The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-07-01T12:29:50Z Nominations Open To Find Australia's Premmie Heroes 2013-07-01T12:29:50Z nominations-open-to-find-australia-s-premmie-heroes Every year in Australia, thousands of babies are born prematurely. These families ride a rollercoaster of emotions as they watch their children fight to overcome the health and development issues facing them as a result of their early arrival. Many of these issues continue long after the babies are discharged from hospital.L’il Aussie Prems Foundation is an online community providing support to families who have given birth prematurely. The Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards were first established in 2009 and this year, the charity are relaunching Australia’s only award to recognise and celebrate the dedication of individual volunteers within the premature birth community.L’il Aussie Prems Foundation are seeking nominations from around Australia for “premmie heroes” – the ordinary yet extraordinary people who volunteer their time to support premmie families both during their hospital stay and afterwards.The Foundation has been delighted to reward and publicise the achievements of six amazing individuals since the launch of the awards and look forward to rewarding further winners in 2013. In previous years, nominations have been received on behalf of selfless Australian’s who sew tiny clothing for very low birth weight babies, have set up local playgroups for prematurely born children, have organized fundraising and donated equipment to local NICU units or simply visited families in hospital and offered a supportive shoulder to lean on.L’il Aussie Prems Foundation’s Vice President Ms Nicole Powell said “as a community of parents, we understand the journey and how hard the road can be. Kindness from the smallest of gestures can make a significant difference to a family; this is why the awards are so important because it happens every day throughout Australia.”Nominations for this year’s Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards can be made via the L’il Aussie Prem Foundation’s website. Nominees do not need to have any premature children of their own. Nominations open on the 1st July 2013 and close on the 31st August 2013. Details of the winners will be announced in early October 2013.### FAMILIES OF PREMMIES; GOING GREEN FOR THEIR CAUSE 2012-02-10T05:37:17Z families-of-premmies-going-green-for-their-cause After the resounding success of the first “Wear Green for Premmies” Day in 2011, Ms Julia Toivonen, founder of the L’il Aussie Prems website which hosted the inaugural event, is eagerly looking forward to this year’s fundraiser. The 2012 “Wear Green for Premmies” Day will be held on 4th April 2012. Last year’s event attracted around 19,000 attendees and raised awareness of babies born prematurely. It raised much needed funds for five different charities all which support children. In mid-January this year a Facebook event page was launched in an effort to reach as many families as possible in the lead up to April with over 3,000 already ‘attending’ the event. Word has spread through social networks of the fantastic work being done to raise funds through the “Wear Green for Premmies” Day. Ms Toivonen is expecting that this year’s event will attract an unprecedented number of attendees. Funds will be raised through the sale of green wristbands sporting various premmie support messages chosen by the websites members. Funds will then be distributed amongst charities that support children throughout Australia. Attendees are also encouraged to fundraise on the day in support of the National Premmie Foundation. Attendees do not attend a physical event but simply sign up to the event on the Wear Green for Premmies Day Facebook Page and encourage family and friends to wear something green on the 4th of April 2012. L’il Aussie Prems was launched five years ago to provide families with an interactive online community that they can access anywhere anytime. Ms Toivonen gave birth to her first baby thirteen weeks too early with her son spending 110 days at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton, Victoria. He started his first day of primary school this week. Ms Toivonen knew that her experience could help families like her own through her online support network which now reaches thousands of families each month. Subsequently, with the launch of social media, the Facebook page has also developed and has given L’il Aussie Prems the ability to reach a far wider audience of families needing assistance. The website and Facebook page provide families with information and resources as well as the support needed through each stage of a premmie baby’s growth.