The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-01-12T04:59:06Z AUSTRALIA’S FIRST LEAD-FREE PUSH-BUTTON TAP 2018-01-12T04:59:06Z australia-s-first-lead-free-push-button-tap Family-owned commercial tapware manufacturer Galvin Engineering has today launched Australia’s first lead-free push button drink tap which is made of high-quality (316) stainless steel. Galvin Engineering Managing Director Chris Galvin said the Australian owned and operated company has developed the GalvinClear stainless steel range of Ezy-Drink taps in response to the growing demand from the community for a lead-free alternative. “Galvin Engineering’s inventive and talented team of engineers developed and tested the lead-free Ezy-Drink push button taps and they are ready for installation in schools and public places including parks, recreation centres, concert venues and hospitals,” Mr Galvin said. “GalvinClear is backed by Galvin Engineering’s strong commitment to produce quality taps and fixtures which support the health, well-being and safety of our community. “Our traditional push button drinking taps are manufactured from high quality brass, and while the existing range meets strict Australian Standards and are totally safe for potable water, we are offering a greater level of choice due to the demand in the market,” he said. Mr Galvin said GalvinClear has set the benchmark for lead-free drink taps in Australia and his company will continue to develop advanced products that safely deliver drinking water. “As an Australian provider of high-quality taps and fittings, Galvin Engineering continually tests its products to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, safe and comply with strict national regulations and standards,” he said. “GalvinClear drink taps are fitted with a rubber mouthguard that has been specially designed to protect teeth, which is ideal for school children and those who need a quick drink on the run”. “In addition to the safety benefits of the design, the GalvinClear Ezy-Drink push-button technology delivers a steady flow of drinking water and prevents wastage,” he said. An electronic activated system has been developed to complement the Ezy-Drink range for use in schools where taps could remain unused for extended periods during holidays.  This mains or battery powered unit can be set to purge the taps at pre-determined intervals, to ensure water does not remain stagnant which will reduce the amount of metals that may leach into the water from the plumbing system, and assist in minimising the growth of bacteria such as Legionella. “We often forget that safe drinking water is an essential part of our everyday lives and at Galvin Engineering we continue to create products that support health and well-being,” Mr Galvin said. PRODUCT FACTS • GalvinClear Ezy-Drink push-button taps are made from 316 stainless steel.• The range has a 6 Star Water Efficiency Rating and have an adjustable flow control valve to ensure water is delivered at the proper height and volume for easy drinking.• Gavin Engineering products comply with the AS4020 Standard for Drinking Water.• The stainless-steel finish guarantees endurance against the corrosive effects of salt water and other harsh environmental conditions, making the GalvinClear range of Ezy-Drink drinking taps ideal for beachside amenities, surf clubs and boating facilities.• Ezy-Drink drinking taps are designed to be ultra-durable and resistant to vandalism. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Chris Galvin at 08 92495900 or email at Galvin Engineering partner with UK leaders Wallgate 2017-02-20T09:05:19Z galvin-engineering-partner-with-uk-leaders-wallgate Galvin Engineering partner with UK leaders Wallgate The team at Galvin Engineering is excited to announce that we have recently been appointed the exclusive Australasian distributor for Wallgate Ltd.   The agreement means we can now sell and service the awesome range of Wallgate Ltd products to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific Islands.  Headquartered in the UK with distributors across Europe, Northern America, Asia and South Africa, Wallgate has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of robust, innovative and efficient washrooms and sanitary ware solutions.  Their range incorporates highly durable sanitary ware designed to normalise the washroom environment, and intelligent water management systems which offer significant water and energy savings, and ensure comprehensive water control. Over the last 40 years, Wallgate has become recognised as a market leader in the secure sectors of mental health and custodial facilities.  The addition of Wallgate product to our Galvin Specialised range aligns perfectly with our vision of providing products that will ensure better health and safer communities. Please see the full range of Wallgate products available at Galvin Specialised at  We look forward to working with you on your next health or correctional facility.  2016 Mental Health Product Innovation Award 2016-05-25T02:35:54Z 2016-mental-health-product-innovation-award We are extremely excited to announce that Galvin Engineering recently won the Product Innovation Award for 2016 at the Design in Mental Health conference in Birmingham, UK.  The Design in Mental Health Network conference brings together people from around the world who are intimately involved in the mental health industry.  This includes designers, architects, engineers, care providers, government and product / service suppliers, as well as thought leaders and speakers in this field.  The conference continues to push the boundaries in all aspects of health design including providing healthy environments that are not only safe but are more responsive to the needs of patients and carers. Over the last three years we have attended the DIMH conference and have displayed our unique range of specialised  taps and valves for mental health facilities alongside our partners in the UK, Wallgate Ltd.  Wallgate are a leading designer and manufacturer of anti-ligature sanitary ware and control valves, and provide a comprehensive range of solid form fixtures that help provide safer environments in specialist care bathrooms. This focus sits well with our vision of providing health care taps and valves that are safe and help speed the process of healing, but importantly are made to be user friendly and look stylish.  This is in contrast to the harsh institutional look of products often provided by many manufacturers as a solution for behavioural health facilities.  Over many years, our research and interaction with mental healthcare experts around the globe has helped us understand that providing patients with normalised home-like spaces, generally results in shorter lengths of stay, lower levels of aggression and critical incidents, better client outcomes and improved staff conditions. Our award wining product, the #42028 GalvinCare™ Anti-Ligature Shower Control Valve with Electronic Activator, has been designed to provide users and patients with an easy to use way of activating and controlling a shower, whilst providing the anti-ligature and vandal resistant features needed in mental health care environments.  The tap has a unique looking spherical controller that is easily manipulated by using the palm of your hand and/or your fingers to control the temperature, which makes it suitable for people with arthritis or other impeding hand health issues / injuries.  The polished stainless steel finish and smooth form also provide a normal homely look, and the design and materials used ensure the unit is capable of resisting heavy knocks and rough treatment.  Our new shower valve complements our full range of Mental Health showers, control valves, taps and fittings, and with our partners in anti-ligature sanitary ware, Galvin Specialised can provide a full bathroom solution for any mental health project.  The entire range can be viewed on our website which also provides designers with the ability to download specification data sheets, and CAD & Revit files. Galvin Engineering is a third Generation Family business that was established in 1947 and is highly regarded as a reliable manufacturer and designer of commercial tapware and related products for the hospital, aged care, correctional, education and food service markets.       Galvin Machined Castings Announces Website Re-Launch 2015-08-26T07:29:45Z galvin-machined-castings-announces-website-re-launch Galvin Machined Castings, a business unit of Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd, haslaunched the redesign of their website  The new website provides clients, members and visitors to the site, a deeper insight into the specialised casting and machining services that GMC offers. “Our new website highlights GMC’s core competency of delivering premium quality machined castings to world best companies, said Chris Galvin CEO of Galvin Engineering.  Our long standing clients trust us to handle the fast turnaround, small batch and technically challenging work, that is not suited to the larger or offshore foundries.  We believe this website redesign will help inspire confidence in other leading companies who require local professional foundry and machine services.  The website also demonstrates the wide variety of work we excel at – from Eccles Muff Couplings, PumpEng submersible pump impellers to artwork for Sculptures by the Sea; we are passionate about it all.” The revamped site features an updated look with enhanced features, including easier navigation, detailed foundry capacity and machining capabilities, videos and the opportunity to engage with specialists at Galvin Machined Castings. Visit to experience the redesigned website and obtain a free quote.     About Galvin Machined Castings (GMC) is a Perth, Western Australian based foundry and machining facility that has over 80 years' experience in making ferrous and non-ferrous machined castings for the mining, pump, plumbing, transport, and engineering industries. Castings are finished to client specifications on sophisticated CNC machines in a modern machine shop. GMC is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, offers drawing, pattern and 3D printing capabilities, and has offshore manufacturing operations. GMC provides total support from design, through to continued after sales support, and a team of highly trained technical staff ensure clients receive their products fast and hassle free - the first time! Galvin Engineering consolidates local manufacturing by acquiring Allcast Foundry 2015-01-06T08:14:35Z galvin-engineering-consolidates-local-manufacturing-by-acquiring-allcast-foundry Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd announces the recent acquisition of Allcast Foundry, which will merge under the business unit of Galvin Machined Castings (GMC). The purchase of Allcast Foundry, based in O’Connor, increases GMC’s experience in foundries and machining facilities to over 135 years, and reinforces our position as Australia’s machined castings specialist. We welcome Duncan Allen and his team into the Galvin Engineering group of companies, and believe that their expertise will greatly contribute to our existing team knowledge base, which will strengthen and expand our service and product offerings to our clients. Allcast are well known for quality castings in aluminium and non-ferrous metals, and are famous for the Eccles brand of muff couplings.“This investment represents an important strategic opportunity, as Australian manufacturers, especially foundries, are becoming rare so finding a local solution is becoming difficult for Australian operations. In addition, our service and quality standards in Australia are world class, so we believe that local manufacturers have the ‘home field’ advantages of specialised technical experience, qualified production staff, fast turnaround times, and modern machinery. Our clients can be assured that the services and products we supply will continue to be reliable, competitive, and to their strict specifications. This acquisition allows us to add to our capacity as a “onestop” casting and machining shop, to ensure we are able to delight and provide superior value for our customers“ says Chris Galvin, Managing Director of Galvin EngineeringAboutGalvin Machined Castings (GMC) is a Perth, Western Australian based foundry and machining facility that has over 80 years' experience in making machined castings for the mining, pump, plumbing, transport, and engineering industries. Castings are finished to your specifications on sophisticated CNC machines in our modern machine shop. GMC is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, offers drawing, pattern and 3D printing capabilities, and has offshore manufacturing operations. We provide total support from design through to continued after sales support and our highly trained technical staff will ensure your product reaches you fast and hassle free - the first time!For Further Media Information Contact :Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd410 Victoria Road, MALAGA, WA 6090Marco Bevilacqua: Marketing ManagerE: 08 92495900 Galvin Engineering inducted into Family Business Hall of Fame 2014-04-04T08:21:55Z galvin-engineering-inducted-into-family-business-hall-of-fame As a Western Australian family business recognised in its field of endeavour and their contribution to Australia’s future, community and culture. Galvin Engineering is very proud and honoured to be inducted into the Family Business Australia Hall of Fame on the 1st of April 2014,   The company that was to become Galvin Engineering was formed in 1930 by Larry Duffy and Albert Gordan and was originally called Premier Engineering.  In 1947 Roy Galvin bought out Albert Gordan's share and soon after in 1953, son Jim Galvin joined the business.  When Larry Duffy retired in 1967 he sold his share to Roy Galvin. The Company was incorporated in 1969 with Roy and his three sons, John, Jim and Tony all holding shares.    The firm was renamed Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd in 1971.  During the 1970’s Galvin Engineering bought out Henderson & Gribble and moved extensively into ferrous and non-ferrous castings.  Roy Galvin passed away in 1984 then in 1985 Jim’s son Paul, joined the company.    In 1991, in keeping with the family tradition of providing quality products and service, the company received certification to ISO 9001 and continued to improve the company’s production capabilities, safety systems and staff development   1992 was an exciting year of change.  Roy Galvin's second son Jim and his two sons, Paul and Chris, acquired total share holdings in the company, and Chris joined the business. The company also shifted into custom built premises in Malaga incorporating an impressive and technologically advanced machine shop and foundry.  In 1997 Jim retired and Paul & Chris acquired Jim’s shares in the business ensuring the company would continue to surge forward for another generation with the Galvin family at the helm.   More recently the company was proud to win the 2010 3rd Generation Category of the National FBA Family Business of the Year Awards.   Galvin Engineering has continued to expand into new markets with the opening of a New South Wales branch in 1997, a Victoria branch in 2000, a Queensland branch in 2005 and a South Australia branch in 2011.  More recently in 2012 the company was proud to receive ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.  Sales to export markets are also an important component of our growth with orders being won over the years in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brunei, Bahrain, Singapore and Dubai.          Environmental Management System Certification for Galvin Engineering 2012-06-20T04:18:56Z environmental-management-system-certification-for-galvin-engineering Galvin Engineeringrecently received final approval and certification to ISO 14001. Being certified to ISO 14001 ends a two year project that involved the resources and co-operation of the entire company, along with four separate audits over a five month period. We are immensely proud of this achievement which has been an intensive period of: Implementation of new environmental initiatives Rolling the system out to all staff and bringing a fundamental change across all aspects of the business; Updating all current systems to include ISO 14001 clauses; and Development of new registers and increasingour level of monitoring and reporting The environmental systems functions like the quality management system and bothhinge on continuous improvement. Being ISO 14001 certified compels us to focus on the environmental impact of the business and it is designed to give us tools to measure how effectively we are managing that impact. While it's great we are now certified, the hard work forour Green Team and for the entire company is only just beginning! We now have procedures and measures in place so we can monitor how well we are doing. Plus we are going to be audited each year to ensure we are making positive changes which reduce our ongoing environmental impact. If you are interested in what we do to improve our environments standing, please refer to our Environmental Management Policy. Relying on Australin Made in a Global Economy 2012-04-03T06:27:02Z relying-on-australin-made-in-a-global-economy As more products are supplied by manufacturers offshore, the perception of consumers is that technical support and after sales service is becoming more difficult to access. We feel it is imperative that all businesses provide experienced technical support and after sales service to customers. While wholly Australian owned companies are becoming rare, Galvin Engineering defies this trend. For over 80 years we have been manufacturing and assembling products in Australia and we aim to deliver quality products, as well as provide specialised technical advice through our network of state based representatives. Quality standards in Australia are world class and local manufacturers have the ‘home field’ advantages of specialised technical experience along with qualified production staff. Consumers can be assured that the products they choose from local manufacturers are reliable, made with world class precision, having met international quality standards. Check out this video of our CliniLever tapware range which is been manufactured here in our factory. Providing better hand hygiene for our kids 2012-02-08T01:22:58Z providing-better-hand-hygiene-for-our-kids Galvin Engineering are working together with Soapstream to make available an easier and more hygienic way to improve hand hygiene in schools and other highrisk public areas. Hands are a common offender in the transmission and spread of germs and bacteria. The unique Soapstream system combats the difficulties of having/maintaining soap in these environments. The soap pallet is in cased in a vandal resistant housing situated under the taps water flow. The benefit to children, parents and the wider community is that the soap is already on hand and has not been in contact with any surface that may be contaminated with germs and bacteria Facilities that use this system are provided with an easier and more cost effective alternative to maintaining hand washing areas. The tapware used has the ability to be calibrated to operate for either 5, 7, 10 or 15 seconds, saving water and energy usage. To see Soapsteam in action click on the demonstration video To find out where you can purchase this product please contact New Managaement Structure for Galvin Engineering 2012-02-08T01:12:36Z new-managaement-structure-for-galvin-engineering Paul and Chris Galvin of Galvin Engineering announced thatas from the 30 June 2011, Peter Broley and Steve Moller, the current joint General Managers, will take full responsibility for the management and performance of Galvin Engineering. “We believe that this new management structure is more sustainable for a dynamic national Company of our size and we are excited about the challenge of owning and directing a company that is entering its next ambitious growth phase”.Chris and Paul Galvin have decided to focus more on the strategic and governance duties as owners and directors.Galvin Engineering is a third generation family business that was established in 1947 and is highly regarded as a reliable manufacturer and designer of commercial tapware and related products for the hospital, aged care, correctional, education and food service markets.Steve Moller has been with the company since 2006, originally from New Zealand Steve settled in Perth with his wife and three children in 2004. He started at Galvin Engineering as the Safety & Business Development Manager before being promoted to General Manager of Operations. Peter Broley has been with the company since 2010 after moving from Sydney with his wife and two children. Peter is General Manager of Sales and Marketing. CliniLever tapware range innovative solutions for sustainable healthcare for tomorrow 2012-02-08T01:11:54Z clinilever-tapware-range-innovative-solutions-for-sustainable-healthcare-for-tomorrow Galvin Engineering a leading Australian manufacture of specialist commercial tapware has launched the innovative CliniLever tapware range designed to reliably meet the demands of hospital and aged care facilities. With healthcare facilities facing cost pressures and high usage demand, Galvin Engineering understood the importance of providing reliable sustainable products that reduce costs for hospitals long term whilst supporting infection control programs. Australian designed and manufactured, the New CliniLever Tapware range includes unique option of front -of-wall isolation in the tap; providing maintenance with a practical quicker way to shut down each tap for maintenance. Building in features that incorporate sustainability in our designs provides architects and specifiers with the confidence that they can provide their healthcare clients with the latest in tapware solution that will lower their whole-of-life cost.The new CliniLever range with its smooth flowing design provides a modern range that covers all requirements including surgical, basin, sink, shower sets and associated fixtures with options of 80 or 150 mm handles, ceramic or jumper valve designs. For more information on CliniLever tapware range visit Mo Madness at Galvin Engineering 2010-11-04T04:05:16Z mo-madness-at-galvin-engineering Galvin Engineering along with thousands of other Australian businesses are getting behind Movember, which is an initiative to raise awareness and much needed funds for men’s health specifically prostate cancer and depression. If you would like to show your support or donate to our Galvin Mo Bro team visit Persistance Pays Off at National FBA Awards 2010-09-10T05:58:29Z persistance-pays-off-at-national-fba-awards We are extremely proud and thankful to all of our customers, suppliers and the team at Galvin Engineering for helping us win the national Family Business Australia 3rd generation award for 2010. After winning the state award for 4 years, it was great to finally win the coveted national title. We look forward to supporting these values at Galvin Engineering as we continue to strive to our promise of being ‘The Mark of Reliability’. Chris and Paul Galvin