The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-09-30T15:50:05Z Facetime Is Just One Of The Great Features On The iPhone 4 2011-09-30T15:50:05Z facetime-is-just-one-of-the-great-features-on-the-iphone-4 The iPhone 4 boasted many improvements over previous models when it was released in 2010. The new Retina display was a stand out feature as was the improved 1Ghz processor. One feature that was heavily advertised was the Facetime video calling system and it has quickly established itself as one of the key facilities on the phone. Here we take a look at Facetime and other video chat systems that are available on this impressive model.Facetime was introduced to the world on the 7th June 2010 by the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. The system enables users of the iPhone 4, the second generation iPad and the fourth generation iPod Touch to communicate with one another via a front facing camera installed on each device. Facetime only works between these Apple products but given the brands popularity in the marketplace this does not pose to much of a problem. Unlike previous video calling platforms Facetime only work via a WiFi connection. Whilst this has obvious limitations when you are on the move it does ensure that when you do have an appropriate connection the quality of the service surpasses all other efforts. Thanks to the data transfer speeds offered by WiFi users not only experience a high standard of audio but video also appears crystal clear. Other video calling platforms suffer from their use of a cellular data network that simply could not handle the pressure placed upon it by this kind of call. The result of this is that video images often appear blurred and audio stutters and regularly drops out. The interface for Facetime is simple, your screen displays the picture of whoever you are talking to and a smaller box is presented in the corner which shows you what the other person can see. This box can be moved to any corner of the screen that suits you and another small button on the display enables you to switch to the phones main camera in order to show your contact what is going on around you.The popular App Store now offers a range of video calling applications for the iPhone 4. The most well known of these is Skype and the advantage of this system is that it works on both a 3G connection as well as WiFi. Obviously there is a loss in quality when calling over a 3G network and user must be aware of how much data allowance is included in their monthly price plan. The fact that a cellular network can be used does however mean there are more places where you can conduct a video call. Skype is also a cross platform application which makes it easy to call a friend who may be using a phone on an Android or Symbian operating system. Because Skype is not integrated into the OS of the iPhone 4 it is a slightly more complicated way of conducting this kind of call and it also lacks the overall quality that Facetime offers, however it is a great alternative for people who are often travelling and cannot be limited to having a WiFi connection. There are of course other handsets that use a front facing camera. The HTC Evo 3D is one of the best alternatives for video calling and a variety of applications such as Skype can be used and they look superb on the handsets large display. Facetime however remains the ultimate tool for making video calls.Facetime is key feature on the iPhone 4 as any person who own the handset will testify. Its quality remains superb whilst availability of third party programmes such as Skype means that video calling is becoming a much more widely used feature than ever before.The iPhone 4 and the HTC Evo 3D are available now. Sky TV Applications Benefit The iPhone 4 2011-09-30T11:16:21Z sky-tv-applications-benefit-the-iphone-4 One of the main attractions of the Apple iPhone 4 is the number of applications that are available for download. These applications can range from the latest games to utilities that help you in your everyday life. Here we take a look at some of the excellent applications that are offered by Sky TV. Sky is part of the British Sky Broadcasting network and are a media company in the UK who offer consumers a huge variety of television and IT services.The latest addition to Skys applications for the iPhone 4 is the new Sky Go system. Sky Go is a service which is available to all subscribers to the Sky TV sports service. The system enables users to download the application to their handset and effectively turn their phone into a portable TV. Sky Go offers a selection of five sports channels which you can watch on your phone in real time. The phone does need to be connected to a 3G or a WiFi network but with coverage so widespread this should really not prove to much of a problem. Imagine travelling home form work on the train whilst watching your favourite football team in action. Sky Go makes this possible and the iPhone 4 is the perfect device for such a service thanks to its high quality screen and excellent sound. If you would prefer to watch the action on the big screen when you get home then there is another application named Sky+ which enables you to set up recordings on you Sky TV Receiver from any location. This can prove invaluable if you have forgot to record your favourite series or are late returning home. The range of applications such as these illustrates just how much the whole home entertainment spectrum is now linked with smartphones, laptops and home televisions all communicating with one another.Sky also offer applications which are designed solely for use on your iPhone 4. Sky Sports News is an invaluable application which brings a wealth of sporting news direct to your handset. The feature is easy to use with a homescreen that offers headlines from a variety of sporting fields. If you prefer you can restrict this page to just showing new stories from one particular sport such as football or boxing. The application is also useful for checking on forthcoming fixtures or results of recent games. All in all this is an essential iPhone 4 application for any sports fan. On a similar note there is also the Sky News app which is similar but rather than concentrating on sports it focuses on news. You have options to check world news, local news, sports and a number of other categories. If you want to keep up to date with what is happening around you then this should be a definite download.The iPhone 4 is a high quality handset that really benefits from the third party applications that are available to it. The Sky selection of apps are both useful and informative and are a perfect accompaniment to this superb phone.The iPhone 4 and the White iPhone 4 are available now. We Compare The HTC Radar With The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray 2011-09-30T09:07:31Z we-compare-the-htc-radar-with-the-sony-ericsson-xperia-ray Here we take a look at two next generation handsets from HTC and Sony Ericsson. The Radar and the Xperia Ray are two new phones aimed firmly at the mass smartphone market but which of these models holds the upper hand?With more features than ever being packed into the modern handset the processing power of the device is becoming vitally important. Without sufficient power operation on the handset will suffer and ultimately limit the phones appeal. Both the HTC Radar and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray boast impressive chipsets and turn out to be very evenly matched in this area. The Radar uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon set up which includes a powerful 1Ghz Scorpion processor and an Adreno 205 graphics processing unit. The handset also offers 512MB of RAM memory which is slightly disappointing given that the new Windows Mango OS that the phone uses now supports true multi tasking. The Xperia Ray matches the Radar step for step in this area by offering an identical chipset and the same amount of RAM. This means both the phones perform admirably and will suffice the average phone user whilst not matching the power offered by many top end models such as the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The phones do differ slightly when we take a look at the storage capacity that is available. The Radar offers users a respectable 8GB of storage but without the comfort of a micro SD card slot should you need to expand upon this. The Xperia Ray does include an external card slot but also sports a much smaller built in capacity of 1GB.Neither of these models offers excessively large screens with the manufacturers playing it safe and offering displays that measure less than 4 inches in a bid to make the models more appealing in the size department. The HTC Radar incorporates a 3.8 inch screen which uses the very latest S-LCD technology in order to produce a bright and vivid image. The phone offers a pixels per inch rating of 246 thanks to a high standard 480 x 800 resolution. Despite the quality of this screen it struggles to match what the excellent Xperia Ray can offer. A huge 297 PPI can be displayed thanks to a combination of the 3.3 inch size together with its 480 x 854 resolution. The only downside of the Sony screen is that it does not use toughened glass which means the display may be more susceptible than other models to picking up scratches and marks.Both the HTC Radar and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray are impressive handsets that boast high quality screens together with powerful processors that ensure fast operation. Anybody looking for a smartphone without the extra bulk of some of the larger models would be well advised to have a close look at both of these devices.The HTC Radar and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray are available now. Guessing Games Continue About The Official iPhone 5 Name 2011-09-30T08:08:50Z guessing-games-continue-about-the-official-iphone-5-name We will soon see the launch of Apples latest iPhone. At present we do not know what this handset will be called but whichever title it adopts you can be assured that it will quickly become one of the biggest selling handsets of 2011. For the purposes of this piece we shall refer to the model as the iPhone 5. Here we take a look at the possible names of this new model along with some other rumours which have recently circulated about its release.Logic dictates that the new Apple device will be named the iPhone 5 given that the last phone was the iPhone 4. There are some suggestions however that this may not be the title given to the new phone. Some reports are suggesting that Apple may opt to name the phone the iPhone 4S. The S was added to the iPhone 3G when it was updated and stood for "speed" as the device was a much faster model than its predecessor. Given that the new iPhone is likely to include Apples new A5 chipset we will see significant increases in performance speeds tanks to the dual core processor that it uses. Does this signify that the iPhone 5 may actually become the iPhone 4S, especially as many of the phones features such as the Retina Display resolution will remain unchanged? Another possibility although a fairly unlikely one is that the phone may be christened as the iPhone 4G. In order for this name to work however the handset would need to operate on the ultra fast 4G mobile network which is unlikely. Some countries such as the UK also do not support such a network so this name is the least likely to be used. Of course the remaining possibility may be to call the phone the very obvious iPhone 5. This will tie in nicely with Apples launch of the iOS5 operating system. The main reason why this name may not be used is if Apple are planning a major release next Spring and may want to keep hold of this name until then, this has been rumoured but at present there is no concrete information.It is likely that we will see the iPhone 5 launched in the US around the 21st of October which is around one month away. It remains to be seen whether the UK will see a launch on this day or whether we will see it introduced a couple of weeks later. There are plenty of reasons to believe we will see an October launch for this handset. Pre orders are being taken in the United States from the first of October whilst Sprint, one of Americas leading networks, have cancelled staff leave over this period. The recent fall in price of the iPhone 4 suggests that a new model is imminent and the launch of the highly anticipated iOS5 operating system has been suitably delayed to coincide with the new model. One thing that we can be assured of is that whenever Apple chose to release this model we can expect similar levels of interest that were experienced with last years launch of the iPhone 4.The iPhone 5 looks sure to inject fresh life into a mobile phone market that has been dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S2 over the past few months. Expect to see patient consumers lining the street outside Apple stores very soon.The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the iPhone 4 is available now iPhone 5 - Get Instant Mobile Messaging With The iMessage 2011-09-29T17:22:17Z iphone-5-get-instant-mobile-messaging-with-the-imessage The Apple iPhone 5 is said to be first device to be powered by the Cupertino firm's latest mobile software version. This is the all new iOS 5. On the software's official website, it promises to bring more than 200 features to Apple's popular operating system. One of these features is iMessage. This is a feature that was not present in the past.What is this feature all about? To better understand this feature, let us take a look at one of Apple's rivals. RIM is well known for its Blackberry handsets. Blackberry smartphones are known for the Blackberry Messenger or simply the BBM. To date, this is the most popular mobile instant messaging service in that market. It allows you to send and receive messages without using up your monthly SMS allotment. It is coursed through the phone's 3G internet capabilities. Better yet, it does not consume a lot from your data allotment. It consumes such an insignificant amount of data. This means that you will not end up paying overages. The BBM will allow you to chat with friends just like you do with IMs optimized for PCs. Furthermore, it allows users to group chat. This is chatting with a group in a private chat room.The iMessage mobile instant messaging service on the iPhone 5 is similar to RIM's BBM. You can chat with friends either via 3G internet or Wi-Fi. This will allow you to send and receive unlimited messages without spending a penny on SMS. In addition, it also allows you chat with a group of friends simultaneously.With this IM, you are not limited to text. You can send or receive a number multitude of file formats. These include videos, photos, locations, and even contacts. This is more fun way of chatting. You will get to share more than just text messages.The iPhone 5 with iMessage will also help you keep track of your messages. This is accomplished via delivery receipts and the optional read receipts. You can also see when your friend is typing in a message. This will save you the time of waiting for someone to respond to the text messages you have sent to a recipient. Lastly, you never have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your conversations. You will enjoy secure encryption for the text you send or receive.The iMessage IM service can be enjoyed right out of the box with the iPhone 5. Since it only works on devices running the same OS, the iOS 5 will be rolling out to other devices such as iPad 2.For more information on theiPhone 5and theApple iPad 2, visit us at HTC EVO 3D - Powerful Specifications 2011-09-29T17:15:39Z htc-evo-3d-powerful-specifications It looks like the Taiwanese phone giant HTC's main focus is to deliver powerful handsets to the consumer. A lot of its new smartphones come with powerful hardware that is sure to blow your mind. The HTC EVO 3D is no exception. Here, you will get to know more about the phone's cutting-edge specs.Let's start with the smartphone's display. It sports a 4.3 inch 3D LCD capacitive touch screen. This 4.3 inch screen offers a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Its display comes with a similar size and resolution compared to the Taiwan-based company's flagship the Sensation. However, it has something else unique to offer. It will allow you to enjoy more from 3D videos without having to wear special glasses.When it comes to the phone's 3G internet capabilities, the phone will not disappoint. It can download at speeds of 14.4 mbps and upload at speeds of 5.76 mbps. It can also make use of public hotspots and wireless networks via its Wi-Fi capabilities. Page loading and downloading apps will never be a problem on this unique smartphone.The Taiwan-based firm has promised in the past that it put a larger emphasis on its phones' onboard cameras. The HTC EVO 3D comes with a superior 8 megapixel camera. Its camera comes complete with dual-LED flash, autofocus, touch focus, image stabilization, face detection, and instant capture. If you would like to make use of the phone's stereoscopic capabilities, it will record videos using dual 2 megapixel cameras. This will give your videos a stereoscopic effect.The phone's power does not end here. It comes packed with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon chipset under the hood. It also comes with an integrated Adreno 220 GPU for more intense graphics. This is similar to the Sensation's 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. It will allow you to enjoy more from performance at blinding speeds.Like the Sensation, the HTC EVO 3D is powered by Android's latest smartphone-optimized operating system. It is powered by the Android OS version 2.3 Gingerbread. This will allow you to enjoy more from the latest features and capabilities Google's mobile software has to offer. It will also take performance to whole new heights.As you can see, the phone is more than just a stereoscopic handset. It comes with powerful hardware and the latest software. This will allow the HTC EVO 3D to do things not many smartphones in the market can do.For the best deals on theHTC EVO 3Dand theHTC Sensation, visit us at Blackberry Bold 9900 - Efficient and Powerful QWERTY Phone 2011-09-29T17:08:58Z blackberry-bold-9900-efficient-and-powerful-qwerty-phone RIM's past handsets such as the 9780 was a dependable handheld mobile device. However, it could never join the ranks of phones running the Apple iOS or the Android OS. Why is this? Blackberries were known for sporting their trademark QWERTY keyboards. However, they came equipped with processors clocked under 1 GHz. The phone mentioned above only comes with a 624 MHz processor. Today, RIM plans to change this. The Blackberry Bold 9900 comes with a CPU that is up to par with today's standards.This new RIM handset offers processing power never before seen in its past models. It comes packed with a 1.2 GHz QC 8655 single-core processor. It has bumped up its predecessor's CPU by a hundred percent. This will allow the handset's users to enjoy more from power and performance that they have never experienced in older models. This equates to applications more efficiently. It also means that you can multi-task seamlessly from app to app. You can now run multiple applications at simultaneously.Aside from a more powerful workhorse, the phone also comes with a more capable camera. It does come with a camera with the same 5 megapixel count just like its predecessor. However, it will now allow you to record videos in 720p or high-definition. This was previously unavailable in past versions.With a more powerful hardware, you may think that all this power will drain the batteries quickly. This will not be the case. The Blackberry Bold 9900's battery will last a long time despite the upgraded components. Its batteries have a standby time of as much as 307 hours. It will allow you to enjoy from prolonged talk time of up to 5 hours and 50 minutes. The phone will allow music playback of up to 50 hours. This means that you will get to enjoy this new smartphone longer than before.The Blackberry Bold 9900 comes with RIM's trademark feature. It sports a QWERTY keyboard sitting below the phone's 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. This will allow you to respond to emails quickly. You can better compose and edit documents. It will also allow you to chat on the BBM just like you would on instant messaging service optimized for your desktop computer.Adding to the new smartphone's performance is the BB OS 7.0. This is the latest version of RIM's mobile operating system. This will allow you to enjoy more from fluid graphics, multi-tasking, and so much more.The Blackberry Bold 9900 will allow you to enjoy from RIM's trademark QWERTY keyboard. At the same time, you will enjoy performance at blinding speeds with its 1.2 GHz single-core CPU. What more can you ask for?For the best deals on theBlackberry Bold 9900and theBlackberry 9780 Bold, visit us at The HTC Titan And The HTC Radar Both Sport Windows Mango OS 2011-09-29T11:50:51Z the-htc-titan-and-the-htc-radar-both-sport-windows-mango-os Windows have now launched the Mango update of their mobile operating system and we are now seeing the first devices filter into the marketplace that run on this platform. HTC have a tradition of producing a good range of Windows phones and this looks set to continue with two new models ready for launch. Here we take a look at the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar and see which model comes out on top?HTC always produce well built handsets that look attractive whilst never really grabbing your attention. This rule can certainly be applied to the Titan and the Radar as they are both unmistakably HTC devices. They sport the same rectangular design with rounded corners that is found on the majority of the firms models. Both of the handsets are impressive with their overall depth measurements, especially the Titan which at 9.9mm is one of the slimmest phones available. The Titan does offer a much bigger display than the Radar at 4.7 inches and therefore the unit not only measures up larger in width and height but also weighs 23 grammes more at 160 grammes. Despite its extra size and weight the Titan is the more appealing of these two phones from a design point of view. The fact that it also incorporates a larger screen is a real attraction of this model. The 4.7 inch display offers a high quality 480 x 800 resolution but thanks to the larger screen size this equates to a pixels per inch rating of just 198. The HTC Radar on the other hand offers a smaller 3.8 inch display with the same resolution but thanks to the smaller screen the pixels per inch on offer here is an impressive 245 meaning that this device ultimately boasts the higher image quality.Internal storage is impressive on both the HTC Titan and the Radar. Despite neither model offering an external card slot users should find the 16GB offered on the Titan ample for all manner of usage including music storage and video. The Radar offers a smaller 8GB of capacity which means the unit will not store many movies or an expansive music collection. One could argue that this should not pose to much of a problem as anybody looking for a true multi media device is likely to opt for the larger screened Titan. The amount of space offered on the Radar is plenty for the average phone user however. These two models both operate on a powerful single core processor. The Titan offers the most impressive of these two chips with its 1.5Ghz offering which is twice the power of the processor that the Radar offers. It is worth remembering however that the Radar does not require all of the power that the Titan possess as its screen is much smaller and therefore places less strain on the chip.HTC have produced two great new Windows phones in the shape of the Titan and the Radar and we look forward to seeing what other models the company introduce over the coming months.The HTC Titan and the HTC Radar are available now. A Closer Look At The HTC Radar 2011-09-29T10:12:22Z a-closer-look-at-the-htc-radar HTC look set to launch their annual assault on the Windows phone market with several new models that will be running the new Mango version of the popular platform. Here we take a look at the HTC Radar, a phone that has seemingly taken a step back from the ultra competitive large screen market and pitched itself nicely to consumers looking for a stylish and compact model that is still packed full of features. It is obvious that HTC have spent some time trying to make this phone stand out from the dozens of modern smartphones currently available. The Radar is available in both a black finish or a slightly more eye catching white design complete with silver trimmings. The fact that the phone offers a 3.8 inch display means the phone is slightly more compact than some of the brands recent offerings but it does maintain the chunky and well constructed feel that is evident with all HTC models. The overall dimensions of the model are 120 x 61.5 x 10.8 mm and the weight of the device is a fairly average 137 grammes. The easiest way to describe this phone is basically a smaller version of the HTC Flyer tablet device which was released earlier this year. The phones offers a high quality S-LCD display capable of displaying a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Whilst this may not be the highest resolution available the smaller screen size compensates for this and results in an impressive pixels per inch rating of 238. The usual array of sensors are integrated in the screen so a proximity and light sensor are both available when needed and the screen also supports multi touch enabling it to register more than one point of contact at a time.The HTC Radar incorporates a second generation Snapdragon chipset which includes a 1Ghz processor. Despite not boasting the power of some of its more high specification rivals the Radar effortlessly handles all tasks and upon using the phone we noticed no issues with the devices overall speed. This is useful for the new multi tasking facilities which are part of the Windows Mango platform. This enables you to leave the task you are currently performing in order to access another area of the phone. The first task is left running in the background so you can return to it whenever you like without losing any progress. This is superb if you are playing a game but need to quickly send an e mail or browsing the web but want to skip tracks on the phones audio player.The HTC Radar is a fun and stylish device which boast some features that are on a par with some more well known handsets such as the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The nice sized display and modern finish are two features which standout but there really is a lot to like about this new model.The HTC Radar and the iPhone 4 are available now. Blackberry Torch 9860 and 9810 - RIM's Famous Handsets 2011-09-28T18:42:48Z blackberry-torch-9860-and-9810-rim-s-famous-handsets In August of 2010, RIM introduced a handset that was unique compared to conventional BB smartphone. This was that 9800. The phone sports a 3.2 inch touch screen, a track pad, and a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard. This handset offered not one but three input options that quickly caught the attention Blackberry's enthusiast. This 2011, the Canadian phone manufacturer has released 2 more versions of this popular model in the UK. These are the Blackberry Torch 9860 and the 9810.Let's start with the 9810. If you compare both the predecessor and the successor, you will notice only a few minor changes. You might not see any changes to the design at all. Both phones sport the same display, track pad, and slide out QWERTY keyboard. Their dimensions are identical as well. The huge difference can be found under the hood. The original version packs a modest 624 MHz single-core processor under the hood. Its predecessor rocks a 1.2 GHz CPU. This will push performance levels to whole new heights. With twice as much clock speed, you are sure to enjoy more processing power. This is when you will notice the difference.If you compare the original version with the Blackberry Torch 9860, you will notice a lot of changes. This new smartphone comes with a bigger display. It sports a 3.7 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. Below the phone's display is a familiar feature. This is an optical track pad. If you try to push the display upwards to reveal the slide out QWERTY keyboard, it will not budge. This is because there are no physical keys to be found on this smartphone. It rocks a multi-touch input method. This is the reason for the bigger screen. It offers more real estate for your touch needs.The Blackberry Torch 9860 comes packed with the same 1.2 GHz single-core processor just like the 9810. This offers more processing power and performance at blinding speeds. It will allow you to run a multitude of applications seamlessly. No longer will you have to deal with a sluggish handset.Both new versions are powered by the BB OS 7.0. This is the latest iteration of Blackberry's unique mobile platform. It will allow you to enjoy more from Liquid Graphics, social media network integration, and multi-tasking. Coupled with the smartphones' beefed up CPUs, you will definitely notice the difference in performance.With the Blackberry Torch 9860 and the 9810, you will get to enjoy two more versions of RIM's popular handset model.For the best deals on theBlackberry Torch 9860and theBlackberry Torch 9810, visit us at Blackberry Torch 9810 - Slide Phone For Businessmen 2011-09-28T18:35:59Z blackberry-torch-9810-slide-phone-for-businessmen The Canadian phone manufacturer RIM has long been in the business of providing businessmen handsets that will allow them to get ahead with their careers and business. One of the unique handsets that catered to this demand is the 9800. This past model came with a 3.2 inch touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. This phone was one of the career-oriented individual's preferred smartphones. This 2011, the Canada-based firm has created a phone bearing a similar design with a number of upgrades. This is the Blackberry Torch 9810.If you would like to use the phone's touch interface, the phone sports a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. This will give you enough real-estate for swiping, tapping, and flicking. With this input method, you will get through the smartphone's basic functions.Another method of navigating through the handset's functions is an optical track pad. This is the same technology seen on laptops. This will help you navigate through the smartphone's features with ease. This will allow you to work through the phone with just one hand.If you take a look at both the predecessor and the successor, not much has changed with aesthetics. They sport the same display and relatively the same dimensions. Once you push the displays of both handsets, a QWERTY keyboard is revealed. This is one of the features businessmen look for. These physical keys on the Blackberry Torch 9810 slider will allow you to respond to emails and text messages with ease. You never have to use confusing shortcuts when replying to SMS. These keys offer a complete selection of characters, symbols, numbers, and letters that will allow you to get the entire message through. This is ideal for responding to emails. You will never have a hard time responding to mail found in your corporate inbox. It will be as easy as typing on your laptop or personal computer. Furthermore, this slide out QWERTY keyboard will also be ideal for composing and editing documents.The Blackberry Torch 9810 may share a similar design with its predecessor. However, it does have more to offer within. It comes packed with a 1.2 GHz single-core processor under the hood. This is more superior compared to its predecessor's 624 MHz processor. Coupled with Blackberry's version 7.0 OS, you are sure to enjoy more from lightning-fast performance. This will allow you to run apps that boost productivity with ease. With the smartphone's enhanced performance, you will also be allowed to multi-task seamlessly.With these enhanced features and a design that works, the Blackberry Torch 9810 is definitely a smartphone a businessman is sure to love.For the best deals on theBlackberry Torch 9810and theBlackberry Torch 9800, visit us at Blackberry Curve 9360 - Love It Until The End 2011-09-28T18:24:44Z blackberry-curve-9360-love-it-until-the-end If you go around and ask today's youth about their preferred handset, most of them will tell you that they prefer the RIM's mobile phones. Why is this? RIM handsets do not come packed with dual-core processors Android and iOS smartphones come with. However, they do offer a variety of ways for teens to communicate with friends. This is exactly what the Blackberry Curve 9360 has to offer.First of all, the phone is affordable. Like its predecessor (the 9300), the phone does not go beyond a young person's budget. Furthermore, parents would gladly get their children this phone. It will not cost them more than 400 to 500 just like the flagship or high-end mobile devices offered by Apple and Android manufacturers. Furthermore, you can take it home for free on all plans offered by a variety of network operators in the UK.Secondly, it allows its users to enjoy the basic functions of mobile phones. It will allow users to call their friends, loved ones, or family. It will allow users to text with ease. Young people prefer phones that allow them to text with ease since this is what they mostly do on their handsets. This smartphone comes with a QWERTY keyboard. This will allow its user to type quickly and get the message through.Teens love to send and receive SMS. However, what if they use up all of the allotted text messages on their monthly plan? How do they get to enjoy more from messaging? Like all of Blackberry's handsets, the Blackberry Curve 9360 comes pre-loaded with the BBM. This is RIM's popular mobile instant messaging service. This mobile IM will allow you to send and receive messages even when you have used up all of your monthly SMS and minutes. Messages are sent via the phone's 3G internet capabilities. You don't even have to worry about going over your monthly data allotment. The IM does not consume a lot of data.The BBM on the Blackberry Curve 9360 also allows users to enjoy more from group chat. Just as long as your friends also have RIM's handsets, you can chat will a group of people. This ensures that you and your group of friends all know what is going on. From events to parties and from the concerts to price-slashing sales, your friends will always be in the loop.As you can see, today's youth do not need a high-end phone to enjoy more from mobile technology. All they need is an affordable smartphone that offers a variety of ways to communicate with friends. This is exactly what the Blackberry Curve 9360 has to offer.For the best deals on theBlackberry Curve 9360and theBlackberry 9300 Curve 3G, visit us at What Are The Chances Of Having A White iPhone 5? 2011-09-28T18:20:30Z what-are-the-chances-of-having-a-white-iphone-5 It is official. The Cupertino firm Apple will finally officially announce its much awaited iPhone 5 on the 4th of October. This is less than a week away. If you are one of the many enthusiasts of iOS-powered devices, you must be dying to set your eyes on this new device. After all the rumors that have surrounded this smartphone, you must be wondering what rumors were accurate and what rumors were false. Furthermore, you must be wondering if the house of Cook will release a white version of the handset.Let's go back to the iPhone's history. Apple's 4th generation smartphone was introduced back in June of 2010. It went on sale later during the same month. Soon after, it was announced that a lighter-toned version would soon be arriving. However, it would be 10 months later before we would get to see it in a different color.Apparently, there were issues with production. Contractors in charge of applying the phone's lighter tone had problems making the coat stick to the surface. Due to the long delay, people began to wonder whether this variant would ever arrive in stores. Some even thought that it would never come despite former CEO Steve Jobs reassuring Apple's enthusiasts that it would.With the Cupertino firm's past problems, will the iPhone 5 come in white? Apple seems to have resolved the issue with the lighter-toned variant. Despite the long wait, it did deliver this version. However, will we experience the same problem? Let's find out.Let us look at another iOS-powered device. Let us take a look at the iPad 2. This tablet was announced in March of 2011. It was released soon after in the same month. When it went on sale, there were two versions available. These were the lighter and darker version. This is a clear indication that the Cupertino-based tech giant has mastered applying the devices the appropriate color coat.It seems Apple has dealt with the issues and headaches it experienced with its 4th generation smartphone. This can be clearly seen with the iPad 2. This simply means that the Cupertino-based phone manufacturer has learned from its mistakes. Hopefully, we never have to wait another 10 months after the original version's launch before we get to see a lighter-toned version.Will the iPhone 5 come in a white color? Although this has not been confirmed, it is most likely that it will be available alongside the original color.For more information on theWhite iPhone 5and the best deals on theApple iPad 2, visit us at Nokia 701 - Symbian Powered Mobile Phone 2011-09-28T18:13:51Z nokia-701-symbian-powered-mobile-phone If you are looking for a more powerful smartphone, Nokia's handsets may have not entered your mind. They have not been known for releasing mobile phones that allowed you to enjoy more from blinding performance. An example of this is the E7. It comes with a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor when the competition offers handsets sporting processors with clock speeds over 1 GHz. Some have even released smartphones sporting dual-core processors. Lately, the Finnish phone manufacturer has equipped their phones with more powerful processors. An example is the unique MeeGo-powered N9. However, what about their Symbian-powered handsets? Two of their latest Symbian Anna handsets the X7 and E6 comes packed with 680 MHz ARM 11 processors. Now, they have broken this trend with the 701. This phone comes packed with enough processing power that is up to par with your expectations.This new smartphone by the Finnish phone giant packs a 1 GHz single-core processor. It comes integrated with a 2D/3D graphics HW accelerator. This means that the phone will not be too far behind compared to the phones offered by the competition. It is capable of running anything from apps to OS applications with ease. This means that you can now play games, play music, run videos, and place video calls easily. In addition, you can multi-task with ease.The Nokia 701 is powered by Symbian Belle. This is the latest version of Nokia's timeless mobile operating system. This iteration to Nokia's platform will further enhance multi-tasking. In fact' it even has a term to the way the phone allows you to multi-task. It is called Visual Multi-tasking. Why is it called this way? It is called this way because of the large thumbnail where running apps can be found. All you have to do is flick on the thumbnail to switch from app to app.It is no surprise that the handset sports a powerful camera. It rocks an 8 megapixel camera that will allow you to enjoy more from high-resolution captured images and high-definition videos. It comes with other image enhancing features such as dual-LED flash, fixed focus, face detection, and geotagging. It also comes with a secondary VGA camera that is designed for you to enjoy more from video calls.When it comes to the phone's 3G capabilities, it will allow you to download at speeds of up to 14.4 mbps and upload at speeds of up to 5.76 mbps. This equates to faster page loading and faster downloading of apps.Symbian smartphones were never known for their power. Now, the Nokia 701 changes this perception.For the best deals on theNokia 701and information on theNokia N9, visit us at Mobile Technology Changed By The HTC Sensation 2011-09-28T18:07:49Z mobile-technology-changed-by-the-htc-sensation It looks like every new handset made by the Taiwanese phone mogul HTC is based on the Sensation. The current flagship sports a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, an 8 megapixel camera, a larger 4.3 inch display, and the latest android iteration. It is either the company has matched these specs or made them even better.An example of this is the EVO 3D. This smartphone packs relatively the same phone specifications compared to the current flagship. However, it does come with one improvement. The phone will allow you to record 3D videos with its dual 2 megapixel cameras. It will also allow you to watch your stereoscopic videos on its 4.3 inch screen without having to wear 3D glasses.Yet another example is the flagship's XE version. This handset takes power and performance to whole new heights. It also has some unique features to offer. When it comes to power, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer has bumped up the original 1.2 GHz dual-core processor to a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon chipset with an integrated Adreno 220 GPU for intense graphics. The upgrade does not end here. The XE will also sport Beats Audio technology. It comes with Dr. Dre's Beats headphones. This is something the original HTC Sensation did not come with. Lastly, the up and coming smartphone comes with red accents and the Beats logo on the back. This will spice up the phone's looks.Another phone is the Vigor. This is rumored to be the Sensation's replacement. It is said to be HTC's new flagship. Like the current flagship, it will sport a 4.3 inch display. However, it will come packed with a more powerful CPU just like the HTC Sensation's XE version. It will come packed with a 1.5 GHz CPU with two cores. It has not been confirmed if this smartphone will sport Beats Audio technology. However, leaked images of the handset have revealed a rubberized back and red accents just like the XE. This suggests that the phone will sport Beats.The last phone on HTC's roster is the Runnymede. It is also known as the Bass. This is by far the most ambitious handheld mobile device the Taiwanese firm is currently developing. It rocks a 4.7 inch S-LCD capacitive touch screen. This will offer so much real estate for touch features. It is rumored to pack a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU under the hood.With all of these new and rumored smartphones by the Taiwan-based firm, you can see that it all started with their current powerhouse of a handset. This is the HTC Sensation. This phone has revolutionized HTC's outlook on mobile technology.For the best deals on theHTC Sensationand theHTC EVO 3D, visit us at