The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-06-24T09:32:57Z Surga Central introduces virtual data room and expanded role for real estate stacking plans 2015-06-24T09:32:57Z surga-central-introduces-virtual-data-room-and-expanded-role-for-real-estate-stacking-plans Adept Business Systems has released version 3.1 of Surga Central – a vertical SaaS software solution for marketing and sales of commercial real estate. Using Surga Central, commercial agencies can now email property brochures that give enquirers the ability to immediately access property-related documents held in a virtual data room or a website. In addition, Surga Central has delivered a new form of viewing occupancy at industrial parks and retail centres via the mechanism of an expanded stacking plan. “When considering commercial property for lease or purchase, enquirers often need instant access to information such as floor plans, contractual terms or an Information Memorandum,” said Gary Clark, Surga Central Product Manager. “Rather than waiting for an agent or administrator to service the request, enquirers can now self-serve directly from the PDF brochure to access documents held in a virtual data room or a website,” added Clark.   Surga Central’s interactive stacking plans have proved a popular way of viewing occupancy at multi-storey buildings such as high rise offices. Now, Version 3.1 extends this capability beyond office buildings to single-storey sites, such as industrial parks or retail centres. Using Surga Central’s Expanded View Stacking Plans, a property agent can easily reveal details of occupancy to prospective tenants or investors using an interactive tool available on desktop browsers or an iPad. Other features of Version 3.1 include a personalised homepage, streamlined processing of partial leases and property photos plus faster entry of contact details. New Commercial Property Consultant at Adept Business Systems 2011-06-29T23:52:48Z new-commercial-property-consultant-at-adept-business-systems New Commercial Property Consultant joins Adept Business SystemsJune 29, 2011 David Gillies joins Adept Business Systems as a Property Consultant, focusing on commercial property management. David's vast experience in property management software will help to strengthen Adept's support presence; he will also contribute to future development plans. David joins Adept from Rockend (developers of REST Professional property management software) where he spent eight years in various roles responsible for support, consulting, training and technical support. Prior to Rockend, he worked as a Senior Property Manager in the real estate industry. Sydney-based Adept Business Systems Pty Ltd develops a range of software applications for commercial and industrial real estate agencies for sales and leasing as well as property management. Chesterton International manages commercial real estate with Adept software 2011-04-18T06:44:02Z chesterton-international-managing-director-manages-commercial-real-estate-with-adept-software Sydney, 18 April 2011Andrew Hunter is the Managing Director of Chesterton International, an Australian company dealing in commercial, industrial and retail property agency and consultancy with offices in New South Sales and Queensland. All Chesterton offices are heavy users of the Adept property management software and Adept sales and leasing software – in fact, they have used the property management software for over a decade, Hunter says. “We were one of the first users of their property management program and also took on the Adept Sales and Leasing software when it was first released.” From the beginning, Hunter says, the program has been built around the processes central to property management across the full gamut of commercial real-estate ownership. “We manage thousands of properties. We have managed properties for major institutions, we've managed them for syndicates and we’ve managed for small property funds. We manage privates and we manage for government.” In most cases, it’s all done through the Adept software, he says. “Adept has been really robust and very satisfactory for us and for our clients.” Hunter adds that the software has kept up with advances in the technology world while retaining its reliability and usability. He’s never had problems exchanging data between Adept and the software used by Government and other commercial bodies, for example. Part of Chesterton International’s portfolio includes the management of over a thousand commercial properties for RailCorp. “I think it’s a sensible trend for government to outsource these operations to be run commercially, there are greater efficiencies in the outsourcing,” Hunter says.Consistent and well-audited management processes are key to attracting government contracts, he says. “We run pretty much every transaction through Adept and because it’s a comprehensive system, we can get whatever information we need out of it as well as having it automatically run core processes for our clients. A lot of our owners are very process-driven, so this is ideal.” Automated process management saves a lot of time and errors, Hunter says. “Once you’ve set up your data accurately, lease re-negotiations, rent reviews and pretty much all stages of the process are run through the system automatically.” The future is looking bright for Chesterton, and Hunter says that one of the biggest challenges is keeping pace with fast-moving technology. “We need to be at the forefront, supplying the clients with what they expect.” Having good technology is a vital part of efficient and effective property management and, thanks to Adept, Chesterton International are delivering that to their growing client base. Taylor Nicholas takes on The Hills with Adept 2011-04-12T11:25:17Z taylor-nicholas-takes-on-the-hills-with-adept Sydney 12 April 2011Prominent Australian commercial real estate agency, Taylor Nicholas, has opened a new office to servicethe fast-developing commercial business network in Sydney's Hills district. The Hills isnow Sydney's second largest suburban office market, and the Hills economy has almost doubled over the last three years, providing plenty of new opportunities for business. Headed by three local commercial real estate specialists with over 30 years of experience, the Taylor Nicholas Hills office combines local knowledge with a strong brand presence. Adept's sales and leasing software has been chosen to help drive new business and rapidly respond to customer requirements. Director Kevin Ngo said, " Adept will help to give us a competitive edge. We'll be able to target the right clients with the right information at the right time. The technology will also help us to streamline administration and spend more time face-to-face with our clients." Adept's sales and leasing package provides powerful contact management facilities and enables commercialreal estateagencies to automatically generate property listing sheets and upload listings to leading property portals.Taylor Nicholas Hills is located at 17/10 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154. Phone 02 8004 1222 or email For more information on Adept Sales and Leasing, visit