The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-11-12T04:33:23Z Greentree delivers next generation ERP software 2014-11-12T04:33:23Z greentree-delivers-next-generation-erp-software Auckland, 12 November 2014 – Greentree International, a leading provider of business management software, has today launched Greentree4, a next-generation fully integrated ERP software platform which provides a unique browser-based user experience designed to transform the way enterprises work.Greentree’s new software platform follows a three-year research and development project conducted by a globally sourced team of designers and developers and was based on Greentree4’s “work it your way” philosophy, which streamlines the configuration and design of screens and forms so that they can be customised at an organisational, group or individual level with no special training.  “Greentree4 is as much a revolution as it is an evolution,” says Greentree CEO, Peter Dickinson.  “Greentree4 has all the functionality and credibility that we currently deliver in a Windows environment, sitting seamlessly alongside new browser-based capabilities supporting high-resolution graphics, touch frameworks, pluggable applets (e.g. Google Maps), multimedia and more.“At the same time, anyone with a good understanding of their organisation and work processes and a working knowledge of Greentree will be able to use Greentree4’s design-it-yourself technology. The implications of this are enormous. You get to tailor screens and forms to work exactly the way you want them to, as well as changing colours, terminology and layout to fit your brand.”With its ERP software having been available in the Cloud for over a decade, Greentree is enabling customers to run Greentree4 in the Cloud, on premise or a combination of both. “Our platform mix across JADE and HTML5 is environment and device agnostic,” says Dickinson. “We are looking to give users the greatest flexibility possible and truly future-proof their options. We have a philosophy of building technology to last and this has never been more true than with Greentree4.”Key features:•    Users can design their own screens, create forms that mimic how they work, and tailor online work space to fit the way users want it to work. •    Fully mobile: work anywhere there’s internet access across multiple devices (desktop, laptop or tablet). Greentree4 opens up a world of new work places.•    Enable as much, or as little, as you want. Greentree4 is fully configurable, enabling you to add capability, user numbers and functionality as you grow.•    Search anywhere with Greentree4’s global Enterprise Search. This browser-based search engine can be configured to search the way you want it to, on your terms.•    Log into Greentree4 at any time of day or night. Plus know you’re protected 24/7 with Greentree Secure’s rapid hot-switch data and operational recovery options.•    Greentree4’s new browser-based interface delivers the very latest user experience, tailored to fit the way you work.New power for sales teamsNew capabilities are focused around Greentree4Sales, a pre-configured environment that delivers ERP software capability into the sales arena and effectively connects the revenue engine with the business engine.Sales teams are traditionally not well served by ERP software, but Greentree4Sales looks to change that. It unleashes the horsepower Greentree has to offer, but in a way that will suit any member of a sales team – at a desk or on the road. One of its key features is that users can move seamlessly from desktop to laptop or tablet and back again.As Peter Dickinson explains, Greentree4 is being continuously developed and deployed, “As a result there is no real ‘finish” point’, he says. “Users now have immediate access and can then gain exponential benefit as new Greentree4 capabilities come on line. Key to this is our proven ability to deliver what is seemingly disruptive technology in a uniquely non-disruptive way.”The launch of Greentree4 further underpins Greentree’s reputation in research and development and also earned it a multi-million dollar New Zealand government (Callaghan Innovation) grant to support the development of new Greentree4 technology. Greentree continues to be globally recognised as one of the most innovative yet stable software vendors in the ERP space. It continues a remarkable evolution of the company that dates back to the 1980s, and now spans across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Africa, USA, Australia and New Zealand.Ends//    GREENTREE INTERNATIONALGreentree is built by unashamed technology and business buffs; fanatics; addicts. Call us what you will, we have one obsession: building the best business software. The business grew out of CBA, accounting software that served thousands of businesses worldwide for more than a quarter of a century. Since 1984, Greentree has functioned with one purpose: to make the best business tools, so our clients can work better and be world-beaters. Greentree’s network now comprises many expert Business Partners across Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, North America and the UK. Our staff and partners are business and technology addicts who love their work and sharing in their customers’ success. We work without distractions because our sole focus is on making software that is primed for business. Greentree Business Software a must for Perigon's visibility 2014-10-28T04:39:26Z greentree-business-software-a-must-for-perigon-s-visibility Perigon works on large-scale electrical projects. It specialises in apartment buildings and also does installation work for Queensland’s gas industry.It’s a fast-growing business with plans to expand its range of contract services. However, its systems weren’t delivering the information it required, to work more efficiently and to grow.“We couldn’t see what was happening with purchase orders – whether they’d been receipted or invoiced,” says Administration Manager, Mel Golding. “We were doing double data entry to keep tab on invoices and on outstanding purchase orders.” Both Mel and General Manager, David James, had worked with Greentree before and had no doubt that it would deliver what they needed.“With Greentree we can see everything that our project managers in the field are doing. It’s real-time, it’s easy to use and you can get all the data that you want,” Mel says.Read the full story here. Greentree Puts Stationery Firm On The Move 2014-06-20T00:09:37Z greentree-puts-stationery-firm-on-the-move From its warehouses in Auckland and Havelock North, ACME Supplies Ltd services hundreds of customers with stationery and hardware products.  Its warehouses hold more than 7,000 inventory items and process an average of 5,000 orders a month.  According to ACME Supplies Ltd Finance Manager, Brent Stanton, efficiency and reliability were critical to the company maintaining a competitive edge and this was being put at risk by its existing financial, sales and stock management systems. "Any changes we wanted to make were very time-consuming and expensive," Brent says. "Often we'd just make do because the cost of making changes was too high."  The final crunch came when the company was quoted $100,000 for an upgrade to equip itself for e-commerce.  Greentree was recommended to them as an alternative and contact was rekindled with the local Greentree Partner. "Greentree had just about everything we needed straight out of the box," explains Brent.  "We wanted the software to revolve around us rather than us revolving around the software.  It was easy to make Greentree fit with minor tweaks." ACME Supplies has made some considerable gains since installing Greentree.  Brent reports, that amongst other improvements, emailing the monthly statements has reduced from a day-long task to an hour and that preparing the monthly reports has gone from a two day job to less than half a day.  What is more, minor changes are easy to make with ACME staff able to alter the wording or layout of a form, at no cost. "Now we know that when we want to make any changes to our business, Greentree will be able to accommodate them," concludes Brent.    Read more about ACME Supplies growth story. ERP System Doubles Trade Show Success 2014-04-11T04:15:14Z erp-system-doubles-trade-show-success Increasing your ROI at a trade show is an age-old issue.  For premium restaurant trade provider Oppenheimer it wasn't a primary focus of upgrading their business system, but it has proven to be an added bonus. Oppenheimer is present at all the major kitchenware trade shows across Australia and this is a key sales focus. Whereas previously it might have taken weeks for a sales rep to come back and confirm an order made at the show, thanks to Greentree's integrated application sales staff can access the ERP software on the show stand, enabling a customer to place an order on the spot. According to Andrew Ashwin, Oppenheimer's Executive Group Manager, Professional Equipment & Administration, over four days at one show they doubled the business they did over the previous year. "With Greentree, our people on the stand have more time to sell and up-sell. We can respond better to the customer and be precise about their order." Read more about Oppenheimer's experience with Greentree. Addax assists NECA to get wired for peak performance with Greentree 2014-03-06T22:10:35Z addax-assists-neca-to-get-wired-for-peak-performance-with-greentree In deciding to upgrade its ERP system to better handle a complex structure of business entities, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) in Western Australia, chose Greentree over two other contenders.  "The other systems we looked at were very boxed and closed," says Finance Manager Jackie Horner.  "Greentree just seemed very open - you could see the advantages to it going forward.   It was all about the future." Greentree Partner, Addax, were also a fundamental part of the decision making. "We have a very happy relationship with Addax", explains Jackie Horner, "they're the experts and they've guided us well." As a result of the implementation a two-day shutdown every month of primary accounting processes is now a thing of the past. Greentree displays posting dates, allowing NECA's financial section to keep working while the monthly reconciliations are being completed. NECA reports a number of other advantages: Read the full story Tandex chooses Greentree to help fight critical health risks 2014-03-05T04:44:36Z tandex-chooses-greentree-to-help-fght-critical-health-risks Water treatment specialists Tandex are involved in health critical water treatment for building cooling systems.  To underpin just how essential its service is - in as recently as 2000, four people died and 95 were hospitalised due to a Legionnaires Disease outbreak in Melbourne. Tandex is responsible for ensuring situations like this don't reoccur. To do this Tandex is totally dependent upon its operational systems being totally accurate. The decision to go with Greentree  came down to its flexible package, pleasant interface and ease of use.   “We are now so much more efficient and our system is saving us heaps of time and money,” Administration and Financial Manager, Michelle Lawler enthuses.“All our staff are in the one system looking at the same data. Changes are easy; transactions are entered once and even automated for some processes, leaving us time to work on new business ideas and improvements to our systems. “The modules we love the most are Approvals & Alerts and the Workflow desktops. Our A&A module is like another member of the management team, watching our data entry, picking up mistakes instantly, preventing problems before they occur, reminding us of all the important’s fantastic." Michelle Lawler,also estimates that Greentree has reduced paperwork by 50% and resulted in a 60% cut in administration staff. She says, "Greentree is like an internal service customer manager who is constantly working 24/7."  For the full story - click here. Greentree ERP Software: The best business remedy 2013-12-18T04:14:22Z greentree-erp-software-the-best-business-remedy The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) manages the annual re-registration of more than 14,000 doctors nationwide. For obvious reasons, it’s an exacting process. It also once meant lots of time-consuming paperwork to ensure not only that the registrations were completed correctly, but also that the registration fees were collected. When MCNZ decided to put its registration system into a modern database, the fee management issue was one problem easily solved – the Council had had Greentree as its financial and job costing system since 2001, and building an interface with the new MedSys registration system was a simple task. “MedSys is the backbone of 90% of what we do and Greentree plays a crucial role behind the scenes,” explains MCNZ’s Corporate Manager, Peter Searle. Greentree’s job costing capabilities also play an important role in the Council’s complaints procedure, while Peter makes extensive use of Greentree’s reporting functions. “I’d definitely recommend Greentree to other organisations like ours,” he says. “It can do everything you want and the benefits are really huge.” Read more about the Medical Council’s Greentree success here >>  ERP showcase impresses display firm 2013-12-16T04:03:05Z erp-showcase-impresses-display-firm Millions of shoppers across Australia see the work of SJ Display Group every day without realising it. This Melbourne-based company supplies display products to major retailers nationwide. It wholesales a variety of retail display products from hundreds of local and overseas suppliers. SJ either designs product displays or helps bring the customer’s ideas to life. The business system that had been with SJ from its inception was on its last legs. The task of finding a replacement fell to Justin Penkethman, Director of SJ’s accounting firm, Base Accounting & Tax Pty Ltd. “This is a competitive, fast-moving industry,” he says. “SJ believes what sets it apart is not only its innovative ideas; it’s also its ability to solve problems, providing seamless, quality service and fast turnaround times.”    SECURING THAT BRIGHT FUTURE Warehousing and stock management are central to SJ’s operations. Its Melbourne warehouse covers around 5500 square metres, and that space holds some 4000 stock items. Keeping track of incoming shipments and inventory was both frustrating and time-consuming. SJ wanted a new system that could handle financials, CRM, warehousing, payroll and business intelligence. Greentree won due to its slick warehouse bin management, its customisable Workflow desktop, its ability to track shipments, and its business intelligence module, Greentree IQ*. “Retailers are always looking for the newest, best way of presenting their products,” says Justin. “They expect a quick response; they want the display ready for Monday opening, in all their stores, and they don’t want to know about problems. Above all, SJ believes Greentree will boost efficiency.” Read more about SJ Display Group’s Greentree success here. *Powered by QlikView   Greentree is the apple of their eye 2013-11-11T03:03:51Z greentree-is-the-apple-of-their-eye CHALLENGE: Interaust was plagued by its outdated Arrow system, too many manual processes and confusion about vital figures.SOLUTION: Greentree holds all the important data in one place, giving everyone a live view of transactions and ensuring a single set of true information.RESULTS: Order handling errors are now negligible, and eliminating document handling duplication saves time and money.When you’re importing on average 10-15,000 tonnes of raw materials per year, and on-selling them to a customer base of several hundred manufacturers, mistakes can cost a packet.“Our business systems were antiquated, with staff compiling screeds of figures on Excel spreadsheets,” explains Tony Fraser, Financial Controller of Interaust Foods Pty Ltd. “We were never quite sure whether or not we had the stock to fill the orders. “It was also extremely difficult and time-consuming trying to work out whether we were pricing correctly, and we were issuing a large number of credit notes to customers because we were getting it wrong. I can’t be sure how much we were losing due to errors that weren’t picked up, but it would have been significant.”Too much manual processing, conflicting price documents, high error levels... sounds like a job for Greentree.30 shades of lemonInteraust is one of Australia’s largest importers of raw foodstuffs. Major makers of packaged foods and beverages rely on them to source and supply a vast range of fruit and vegetable products from dozens of growers and exporters around the world.It’s a highly seasonal market with numerous influencing factors including weather and crop yields, which mean that availability and price are in a constant state of flux. There are also loads of subtle variances in products. “We might have 20-30 different types of lemon product, for example, and they’re all just slightly different with their ratios and specifications,” Tony says. “We have a huge inventory because we need to cover the range of products that our customers require.”“Headless chooks”Interaust’s Arrow system couldn’t do much beyond basic accounting. It couldn’t accommodate purchasing, which had to be done on Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. “There was a lot of double and triple handling of information, and once you start to transpose information, mistakes will happen,” says Tony. “I was looking at one set of numbers from the external warehouses’ stock report, another set sitting in Arrow, and then a third set that had been entered into Excel by somebody else. Invariably we were running around like headless chooks trying to work out which was the correct figure and then why the others were different.”One-stop information shopThe search began for a new system that could store all the stock and pricing information in one place. A consultant shortlisted Exact, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, JIWA and Greentree, with Greentree getting the nod for its integration and flexibility. Interaust’s Greentree system has since made life much easier for everyone.“The ability to simply attach documents in Greentree has made a huge difference,” Tony enthuses. “It’s now our one-stop shop for whatever we want to know.”The guesswork has been taken out of both product and sale contracts, because at a glance Interaust’s staff can see which customers have received how much of a particular product line, and how much is remaining in stock. The multitude of spreadsheets for different products and customers is a thing of the past, and Tony estimates that pricing errors have dropped by more than 90%.The live visibility delivered by Greentree’s Workflow desktops ensures a trouble-free trail from sale to release, dispatch and invoicing. Greentree also enables accurate monitoring of incoming shipments, and has removed the hassle of exchange rate fluctuations. Analysis in minutes“The amount of time that Greentree has saved everybody has been enormous,” Tony says. “I’m especially pleased with Greentree IQ*. I used to have to spend a day and a half every quarter manually keying in sales figures for reports to our directors. Now I just get the figures from Greentree and the job is done in minutes.”The staff using Greentree appreciate having a system that was able to work for them, rather than force unwanted change.“We feel that the system is there to help us, rather than us being told what to do by the system,” Tony says. Light years aheadLike most Australian businesses, Interaust has had to battle through tough economic times and stiff competition. Greentree provides an important edge through bringing a new level of efficiency.“I’d say we’re light years ahead of where we were,” Tony concludes. “We’re now doing things that make for a better customer experience, and we’re happy that we’ve been able to simplify our processes.“There was no way we could continue living in the past. We had to modernise, and Greentree has helped us to do that.”* Powered by QlikView  Fair trade - and Greentree makes it reliable 2013-07-31T23:32:51Z fair-trade-and-greentree-makes-it-reliable Challenge Oxfam Shop’s big prospective buyers demanded electronic transactions. Oxfam Shop also needed better inventory control, purchasing and data management.Solution Greentree’s reliable EDI keeps the big supermarkets happy, inventory is visible at stores nationwide, and Greentree Secure provides the backup & recovery process that is essential in today’s world of electronic commerce.Results EDI draws many more customers to Oxfam Shop’s wholesale channel, the important Christmas period is trouble-free, and backup is slick and reliable.The principles of Fair Trade are simple: empowering disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work. Sales of Fair Trade coffee, chocolate and handicrafts help these communities to improve their lives by helping them to gain the skills they need to develop their business, and giving them access to world markets. But to get those Fair Trade products into Australian stores where they’ll attract more buyers requires a sound business footing. Oxfam Shop has achieved this, with the help of its Greentree system.“A successful business model is crucial,” says Oxfam’s Chief Information Officer, David Horner. “We’ve managed to get Fair Trade Products into the big supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths. This has given us a great opportunity to increase the awareness of our brand and increase its distribution throughout the country. We also have a successful online store, which has enabled us to improve our retail channel by further increasing reach and providing a convenient way for consumers to shop online.”Electronic demands metThe key to getting that supermarket trade was Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Both Coles and Woolworths demand it as a condition for doing business, and Greentree was there to provide the infrastructure for electronic ordering, dispatch and payments.“The bottom line is, for those big chains the EDI solution has to work, and work consistently,” David explains. “We can’t afford to have orders going missing or not being processed, and the reliability of our Greentree system gives us that important trading lock-in. It also saves a lot of time in terms of re-keying orders and eliminated human error.”But ironically, when David joined Oxfam, it was on the verge of ditching the Greentree system that had been in place at Oxfam Shop for several years in favour of the SAP system.Why change systems?Oxfam had implemented SAP as its financial system and was planning to switch its trading arm over to that system as well. However, the SAP implementation had struck problems, and one of David’s first tasks was to assess the business case for rolling it out across the Trading division. “I advised against it,” he recalls. “We felt that SAP was too large and too specialised a solution for what we needed.  “I quickly saw that they had a perfectly good ERP system already in place with Greentree, and all it needed was a little updating to do the job required. Overall, Greentree was a better fit than SAP, and that decision has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementation and operational costs.”Greentree’s EDI and sales order processing were added to the existing Supply Chain & Distribution and Financial Management functions. Christmas is the busiest time for Oxfam’s shops, when tens of thousands of Fair Trade items are purchased, and stocking to meet the demand is planned months in advance. Greentree’s strong purchase order capabilities were configured to accommodate this. Backup & recovery guaranteedOxfam’s huge database of over 1500 products once meant considerable time spent doing backups, but the Greentree Secure backup & recovery product has changed all that. It enables Greentree to be recovered to a point prior or up to the point of failure, providing vital operational security in today’s fast-moving world of e-commerce. “We have quite a complicated process for downloading sales from the various shops, which happens overnight, and occasionally the backup run would interfere with that and cause that process to fail,” David says. “This meant delays in running the replenishment algorithm. This was a real problem in the Christmas period, when replenishment of shops is so critical.“Greentree Secure gives us fast and robust backup & recovery processes, and the stability of our interfaces back from the shops is also much better.”  Managing change, gaining stabilityOxfam has also benefited from using Greentree Inventory Management to keep stock levels in retail stores consistent. Greentree receives retail sales data from Oxfam’s POS system, enabling accurate forecasting of replenishment needs, which then is translated into picking orders for staff at Oxfam’s Adelaide warehouse. “When I first came on board, the business had no clear visibility of its inventory, particularly at shops,” says David. “We built Stock In Transit movements into the Goods Issued and Goods Receipting process between Greentree and the POS system, so we now have very strong inventory management capability.”Greentree has helped to put Oxfam Shop on a solid business footing, so it can deliver greater returns to producers in the developing world. “In what has been a time of quite significant change and financial pressure, making smarter use of what we already had in Greentree and extending its functionality in a controlled manner has provided that extra degree of stability to the business,” David concludes. “Reliability is the key, and that’s what our Greentree system has delivered.” Greentree helps to floor the competition 2013-07-30T04:49:06Z greentree-helps-to-floor-the-competition Challenge Irvine International’s industry-specific software was failing, and it needed to be replaced quickly.Solution Greentree provides instant information for staff everywhere, delivers quick responses to queries, and monitors the business’s vital statistics.Results Sales reps are always up to date through using iPads, customer service staff are easily handling higher workloads, and costs are saved through improved monitoring of stock.Christchurch-based flooring specialists Irvine International were facing a crisis.They’d implemented an industry-specific business system that had proved to be a huge step backwards within months of installation.“We couldn’t trust the financial information we were getting from it, and the reporting was incapable of supporting our business going forward,” Director Lyndal Irvine recalls. “Everything took longer to do and everyone was pulling their hair out.”Irvine decided to pull the plug on that system and sought Greentree’s help. The new system had to be implemented quickly, over a very busy sales period, but the task was completed in time and the rewards were quickly apparent. Flooring pioneerFor 30 years Irvine Flooring has been bringing the world’s best and most innovative flooring solutions to New Zealand homes and businesses. Irvine introduced New Zealand to solution dyed nylon carpet and also specialises in vinyl flooring, where it holds a 30% market share.“We’ve been instrumental in introducing solution dyed carpet to New Zealand,” Lyndal says. “Our Premium Solution Dyed Carpet has been tried and proven over 15 years and continues to dominate the NZ market. In a country where 95% of the carpet market used to be wool, the benefits of solution dyed nylon are being embraced by consumers in a market that is now over 50% synthetic.“We are 100% New Zealand owned, very supportive of Canterbury and the earthquake rebuild, and have flooring design & distribution centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.”Irvine’s success hasn’t just been in the home; it has also covered the floors of Auckland and Christchurch airports, the new stand at Eden Park, Wellington’s Te Papa museum, and Hoyts cinemas.“We’re a lot more nimble and flexible in terms of the flooring solutions we can provide,” Lyndal says.Now that competitive edge has been further advanced by Greentree. Info on the moveGreentree has brought huge benefits to Irvine’s sales staff, who’ve been equipped with iPads and WebView, to have their vital information on hand, wherever they are.“Our past systems were never live, so if a customer asked a rep whether they had a certain product in stock, he’d have to call the office,” Lyndal says. “The phones were constantly ringing with customer and stock queries.“With Greentree our reps can look up stock at any time, and because we’re invoicing every day now, the stock is accurate to the day. They can see all their customers’ invoices, what’s on back order for them, when stock is due to be here – so they can be very precise about the status of each order.” No more guessworkGreentree’s Supply Chain & Distribution module means that customer orders can be allocated to shipments that are on their way. By the time a container is landed, Irvine knows exactly where the product is going; previously there was a lot more manual calculation prior to the shipment loading.Lyndal believes the analysis provided by Greentree IQ* has huge untapped potential.“Because of our extensive range of products, we need to be able to analyse the information by category, by region, by customer, by rep, and do a lot of analysis on what we’re selling,” she explains. “This gives us the ability to know and understand our customers better, and to manage our sales team better. We’re dealing with facts now.”A clear view for allIrvine’s customer service staff love Greentree’s Workflow live desktop, which gives them customer information in one place, where previously it might have been stored in three different locations.“The benefits are phenomenal,” says Operational Planning Manager Sara Box. “It has good clarity and it creates visibility immediately. The business is growing all the time – the call volume they’re handling now is at least 35-40% higher than it was 12 months ago, but we’re having no trouble handling the extra work because Greentree has grown with us. “I’ve worked on quite a few business programs myself, but Greentree far outweighs anything I’ve worked on.”“Information gives you a detailed understanding of your customer base,” Lyndal concludes. “Without it you’re flying blind. “We watch the market and move with it, and because of that we’ve continued to grow year after year. We have very aggressive targets for our business, and Greentree has been a vital tool to give us information at our fingertips with which to make sound business decisions and support our growth.” *Powered by QlikView  FSG Australia is caring and growing, with Greentree’s help 2013-07-29T04:15:28Z fsg-australia-is-caring-and-growing-with-greentree-s-help Dramatic changes are coming for community organisations that support Australians with different abilities – and one of them is looking to Greentree to take it into that future. Queensland-based FSG Australia (the initials stand for “Freedom, Social Justice, Growth”) provides services for the physically disabled, as well as a wide range of support including for mental health, children, aged care and housing.Currently, FSGA supplies these services with funding that comes largely from the state government – but that’s going to change over the next couple of years as community care services are shifted to a new federal funding system called the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS. Funding will be sent directly to the client, who will then have a range of options on how they want that money to be spent for their support.“The demand for our service may change depending on whether that individual wants to continue with us or wants to go and explore other service providers,” says FSGA’s Chief Financial Officer, Paul Teefy. “However, it also presents us with new opportunities.“There may be opportunities to provide some of our internal administration and training functions to other organisations as we have some economies of scale   – that’s where we see the chance to grow our organisation.“For example, we could provide HR or finance solutions for them.”But to do that, FSGA needs to modify its business systems. One system, primed for growth“To be ready for NDIS we have to replace what we’ve got now, because it’s at its capacity and it’s not flexible enough,” Paul says. “We also need a CRM component, along with all the other types of functionality that Greentree can provide. We don’t have real-time information because of the disparate systems we currently use. We want to get some good analysis across our diverse range of programmes, social enterprises and business operations.”E-commerce capability will also be critical for FSGA in its bid to move into a nationwide marketplace and provide web-based client services.FSGA considered modifying its existing MYOB system, and also evaluated Sage and NetSuite. They wanted an on-premise solution with local support, rather than the cloud-only option. Extensive consultations with Greentree Partner Frank assured them that Greentree could be delivered either way, and it would be no problem if they changed their minds later.“We were looking for a single system that can fit a variety of needs across our organisation and could ultimately grow with us,” says Paul. “I think Greentree is a one-stop shop for addressing the range of different components of our business, from accounting through to processing invoices and CRM, and being flexible as we transition into the new NDIS world.“It’s critical to our future success that we upgrade our infrastructure and processes throughout the organisation, and the Greentree solution is going to be one of the foundations of that.” Parmco is absolutely cooking with Greentree 2013-04-16T22:43:23Z parmco-is-absolutely-cooking-with-greentree “Excellence in all customer experiences, first time, every time” is at the heart of the core values of Parmco Appliances, which imports, distributes and services high-quality kitchen technology throughout New Zealand.“Our primary goal is to provide exceptional after-sales service,” says Finance Manager Shareen Stewart. “We want to give them a great product. If a problem arises with the product, we make sure that Parmco responds very quickly.”The quest for greater efficiency drove Parmco to look for an ERP system that could manage complex warranty-based servicing. Shareen says their decision to go with Greentree was centred on its total integration, and its flexible customisation framework that could address the company’s unique operational issues.A whole new viewParmco can now assess the warranty issues around its various products, the effectiveness of its service agents, and much more.“We now have excellent visibility and analysis capability for our entire service call function and Greentree has given us the ability to develop a range of KPIs to drive the business forward,” Shareen enthuses.The days of complex spreadsheets for receipting are now gone; meanwhile, Parmco’s on-road sales staff have had their work revolutionised with Greentree WebView, which they can access from anywhere.“There is no doubt in our minds that choosing Greentree was the right thing to do,” Shareen concludes.Read more about Parmco’s Greentree success. Doggone it, Greentree is the cat's whiskers 2013-04-12T00:08:56Z doggone-it-greentree-is-the-cat-s-whiskers CHALLENGE: Butch Pet Foods needed to modernise its financial system and find a better way to ensure none of its customers ran out of its products. SOLUTION: Greentree’s Financial Management pulls all the figures together, while CRM and Supply Chain simplify the handling of big and small orders. RESULTS: Errors in orders have been eliminated, stock holding costs are halved, order processing takes minutes instead of hours, and expansion plans are now closer to reality. Like meat pies and tomato sauce, shorts and flip-flops, or barbies at the beach, the dog roll is part of New Zealand culture – and Butch Pet Foods Ltd & Co. has been feeding Kiwi pooches since 1964. From its origins as a cottage industry, started by the Roby family, the company has grown to produce over six million pet food rolls per year, selling to the supermarket chains and corner dairies, as well as a growing export market.  “I know of three generations of dog owners who’ve bought our product,” says Office Manager Carl Jeffery. “We’ve diversified our product range quite a bit, and our instinct has worked pretty well, since our output has more than doubled over a five-year period.” However, a new business system was becoming imperative, in order to handle major expansion plans.  The puppy grows up Hydatids was widespread in New Zealand back in the 1960s, prompting Ian and Lorraine Roby to start a business to produce a healthier alternative to feeding uncooked meat to dogs. “Butch” is Ian’s nickname, and he’s largely retired now. The company is run today by his sons, Lance and Jeff, and produces more than 20 varieties of food for dogs and cats. New Zealand’s pet ownership is one of the highest in the world; it’s said that over 90% of Kiwis have at least one pet. Butch is the market leader in its field, with a 59% share.  “We got an order from the first Foodtown supermarket, which opened in South Auckland, and now you can find our product in most supermarkets throughout New Zealand,” says Carl.  Time to move on Butch was a long-time user of CBA, Greentree’s predecessor.   “CBA had served us well, but we wanted an up-to-date financial system and we wanted CRM so we could pull together our sales & marketing, administration and dispatch departments, to get rid of all those different spreadsheets,” Carl says. “It was great that so many of the functions we carried out in CBA just switched straight over to Greentree, but with Greentree we can now do so much more – it’s like going from a bike to a jet plane.” Greentree’s integrated functionality has made a vast difference to Butch’s operational efficiency. They purchase their raw ingredients in tonnes, and Greentree has eliminated the need for time-consuming conversions – at the touch of a button, staff can now measure quantities by unit, kilo or pallet. This is crucial to ensure they always have enough cooked product in stock to meet orders. “Raw materials are our biggest single expense,” Carl explains. “Now we can better measure our input and output, we won’t have to hold so much. So instead of holding $1.5 million worth of raw materials at any time, we might be able to drop that by half. That’s going to be a major saving in running costs.” Primed for growth The introduction of CRM has made a big difference for Butch’s dispatcher. Greentree’s Workflow desktop displays all orders nationwide, reducing the processing of orders for packing and delivery from hours to minutes. Productivity has also been boosted in both the finance and sales departments. “We’ve now got checks and balances in the system, and errors in orders have been eliminated,” Carl says. “Our sales & marketing guy says it’s the best package he’s worked with.”  The quest for export markets is driving big changes at Butch. A new warehouse is being built, to cope with the increase in sales and also to better serve the local market. The company intends implementing Greentree’s Manufacturing module to streamline its operations in anticipation of increased demand.  “Greentree is going to offer us a path for growth,” Carl concludes. Testifying to Greentree’s greatness 2013-03-19T22:53:06Z testifying-to-greentree-s-greatness Greentree’s partners (or Rare Gems, as we call them) are unashamed cheerleaders who drive us hard to deliver the best business solutions.  However, David Sankey, CEO of our partner Addax Business Solutions, swears he was unpaid (and sober!) when he wrote this recent endorsement of Greentree on our company blog. We were so impressed by David’s sincerity and passion, that we decided to share his thoughts with a wider audience. As an expression of the commitment that underlines our driving philosophy, We3, it’s a diamond. David writes:“A couple of events in the last week have given me reason to reflect on how I am sometimes so focused on addressing the challenges associated with providing smart but simple solutions, that I forget to look at the bigger picture and how truly broad Greentree’s functionality is.” Event 1: Previewing another product“A few days ago I was given a brief demonstration of Pronto, and while I know Pronto is a strong competitor to Greentree, I was underwhelmed with its lack of general usability compared to Greentree. It made me realise how I take for granted functionality such as Approvals & Alerts, the ability to drill down from anywhere (even print previews and Excel!), Workflow, FREE, etc.” Event 2: Special demands, standard functions“Yesterday I spent many hours preparing for a demonstration that included showing distribution processes from Quotes through to Sales Orders, Picking and Packing, to Invoicing. The prospect also required strong serial number functionality, kitsets, warranties, etc. They also needed strong job management across a huge range of jobs from small jobs of a few hundred dollars lasting a couple hours, to large jobs of several hundred thousand dollars that lasted many months. To ensure we were fully tested, the prospect also required Payroll, HR, OH&S, and Asset Management. Of course FREE, A&A, and Workflow played a significant part in the processes demonstrated. ALL of this was possible, even easy, using STANDARD Greentree functionality... and the preparation and demonstration went without a hitch.“It made me realise just how fortunate I am, as a vendor, to be demonstrating such a strong product. Greentree is a truly great ERP system.”Get your share of our passion for helping businesses to perform better – contact a Greentree Partner. ABOUT DAVID SANKEYDavid was born in Kenya and educated in Zimbabwe, before training in the UK as a management accountant. He specialises in business management, IT systems and internal controls. His extensive international experience includes gold exploration in Ghana, farm management in Zimbabwe, and oil exploration in the Arctic Circle.Based in Perth, Western Australia, his hobbies include welding, diving and electronics. He and his wife, Kristen, have two children: Tyler and Samantha.