The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-03-12T08:23:33Z DX Print Group Perth, WA Introducing New Medical Stationery Printing. 2018-03-12T08:23:33Z dx-print-group-perth-western-australia-are-introducing-their-large-choice-of-health-related-stationery-printing-for-the-medical-and-health-care-industry-dx-print-group-perth-wa-are-introducing-their-large-choice-of-health-related-stationery-printing-for-t Topic: Medical Stationery Printing Perth Previously health-related firms have worked with printers which didn't have any understanding of their specific requirements. Manuel Barris confirmed that "medical professionals need suppliers that get to understand they are in need for top-notch services from qualified companies. Most of the time poor general practitioners and industry experts haven't got the right amount of time for thorough explanations of their needs, that's where we step in as a medical stationery expert company." Frequently medical businesses are limited by space depending on their locations. DX Print Group have created a "print and hold stock" service. Using this approach large print runs of medical stationery can be completed to decrease the unit costs plus the stock is hold by us in our warehouse for the medical company while eliminating the need to hold up their valuable office room. DX Print Group is situated in Belmont Perth WA and that is 10 minutes further from CBD. For additional information please contact: Manuel Barris at DX Print Group Perth by phone ((08) 9277 2333), or email ( You will also get further information on this web page at Summary: DX Print Group announces their Perth wa medical stationery printing products which enable medical businesses to simply obtain medical specialist stationery simply from a specialist in medical printing needs which can do large print runs and hold stock for clients until needed. About DX Print Group Perth: DX Print Group has actually been operating during the last 25 years in Perth, wa and are hired by companies regardless of their size and are generally a well known quality supplier of printing services in Perth wa.   Web Wizards Web Designer Perth Expands Operations, Introduces New Web Design and SEO Services Targeting Small Business. 2017-10-23T10:14:52Z web-wizards-web-designer-perth-expands-operations-introduces-new-web-design-and-seo-services-targeting-small-business-1 Web Wizards, an Australian-based web design company that helps local businesses create an online presence and have their businesses ranked on the first page of Google with their superior SEO services for websites, videos and Google Maps, has today announced their purchasing of a new brick-and-mortar office at 17/179 Sevenoaks Street in Cannington (Western Australia). “This new move has allowed us to dramatically expand our staff, and added more services to expand web design and search engine optimisation services,” said Neville Greenwood, Managing Director of Web Wizards.Aimed primarily at small businesses who aren’t getting enough customers through their door or traffic to their websites, Web Wizards has now expanded two popular services in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation. According to Mr. Greenwood, both services were designed simply to offer superior web design and well tested SEO techniques help local businesses increase their exposure and dramatically improve their bottom-line.Customers, who have already availed themselves to these two new services, have had nothing but high praises for Web Wizards. Simon, head of Westcoat Roof Restoration, says he was “really impressed” with Web Wizards, whom he has “just asked… to redo all our branding, printing and web traffic strategy. I should have done this ages ago!”Colin of Apostle Spring Water, on the other hand, claimed "business is booming with the signing up of 6-7 new clients every week just off the internet.” Thanks to Web Wizards, which had “tailored (their) online ordering” system, has “saved us so much time.” As a result, he was now “putting all our clients on the automated system."“Simply put, we combine great web page design and website development with web traffic strategies to deliver a business paying customers,” said Mr. Greenwood, who leads Web Wizards, a medium sized web design and traffic generation company that employs a team of enthusiastic people. “We use all existing technologies to be flexible with our staff. If we find talented people we like to hold onto them. We know that happy staff members produce great results for our customers,” he added."Web Wizards, a company that is big enough to produce the best possible website suited to your business, yet small enough to offer personal service, offers “free consultation” anywhere in the Perth metro. However, if prospective clients wish to discuss how a great web design, along with a well thought out traffic generation plan, can transform their business, Greenwood invites you to call his office today on (08) 9350 9392Web WizardsPhone: (08) 9350 9392Website: Business Mailing Address: 17/179 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington, Western Australia 6107 Perth Web Design SEO and Social Media Experts Warn of Major Changes to Google Results 2015-06-05T08:11:35Z perth-web-design-seo-and-social-media-experts-warn-of-major-changes-to-google-results Topic: Web Wizards Web Design Perth Highlight Major Changes for All Businesses The gloves are off as Google and Facebook trade blow for blow to dominate the online social media space.On January 10 2012 Google announced that it's search results in the US will now be displaying not just the normal page results but that people in your network (who are on Google's Google PLUS network) will display at the top of the page.Lets say you have 2 friends who have web design services mentioned in their profile on Google Plus. If you type into the search box Web Design services, you will see a small image of your friend, assuming they have an image and a snippet of their details.This will appear above search results and will personalise the results for you and your network of friends and family.This is a paradigm shift for search results and will result in businesses being forced onto Google PLUS and to actively increase their circles within Google PLUS. this has not reached Australia yet but it is on it's way.You can expect more to come and the Web design, SEO and Social Media market is sure to heat up.Contact Details:Web WizardsNeville Greenwood17/179 Sevenoaks StCannington WA 6107Perth Western Australia(08) 9350 9392Topic Tags: Web Design Perth, SEO, Social Media, Google, Perth Western Australia Perth Web Designer Launches New Website 2015-06-05T08:09:27Z perth-web-designer-launches-new-website Topic: Web Wizards Web Design Perth Launches New Website It is important for all businesses to have an updated website. None more than a web designer. Web Wizards have rebuilt their website to ensure information about the massive changes in the internet and how businesses can benefit is available. Information about all aspects of online marketing are now available on their new website. -Web Design-Web Development-Ecommerce Shopping Carts-Search Engine Optimisation SEO-Social Media-Email Marketing-Video Marketing-Website Hosting-Lead Generation-Content Management Systems The Managing Director Neville Greenwood said " In an ever changing online world keeping up with technology is getting harder and harder. We have the teams in place to get the job done. He also suggested said that "we are proud of the websites we create and we have updated the web designer portfolio on the new website. Creating customers for their customers, not just building websites is what they state as their main objectives when working with clients. Contact Details:Web Wizards Greenwood17/179 Sevenoaks StCannington WA 6107Perth Western Australia(08) 9350 9392Topic Tags: Web Wizards Perth,Web Design Perth,SEO, Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, Perth, Western Australia,new website Bing Catching Google Web Designer Perth Outlines Surprising Trends 2015-06-05T08:07:27Z bing-catching-google-web-designer-perth-outlines-surprising-trends Web Wizards Managing Director Neville Greenwood has highlighted the emerging trends from the US regarding the Google and Bing battle for market share. "Most people have disregarded Bing in their online advertising due to the perceived less useful results provided by it's search engine in the past, but that could be a mistake." Mr Greenwood said. Bing certainly has momentum over Google at the moment. Consider the following facts from the past year.1 In October 2010 Microsoft and Yahoo completed an agreement to have Bing power the Yahoo organic search results.2 In January 2011, Microsoft did a deal with conduit to add roughly 2 points of additional market share.3 Microsoft has been doing many small deals to increase market share brick by brick. 4 Bing is integrated with hotmail and many news organisations such as Ninemsn that have the search at the top of the page.As of June 2011, the Bing organic market share in the US was 33-34% or in other owords 1 in 3 people are using Bing.More interesting is that in July 2010 a study by chitika ad network illustrates that the Bing users are actually worth more to advertisers than Google users.“A new study by online ad network Chitika shows that an individual Bing user is worth one and a half individual Google users in value to website owners.The value of an individual user, in this case, is determined by their likelihood to click on a website’s revenue-generating call-to-action – in Chitika’s case, a text ad embedded in the site. Across the sample of nearly 15 million impressions used for this study, Google users clicked on ads at a rate of 1.09%, while Bing users clicked on ads 1.67% of the time.” according to Chitika research.So Could the Unthinkable Occur. “Google still clearly leads Bing more than 2 to 1. But when you consider that that ratio was 3 to 1 last fall, the gap appears to be closing. Bing is growing by five or six percent each month, whereas Google is losing two to three percent" according to Christina warren from Mashable.This is why it’s time for you to pay attention to Bing. They have serious momentumIf you want to stay ahead of the trends Mr Greenwood from Web Wizards suggest that you NOT ignore Bing in your online marketing.Managing Director: Neville Greenwood Phone: (08) 9350 9392Website: Mailing Address: 17/179 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington, Western Australia 6107 Company: Web Wizards Web Designer Perth The End of Yellow Pages Offline Distribution Within 3 Years Predicts Web Wizards Web Designer Perth 2015-06-05T08:05:52Z the-end-of-yellow-pages-offline-distribution-within-3-years-predicts-web-wizards-web-designer-perth In a move to the nanny state that we are all experiencing, San Francisco are compelling people to op-tin only for the once unassailable local directory the yellow pages. Knowing that most people will not be bothered, the yellow pages business model looks like it will go the way of the Dodo bird.In San Francisco the city are also insisting on a public outreach program to educate San Francisco locals and businesses about the many alternatives to the Yellow Pages."The over-distribution of telephone directories results in an unconscionable waste of natural resources, and costs the city over one million dollars every year to process through our re-use system," Melanie Nutter, director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, said in a statement.Neville Greenwood from the local Perth Web Design and SEO firm Web Wizards said that "many of his customers had said that they had not opened a yellow pages in years, when questioned about their importance in their business." "Door stop and computer Monitor support seemed to be the most common uses" Mr. Greenwood said flippantly. Of course this time of the year, before the next edition of the "yellow tome" is about to come out, there will be some heavy advertising on the TV to get top of mind and some heavy duty selling is sure to ensue.The truth is that the environmental effects of any large directory in today's online age is always going to be questioned, given the tree carnage that is required to distribute to the 100's of thousands of households in the local Perth area.With the Greens in bed with Labor nationally, it is just a matter of time before the idea of saving the annual tree cull for the canary coloured customer complimentary, consisting of categories of conspicuous consumption for the now computer consumed cost conscious collaborators we call community, which will cascade to a chorus of complete eradication of the once beloved and iconic directory.Mr Greenwood outlined a simple truth that small and large business alike should think about. "We know where the customers are searching. The question is whether you are going to show up or become invisible to your customers. In the past if you weren't in the yellow pages you were invisible to your customers. Now if you don't show up in Google you will become invisible." Companies with next to no capital are overtaking well established brands because they know how to show up.If you want to show up in your market Web Wizards suggest that you get yourself online before your competitors wake up.Company: Web WizardsManaging Director: Neville Greenwood Phone: (08) 9350 9392Website: Mailing Address: 17/179 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington, Western Australia 6107 Small Businesses Need Better Planning to Survive 2015-02-10T06:26:18Z small-businesses-need-better-planning-to-survive Estimates suggest there is one actively trading business for every 10 people in this country. Of all the new business started four years ago, a staggering 51.5% are no longer operating. Close to 40% of the two million businesses operating in Australia four years ago no longer exist. (Navacue, 2014) Suzzanne Laidlaw, a Perth Business Coach and founder of Laidlaw (Aust) Pty Ltd says the biggest issue small business owners have isn’t knowing their trade but rather not understanding how to actually run a profitable business. “People start a business with great passion for what they do, but to survive long-term there are some essential business systems that need to be put in place. Essentially, if you don’t have a clear plan of where your business is going, how can you expect to get there?”   Many business owners begin without knowing where they want to be in five years’ time. Suzzanne says “I had clients come in to see me a few years ago to put in a plan and when I asked where they saw themselves in a year, one said she’d like to be in Bali retired and the other owner just about fell off her chair.” Having a realistic vision of what your company can achieve is vital.   Involving employees in goal planning allows them to see their role in achieving long-term results and their worth to the company. Suzzanne believes a great motivator is having your staff work towards a shared goal. Once a vision is set, the entire team should be involved. “It’s no secret that employees are more engaged when they know their work is meaningful.” says the Business Coaching expert. “Talk with your staff. Share and discuss the business and the competitive environment, be honest about challenges, and wins. Welcome genuine input and tough questions.”   Suzzanne says the biggest downfall of a small business owner is trying to be everything to everyone. If you give your staff the appropriate training to provide sufficient and effective customer services, this will give you the confidence as a business owners to step away from working “in” the business to working “on” the business.   “If you prioritise looking after your staff, it becomes a nice big circle where your staff then look after your clients, the clients then look after your business and of course then, your business looks after you,” says Suzzanne. “If you look at the definition of a successful business, it’s a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you – otherwise what you’re doing is just a job.”   For more information on how to create a successful business and for business consulting in Perth WA contact Suzzanne Laidlaw on: 0414 943 823 How Important Are Security Screens And Windows To Your Safety? 2014-12-16T05:41:47Z how-important-are-security-screens-and-windows-to-your-safety Perth, Australia - December 16 2014: The warm weather is fast approaching and it is essential to invest in high quality screen doors and windows. This will not only ensure the safety of a household, but they will also keep the cool temperatures indoors for a comfortable summer. Having screen doors and windows replaced every 7-8 years is recommended to ensure the best working conditions and highest levels of safety. Well-noted security screen door and window professional “Custom Screens” offer many products that are designed to withstand the Australian weather conditions. The company is pleased to announce their brand new product lineup and features for the upcoming new year. Their main new product is the colonial range of metal mesh security doors by Invisiguard. These are manufactured out of the highest grade stainless steel on the market and have been thoroughly tested. The doors are sold with a 15 year warranty against corrosion. They are guaranteed to suit most homes, budgets, and also come with a free measure and price quote. The company is proud to be one of the latest Carinya Window dealers who manufacture all of the windows onsite. Custom Screens representative Ian Ashe stated the following; “The Carinya aluminum sliding windows are beautifully constructed with advanced stabilization, perfect lines and subtle silk slides that are normally included with expensive commercial windows. The amazing design of the Carinya sliding windows will ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently within most homes.” Custom Screens are also improving their original custom products such as security doors and aluminum products  by offering a new range of materials and colors to the lineup. This includes the likes of standard doors in charcoal lusture, silver lusture, white lusture, and white birch. The company's famous cyclone screens, roller shutters, and high quality panels have also undergone some minor improvements to ensure they are well within all new regulations. Custom Screens has not only added many new products and features to their business, they have also helped out the local Perth community by creating more jobs for locals. The company has recently developed a new specialized team of members that are dedicated to the wholesale industry. Ian Ashe said “Custom Screens is inviting Perth residents to stop by our downtown location to view our new products and meet our new team members. We are confident that by offering high quality security screen doors and windows, we can help keep the local community safe, secure, and comfortable.”   Find out more information about Custom Screens by visiting their website directly here. Residential and Industrial Property Valuers in Perth, Major Valuations Moving to a New Headquarter 2014-12-15T10:03:25Z perth-residential-and-industrial-property-valuers-in-perth-major-valuations-moving-to-a-new-headquarter Major Valuations has been offering property valuation and feasability companies for decades. Past purchasers would possibly not concentrate on the new workplace preparations but the friendly staff are undoubtedly still a crucial feature of their own longstanding business. People interested in home valuations, property, factory valuations, feasibility studies as well as specialised in planning retirement village developments should use the brand new phone number talked about above to contact their best Valuers Perth.   Major Valuations Perth need to guarantee past and current shoppers that there's no interruption to their business due to the change in the new office headquarters. The owner Gerald major still might be contacted personally or through the Major Valuations website.   To learn more about his work please contact: Gerald Major at Major Valuations by cellphone ((08) 9355 3400), or email (    Additionally, you will find further details on our web site at   About Major Valuations: Major Valuations was started by Gerald Major. Gerald was elected President of Property Council (WA) Division in 1991 and served until 1993 (two terms) and had to a National Director no matter what the Property Council from 1993-1994.  In 1995 Gerald began Main Valuations that is without question the driving power of those business. The complete story could be reviewed on the about us web page found on the website. Perth's Custom Screens and Security Products Announces New Range of Security Doors Now Available 2014-11-17T07:03:47Z perth-s-custom-screens-and-security-products-announces-new-range-of-security-doors-now-available October 20, 2014 There's few things as important to many homeowners in Western Australia, as the security of their homes. This can be looked after in a great many ways, but one addition that many consider a very important feature to include in a home is a high quality security door. Perth's Custom Screens, a company very well known and regarded for providing sales and professional installation of security doors and windows, security screen doors, security screen for windows, aluminum windows, roller shutters and much more, were recently happy to announce they have greatly expanded the range of security doors they carry to better meet customer's needs.  “It's very important to us to help improve residential security in our communities,” commented a spokesperson from Custom Screens.  “We can custom build and fit all sorts of security doors whether you need them for your home main door or back doors, window grills and gates in your commercial property in Western Australia. No job is too big or small!” The company is now offering a number of different style security doors, to help provide for customers exactly what best suits their wants and needs.  The categories of security doors, which each feature at least several different options include:  Stainless Steel Security Doors, made of Marine grade 316 stainless-steel, these Invisi-Gard products look elegant, offer great visibility and extreme security;  Aluminum Mesh Security Doors, specially designed for the Australian market, these Alu-Gard doors contain a honeycomb style sheet and steel frame; Aluminum Grille Screen Doors, which offer both powerful protection and an affordable price tag; Timber Lock Screen Doors,  providing a Colonial appearance that can be customized to meet a customer's requirements, while offering maximum security; and Decorative Security Screen Doors, made of 100% recycled die cast metal that can be powder colored to meet most color needs and designed with absolute security in mind. Customers have responded to Custom Screens products and services in Perth with enthusiasm. David M., from Perth, recently said, “We've had some problems in our neighborhood so I thought it was time to get a more dependable door at our home.  I'm very happy with the quality and price of our new Timber Lock screen door and the service from Custom Screens was brilliant. They answered all my questions and concerns and made the whole process a pleasure. Five stars.” Custom Screens and Security Products are located at 67 McDonald Crescent, Bassendean WA 6054 Phone: (08) 9279 7444, Fax: (08) 9279 7455. The company is happy to discuss projects and offer transparent estimates, with an eye always towards affordability.   Web Wizards Launches New Website 2014-10-27T03:00:02Z web-wizards-launches-new-website Website design has come along way since the beginning of the internet. From the first text based website by it's inventor Tim Berners-Lee to the new parallax designs that better web designers and discerning clients use, it's a new world for web visitors! As Google gets better at indexing all manner of new website designs, so web designers build more elegant and innovative websites. Neville Greenwood, Managing Director of Web Wizards said that "he sees a more innovative future for web design in Australia. More and more companies are seeing the very important link between their branding and their website given the high percentage of the population searching for companies on the internet everyday." The new parallax design, where multiple pages can be accessed from the front page using parallax scrolling is a feature of the new website. This along with the content related icons, which are easy to use on all devices including desktop,laptop,tablets and phones. "For windows 8 users with a touch screen or iphone or android users finding your way through the site with a single finger is so easy, a big change from the early internet websites" Mr Greenwood of Web Wizards remarked. It looks like websites and the user experience will be getting better as technology improves. Contact Web Wizards 17/179 Sevenoaks StCannington WA 6107(08) 9350 9392 for further information. Lead Generation Now Offered by Web Wizards Web Design Perth 2014-09-09T06:15:17Z lead-generation-now-offered-by-web-wizards-web-design-perth Topic: Web Design and SEO not the only option for Perth business. Web Wizards, a local Perth web firm, announced today that they will be providing not only Web Design and SEO which is what they are known for but they will be providing lead generation in selected markets to respond to the customer demand for purely leads without the usual Web Design and SEO services. Initially they will be focusing in the medical and home services areas of business that have shown a desire to have these services provided. The lead generation will include full tracking of calls and will not require the client to have their own website. This will all be managed by the company. According to Neville Greenwood the Managing Director of Web Wizards " many clients just want the customer calls without the Website and SEO hassle. We are responding to that. We can either enter into a short term "pay as you go" contract or a longer term contract which will attract lower costs per call." Mr Greenwood further said that "if there are businesses that desperately need leads for their business, they should call him on the company phone number. Lead generation is not as well known as it is in the US but it will become increasingly important for businesses. Contact Details:Web Wizards Greenwood17/179 Sevenoaks StCannington WA 6107Perth Western Australia(08) 9350 9392Topic Tags:Web Design Perth, SEO, Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, Perth Western Australia New NT Area Manager For Dependable Laundry Solutions Darwin 2014-07-16T03:24:39Z new-nt-area-manager-for-dependable-laundry-solutions-darwin Dependable Laundry Solutions  "He’s here and it is exciting news for the company and our Northern Territory clients!" said David Worthington. “As exclusive distributors for the world famous Maytag range of commercial laundry equipment this  appointment signals a renewed commitment to the Northern Territory by our company,” said  Gabrielle today. “We have put in place warehouse facilities in Berrimah to ensure stock is ready and available to look  after and service the demand that is flowing from new opportunities bought about by the exciting developments in the Territory” she added. Sam comes to Dependable Laundry Solutions Darwin with a considerable background in successful sales and marketing development as WA Sales Representative in the Perth office. He brings a wealth of knowledge and his customer focus, together with his honesty and integrity will make sure DLS Maytag's Northern Territory clients from Darwin To Alice Springs are well looked after.  Under the direction of General Manager Steve Tippett, Sam’s role will be to explore new business opportunities and to service an existing network of sub-agents and preferred service technicians. Sam is delighted to be heading up the Darwin office: “Maytag’s international reputation as the most dependable and reliable commercial and industrial laundry equipment in the world is well established, “ he says, “and I look forward to being a part of the exciting growth that is already happening in the Northern Territory.” SAM NOLTHENIUS 0407 467 952 About Dependable Laundry Solutions  Dependable Laundry Solutions is the Sole Distributor in WA and the NT for the entire MAYTAG® Laundry Range and is the Distributor ~ Australia Wide for MAYTAG® Industrial Multi-Load Laundry Equipment. The company has won several international awards including “Maytag International Distributor of the Year” in the USA recently. The company has particular expertise in the Guest Laundry market and is currently enjoying growth in the On Premises Laundry Range– being able to offer a complete design service. Dependable Laundry Solutions successfully supplies to Defence, Correctional Services, Mining including Offshore Platforms, Health and all the Accommodation industries.  For more information, visit  Office Fitouts is Annoncing New Line of Office Furnitures in Perth, western australia 2014-07-02T09:14:02Z office-fitouts-is-annoncing-new-line-of-office-furnitures-in-perth-western-australia Topic: Office Fitouts Perth After a year of high demand for Executive Fitouts, they have concluded to take advantage of new opportunities.   The brand new lines include a wide variety of office furnitures corresponding to office desks, partitions, chairs, meeting tables, boardrooms, corner workstations, reception desks, power points, cabling, lighting, dividers, panelling, basically every single furnitures..   This season, you will still have full access to your favourite parts of Office Fitouts! Offered by the most well liked up-and-coming office designers and an exclusive slice of the Metro’s fashionable elite. The mission here is to provide Western Australia with high quality office supplies as Craig Edson, the owner of  Executive Office Fitouts has seen business owners lose money and time by having purchased sub-standard office furniture with poor results delivered in terms of design and sturdiness over the years.   Whether it is for getting a re-design or a brand new office, you will find a comrehensive design service. Office fitouts design, create, deliver, install, and give continual service. They can assist their clients in organizing their whole office environment with matching desks, workstations, boardroom tables, buffets, bookcases, drawers and more. Clients can pick from modern attractive reception desks, coffee tables, waiting room chairs and lounges to reinforce their image. The Firm contains its own in-house delivery & assembly services for clients’ convenience and pride themselves for the level of service that they decide to all customers during as well as later on sale.     For additional information please contact: Craig Edson at Executive Office Fitouts Perth WA  by phone ((08) 9201 1211), Fax ((08) 9201 1210) or email (    You will also find further particulars on our website at     Summary: You possibly can be sure, Office Fitouts Perth will offer a totally free of stress service which will incorporate assembly, delivery and installation of all office furniture purchased!     About Executive Office Fitouts Perth WA : Office Fitouts is a still owned by the founding family establishment which has been doing operation for days gone by 14 years.  The Osborne Park showroom produced in 1997 and after that the Cannington showroom opened in 2005.   Artistic Timber Floors Annonced a New Collection of Timber Flooring 2014-07-02T09:09:36Z artistic-timber-floors-annonced-a-new-collection-of-timber-flooring Flooring has a major impact on the way you take advantage of your home environment. "Timber floorboards unlike carpet are really hardy and might withstand some punishment from kids who choose to go beyond what is reasonable play" Mark Taylor said. Perth wa is lucky with a large variety of local timber unlike many places and the wooden timber options are quite amazing. Artistic Timber Floors are please to announce their awesome range of local timber flooring which ranges in price for the majority of budgets. Timber flooring can be employed not only on common areas but tend to also be used on Stairs and enclosed patios. Their full range is available on the timber choice page menu on the web site. They provide a mobile service to measure and estimate any existing or proposed dwelling and operate within the Perth metro area. For additional information please contact: Mark Taylor at Artistic Timber Flooring Perth by phone  -        0431 145 120 or email (  Visit their website     About Artistic Timber Flooring Perth: Artistic Timber Floors have decided to create a fully mobile service for their customers which means that they can bring all the range and choices to you at your home or work. Mark Taylor the company's founder is very proud of the quality of products and installation of all their products and especuially their new range.