The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-04-19T22:20:58Z Prince William should start work on new crown now. 2011-04-19T22:20:58Z prince-william-should-start-work-on-new-crown-now On April 29 the world’s media will be focused on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but those overhead shots of the couple walking down the aisle will show the full extent of Prince William’s rapidly increasing hair loss. According to Advanced Hair Studio, Prince William’s hair loss is not unusual as it affects over 40% of men in their early to mid twenties. “The key to keeping a full head of hair is early intervention. Our programs and procedures are the most technically advanced in the world and even at this stage of Prince William’s hair loss we could assist him to get back to a full head of hair” say Advanced Hair Studio. One of the most high profile recipients of Advanced Hair Studio’s programs, Shane Warne, obviously believed keeping his hair was important. Now that he’s dating Liz Hurley he may very well have a good point. According to Advanced Hair Studio, the Advanced Laser Therapy program and the Strand-by-Strand procedure have been the major reason Warne’s hair is looking so good. “We help high profile celebrities and sports stars around the world with their hair loss problems, the success we’ve had with them is because we have specific programs tailored to suit the individual’s hair loss” they said. So when the Royal couple look through the wedding photos, will it be Katherine that puts the call in to Advanced Hair Studio for a younger looking husband, and if she does, what style should be chosen from the list on For any further details please contact Carl Howell@,Advanced Hair Studio.(03) 9662 3011 - Australia & New Zealand.(020) 7631 4989 - UK