The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-06-16T05:36:44Z Growth in online selling and marketing is strengthening small business opportunities on the Central Coast 2011-06-16T05:36:44Z growth-in-online-selling-and-marketing-is-strengthening-small-business-opportunities-on-the-central-coast “Growth in online marketing and selling is strengthening small business opportunities on the Coast,” said Mr Wayne Gates CEO of the Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre. A recent report – the Sensis Social Media Report - has revealed that blogs and reviews were found to have a big impact on buying decisions, with 63 per cent of social media users reading online reviews before making a buying decision. Social media users are also interested in what businesses can give them in the form of discounts (57%), giveaways (45%) invitations to events (41%) and product information (41%). At present, the survey found 12 per cent of Social media users actively use social media to buy products. From this group one third of hits result in a purchase. Clothing and fashion, electrical goods and furniture were the most popular three items sold online. The survey found there are increasingly more opportunities for brands and businesses to use social media to successfully promote and sell their products and services. “Businesses need to be aware of the increasing opportunities of engaging with consumers and customers online,” Mr Gates said. The CCBEC offer a range of up-to-the-minute business online marketing workshops and program, presented by Australia's leading business professionals, that educate and support small business owners. Naomi Simson, the CEO of the very successful online gifting business, Red Balloon, spoke at the recent MicroBiz Week lunch sharing her key business points learnt from starting and growing her internet business. This July, the CCBEC are offering two more online workshops – * Secrets to Getting Your Business Online (July 19), and*Understanding Online Marketing (July 19) Both these courses are run by leading online expert Sam Shetty of Nett Registry. Other workshops available in July include: * ‘Are you Interested in Importing for Your Business’ presented by import/export expert, Corinne Campbell.* ‘You Can Have a Business and a Life’ presented by small business trainer, Samantha McDonald.* Sales and Marketing by the Central Coast’s own small business authority, Simone Preston. CCBEC members enjoy free access to all basic workshops, and discounted members only pricing for advanced workshops and special events. For more information about workshops or memberships please go to