The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-09-19T03:09:24Z MENTAL ILLNESS ON THE FRINGE 2011-09-19T03:09:24Z mental-illness-on-the-fringe-1 Neighbours regular Scott Major, is just as accomplished behind-the-camera having directed his Ramsay Street co-stars in a number of episodes in the past year. From September 28 to Oct 7, Scott will switch his talents to the stage for the Melbourne Fringe Festival when he directs “Death in a box …. one pussy’s tale!” at Tony Starr’s Kitten Club, 1/267 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Certainly a different tone to Scott’s usual work on Neighbours, the play is the real life story of Melbourne couple, Mandie Combe and partner Tony Johannsen, and Mandie’s struggle with mental illness. “Neighbours has touched on mental illness over the years, but not quite like this, the freedom of the stage has allowed us to tell this very touching, funny, confronting and real story in a very unique way,” said Scott. “This darkly comedic cabaret will leave you questioning your understanding of mental illness.” For bookings (03)9660 9666 or enquiries:Kelly Davis - 0413 009 545 DR KARL UNITES RIVAL FOOTY TEAMS 2011-08-26T03:35:42Z dr-karl-unites-rival-footy-teams Neighbours star Alan Fletcher and avid Carlton supporter, knows only too well the rivalry between footy team supporters in Australia hence his nervousness to visit the UK’s Everton FC club next week. You see, Fletcher is a longtime Liverpool fan and these two teams bring a new meaning to cheer squads and waving the flag. Fletcher jumped on the Liverpool bandwagon way back in the eighties when Aussie Craig Johnston joined the team. However, as UK ambassador for Blue September for men’s health awareness, Everton is playing host for a campaign event because of their team colour, blue. “It’s pretty well known over there that I support Liverpool, however in the name of mens health awareness, I’m sure club rivalry can be put aside to highlight such an important message. I hope,” joked Fletcher.Media enquiries:Kelly Davis - FremantleMedia Australia0388333312/0413009545 NEIGHBOURS STAR IN A BLUE 2011-08-24T01:48:27Z neighbours-star-in-a-blue With his on-screen marriage unraveling at the moment, Neighbours’ star Alan Fletcher has good reason to be blue at the moment. However, that isn’t the explanation as to why Alan looks like he is auditioning for the remake of Braveheart, he is an ambassador for this year’s Blue September campaign to raise awareness of men’s health. He heads to the UK this weekend to spread the word. Cashing in on Neighbours international popularity, who better to promote the virtues of regular medical checks than Dr Karl who is a TV icon to English viewers. Alan will be on a grueling media and appearance tour for seven days including breakfast with London's Lord Mayor Boris Norman. “It will be hectic but worth it to get across a very important message,” said Alan. “I’m hoping Susan will go easy on Karl when he returns.”For interviews and photos:Kelly Davis, Fremantle Media Australia0388333312/0413009545 MIND OVER MONEY 2011-08-17T22:07:16Z mind-over-money Surviving the latest financial world crisis requires more than cutting costs, a change in the mindset is necessary according to a Melbourne well-being expert. Life coach and author of the The 7 Secrets to Success, Theodore Basil has spent years steering people out of personal crisis and is adamant that the level of action and planning committed to reaching goals is the answer. A former financial advisor, Mr Basil has witnessed clients crumble or triumph in difficult times based not on their bank balance but their approach to the situation. “For the majority of people, financial security is their number one goal and when it doesn’t go to plan, their focus shifts which compounds the problem,” said Mr Basil. The life Coach is quick to add he isn’t endorsing a ‘think positive and everything will be fine’ solution to the money woes of Australians. “A positive attitude is certainly a bonus, however there needs to be a plan of action and some basic common sense,” During Mr Basil’s Secret to Success workshops he conducts for the corporate sector, professional sport clubs, small business owners, couples and individuals, he recommends some simple practical steps. 1.First ask yourself three questions, what am I doing in my life financially? what works? what doesn’t work ? 2.Focus on your attention and effort on what works for you financially. You have a proven blueprint; don’t lose sight of that amongst the negative. 3.Write down your financial goals, and be precise about what you want even if it’s to clear your smallest debt, and physically writing it down makes it real objective. 4.Educate yourself, you can never learn enough about a subject including daily budgeting – remember knowledge is power. 5.You’re not own your own, talk to friends or family who have similar financial goals and share information. “People are a lot more resilient than they give themselves credit for, they just don’t know it, and the workshops certainly reveal this,” said Mr Basil. “During crisis, financial or personal, many people forget all the great things they have achieved, this is the first thing they must change.” Media enquiries: Kelly Davis – 0413009545 Sad ending for canine TV Star 2011-08-17T11:56:24Z sad-ending-for-canine-tv-star It’s a sad day for the Neighbours team with the news that Audrey, the Kennedy’s beloved pet pooch was put to sleep this morning (August 17) after a short but heroic battle with canine cancer. Audrey joined the show in 2001 when she was just eight weeks old and even then, it was clear that Ramsay Street had another star on the rise and viewers loved her instantly. “When she first joined she was so well trained that she would only come to us when it was part of the scene,” explained co-star Jackie Woodburne. “However, it wasn’t long before she considered the set her home and us her family that she wouldn’t hesitate come over for a pat or cuddle but she was always the professional,” Jackie added, “And she was a scene stealer and could proudly claim to be the only natural blonde on the show, we’ll really miss her,” Audrey’s real life owner, Christine Powell from Animal Actors, said the acting veteran was still her usual upbeat and happy self right to the end, and even managed some scenes in the Kennedy’s house yesterday. “Audrey loved being on the show and I’d to like to take this opportunity to remind pet owners not to hesitate to have their pets checked if you suspect something isn’t quite right,” said Christine. Alan Fletcher, who play Dr Karl Kennedy, had the privilege of working with Audrey yesterday. “It was just lovely to have Audrey around, she really did brighten up the set and she made the Kennedy’s a complete family, she’ll be sadly missed by everyone.” Audrey will be on screen until the end of the year.