The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-01-13T22:10:25Z Royal Wolf Provides Safe Passage for Townsville Residents 2013-01-13T22:10:25Z royal-wolf-provides-safe-passage-for-townsville-residents Royal Wolf provided safe passage for Townsville residents during the construction of the nine-level Ergon Energy leased office tower, on busy Flinders Street. The 50 metre long containerised walkway or hoarding, was independently engineered and certified with a slip resistant floor and internal lighting, critical for 24 hour a day safety. A first for Townsville, the hoarding meets North Queensland’s strict safety and cyclone category requirements and was assembled using seven 20ft containers from Royal Wolf’s worksite range. The hoarding was anchored in place using a number of two tonne concrete blocks designed to include a vehicle access point for trucks. The Royal Wolf worksite range has the flexibility to adapt to site requirements. In this case the hoardings were delivered and fully installed in under 40 hours, with only one lane closure required and minimal disruption to the city. Hutchinson Builders had used Royal Wolf’s worksite solutions range on the adjacent Verde project, because they needed a strong, secure and cost-effective solution that provided a flat roof to safely support scaffolding.Royal Wolf hoardings are readily available and made from modified containers, meaning they can be quickly, easily and efficiently installed in a number of configurations with minimal disruption to the construction process and the local community. “The containerised hoarding solution not only protects pedestrians, it also protects the build team working in the scaffolding above,” saysJeff Miller, Project Manager from Hutchinson Builders.Royal Wolf’s Queensland Business Development Executive - Building and Construction, Wayne Faulkner, says, “Royal Wolf hoardings are ideal for this type of construction as they are immediately available and come with a certified 10 KPa rating. They can be modified and configured in a variety of ways which makes the design, delivery and installation process faster and more cost effective. “As Australasia’s largest supplier of shipping containers, we can provide a range of safe and secure construction site essentials, including gantries, hoardings, ablution blocks, site offices, first aid rooms, change rooms, lunch rooms and material storage units.”Royal Wolf continues to lead the way in the hire, purchase and modification of containers to solve a wide range of challenges for customers across many industries. ‘Factory in a Can’ Opens up Housing Opportunities 2013-01-11T05:21:56Z factory-in-a-can-opens-up-housing-opportunities New Zealand steel framework and design company FRAMECAD, is exclusively using Royal Wolf containers to create their innovative mobile ‘Factory in a Can’ concept, which helps build permanent and temporary housing in developing countries and remote locations.Specifically chosen by FRAMECAD because of their versatile and robust qualities, Royal Wolf containers are being customised to house transportable and self-contained steel frame production facilities that can be safely, easily and conveniently set-up anywhere around the world in a matter of hours. From remote locations with little or no infrastructure to challenging environmental conditions, the size, strength and durability offered by the containers made them the clear and most effective solution.Mike Smith, General Manager at FRAMECAD New Zealand, says, “Royal Wolf is the only container provider for the FRAMECAD ‘Factory in a Can’. Their 40 foot container was the perfect option for us because it can withstand extreme outdoor conditions, is highly cost effective and  enables us to relocate literally anywhere to service clients and more importantly, help provide housing to those people most in need.”Royal Wolf has worked closely with FRAMECAD to modify containers to support the unique ‘Factory in a Can’ concept by creating doors at either end of the container to allow easy access and a safer passage for the machines operators. “FRAMECAD has a longstanding relationship with Royal Wolf and the ‘Factory in a Can’ is quite an amazing example of how our containers can be used for such an interesting and worthwhile project,” comments Glen Millen, Royal Wolf, Area Sales Manager North Island.As a company Royal Wolf continues to lead the way in the hire, purchase and modification of containers to solve a wide range of business challenges. Royal Wolf containers have been used to create unique solutions from accommodation units, through to retail outlets, defence force training facilities, mobile exhibitions and innovative construction projects. Royal Wolf - keeping Coles cool 2013-01-11T05:17:12Z royal-wolf-keeping-coles-cool When McAlpine Hussmann Pty Ltd needed to provide a compact and permanent Refrigeration Plant System to Coles, Knox City, they turned to Royal Wolf for an expert solution - creating a unique power plant built using a 40ft modified Royal Wolf container.Located on the roof of a two storey building, 15 metres high, the modified container based power plant was fitted out with refrigeration compressors, a switchboard and control panels plus 50mm acoustic lining to limit local noise pollution. Installed to provide the supermarket with sufficient cooling capacity from a central plant, the plant ensures the store remains fully operational during an incident and all produce remains fresh. “Given the site and time restrictions, we knew that a modified Royal Wolf container would provide us with an ideal and cost effective solution to house the power plant and meet the client’s needs.“The size and durability of the container meant that we were able to quickly and effectively build the plant, fitting its vital electrical components including refrigeration compressors to cool instrumentation, and have it fully operational in next to no time,” says Brett Hedge from McAlpine Hussmann.For Royal Wolf the use of containers to create a permanent refrigeration plant is another shining example of the versatility and application their products afford.John Ahkin, Royal Wolf Business Development Manager - Melbourne, comments, “Creating a power plant from one of our containers illustrates the unique and varied way that our containers can be used. For McAlpine Hussmann it proved to be an effective, efficient and permanent solution.” Royal Wolf containers continue to be used in a wide variety of ways. From portable exhibition spaces, temporary accommodation units and on-site offices, through to unique retail outlets and portable manufacturing facilities, Royal Wolf has an extensive range of off-the-shelf container solutions. Royal Wolf Helps Light the Way for the Blind 2012-09-28T03:44:51Z royal-wolf-helps-light-the-way-for-the-blind Royal Wolf has donated a 40ft shipping container to cBraille - a specially created lighting-based exhibition for the blind that raises awareness of the importance and use of light to benefit the vision impaired. Housed in a modified Royal Wolf container with doors constructed at each end, the cBraille exhibition was developed by industrial designer Rob Caslick who through his work with the Blind Institute was inspired by the fact that 90% of vision impaired people have the ability to see light. The exhibition explores and demonstrates how the practical application of lighting could be used in the future to create advanced public signage to benefit the vision impaired. cBraille consists of 14 panels of LED lights arranged in the Braille code, with each panel using one LED light per Braille dot to create a quote or anecdote about the impact of light and blindness. When developing the concept, Rob worked with partner’s e2 and Built to review a range of options that would house the exhibition. The decision reached was that a shipping container provided the best solution owing to its size, shape and durability. Royal Wolf was then approached directly by Built, a longstanding and valued client, to see if they could contribute. “Thinking about what we wanted to achieve and how it all needed to function, we quickly recognised that a container would create a fantastic exhibition space for us. Its size, strength and transportable nature seemed a really sensible and viable solution so we contacted Royal Wolf and they were more than happy to assist. “Apart from the obvious structural benefits of the container, its shape and contours add to the modern and distinctive industrial look that we are after with this exhibition,” says Rob Caslick. John Ahkin, Royal Wolf Business Development Manager Melbourne, says: “We are pleased to be able to support such an incredible and worthwhile project that raises awareness around the importance of light for people with vision impairment. Again it goes to show how versatile our containers really are. ” Launched at Melbourne’s Federation Square on 31 May 2012, the cBraille exhibition played an important part of the city’s annual light in winter festival. The impact of cBraille will now see it come to Sydney for the first time, showcased at Customs House, Circular Key, from 16 September to 30 September 2012. More information about this unique exhibition can be found by visiting: