The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-01-16T03:42:57Z Cybersafety, cyberbullying, sexting - what good can come of social media? 2012-01-16T03:42:57Z cybersafety-cyberbullying-sexting-what-good-can-come-of-social-media Young people are often characterized as incompetent or careless about the risks of social media. But are parents any more knowledgeable about social media and how to protect themselves, let alone their children? Are parents any more aware of how to minimize the risks, as well as what potential benefits social media offers young people? 21-year-old social media consultant at Dialogue Consulting Hugh Stephens is undertaking an online survey to determine what education is needed to teach the ‘older generation’ about social media. Parents, grandparents and youth workers are encouraged to go online and fill out the 5 minute survey. Hugh says, “Often all you hear and read in the media are negative stories about cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cybersafety – the list goes on. But something that is often ignored are the benefits that social media provides young people: education, self-expression, relationship building, identity development and enhancing wellbeing.” The results will inform what parents know and would like to know. The findings will play a key role in the development of a program to be delivered nationally to educate parents about young people and social media. Hugh aims for the program to encourage a culture of positivity, rather than fear, about the use of social media. Hugh says, “I want to improve adults’ knowledge of social media and educate them about how they can support their children to ensure their use of social media is not only positive for them personally but also has a positive impact in their communities. “There is often talk in the youth sector about ‘youth consultation’. But I’m turning the concept on its head and undertaking ‘adult consultation’. There are a lot of evidence-based school programs out there, but we often neglect the role of parent and adult knowledge in ensuring young people have positive online interactions.” The link to the survey is available here: more information: Hugh Stephens0431 304