The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-07-21T04:36:41Z Survey Finds: Country Girls "Fake It" More 2011-07-21T04:36:41Z survey-finds-country-girls-fake-it-more VIEW VIDEO CLIP AT: A poll of Australian women has found that country girls are more likely to “fake it” than their city cousins. In conjunction with the launch of Australian country star Jasmine Rae’s new single “I Faked It”, blog The Chronicles of Verity Blackwell has released study results revealing some personal truths from Australian women, with country girls around 10% more likely to “fake it” than those from the cities. The survey found that two-thirds of country girls admit to having faked it in the past with a surprising one in three admitting to “faking it” on a regular basis. With the release of her second full-length album “Listen Here” already spending multiple weeks in the top 40, ARIA nominee Jasmine Rae has spent the last three years creating one of the biggest buzzes the Australian country industry has seen, with the endorsement of industry giants such as Lee Kernaghan, Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. “I Faked It” is set to take her to the next level. “The song is a bit of fun and is a song I recorded to empower women out there,” said Rae. “We’ve all had a bad break-up with a guy that turned out to be a liar and what could be more cathartic than bruising his ego with some home truths?” Despite the shock delivered by the study that there’s more “fakery” in rural areas, it’s not all bad news for country blokes, with the question “Does size matter” showing a large city / country divide with 59% of city women responding YES, but only 34% of rural women agreeing. And the good news kept flowing for the country with the revelation that rural women are far more satisfied with their sex lives, with 61% responding in the affirmative, compared with just 47% in the city. Brisbane-based blogger Verity Blackwell, who undertook the survey said she wasn’t surprised by the results. “I think the survey bears out what we women already knew,” said Blackwell. “I’d love to think that Jasmine’s single is a great wakeup call to blokes, but we know that 1/3 of women will go to bed tonight knowing they’re going to have to “fake it” and 100% of men will go to bed tonight positive that it’s not their partner…..”