The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-08-08T04:29:44Z Market Research Methodology 2012-08-08T04:29:44Z market-research-methodology Perth WA August 6, 2012 -- A new market research methodology has been introduced by online marketing company White Chalk Road. Called "White VOMA", it has revealed that most leading brands and their major competitors rank in Google for only a fraction of the highly valuable keyword phrases across their relevant market segment or niche. No one appears to be capturing a significant percentage of their total market online. It seems that many with an online presence either only focus on a few obvious "natural search" keywords or their efforts appear to be rather scatter-gun in approach rather than consistent and logical. Worse still, Their SEO advisers appear to be blissfully unaware of this untapped profit potential or they lack the software tools. "Businesses don't really have the competition that they think they do”, says Charles Ryder, CEO of White Chalk Road. “Most sites don't rank consistently highly across multiple themes because traditional, bottom up, keyword research doesn’t view markets holistically. At best, older keyword research tools and methods give high ranking to single keywords or groups of commonly related keywords. The money left on the table in many online markets, even by well-known Australian brands, is incredible!” This is where White Chalk Road is different. They first use a market research and content decision software tool that both extracts and costs profitable keyword themes, i.e. clusters of intelligently related keywords within any online vertical market. It then uses its ‘White VOMA methodology’ to show the missed opportunities in key phrase positioning, as well as the shortfalls in the competition. The software and methodology used is unique in that it provides actual dollar values of organic and paid search rank value for a 12 month period. This is based upon what advertisers are typically prepared to pay online for keywords part of massive keyword clusters associated with top-down industry themes, and it presents this information against a detailed picture of the competitive landscape across those themes and entire markets. This new methodology will ultimately combine all facets and steps of the initial research required to formulate a solid online marketing action plan including; online competitive analysis, keyword research, paid search advertising, social media strategy, silo website architecture development (structuring your website in a keyword-logical way) as well as implementation and promotion. The service to clients will include a feedback loop utilising tracking and trending to ensure unparalleled effectiveness in a business’s online activities. In consultation with stakeholders, a blueprint of web architecture and promotion can be built for a market-swallowing solution. Site content provisions will serve the full buying cycle of a product or service and both the site visitors and search engines will love the new content. The ultimate aim of White Chalk Road as online marketing consultants is to get a business’ website positively ranked for hundreds of keywords, using fewer inbound links than would typically be the case. This methodology will help all website stakeholders to understand the online environment and the keywords being used to find the exact product or service they offer. “White Chalk Road believes that it is important to know what a business online is offering, as well as what its target market wants in order to be able to find the sweet spot between the business's story, the customer's story and the global market story occurring right now”, says Charles Ryder. Contact: Katharina Murray White Chalk Road P: (08) 9361 9534 E: New Expert SEO & Internet Marketing Course In Perth 2011-10-13T04:05:45Z new-expert-seo-amp-internet-marketing-course-in-perth PRESS RELEASE: Perth, WA - 11-November-2011: The Australian Marketing Institute in partnership withWhite Chalk Road is pleased to announce the new Expert SEO & Internet Marketing Course in Perth. This two and a half day interactive SEO Course is available either consecutively or separately. A well-known specialist in search engine optimisation, who is the CEO and Marketing Director of White Chalk Road, is the presenter of the course. In 2003, Mr. Charles Ryder led this SEO company into the industry using a truly specialised field instead of just an Internet service that compromised both the client and the service. When quoted in a recent interview, Mr. Ryder stated, "These new courses ran in the first half of the year with overwhelming success and response with such testimonials as one thanking him for the workshops and that they were very informative allowing the attendants to learn a lot about online marketing". The first part of the workshop presents Internet Marketing and new methods on how to plan the strategy for success. Those in attendance will learn how to discover new areas where they can market their products and services, and how to distinguish between various strategies. It is important to know that Internet marketing has life cycles and learn how to implement study and modify them to continue achieving success. The second part of the Internet Marketing workshop is the SEO Course where search engine optimisation presents methods to help reach more customers online. SEO is only one of the online strategies used in marketing and along with site design, content, keywords, and improved structure, create the difference in high search engine rankings. To get more information about this New Expert SEO & Internet Marketing Course in Perth, presented by Charles Ryder, and the new techniques for planning a successful modern-day business visit their website at: SEO Course PerthInternet Marketing Course PerthOther interested parties and members of the press who wish more details about this press release may use the contact information below.