The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-01-17T02:49:16Z New Year, New Resume, New Job, New You! 2013-01-17T02:49:16Z new-year-new-resume-new-job-new-you Was your New Year’s resolution a career change, a new job, or even a promotion? If so, you need to get planning. Any New Year’s resolution to be successful needs a plan, and gaining a new job can be approached in the same way.You need to plan your resume, your cover letter, the contents, who will be your referees, even what industries or business you wish to work for or are qualified to work in.However, to make it easier for you let’s break it down into bite size and achievable steps, for if you’re someone who runs on impulse or is spontaneous, planning may not come to you naturally. Successful plans have a set goal that is worked towards with several milestones that could be dates, content, activities, or even behaviours.Some people set their plans out in a list in order of what needs to be completed so they can tick each item off upon completion and many people set rewards for achieving different levels of their plan. I would suggest you reward yourself upon completion of your resume and cover letter, an interview, and of course, a new job.For now we are going to focus on a plan for your Resume, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria, as these are the pivotal stones of ensuring success to interviews.Your ResumeIf you have an old resume that you have used previously and it was successful, dust it off, and update it with all your most recent employment, education, and qualification details.If you have never had a resume before or your previous one has not been so successful you can find many templates on the internet for free or there is a great resume template that’s in a Word document in an ebook "Resume Rescue - The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria". Whatever you choose to use decide on one and start filling in your information. There are lots of articles and videos that you can watch by following this link that can help you with content, layout, and wording.Your Cover LetterCover letters only need to be a brief introduction, aiming for one page. Some organisations don’t even ask for them anymore and many online application processes don’t’ require them. Therefore, check if one is needed for the position you’re applying for prior to writing one. If you have never written a cover letter before, again we can help you with a free cover letter template that can be used for any position in any industry that is in Word format, ready for you to adapt. You can access your free cover letter template here.Your Selection CriteriaIf you’re required to respond to selection criteria in your application this can be the hardest part of applying for the job. Writing selection criteria has been described as art in its own right, hence why so many resume writing professionals can make a comfortable living from doing it. Resume Rescue has a tell-it-all process that steps you through it in their ebook, plus over 50 different examples of selection criteria responses to give you direction on how to write and respond to them. There are even some free ones you can access to give you a taste on Resume Rescues Examples and Samples page.Example of a Checklist•    Find a resume template.•    Find all your certificates, licenses, think about who will be your referees, etc.•    Fill in your information to populate the resume template.•    Find out if a cover letter is required for the position’s application process.•    Find a cover letter template or write your own.•    Adapt the cover letter to the position you are applying for.•    Find out if selection criteria responses are required for the position’s application process.•    If so, do some homework on these, as the better you can write the selection criteria responses the better your chances are of gaining an interview.•    Have someone else read it for you, checking it for spelling and grammar errors.•    Resume and Cover letter finished – Time to reward yourself!Imagine actually landing that interview you wanted with that fabulous organisation. Imagine actually landing that dream job! Wouldn't that be great? It is possible, you just need a good plan and the right tools.The better you plan your resume and application documents, the better it will be, and the better chance you will have to gain an interview. Meaning you can be successful in keeping your News Year’s Resolution and you will need to think of a different one next year.For more practical advice and information on resume writing, writing successful selection criteria, and heaps more on resumes that work visit The Australian Resume 2012-04-27T01:54:45Z the-australian-resume If you are applying for work in Australia you may have already noticed that it’s not as easy as it may be in your own country to have your resume accepted, reviewed or processed to enable you to be shortlisted for an interview. This article will help you understand the Australian Resume, its major differences and provide some pointers on how to prepare your resume and yourself for a better chance of gaining an interview for an Australian vacancy. The Australian Resume is generally longer than other countries and is often more detailed. The best way to write your resume and application is to as an Australian would. To do this you need to understand the main differences between your own country and Australia. For example: currency, language, spelling, climate, education or qualifications, paper size, etc. Understanding these will better equip you for making the required changes to your resume, as for wherever there is a difference you need to reflect this difference in your resume to enable you to meet the Australian employer’s expectations. If a resume is too hard for an employer to understand, interpret or is hard for them to read, it will most likely be discarded.Resume Rescues main points to improve your Australian resume: Get your numbers correct. Ensure whenever you are using figures, especially currency, that you convert it to the Australian dollar so the Australian employer can easily interpret the amounts.Ensure your contact phone number includes all the prefixes as if it was being called directly from Australia.Always list what type of Visa you have on your resume and understand that it may affect where you can live and where and how much it will cost to send your children to school in Australia. Do not include a photograph of yourself unless you are applying for a modelling or acting position.Australian resumes don’t go into detail about personal information such as marital status, religion, and age therefore it is not necessary to include these in your resume.Be aware of the language you use. For example, the Australian spelling is slightly different to the American and the U.K. and these will be seen as spelling mistakes. Be particularly careful of these following words i.e. organise – organize, colour – color, etc.The general paper size in Australia is A4 - 219mm x 297mm.Click here today to obtain an Australian resume template For more detailed information that will improve your Australian Resume and job applications visit Here you will find more articles and information about resume writing, writing cover letters and selection criteria that has been written by an Australian for Australians. Also, you can access an Australian free resume cover letter template in a Word document ready for you to use, and obtain some free Australian selection criteria examples. Plus, with every purchase of “The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria” ebook Resume Rescue is giving away a FREE review of your resume by our Manager Kylie Dowell, who is the author of this successful ebook package. What better way to check that your resume is ready to be used for an Australian job application, than have it reviewed for FREE by an Australian who participates regularly on selection interview panels. How to Write a Modern Resume Cover Letter 2012-04-26T02:32:11Z how-to-write-a-modern-resume-cover-letter Your resume cover letter is generally the first document that is seen and read when your application is received. The first impression they get from looking and reading your resume cover letter sets the mood for when your resume and selection criteria are read and processed. Prior to writing your resume cover letter ensure you have checked the application requirements of the position with the employing organisation as sometimes they are not required and this is often the case for online applications. Other times they are required to be hand written. There are many templates and companies out there that can provide you with a cover letter however, it is important to understand what their purpose is and what your cover letter should include. The purpose of a resume cover letter is to introduce you to the employing organisation and to provide a brief outline of your ability and suitability to fulfil the position that you are applying for. Your resume cover letter should include the following: Your contact details The date of writing the letter The company contact name and address details A statement of the position you are applying for A brief statement on your suitability for the position A brief statement on the type of person you are and your interest in the position Your signature You need to aim for at least one page and try to steer clear of doubling up on the detailed information that may be covered in your resume or selection criteria. Keep your resume cover letter brief and to the point, relevant to the position and easy to read. Keep your font consistent and don’t be tempted into using coloured borders or pictures. If you need some help, then you’re already in the right place, as our website offers a free resume cover letter template that allows you to follow the above steps. So to increase your opportunities of employment, obtain your free resume cover letter template that is ideal for any job in any industry. Check out our website for more articles and resume writing tips we have to help you such as, What to Write in a Resume, Tips to Improve Your Resume Today, Where Did Your Resume End Up? Or access some free selection criteria answers. Why a Good Contact Number is Required in Your Resume 2012-04-26T02:25:38Z why-a-good-contact-number-is-required-in-your-resume What contact phone numbers do you have listed on your resume or job application forms for the prospective employers to call you on? Are you contactable? And when your prospective employer calls who will be answering the call? This is something that you need to consider before you submit your job application, resume or expression of interest, so it doesn’t end up as either an embarrassing moment or an awkward situation in your current workplace. Knowing what numbers to list in a resume is as equally as important as knowing what to write in a resume. Don’t let all your efforts in resume writing go to waste by including a poor choice of phone number. It’s always important to ensure you are able to be easily contacted by your potential employer, and many of us list all our numbers in hope that at least you will be available at least on one of them when they call, including a current work number. However be warned this could work against you, let me explain how. If you list a work number where another colleague could potentially answer the call, or where you can be overheard when taking the call and you haven’t made it public that you’re looking for another job; it could make things very uncomfortable for you whilst you are still employed at your current workplace. Have you left a landline number that gets directed to an answering machine or message bank that others have access to, such in a share house, university or at home? As this could mean you never get the message. Have you left the landline number of your home, where you live with your lovely, elderly grandmother who is hard of hearing or suffers from Alzheimer’s? If you’re lucky you might get the message, however it may not be correct. Imagine how shattered you would be to find out afterwards that you had got an interview however. you were not contactable and you were withdrawn from the process. Resume Rescues tips for listing phone numbers in your resume You must ensure you are easily contactable and if you’re not, provide the opportunity for the potential employer to leave a secure message that you know you will receive and that won’t result in any bridges being burnt with a current employer. When listing your phone numbers in your resume, ensure you include the area code, and list each number in the order you prefer them to call i.e. if you are always available on your mobile number, list this first as your default contact number then you home number next. A little bit of preparation and thought about what numbers you provide can reduce your exposure for any mishaps or uncomfortable situations. Resume Rescue: Face Book Event 2012-02-22T05:55:45Z resume-rescue-face-book-event Resume Rescue is delighted to announce our first ever Facebook event. We will have the author of Resume Rescue: The Secrets to Resume Writing and Selection Criteria, Kylie Dowell on Facebook ready to answer your resume and selection criteria questions live for 3 hours. Kylie will also be giving away to one lucky participant a copy of her ebook package “Resume Rescue: The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria”. So lock in Thursday, 1st March, 2012 from 11.00am to 2.00pm (AEST Time) into your diary and make sure you join us. Remember, you will need to "Like" our page to be able to see and join the online discussion. As an added bonus for Liking us you’ll receive the first 6 pages of our ebook package for free. Event Details Date: 1st March 2012 Time: 11.00am to 2.00pm (AEST Time) Venue: Facebook We look forward to seeing you there! Resume Rescue Reaches out to ANZ Employees 2012-01-23T02:09:51Z resume-rescue-reaches-out-to-anz-employees With the news that ANZ will be slashing jobs by 1,000 over the next 6 months and that 130 employees have been advised that their jobs will be axed, Resume Rescue has come to the table to offer ANZ employees who may need help in writing resumes and reapplying for other work with a discounted price to their online ebook package which includes a 60 page ebook full of practical advice to write a resume and step by step instructions on what to include and what to leave out, plus a resume template in Microsoft Word and over 50 examples of selection criteria. Kylie Dowell, manager of Resume Rescue said, “The news of the loss of these jobs is awful and I feel for these workers who may have believed they were in secure employment. They certainly would be wondering what to do next and will possibly need to either polish or update their old resume or in some cases write one for the first time. With the announcement that ANZ will cut a maximum two per cent of its 49,000 strong workforce, I can imagine how uneasy and nervous this will make current ANZ employees and their families feel.” When Kylie first seen this in the news on Nine MSN she put a post-up on the Resume Rescue Facebook page stating, “This is not good for our fellow Australians. If you are one of these ANZ employees and need some resume help, email me and I will provide you with a voucher to receive 10% off our ebook package Resume Rescue: The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria,. to ensure your resume is ready to help you gain other employment.” Kylie states she is serious about this offer and encourages ANZ employees to email her to gain the voucher code that will allow them to access this online package at a discounted price. The ebook also goes into detail about transferrable skills and how to identify these. Kylie states that, “Just because these employees have been employed in the finance or banking industry doesn’t mean that the skills and knowledge they have cannot be transferred to other industries or positions i.e. an IT role in banking could be very similar to a role in IT in other industries from manufacturing to retail or advertising, just to name a few.” Kylie also stated that, “Once employees are over the initial shock, this could be a good opportunity for some of the employees to take stock of their career and where they are heading. Through the GFC a few years ago we have seen many individuals on the end of a redundancy bounce back and open their own businesses with great success.” Additionally, the Resume Rescue Manager is offering a free 30 minute telephone review with each person who takes this opportunity to provide them with further advice on how to improve their resume or selection criteria. Kylie Dowell can be contacted via email on or you can visit the website for more information . Also, to gain a sneak preview of the ebook you can find Resume Rescue on Facebook. What to Write in a Resume: The Pros and Cons of Online Resume Builders 2012-01-10T01:19:45Z what-to-write-in-a-resume-the-pros-and-cons-of-online-resume-builders There are many ways of having your resume completed for you these days, with the internet and globalization you can write it yourself, pay a service professional to write for you or use a software package such as an online resume builder that will collate your information into a resume.However as a person looking for work and applying for positions you need to ensure if you chose to use a resume builder that you choose wisely. Therefore it’s important that you understand what the ability of the online software or application is and what it will and won’t do for you. Below we have listed some pros and cons for your to digest and make your own decision.Pros - There are many resume builders available that seem to be affordable- You don’t need to be an expert or have any experience in writing resumes or formatting documents as they are usually pre formatted- They provide a quick and easy outcome- They are quick and easy to access- Most of them are very basic to use and step you through the processCons- You still have to input your information onto the page or software for the resume builder to be able to complete your resume- Often you are restricted to use the builders fonts and formats- Some builders are purely 100% online and don’t have the functionality to allow the user to save their resume to other word processing software such as Microsoft word, and often you can only print out what you have completed on line. This makes it hard for individuals if they are applying for several different positions or if they want to adjust the resume for the different positions that they are applying for.- Some of the resume builders only provide you with a PDF copy of your resume which again restricts you for further adaption or updating.- Often you are restricted to using American spelling and grammar, and if you applying for a position say in Australia or New Zealand, this would come across to the potential employer as a poor attempt.- Often the license is for one person and sometimes one resume, meaning if you have paid good money to use the resume builder you may not be able to use it for someone else in your family or more than once or twice for yourself.- Free is not always free, with free turning into fee when it’s time to print or save your resume, sometimes free means it’s a 14 or 21 day trial.- You may attract spam due to many resume builders requires you to provide your email address before you can access their software, therefore you are then bombarded with spam from them.- You won’t learn how to write a resume from the experience of using a resume builder and when you lose your current one you will need to use another resume builder. Personally I feel that there are too many cons and restrictions to resume builders to be able to provide you with a high quality resume. However if you still choose to use them I fully respect your decision. Just ensure you do your research and ensure you know what it will actually do for you before you start inputting information into it. My suggestion would be that you should learn about what to write in a resume for yourself, and then you will have more control on the content, its security and any further adaptions. There are many quality templates and resources out there that help you understand the concepts of resume writing and how to write a resume.You can still have someone spell check it for you, and if you ever do lose it or the dog eats it you will the skills you gained previously will be able to be used again. Resume Rescue ebook launch: The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria 2011-12-11T22:21:20Z resume-rescue-ebook-launch-the-secrets-to-resume-writing-and-answering-selection-criteria Resume Rescue is happy to announce the launch of their new eBook “The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria.”This piece is a must-have for anyone who has looked for a job, is looking for a job or will be tackling the employment world in the future. Today’s employers expect more out of applicants than a good TAFE diploma, university degree or a winning personality. Resumes are carefully scrutinized to ensure that the person who is hired for a job is the best candidate. Writing a well organised resume is more complex than just filling in a template on a word processing program. If you want to make an impact on a potential employer then you need to highlight the criteria they are going to be looking for with your resume. After a resume is accepted, there is the interview process. For some employers, this can be the most grueling part. Employers want to test your drive, motivation, personal preferences, ability to work with others and innovative thinking before considering you as a worthwhile applicant. In “Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria” you will find tips and techniques for writing a powerful resume, increasing your chances of gaining an interview and how to appropriately answer selection criteria questions. In addition to this, there are steps to teach you how to write a successful resume, advice for applicants, resume templates and over 50 selection criteria answer examples to help you be better prepared. In a world where jobs are minimal and the competition is high, you want to stand out from the crowd with a powerful resume that shows employers that you are the person they want to hire. This eBook for sale now and can be accessed via the Resume Rescue website for a price of $37.70 AU. It is packed with information on how to write the resume and a free cover letter as well as resume templates. Learn how to answer selection criteria and write a curriculum vitae resume as well. Everything you could possibly want to know about writing a successful resume and gaining an interview can be found in “Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria.” For more information on “Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria,” visit the Resume Rescue website or contact Kylie Dowell via email at or phone at 61 0408471570.