sauce and savour this scrumptious hot snack.Kambrook Little Chefs Mr Mustard Hot Dog Maker (KHD10) – RRP $39.95Kambrook Little Chefs Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker (KPC10) – RRP $39.95Kambrook Little Chefs Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver (KIS20) – RRP $39.95Kambrook Little Chefs Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker (KMS10) – RRP $39.95Kambrook Little Chefs Crazy Crunch Cookie Press (KCP100) – RRP $39.95Kambrook Little Chefs Sugar & Spice Doughnut Maker (KDM1) – RRP $39.95Enquiries: 1300 139 798 / enquiries:Juliet Fisher or Kristine Snell, Write Away Communication + EventsPh: 02 9978 1400 / Email:;