The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-11-08T02:48:55Z TRC Group Kicks off New Learning Initiative With Juice TDP 2011-11-08T02:48:55Z trc-group-kicks-off-new-learning-initiative-with-juice-tdp In a move to bolster its staff retention strategy and improve its in-house training capabilities, the TRC Group has today announced that it is the first recruitment agency in Australia to implement the Juice Talent Development Platform (Juice TDP). The deployment is part of a company-wide focus to provide staff with a consistent learning environment that allows them to develop key skills such as winning new clients, the use of social media, adhere to best practices and make better user of their working day. Juice TDP, launched on 7th November, is the first on-demand video learning platform designed specifically for recruiters. It combines comedic drama with expert Q&A sessions, how to guides and practical sessions to aid long-term retention. Staff at all levels from across the TRC Group will be able to learn new skills or pick up some new tips from networking, through to head hunting candidates. According to Simon Moss, TRC Group's Managing Director, signing up for Juice's industry-first online learning platform had been an easy decision to make, "A great feature of Juice is that it has been easy to customise and tailor to our existing internal training program rather than having to replace it." "There are endless opportunities to learn new ways of improving existing business processes whilst empowering your staff with new skills and improved ways of thinking and doing. TRC Group is proud to be the first recruitment agency in Australia to implement this amazing learning platform." Matt Trott, Managing Director of Juice TDP Asia Pacific says, “Making a strategic investment in learning will help TRC Group to attract and retain the best recruitment talent in Australia. Unlike traditional ad hoc methods, Juice delivers interactive, fun and impactful content that is available at the click of a button. As a result learning becomes ingrained into the culture of a company, giving staff a boost and equipping them with the knowledge needed to forge ahead in their career.” The Juice TDP has enabled TRC Group to cultivate a continuous approach to learning that is helping to increase the skills base of its staff and the company has already seen a noticeable difference in motivation. By immediately applying what they have learnt to real life situations, employees have been able to increase their long-term retention of skills and feel more confident in approaching new situations. "At the end of the day, we want our employees to know that they are highly valued and we are here to give them a leg-up in developing their careers." Simon Moss concludes, "We believe in their potential so we are giving them every opportunity to be the best that they can be." Giant steps to the finish line 2011-09-22T00:46:23Z giant-steps-to-the-finish-line After months of preparation and raising $5,000 for Giant Steps, a school and charity dedicated to offering assistance and support for children and their families who live with autism, TRC Group braved the Sydney Running Marathon on Sunday, September 18, 2011 despite the scorching 29 degree heat. The team split up to compete in three different races on the day; 4 consultants battled the challenging Full Marathon which was 43 km, a course which twisted and turned around the infamous landmarks of Sydney. According to Charlie, one of TRC Group's specialist recruiters, the last 12 km of the marathon was the most challenging, "The 'wall' hit me and it was such a struggle for both the mind and body. The heat was overwhelming, my limbs weighed like rocks and every step from then on was a breaking point." Despite the physically and mentally demanding nature of the Full Marathon, the TRC team went better than expected with Charlie attaining the best time of 3 hours and 40 minutes and the others finishing in a similar time frame. Four consultants took on the Half Marathon which was a 23 km ordeal. Dan, TRC Group's Sales Manager had just come back from holidays and had missed out on a month's worth of preparation time for the marathon. He crossed the finish line after 2 hours and 4 minutes, a remarkable effort which he himself is even finding hard to believe, "It's a miracle I got around at all with the amount I had eaten when I was away!" Giant Steps has been TRC Group's charity of choice for nearly 5 years. The partnership has grown over time with TRC Group engaging in fundraising work at least 3 times a year exclusively for this unique school in Gladesville. Donations for TRC Group's commendable efforts in the Sydney Running Festival can still be made on by clicking hereAll donations are greatly appreciated and will make a world of difference. TRC Group's branded running shirts were made by Tobyandnic TRC takes on SARA 2011-09-07T00:46:37Z trc-takes-on-sara TRC Group has recently been nominated as the best medium-sized Specialist Recruiter for the prestigious SARA Awards. The SARA Awards is the recruitment industry’s premier awards ceremony which aim to recognise the outstanding performance of recruitment agencies in Australia. Votes are placed by jobseekers and clients, allowing them to identify and vote for their favourite recruitment agency in 2011. Simon Moss, Managing Director at TRC Group is thrilled with the nomination. Since it was established in 1999, TRC Group's continued success has enabled it to grow into one of Australia's leading recruitment agencies. "We have every intention of being the best niche market recruitment company there is, we pride ourselves in our results and quality-driven culture and we ensure our employees achieve their best by utilising our industry-first employee incentive and rewards program." "Winning the SARA Award for best medium-sized Specialist Recruiter would be a remarkable way to cement our brand as one of the best and to acknowledge the high-quality work of our consultants." The SARA Awards commenced its nominations and voting period on August 15, 2011 and since then TRC Group has been hard at work with its SARA Campaign. Voting will close on Friday, the 30th of September.Voting can be made on TRC Group goes Google 2011-08-17T05:18:30Z trc-group-goes-google-1 TRC Group has recently moved to a bigger and better office, the latest step in the company's ambitious expansion strategy which has recently included the doubling of the sales team and the opening of two new divisions; TRC Professional/Technical (engineering, construction and mining recruitment) and TRC Marketing and Communications. After staying in their previous office in George Street Sydney for 8 years, the company has found the perfect new spot to establish the foundations for their ambitious objective to grow exponentially in the next coming years. TRC Group's strategy for success involves the simple philosophy of ensuring the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees evident in the new office design and the newly established 'Personalised Employee Rewards Scheme' (PERS) program. Much of the design of the new office has been modeled to the famous 'Googleplex' with a Foosball table, Playstation, Wii, free coffee for all employees, company bar, a large flat screen TV with Foxtel and a media centre, all found in an open, comfortable space overlooking the fantastic skyscraper views of the Sydney CBD. According to Stephanie Huet, one of TRC Group's employees, the new office design, particularly the Games Room, is a great place to catch a quiet, relaxing moment, to interact with colleagues in an informal setting and to recharge one's batteries on very tough, busy days. "We're all very happy," Stephanie said when asked about the impact of the new office, "the design of the office and the fun extras have really contributed to a great office atmosphere." When asked about the principle behind the exciting change, Simon Moss, TRC Group's Managing Director and the mastermind behind the 'TRCplex' office emphasised the importance of retaining quality employees, "In the highly competitive recruitment industry, it is paramount to nurture the relationships you have with both Clients and Candidates to maintain and grow your network which is vital to any recruiter. The people who manage these relationships are our employees and the instance that they are unhappy or leave, it endangers these relationships. We believe that we have an industry leading employee benefits package and we now have a great setting for our team to work. Overall our strategy is quite straightforward: having happy employees makes good business sense." Despite TRC Group's momentous move to the spacious, modern office as it continues it's impressive expansion, Simon emphasises that the TRC Group's core promise hasn't changed: high quality recruitment service in niche, specialist markets. "We've set ourselves a challenging goal that we are going to achieve by 2020; we're only going to get bigger and better from here. But we're not going to be like your typical company that loses focus and forgets what we are supposed to be doing just because we have grown. We know what we're good at and we are sticking with that." TRC Group's 'TRCplex' can be found on Level 15, 1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000. TRC Group specialises in recruitment in the following industries: IT, Government, Marketing and Communications, Construction, Engineering, Mining and Executive-level recruitment. Recruitment inudstry on the ball! 2011-08-09T02:58:37Z recruitment-inudstry-on-the-ball CXC Global in partnership with TRC Group has organised a Recruiter Soccer Charity Day which will be kicking off on Saturday, August 20,2011 at 1 Day Lane, Kingsford 2032. All funds raised will be donated to Giant Steps, a charity dedicated to working with children living with autism and their families through the provision of education and support. Located in Gladesville, the Giant Stepsschool provides a world-leading educational program that utilise intensive occupational, speech and music therapy to assist children with autism in their learning. According to Michelle Jocum, the Funding Coordinator at Giant Steps, the school doesn't charge fees and must therefore rely on government funding and the fundraising efforts of parents to ensure the ongoing operation of the school. Michelle emphasised the importance of events such as the Soccer Charity Day to assist parents in their fundraising efforts, "Every year, parents have to raise well over $2 million dollars to keep the school running. It's a challenge and we would not be able to reach such a target if we did not have the support of events such as this." Team registrations are still open to any recruitment agency who would like join in the fun and raise funds for a worthy cause. Registration can be made on Refreshments will be provided on the day for all players, with a Gold coin donation for non participants. For more information on Giant Steps please see