The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-11-22T01:58:00Z Stylish European designed wine cooler launched in Australia / NZ 2011-11-22T01:58:00Z stylish-european-designed-wine-cooler-launched-in-australia-nz Kmac Direct have announced the launch of Egg-O Wine Cooler onto the Australian and New Zealand market just in time for Christmas. Egg-o is a stylish and elegant European designed store & pour wine insulator that fully encloses the wine bottle and enables it to be served directly from the cooler. Only available online at for $39.99 including p&h. Comes in 6 colours and proven to fit most wine bottles including sparkling. Kmac has plans to release Egg-O to the retail and corporate gift market after Christmas. All the things Egg-O can do? Egg-O keeps pre-cooled wine cool for significantly longer periods of time than its fellow wine coolers. It’s the specially sealed cap that makes all the difference! Over 100 different shapes and sizes of wine bottles including sparkling have been tested to fit in Egg-O. Egg-O is a real head turner. Perfect for enjoying wine, red or white in the great outdoors at picnics, patios, and barbecues. However, this wine cooler is one little nature buff and serves as a perfect companion on boats, beaches and camping too. How easy is Egg-O Wine Cooler? Turn the cap and separate it from the Egg-O. Then slide the cap over the neck of your wine bottle. Twist a little and slide down the neck so that the rubber ring adapts to the shape of the wine bottle. Place the wine bottle inside egg-o and twist the cap to click it into place – you’ll hear a soft clicking sound. You’re done!