The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-08-17T02:35:18Z DealWatch's Top Five Daily Deal Tips 2012-08-17T02:35:18Z dealwatch-s-top-five-daily-deal-tips-1 DealWatch - Australia's Leading daily deal aggregator has released a set of helpful handy tips that will ensure you enjoy saving money with daily deals. Daily deals are among one of the best methods that you could use to get a large discount on a product or service. If it’s an excellent way to save money while ensuring that the product or service that you are purchasing is high quality, daily deals might just be your best bet. Listed below are five of the most important tips to consider for taking advantage of daily deals offers. #1- Expiry dates should always be checked. Would you like to miss out on your daily deals offer after you have spent money on it? Of course not! To avoid disappointment, it is important that you check the expiry date of your daily deals coupon. #2- Buyer beware –don’t forget to read the fine print. Make sure the dates fit - your schedule is one of the most important things that you should consider when purchasing daily deals offers. Ensure that you have enough free time between now and the expiry date to claim your deal. #3- Set a reminder to remember to redeem the deal. Mobile phones, computers, and iPads all have something in common when it comes to helping you remembering the deals that you would like to claim –you can set reminders on all of them! Imagine the disappointment that you would feel knowing that you could have snapped up an amazing deal, but completely forgot about it! Reminders are your best friend when it comes to assisting you in remembering your daily deals. #4- Use an aggregator to find the best deals. There are many aggregators out there who want you to use them to find the best deals. DealWatch is a lot more user-friendly than other aggregators out there, as it lists the deals in a city-specific format, meaning that you don’t have to go through page after page of deals that are completely irrelevant to you. #5- Book ahead of time. Booking a week before the date that you would like to claim your deal ensures that you do not miss out on the deal. When selecting the date, it is also a good idea to ensure that it falls well before the expiry date of the daily deals coupon. Practicing the five tips above will ensure that you get the most enjoyable, beneficial daily deals experience possible.Source: Daily Deal Tips DealWatch tries to Solve the Daily Deal Email Dilemma 2012-08-15T09:52:47Z dealwatch-tries-to-solve-the-daily-deal-email-dilemma (Auckland, New Zealand, August 15, 2012) – We sure do love our daily deals – the daily deal market represents a staggering portion of Internet shopping, it was introduced in New Zealand two years ago and to date has seen over 4 million vouchers sold. This unique online market has consumers hunting down the best local deals in their city. Rapid growth sparked an Internet phenomenon that saw the rise of over 15 daily deal sites throughout New Zealand many of which have now been consolidated. With so many daily deal sites around our inboxes are being cluttered with daily deal emails and it is getting harder to keep track of them all. Many are getting fed up and simply unsubscribing from all the sites – taking at a loss the ability to keep track of the many great deals each local city has to offer. But if your looking to have your cake and eat it to, a New Zealand based website – DealWatch – has the answer. Launched by a group of aspiring IT entrepreneurs, the website uses astounding technology that somewhat imitates a Google Search – crawling the many daily deal websites every hour on the hour. The site aims to bring all the daily deals together in an easy to read, user-friendly and standardised format. “By having all the deals together in one location we are able to sort the entire deal market based on popularity. With a simple visit to DealWatch, users can find the most popular ‘top’ deal without having to visit 8 different websites”, says Alex Whiteside, co-founder of DealWatch. DealWatch began by tracking some of the larger New Zealand players such as GrabOne, GroupOn, DailyDo and has since expanded by adding others to its ‘sort list’ such as Groupy, TreatMe and Yazoom. The primary vision behind DealWatch is to save savvy consumers both time, and money. DealWatch will also send you an aggregated email each day of the best local deals. This email contains all the top local deals and a few of the most popular travel deals. Even better, these emails can be personalised to your every desire – when subscribing to the service users are given an opportunity to specify which categories they are interested in. These categories span from massages, hair salons all the way to golf courses and electronics to suit every gender variety and age demographic. “The future of this industry is set to expand and we are only now seeing the great potential of these daily deals”, says Mr Whiteside. DealWatch currently serves over 16 cities including Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and many other regionals. If you are looking declutter your inbox, save money and have fun while doing it - DealWatch is the answer.For more information please visit: