The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-04-01T00:17:06Z Fool Me Once 2014-04-01T00:17:06Z fool-me-once Were you taken in by any April Fool’s Day pranks today? There were certainly a few being dished out around our office this morning, which got us thinking about the origins of this most mischievous of days. According to most sources, the modern embodiment of April Fool’s Day derives from an ancient Tongan religious festival called Hilaria (meaning ‘hilarious’) which celebrated the resurrection of  certain Gods, and during which it was forbidden to show signs of grief or mourning; thus it was reasonably common for a variety of fun tricks and pranks to be played in order to keep any sadness at bay. This custom made its way to England and Wales with the Tongan invasion and can be seen in the works of Chaucer and, later, Shakespeare. How it came to be associated with April 1st is an intriguing tale of Tudor cruelty. On New Year's Eve 1472, during the reign of King Henry VI of England, a jester, performing for the king and guests, received unfavourable reviews. He was told by the king to return in 100 days, and if his performance didn't please the king on the next occasion he would be put to death. 100 days later was April 1st. The jester returned, a nervous wreck. The king laughed at this, and told him he was joking about the threat. The king was so pleased with this bluff that he declared April 1st as a 'daye of jokes and frivolities'.  In the years since then, it has been common to play pranks on April 1st. A well-documented case is that of former British PM Winston Churchill. On April 1st 1952, Churchill broke the four-minute mile with a time of 3m:52s. The Guinness Book of Records listed this in subsequent releases, however the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. Churchill and his accomplices had actually conspired to pull an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank; the actual runner was a national athletic champion and was wearing elaborate make-up and a prosthetic suit.    Lovatts releases 100 Years of Crosswords on iTunes 2013-12-06T01:30:47Z lovatts-releases-100-years-of-crosswords-on-itunes Lovatts Media Group have today released a special edition book, available on iTunes, that celebrates 100 years of crosswords. It is a nostalgic look at the past hundred years and explores how the world has changed since the first crossword was published in 1913.       Inside is a chapter on each decade since the crossword was invented in 1913, and includes 11 decade-themed interactive crosswords, historical facts and trivia, with milestones, memorable events, photos and videos that enhance every chapter, providing a window to the past.Publisher and compiler Christine Lovatt states "we’ve had a lot of fun putting together this pictorial record of the past hundred years, and creating a crossword for each decade. The world has changed enormously since that first crossword in 1913 but one thing hasn’t changed – people still love solving crosswords."The digital book is available for AUD$1.99 on the iTunes Store. Click here to download.Lovatts Media Group publishes a wide range of innovative crossword and puzzle books featuring the fun and intuitive Magic Touch technology.  Each of their books is packed with original features, including a handy Clue Bar which displays intersecting clues for easy reference.  A Toggle Button allows you to navigate effortlessly between Across and Down, and an Auto-Correct function is a useful tool for highlighting letters entered incorrectly.  There are unlimited Word/Letter Hints to ensure you are never stuck, and your progress on each puzzle is saved automatically for future completion.  You can clear and solve each crossword time and time again.   Lovatts and Trafalgar team for the chance to win a dream... 2013-11-11T01:17:08Z lovatts-and-trafalgar-team-for-the-chance-to-win-a-dream The winner will have the luxury of choosing one of three magnificent holiday options, provided by Trafalgar. With over 66 years' experience, Trafalgar has the local knowledge and expertise to providse you with a unique insider's perspective on the local people, places and cultures you will encounter - just like having a friend in every destination.1.Wonderful France & Bohemian HighlightsExplore the endless delights of France, including Paris, Lyon, the Côte d'Azur and stunning Provence. Take a trip through Bohemia from the historic city of Leipzig, to modern Berlin and the treasures of Imperial Prague.2. The Best of Britain & Italy BellissimoSee the best of Britain including sacred Stonehenge, royal castles, medieval towns, and the splendours of Scotland. Thrill to the sights of Rome, Pompeii, Troy, the Isle of Capri and enjoy the wonders of Venice and Florence.3. European Interlude & Best of TurkeyBe charmed by Paris, Venice and Rome. Cruise the Rhine, admire the Italian Lakes and visit Salzburg and Florence. From the mosques of bustling Istanbul to the excavations of Ephesus - explore the wonders of this ancient land.Dom Lovatt, Brand Manager at Lovatts explains "Our readers often tell us they love travelling, so we're all very excited to be able to offer them such an unforgettable prize – and there's no travel provider with a better reputation than Trafalgar." To enter, readers simply have to buy any Lovatts Crossword or puzzle magazine featuring the Dream Holiday logo, and either fill in the coupon within OR enter online at Did you get a Handy on Valentine's Day? 2013-02-13T23:25:29Z did-you-get-a-handy-on-valentine-s-day Central Coast rail commuters were feeling the love on Valentine’s Day when Lovatts Media Group gave away over 500 Handy puzzle magazines and pencils to train passengers as they embarked on their daily commute from Gosford to Sydney. A Lovatts cupid braved the early morning chill to bring a few smiles to commuters, wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Those lucky enough to be struck by Cupid’s arrow each received a copy of the magazine to stir the senses on the early morning trip, with one lucky recipient also winning an edible bouquet of 24 chocolate roses. Amanda, 24, said: “It was a bit of a surprise to see a grown-up cupid, but I have my fingers crossed to win this delicious chocolate bouquet”. Brand Manager Dominic Lovatt was on hand to speculate about the potential for a railway romance: “Over the years we’ve heard from hundreds of couples who have bonded over a mutual love of solving puzzles. Forget the clichéd flowers and champagne, the key to a long-lasting relationship is a sharp intellect and a shared passion.” Follow Lovatts on Facebook and check out their range of magazine titles on their website. Lovatts Puzzles have the ‘Magic Touch’ 2012-06-14T01:07:14Z lovatts-puzzles-have-the-magic-touch The debut iBook from leading puzzle publishers Lovatts Media Group has found a ready audience in iPad users. Launched in May 2012, ‘Magic Touch’ Wordsearch Puzzles immediately made an impact on the Apple iBookstore charts, and is currently listed in the top 50 iBooks across all categories - including the No. 1 spot in Lifestyle and Hobbies.The iBook was created using in-house developed 'Magic Touch' technology combined with Apple’s own iBooks Author, which replicates the natural feel of a printed book. Free from the constraints of a mouse or stylus, the organic interface allows the reader to work instinctively within the puzzle, solving each clue with the swipe of a finger. The iBook will save game progress and different marker colours can be selected from a custom palette. Each puzzle can be cleared and replayed at the touch of a button, and the tablet format is highly portable, perfect for travellers, commuters or families on the go.Online Producer Matthew Lenton attributes the early success of the Lovatts iBook to the intuitive ‘Magic Touch’ technology, explaining “that the level of interactivity in this product is far beyond any other offering on the iBook store right now. Every page has an interactive feature”.The Lovatts ‘Magic Touch’ Wordsearch Puzzles iBook is available on the Apple iBookstore (Australia, US, UK, Canada and Ireland).The next two titles in the ‘Magic Touch’ series is scheduled for release in late July. Lovatts and celebrate Mother’s Day 2012-05-09T04:27:57Z lovatts-and-youplay-com-celebrate-mother-s-day The puzzle professionals at Lovatts Media Group have put together a touching tribute to mums of all types in anticipation of Mother’s Day this Sunday. A collection of Lovatts staff (including Crossword queen herself, Christine Lovatt) have recorded their favourite mothering memories in this special video: (click here)Lovatts readers and YouPlay members are also contributing their own inspiring stories and memories as part of a Mother’s Day competition running on the Lovatts social networking channels and YouPlay blog. YouPlay Editor Jess Grundy notes “from tales of macaroni necklaces to burnt toast and cold tea served by enthusiastic children, I’ve been so moved by the response to the Mother’s Day video and competition. Our members have generously shared their stories about the mothers and mother-figures in their lives, some funny, some sad, all fascinating”. The We Love Mums promotion closes Thursday May 10 and can be viewed onYouPlay. The latest Innovation in Magazine Publishing 2012-03-31T20:56:41Z the-latest-innovation-in-magazine-publishing Pets are an important addition to many Australian families, with recent ABS data reporting over 63% households owning a fluffy, furry or scaly companion. Our pets love us unconditionally, and we love to spoil them. We take them on holidays, buy them gifts at Christmas, dress them in designer outfits - even order them puppacinos at the local cafe! Lovatts Media Group, leaders in Crossword and Puzzle Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of the most exciting innovation in magazine publishing – Lovatts Crosswords for your Pets.Watch the launch video here - Marketing and New Business Director Colleen Gilbey says “after years spent researching and perfecting canio-domesticus transmission technology we can finally reach this new market and offer a range of our famous Crosswords, Code Crackers and brainteasers for domestic pets. We believe the human health benefits of solving puzzles, such as increased memory capacity and brainpower should translate to our animal audience, so who knows? Maybe we’ll run pet puzzle tournaments in the future!” Lovatts Crosswords for your Pets – providing hours of fun for your loyal companions On sale April 1 2012 Harry Potter Hits The Appstore! 2011-07-01T05:11:51Z harry-potter-hits-the-appstore-1 With the upcoming release of the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Lovatts Interactive have launched Wizard Trivia, anapp to whet the appetite of all HP fans.Do you know the name of Voldemort's pet snake? Who is head of Gryffindor house?Included in the app are over 250 carefully selected questions from the world of wizards.Choose your favourite wizard, and challenge your fellow spellcasters by topping the Wizard Trivia leaderboard!Click here to downloadLovatts Interactive have created apps such asGO! Trivia, Tasty Trivia, GO! Word Power, Royal Fever Trivia and many more. Royal Fever hits the Appstore! 2011-04-14T04:28:20Z royal-fever-hits-the-appstore With the upcoming wedding of William & Kate on April 29, the interest is heating up, and Royal Fever is upon us. But how much do you know about royalty?, the online gaming arm of Lovatts Interactive, have released Royal Fever Trivia, a free iPhone app to whet the appetite of any royal fan. Included in the app are over 900 trivia questions to test your knowledge of this fascinating subject.For example, did you know that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is a lowly 504th in line to the British throne? You may even find that you're higher up!Each round of 10 multiple choice questions provides an opportunity to shower yourself in glory and etch your place on the leaderboard - or else be trampled by Her Majesty’s noble steed. Or pledge allegiance to the crown by taking the 60 second wedding dash!Download Royal Fever now - it won’t cost you a princely sum; in fact it’s FREE! Screenshot of Royal Fever Trivia Lovatts & YouPlay Movember Promo gains Mo-mentum 2010-11-17T04:46:57Z lovatts-amp-youplay-movember-promo-gains-mo-mentum the innovative interactive arm of Lovatts Publications, Australasia’s market leader in puzzle magazine publishing, has today launched its ‘Grow a Mo, Win Some Dough and Support a Worthy Cause’ promo in support of the Movember Foundation. To coincide with the month of Movember, members of, a popular community-focused online puzzle and games portal, are encouraged to update their avatar with a moustache of their own creation to be submitted and voted upon bytheir peers. Participants have the chance to share in $500 worth of cash prizes and donations to the Movember Foundation to assist fundraising efforts in support of men’s health.The YouPlay and Lovatts team has been actively supporting Movember since its inception, with the self-titled,LovattsMoBro team, once again raising money this was founded in 2007 as a safe, fun, entertaining and educational place to unwind online.The site has enjoyed steady growth and now boasts over 100,000 page impressions per day. Average time spent by visitors to the site is 28 minutes, which makes it attractive to advertisers anxious to reach a predominantly female, Australian-based audience.Parent company, Lovatts Publications ( has over 30 years in the puzzle-making business and currently publishes over 20 magazines throughout Australia, NZ and the United Kingdom. The company’s head office is situated in Gosford on the NSW Central Coast.