The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-06-19T20:57:01Z Urban Gourmet - Top Caterer In Town 2014-06-19T20:57:01Z urban-gourmet-top-caterer-in-town Last year Urban Gourmet became the official caterer for Auckland Conventions venues, namely, the Auckland Town hall, The Civic and The Aotea Centre. These incredibly diverse and distinctly unique spaces host some of the city’s most exciting events, from award ceremonies and seminars through to gala dinners and balls. This means that the Urban Gourmet team have access to some larger spaces where they can demonstrate their creative catering style to a whole new collection of venues. The Auckland Conventions venues join their list of other iconic Auckland venues where they have preferred caterer status, including the Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Museum and Viaduct Events Centre. It would be correct to surmise that they have been selected to cater these venues because of their unique ‘bespoke’ approach to catering.  The Urban Gourmet catering ethos is that they treat every event differently and they consult with every client personally. They don’t have ‘off the rack’ catering packages and they work with every customer, coming up with a personal proposal and a bespoke menu that best fits their needs, and which best suits the venue. This makes for a much more individual event and makes things so much more interesting for everyone, including the fabulous Urban Gourmet team. Due to all of these changes and to their unprecedented growth over the past year, the Urban Gourmet catering business has moved their premises to a much larger space based in Eden Terrace. They have completed a complete fit-out of a new kitchen space which is approximately four times the size of their old catering kitchen. For more information on Urban Gourmet, please visit the website at . Urban Gourmet Catering NZ Makes Your Wedding Memorable 2012-06-25T23:40:03Z urban-gourmet-catering-nz-makes-your-wedding-memorable The preparation and planning for your wedding day can be astressful and busy time. There is a lot to think about so wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional manage one of the most important elements of it – the catering and venue hire? Once you have found a wedding caterer who can also assist with preparing the venue for you, you can concentrate on your more personal needs. Just imagine being able to spend all the time you need on planning your honeymoon and designing your dress, organising the bridesmaids and their gowns and fine-tuning the guest list. How fortunate then that we now have the professional and experienced services of a catering company like Urban Gourmet. Urban Gourmet realise that your special day is the time for celebration with family and friends, a time when you should be totally relaxed and able to enjoy the moment in the knowledge that every detail of the reception has been taken care of with the utmost professionalism and attention. The team at Urban Gourmet will complement the size and style of your special day with fresh, contemporary cuisine, whether you are planning a relaxed beach side wedding cocktail reception or a formal dinner reception. They will help you to select the perfect event venue, whether it be an elegant marquee or an iconic venue such as the Auckland Museum. They will create the perfect day whether you have invited twenty guests or one thousand – nothing is too difficult for the Urban Gourmet team. Everyone on their wedding day wants to create a long-lasting impression and wonderful memories. This can be achieved by leaving the catering services and venue setup to the experts. With the services of Urban Gourmet you will receive personal and professional advice second to none. Their staff will put you at ease from the moment you meet them and their attention to detail and planning processes will leave you with so much more time and energy to plan your own personal side of things. Wait for the compliments to fly on the day as your wedding unfolds in an immaculate and professional style. Your wedding day memories will be of a perfect day done in perfect style – the photographs will say it all. Read more about Urban Gourmet today and get in touch with one of their event managers – you will never look back. Cater your Corporate Events in Auckland with Urban Gourmet Catering 2011-12-20T05:20:52Z cater-your-corporate-events-in-auckland-with-urban-gourmet-catering If you haven’t planned your corporate Christmas party yet, you would be well advised to book as soon as possible as the team at Urban Gourmet are busier than ever with the festive season now definitely upon us. We all know what it’s like at this time of the year, business gets a little crazy as everyone tries to get everything done before the Christmas break, and you are coming under pressure to conclude all your business before everyone closes up and goes on holiday. This probably means that you haven’t had a moment to think about your staff Christmas party or maybe a corporate event for your valued clients. These things need planning, usually well in advance if you are going to provide a truly memorable occasion for your guests. This is where Urban Gourmet caterers come in. This dedicated team have been catering to Auckland’s corporate world for more than thirty years and their vast experience and dedication to excellence means they are at the very top of their field of expertise, that is, delivering excellence on every occasion. A well run and managed team can make your corporate Christmas event a really special occasion and the good news is you can turn everything over to the corporate catering experienced team at Urban Gourmet and they will arrange it all for you down to the smallest detail. Imagine, you won’t have to worry about a single thing – it will all be done for you and you can relax and enjoy yourself on the day, knowing that the occasion will go off without a hitch, and at the same time making the right statement about your company. Urban Gourmet manage all elements of catering including matching wines to food and provide a discreet professional service with experienced wait staff and of course, delicious menus consisting of exceptional standards of food. So, whether you want a small, intimate cocktail party or a large party with buffet food or sit down meal, Urban Gourmet will be happy to help plan every detail to make your corporate Christmas party an unqualified success. Don’t wait another minute, go to and leave it to them!