The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-04-21T05:20:56Z Just Water Supporting 'Water Only' Schools 2016-04-21T05:20:56Z just-water-supporting-water-only-schools Auckland is very fortunate to have Tony Falkenstein becoming involved in the ‘water only’ schools project. Tony is an Auckland based entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chief Executive at Just Water International Limited and Just Water pioneered the delivery of chilled drinking water to businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia, and remain New Zealand's leading supplier of drinking water to the corporate sector. Just Water has been supporting schools that have become ‘water only’ schools and run a healthy living programme. Yendarra School has run a programme for over five years and, together with the community, have taught parents how to provide healthy lunches that cost far less than unhealthy ones.  The kids are advocates of water, and have a hatred for Coke and other sugar loaded soda waters, and this is where Tony and Just Water come in with their water coolers. Being a ‘water only’ school, combined with healthy food and daily exercise is reflected in the happy tone that permeates the Yendarra School classrooms and playground, with the water only policy being adopted after suggestions from the staff. The water was having other benefits as well. Visitors had commented on how calm the environment was and one student had said her classmates "did not get so high". On other matters ‘water’, this summer has been one of the hottest on record and also one of the busiest for water companies, with the hot humid weather contributing to a 40% increase in sales of water to businesses and homes. As Tony says, even the CEO had to deliver water the week before Christmas. Just Water’s range of water coolers suit any office environment or workplace with flexible rental or purchase options to meet their customers’ needs. People can choose from Plumbed–in Water Coolers, Bottled Water Delivery or Easy Fill Options. With the Plumbed-in Water Coolers, the connection to the mains water supply is easy, non-permanent and eliminates the water bottle altogether and customers remark it’s just like having a pure water spring in their office! Bottled Water Delivery provide high quality, great tasting water delivered direct to the doorstep and is an easy way to care for customers and keep staff hydrated and productive with three crisp, refreshing waters to choose from. Easy Fill is the portable, inexpensive way to transform our tap water into crystal clear, spring-like drinking water. Just Water provide their customers with a cooler and filter that attaches to the tap so people can easily refill their bottles. So, if you think your employees would benefit from pure drinking water from Just Water in the office, please visit the website at Just Water International Lead The Way In Environmental Awareness 2016-03-24T03:05:07Z just-water-international-lead-the-way-in-environmental-awareness Not everyone will be aware that Just Water pioneered the New Zealand water cooler industry nearly 25  years’ ago, and has been leading the Australasian market  ever since. From these auspicious beginnings Just Water has developed a comprehensive environmental programme, evidence of their commitment to the environment.  Just Water is working to minimise the direct environmental impact they have as a company and are very aware that their operations will always have some environmental footprint.  With this in mind, they have named this conscientious reduction programme ‘Environment Plus’. New Zealanders throw away 3.6 million tonnes of rubbish every year and if we were to measure this in nine tonne buses it would equate to 400,000 buses of rubbish - that's more than 1,000 buses every day.  Around 65% of our rubbish could be recycled or composted instead, and over 50% of rubbish thrown in landfills comes from businesses and eight out of every ten plastic drink bottles end up in landfill.  The ‘Environment Plus’ programme was developed and contributed to by staff across both Australia and New Zealand, continually and actively exploring ways to reduce our carbon footprint. JWI staff have submitted some terrific ideas on areas where carbon reduction could be made which spanned basic areas of office, transport, electricity, communication, recycling, sales, and community.  All ideas were then evaluated on cost to implement, practicality, innovation, and savings potential.  The first phase of ‘Environment Plus’ focused on low cost to implement, practicality and the potential of savings to the company.  At JWI they take their commitment to sustainability and the environment very seriously and consider that their operations are sustainable when they are socially safe and responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable.   JWI has systems in place to manage their environmental impacts. These are integrated into their business through management and reporting, and responsible commercial business practices. The company ‘Environment Plus’ programme focuses on the 3R rule - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and an absolute policy of Refill, not Landfill.  JWI are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. The main waste produced by their  call centres’ service and delivery operations are paper, printer toner cartridges, packaging material and IT equipment and they provide recycling points in their offices to encourage employees to recycle, and promote double-sided printing to save paper.  They also separate organics such as food scraps into compost and a worm farm, and collect non-organic items for recycling.   All of their 15 litre water bottles are fully recyclable, and serve the business with a life measured in years. Bottles are then recycled again by being manufactured into road barriers, cones and playground safety mats. For a long term commitment to the environment, go to JWI for your water cooler needs at . Choosing Water Helps Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes 2014-06-24T01:34:18Z choosing-water-helps-reduce-risk-of-type-2-diabetes The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recently issued the following statement in response to findings related to healthful hydration, at the Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference. “The findings, presented during the conference’s Healthy Hydration Symposium, show that proper hydration, such as choosing water, can reduce weight gain and contribute to risk reduction of type 2 diabetes. This research reinforces the important role of drinking water, including bottled water, as part of a healthy lifestyle. “Making the smart choice to hydrate with water can help everyone reap lifelong health rewards. We believe that educating children on hydration plays a significant role in obesity prevention initiatives worldwide. These positive messages reinforce the recently launched United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Choose My Plate programme to encourage healthy eating, which recommends drinking water instead of sugary drinks. In addition, First Lady, Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, also urges children to opt for water when they are thirsty. “Drinking water, including bottled water, instead of sugared beverages can reduce your caloric intake; which can help maintain your weight as part of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage consumers to take notice of these important findings and make simple, smart choices in their daily life and choose water, whether at home, at the office or on the go.” Staying with the healthy theme, Just Water is the only water cooler company in New Zealand to offer DrinkSafe® International Servicing and Sanitising, along with ABWI certified water delivery, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best for your staff and customers. DrinkSafe® International is the leading Code of Practice for hygiene and sanitising water-coolers in New Zealand. The DrinkSafe® International management system is accredited with AS/NZSISO9001:2008. It meets with all OSH standards and is acknowledged as the most professional service within the industry. This means that Just Water customers get the highest quality drinking water available. Getting healthy has never been easier as more and more people are choosing water as their preferred beverage to improve their health and well-being. There are several reasons why so many people are also choosing Just Water and the main one is that Just Water is more affordable than any other retail drinking water option available. Also, the quality of their water is internationally certified and as good as any supermarket brand, if not better and of course, bulk delivery is more environmentally friendly. For further information please visit their website at . Save Money, Drink Filtered Water – Just Water 2014-03-26T03:01:22Z save-money-drink-filtered-water-just-water We would have had to be living under a rock to not be aware of the importance of drinking water for our overall good health and in keeping hydrated and cool. If we didn’t know it before, we are now acutely aware of the significance that drinking six glasses of water per day has in staying healthy and maintaining our optimum weight. However, for many people bottled water is expensive and it is hard to justify the money spent on a small plastic bottle of water when you and your children need to drink several litres of water a day. Water is critical to every organ system in the body and a constant flow of water helps keep the body working smoothly. However, this new ‘fad’ of drinking water from small plastic bottles is becoming a real threat to the environment and there are now new worries of the effects of sunlight on the plastic components in plastic water bottles and the on-going problem of what happens to the plastic bottle when it is disposed of in the rubbish. The best way to keep hydrated, and at the same time save money, is to invest in a Just Water Easy Fill Cooler, the portable, inexpensive solution for all drinking water needs. Just Water can provide a cooler and filter that attaches to the mains faucet to easil8y refill a personal water bottle and provides an unlimited supply of chilled and ambient drinking water, with hot and chilled models also available. Just Water International Limited operates in New Zealand and Australia in the supply of water coolers, drinking water and filters for the home and office market. The Company’s base business is the supply of water coolers and filters to businesses and organisations nationwide. Virtually all water coolers derive a recurring income either from monthly rental, water sales or maintenance agreements if the customer owns the unit. Just Water International have recently introduced the world’s newest water innovation, the AquaBar. The AquaBar is the perfect drinking water solution for offices of up to ten people as it provides the convenience of instant boiling and chilled filtered water, without the expense or permanence of an under bench unit. The AquaBar is plumbed directly to the mains and also has warm and super-hot functions. There is no requirement for maintenance or servicing on this unit which is why Just Water can offer it at such a great price. For more information please visit the website at  Just Water Launch Pink Cooler In Support Of Breast Cancer Research 2013-05-28T23:27:52Z just-water-launch-pink-cooler-in-support-of-breast-cancer-research The good folk at Just Water launched their fabulous new Pink Cooler in support of the Breast Cancer Research Trust on May 1st this year. This is one of the new initiatives for their Just Water coolers range and every month 10% of the rental of all Pink Coolers will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Trust. The Trust is an organisation that is seeking to find a cure for breast cancer by 2018 and the Just Water team are proud and privileged to be associated with them. The Breast Cancer Research Trust has a hot pink brand to signify the urgency around finding a cure for this disease that touches everyone in some way or another. So, at Just Water they are THINKING PINK and DRINKING PINK in support of The Breast Cancer Research Trust and are playing their part in finding the cure. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Trust is making a stand against cancer, together with like-minded businesses such as Just Water, involving customers and employees in the cause. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of incidence of breast cancer in the western world so supporting research for finding a cure can help put a stop to this epidemic. The Just Water team have come to the party with their Pink Coolers which can be plumbed in so that there are no issues with cumbersome large bottles needing to be exchanged. The Just Water Pink Coolers provide perpetual great filtered water at a monthly rental basis, while at the same time supporting The New Zealand Breast Cancer Trust. Also, out of interest, Just Water is in partnership with the McGrath Foundation in Australia, similarly involved in raising money to find a cure for breast cancer. For more information on the range of Just Water Coolers, go to their website at Water a Sweet Success - Just Water International NZ 2012-05-28T05:45:25Z water-a-sweet-success-just-water-international-nz Tony Falkenstein provided the free water cooler units to South Auckland families over two years in a personal attempt to see if he could wean them off sugar-laden fizzy drinks – blamed for contributing to obesity. This week he received the results of follow-up research commissioned by his company, Just Water. The findings show that close to half the occupants of homes with one of his coolers now have no fizzy drinks at all, compared with 21 per cent previously. Previously 16 per cent of respondents had four fizzy drinks a day, now no-one has that many. Falkenstein is pleased with the results. “We deliver on average 35 litres of water for each household, and if their fizzy drink consumption went down by 50 per cent then we are reducing each household’s sugar consumption by two kilos a month and 24 kilos a year. That’s enormous.” Falkenstein, who does not claim to be a philanthropist, delivers water once a month and charges clients just over $1 a litre. He is an active voice in the South Auckland community in trying to reduce type two diabetes and is currently forming a counter to the Food Industry Group. “We are looking at setting up a group comprised of interested parties from Diabetes NZ, heath boards and individuals – a healthy food group.”About Just WaterJust Water is the recognised industry leader in providing drinking water and filtration systems for the workplace and at home. With more than 20 years experience and over 40,000 satisfied customers you can trust Just Water to provide your business, family or organisation with the best quality water and the highest level of hygiene and service available, no matter what your budget. Just Water Entrepreneur Breaking Soft Drink Habit of New Zealanders 2012-01-24T01:09:03Z just-water-entrepreneur-breaking-soft-drink-habit-of-new-zealanders A businessman is delivering the equivalent of four home swimming pools of drinking water a month to South Auckland homes in the hope families will ditch soft drink for water. Just Water's Tony Falkenstein, a regular in Unlimited's annual Influencers list, has provided 5000 free water cooler units to South Auckland families for the next two years and is commissioning research on the results. Customers pay for water, which costs about $1 per litre, making it cheaper than a soft drink, he said, basing his calculation on a 2.5-litre cola costing $3.99. Falkenstein says the novelty of the water cooler encourages people to drink water. "It's a novelty. It is a hell of a lot better for them to drink tap water than coke, but they won't drink tap water." Professional research will start in the near future but Falkenstein said Just Water's surveys found families were choosing water over soft drink. "Kids will come in and would rather take water than go to the fridge and take soft drinks." He admitted he was not a philanthropist because he was making money from the water but said he was concerned by the rate of type-two diabetes in New Zealand and its cost on the nation's health and economy. He tried to join the Counties Manakau District Health Board's strategic committee to offer "lateral thinking" on diabetes but was turned down because of a conflict of private and public sector interests. Falkenstein advocates a sugar tax on all products with over 10 per cent sugar, reducing to 4 per cent over six years. "If you accept that sugar is addictive, you can't just say let's just put a tax on sugar products immediately because people won't be able to handle it, so I am saying, wean people off it over six years and allow manufacturers time to reduce the amount of sugar in their products." Diabetes New Zealand national president Chris Baty said sugar tax is one of many options that needs to be considered in the battle against obesity. "There has to be something, because without a doubt our increasing rates of obesity is leading to all sorts of health issues, diabetes, being one of the main ones." She said the government needed to consider its success in decreasing smoking. "Why do they put so much tax on tobacco? The reason they put it on is because every time there is a price increase in tobacco there is an equally marked decrease in smoking. "Obesity isn't as simple as giving up smoking but we have got to start somewhere. People are getting diabetes earlier, which means they have complications for longer, which costs money this country cannot afford to keep them well. "I know what people will say is that this is nanny state-ish but it is not. If an individual on their own in modern society cannot deal with this, it needs to be a societal issue." Baty supported Falkenstein's work, saying providing alternative options helped. Diabetes, she said, had become both a health and an economic issue, with diabetes twice as prevalent in Pacifika men, who develop it up to 20 years earlier than Pakeha men. "It is very frightening. They are developing it in their 30s and 40s when they are at their peak. This is an economic issue because that's the age of peak working life when they need to be supporting family, not in dialysis wards.Click Here for Original News SourceAbout Just WaterJust Water is the recognised industry leader in providing drinking water and water filtration systems for the workplace and at home.With more than 20 years experience and over 40,000 satisfied customers you can trust Just Water to provide your business, family or organisation with the best quality water and the highest level of hygiene and service available, no matter what your budget. Just Water has Installed More than 50,000 Water Coolers Throughout NZ 2011-12-19T23:59:11Z just-water-has-installed-more-than-50-000-water-coolers-throughout-nz Like the tools of our trade, water coolers have become a staple in workplaces and schools. They contain the cold and purified liquid hydration our body craves and requires throughout the day.As the number one water cooler provider in New Zealand, Just Water New Zealand is synthesizing innovation with sustainability to satisfy water needs. With 22 years of experience in the industry and more than 50,000 coolers distributed throughout New Zealand, Just Water says its company is ‘Just the Best’ and yes, it certainly is. When a company is led by a chief executive with unlimited vision, it’s off to a good start. Add in a great concept, a committed staff body of more than 200, state of the art facilities and a resource that’s a necessity and you’ve got it made. Just Water is a leading provider of water coolers and systems in New Zealand and according to chief executive and director Tony Falkenstein, ‘water is the new gold’. A chief executive at 29 for Polaroid, Falkenstein is a self-made man who knows the value of finding a niche market but downplays his own success. As a business savvy man, he also knows the value of building relationships with staff which means getting to know them, being a good listener and giving credit when credit’s due. Falkenstein was inspired to start Just Water by the clich in American television shows, where staff gathers round the water cooler to chat. This simple brainwave resulted in a major transaction; one that is anything but clich and produces pure innovation – literally. The company’s Aqua-Cool bottling facilities are the only ABWI and HACCP certified bulk bottling plants in New Zealand and is eco- responsible enterprise is all about options. Just Water believes in re-fill not land-fill, so it delivers water in 15 litre refillable bottles and uses cleaning and sanitising products that are biodegradable. Clients are offered a vast selection of choices ranging from bench-top and under-bench chiller units through to floor-standing water-coolers, fountains and water filters. Just Water has hot water units, DIY easy-fill floor-standing and bench-top series water coolers and high performance water purifiers. All Just Water products exclusively carry the DrinkSafe tick which is part of the DrinkSafe Code of Practice for servicing and sanitising water coolers.