The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-09-13T02:02:10Z Is Boot Camp Right For You? 2010-09-13T02:02:10Z is-boot-camp-right-for-you Is Boot Camp Right For You?So, you want to get in shape. You’ve had gym memberships through the years, but you just get bored with the workout—X-number of crunches, X-number of reps on the weight machines (when it’s finally your turn), and then, mile after endless mile on the treadmill. Even the built in TV doesn’t help, because you’re sick of the repetition with TV shows, as well. Well, there is an alternative. It’s time to ask—“Is boot camp right for you?”THE BENEFITS OF BOOT CAMPTo determine if boot camp is right for you, look at the benefits.- It’s a full body workout- It requires less time than most workouts—it’s like a concentrated workout- It requires little equipment- The exercises vary from workout to workout, so you don’t get bored- It usually involves a team, so others are doing the same workout as you. This helps with the boredom level, as well. It also helps your commitment, since - it’s easier for some people to work out if they know people are expecting them to be there.- You have a coach, which is almost like having a personal trainer, except less expensive- It’s easy to fit into your schedule, although it often meets early in the morning or late evening, which doesn’t work for some people.THE PROCESSThe process is fast and furious. You meet your group at the agreed place, whether it’s the gym or a park, and start off with a good warm-up. That’s if you’ve chosen the right boot camp—always be leery of workout regimens that don’t involve warm-ups and cool-downs. Now, the workout—well, that varies between instructors, even between workouts. The workouts may involve:- Weights- Ropes- Tires- “Children’s” games (heh, heh) such as tag (with medicine balls) or tug of war (with a 6 inch diameter, water soaked mooring lineThen the cool-down—usually stretches.THE INTENSITYBe not deceived—the intensity is high. You get an army style workout. This is the part that produces results. You do stay hydrated with frequent water breaks, but for 25 to 30 minutes it will be full on training. You will work your whole body, including:- Upper body- Lower body- Cardio- Pulmonary- CoreSo, is boot camp right for you? If you enjoy work, sweat, and camaraderie, this may be the upgrade you are looking for in your workout.Written by Donna Fisher for Executive Results - Boot Camp Brisbane Boot Camp Brisbane Is the Place to Be 2010-09-01T22:31:35Z boot-camp-brisbane-is-the-place-to-be Boot Camp Brisbane Is the Place to Be Training with boot camps Brisbane encourages maximum results in minimum time which engages a series of training sessions designed to increase core strength and stability. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, to complete or win a sporting event or just incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, personalized training is offered. In this boot camp, the emphasis has been more on cardio, while caveman aims to improve strength, dexterity and fitness through seemingly old-fashioned workouts which will motivate and transform your mind and body with high energy pumping workout system, to pump you up mentally and physically and have you sweating and shedding those unwanted pounds in no time. Whether you're a beginner or already one of the millions followers, personal trainer Brisbane have the best workout series for any level. If you want to win the war against fat, flab and ill health, join boot camps Brisbane fitness enthusiasts who have registered for fitness. It is designed for people who want the benefits of good health. Well, boot camps are not for those who need to suffer, no. It is for those who want to ramp up their fitness routine and those who find the gym and cardio just not cutting it any more. One of the best ways to see results when trying to lose weight is by working to shed a pound a day. Look better quicker with help from a personal trainer in boot camp Brisbane. There are so many great ways to get rid of a flabby belly without having an operation it's a wonder why some people take the easy way out. When it comes to choosing the right kind of weight loss program, it's always best to know what your body can handle and how much to do right away. At boot camps Brisbane we cater for the young and the old, the fit and the unfit, our personal trainers genuinely care about you. Train to be fitter and stronger, anywhere, anytime 2010-09-01T21:30:11Z train-to-be-fitter-and-stronger-anywhere-anytime Executive Results, whose fitness training centre called The TOUGH Spot is in Brisbane West End, built its training philosophy around “being fitter and stronger, anywhere, anytime.” Working out in a gym or simply working out using weights does not automatically mean that you will have great strength and endurance in real life activities that need these qualities. To illustrate this point, let us say you went rock climbing for the first time on a whim and find yourself hanging on for dear life on a sheer cliff a few hundred meters above the ground. You will discover, with a significant amount of surprise especially if you consider yourself physically fit, your treadmill and free weight work outs, using barbells and dumbbells (or even those high tech exercise machines), did not really prepare you that well for this activity. Many people who frequent conventional gyms can relate to this. The exercises they had been doing did not transfer well into real life. At The TOUGH Spot, the work outs are sets of exercises that relate well to real life and transfer well into either a daily routine or a sudden impulse to take on an extreme activity. They do this by targeting not just specific muscle groups but the chains of muscles, from the core to the extremities, that work together synergistically using a variety of novel, kettlebells (weights that resemble a kettle or a cannonball with a handle) and (would you believe) tyres to name a few, and not so novel equipment, like conventional gym weights and weight machines, in conditions mimicking real life. Work outs are done not just indoors but in a variety of outdoor venues too with Personal Trainers who understand that exercise is not just about losing weight, building muscles, or staying healthy, but about enjoying yourself and feeling great from having stretched your limits. Their services and classes are diverse, from one-on-ones to Boot Camp, so you can always pick one or several that will suit you and, more importantly, fit your schedule. One thing is guaranteed. You will not only exult in the results of your work outs in real life but also have a blast getting those results, at The TOUGH Spot ( or with any of the Personal Trainers of Executive Results ( Invest in your health! 2010-08-31T22:43:32Z invest-in-your-health-1 We all know saying that health is wealth but have we invested in our health as if it were wealth? In today’s fast paced modern world, time frankly means money. It is a given that engaging any competent, and certified, Personal Trainer to handle your fitness is expensive. Few people, however, have wondered about what goes into developing a fitness program tailored to an individual. Most people fixate on and are frozen by the price tag so they miss out on what is really a great opportunity. Good Personal Trainers, the Personal Trainer from Executive Results Brisbane are an example, when meeting a potential client they begin evaluating that persons overall fitness. They then move to reconciling that level with the client’s fitness goals and think up training techniques and possible training routines that would be interesting to the client. Part of this analysis would be any health problems this person has and the ways it would limit the training program, diet for instance. This is actually the easy part as all the pertinent data is readily obtained from the client or the client’s health care provider. Also, coming up with a good program based on this is what Personal Trainers are trained to do. The hard part would be keeping your morale up and your interest keen until you fulfil your specified goal. Now, what if you had to do all this by yourself? Think of the amount of time you would be using up just understanding your level of fitness and your health issues. Your fitness program would also be a cobbled together, trial and error Frankenstein, “trying out something tried and tested” and seeing if it suits you is actually the same thing. This is like playing Russian roulette with your health. The only difference is that you suffer the consequences when you are old and gray, sometimes even before you are old and gray. Cheap Personal Trainers are not an option either. Why would you spend money on and time with someone who did not spend the amount of time and resources good Fitness Trainers did to get their credentials and training? For instance, all Personal Trainers Brisbane have Certificate IV in Fitness. This means that they invested time and money in order to learn things like training & nutrition, the symptomatology and diagnosis of sports injuries, and sports psychology among others. This makes them a good investment for you. Why go to Boot Camp and not just work out at a gym? 2010-08-31T22:17:21Z why-go-to-boot-camp-and-not-just-work-out-at-a-gym Why go to Boot Camp and not just work out at a gym? This is the first question that comes to mind when an uninitiated person sees an ad for Fitness Boot Camp, such as those by Executive Results (or also referred to as Boot Camp Brisbane). The ultimate goal, of both of these methods, are similar, becoming fit or even more fit. There are, however, a few things which make Boot Camp rather attractive. The first is psychological. Have you ever tried to complete a program, of any reasonable length, and felt that after two weeks of grinding through work out after work out, you either wanted a break or began looking for reasons not to work out? It would be entirely different if you had a buddy, or better still, several buddies to help you get past that mental hurdle. The whole group as a unit carries you with it, much like esprit de corps in the military, where boot camp got its name. At Executive Results, not only do your buddies help you through the workouts mentally but they also suffer with you physically, extra push ups as punishment for being tardy for instance. The challenge is another factor. This is not simply trying to do better than your buddies at Boot Camp but also seeing these same people who, like you, may be struggling to reach a certain level of fitness, push themselves to reach that shared goal. Unlike Boot Camp Sergeants in the military who scream you into fitness, the Fitness Trainers at Boot Camp Brisbane encourage you through challenges designed not just to work you out but also to give you that great feeling of really having accomplished something which might have seemed impossible if you went at it alone. Boot Camp is also synonymous with variety and the outdoors when it comes to Fitness training. You don’t go by just repetitions and more repetitions, as in most gym training. There might be games like tug-of-war or an old fashioned obstacle course to spice things up. You get to the point where you look forward to what the Boot Camp Brisbane Trainers come up with the following day. These features, esprit de corps, the challenge and the variety inherent to it, are what have made Boot Camp move from being just another fashionable trend in the fitness industry into the fixture it is today. Extreme Training 2010-08-31T02:45:41Z extreme-training "You must crawl. If you stand up, the bungee will fling you back against the wall. It will hurt." The warning rings in my ears as the bungee is tied around my waist and I begin a constrained "bear walk" on all fours across the gym floor. The bungee is designed to provide resistance as I move forward. I'm sweating and shaking and I'm not sure if that's because of the workout, or the fear I'll be tossed to the other side of the room. I've signed up for Caveman Circuit Training. Personal trainer and gym owner Anna Junghans tells me Caveman Circuit Training is one of the latest trends for those who like to get hot and sweaty. "Over the years everyone has been led into this old-fashioned belief that slugging it out in the gym for two hours every day is the only way to get results, but people are finally waking up and saying, 'Hey, how come after doing that for six months, I'm not seeing any difference?' ," she says. "That's why something like Caveman Circuit Training is so popular, because it's so effective." The circuit workout is similar to a boot camp - the previous incarnation of the extreme workout. In the boot camps I've done, the emphasis has been more on cardio, while caveman aims to improve strength, dexterity and fitness through seemingly old-fashioned workouts. In my 45 or so minutes of "introductory" caveman training I use a sledgehammer, push tyres, lift kettle bells, do burpees and swing ropes. At the end, I'm buggered and sore. "That's the thing about this sort of training, people come here and think they're fit because they can run – but this really shows how fit you are," Junghans says. Junghans says the very fit often wear gas masks during microfitness short, intense workouts - to mimic high-altitude training: "It's for people who really want to take their fitness to the edge." Richie Cranny from Sydney's Platinum Extreme is another advocate of full-on fitness. The mixed martial arts expert says more people are using combat techniques to reach their fitness goals. "The training is so diverse – you've got all the best elements of 78 martial arts into one. Mixed martial arts used to be for people who wanted to compete, but now the training side of it has really been recognised as a huge plus for anyone looking for new ways to train," he says. Cranny, who trains The Biggest Loser trainer Shannon Ponting, says fear of the unknown is the biggest factor stopping people getting involved in extreme training sessions. "When they first hear about it, and even if they really want to do it, people can be too scared to take that first class," he says. But Melody Carstairs from Extreme Body Gym in Melbourne says while fear may initially stop people, the ego eventually drives them into the gym. "The majority of my clients, I would say, come here because they want that picture-perfect body. They want everything hard, and they want it overnight," Carstairs says. "A lot of people also initially have lazy attitude, not realising how crucial weight training and diet are. I change all that for them." .The professional bodybuilder and body sculptor also contends people don't have to spend hours in the gym to achieve amazing results. She lives by an 80-20 rule - put in the hard yards 80 per cent of the time, and give yourself a break in the remaining 20 per cent. But she says people will not get the look they want unless they consistently work hard. "I think the key to a sculpted look is getting a trainer who walks the walk," she says. "You don't want someone with perfect genetics. You want someone who's sweated it out and knows what you're going through." Written by Torny Jensen from mX Newspaper