The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-04-03T06:16:19Z e-retailers' blasé on fraud prevention 2013-04-03T06:16:19Z -13 These worrying statistics come from a study of 200 business managers and IT executives in the USA in retail and financial services organisations conducted for ThreatMatrix, a provider of cybercrime prevention technologies, by Info-Tech Research Group. Somewhat paradoxically the survey found that 85 percent of online retailers considered fraud prevention to be a high priority.The good news, it seems, is that most organisations are moving swiftly to implement systems designed to detect and prevent online fraud. The study found that half of the organisations that had no online fraud prevention processes and systems intended to implement these in the next twelve months. "In the next year, only nine percent of companies surveyed will have no online fraud prevention processes and systems in place," it concluded."Most organisations had baseline IT security tools in place, including internal firewalls, endpoint and gateway anti-virus or malware protection," the report said. "Far fewer organisations had highly specialised IT security tools such as fraud prevention for online transactions, security management systems, content filtering, data leakage protection, and application control."Info-Tech reported, "When it came to specifically preventing online fraud, respondents most often used network or application firewalls, network user monitoring, authentication and identity management systems. The online fraud prevention tools that received the highest performance ratings were internal firewalls, gateway firewalls, endpoint, and gateway anti-virus or malware protection."The survey also revealed a disconnect between companies' approach to online fraud prevention and IT security in general. A relatively high 69 percent of respondents indicated that online fraud prevention at their companies was becoming more integrated with their IT security policies, processes and systems. However, companies still view online fraud prevention and IT security as distinct entities. Only 43 percent of respondents agreed that the distinction between online fraud prevention and IT security was blurring at their organisation; and 59 percent believed that IT security was more of a priority than online fraud prevention at their company.According to ThreatMatrix, to provide the safest transactions for consumers, retailers need to screen transactions using previous transaction data to make better decisions about account takeover attacks; track transactions that are originating from a different country or IP address than where the account was created, and screen for customer identification verification at both account login and prior to transaction completion.However with any implementation of security technology, a balance has to be struck between the assessed risk and the cost of prevention and protection. According to Visa subsidiary CyberSource's 2013 Online Fraud Report "Online Payment Fraud Trends, Merchant Practices, and Benchmarks," the companies surveyed reported an average annual loss through fraud of 0.9 percent of online revenue, leading CyberSource to estimate the loss across the US and Canada at $US3.5b.The report said that by far the biggest cost in online fraud prevention was manual review of orders. Typically one in four orders are manually reviewed, and the staff resources to do thisTo find out more about mobile sales force management visit: salesatwork.comFrom: Trade Promotion Management News SalesAtWork : Trade promotions can trip the unwary 2013-04-02T06:18:33Z salesatwork-trade-promotions-can-trip-the-unwary Any such promotion whether it be strictly a game of chance (put you business card in the bowl for a chance to win…) or a supposed game of skill (tell us in 25 word or less why you would like a…) is governed in every state and territory of Australia by strict laws that are specific to each government. And application must be made and a permit obtained before any such lottery can be held.So anyone planning to conduct a trade promotion lottery nationwide would require a permit from every state and territory. And of course it must also comply with other legislation, particularly the Australian Competition and Consumer Act, which replaced the Trade Practices Act in 2010.Failure to fully address all issues of a promotion well in advance can, at the very least, introduce unexpected delays and, in the worst case, seriously damage the brand of the promoting organisation should it fall foul of relevant legislation and attract the unwanted attention of regulators.In NSW the basic guidelines run to six pages and there are a further five pages on certain types of lotteries to which special conditions apply. For example, it is not permitted to require entrants to use premium telephone numbers -- those beginning 190 that can incur very high per minute charges -- to gain information about a promotion. And if SMS or MMS are required to enter the competition, the cost must not exceed $0.50.In NSW at least you need to be very careful about promotions that can be construed as having the winner chosen on merit. The rules state that: "Unless qualified or expert judges are used and the winner is adjudged against set criteria, a competition is not based on skill – it is based on chance."The situation is more precisely spelt out in the South Australian Government's guidelines. "In some instances, a competition may appear to be a skill-based competition (ie a tipping competition) but if there is more than one winner, the promoter allows for the conduct of a draw to allocate the prize. In this situation, it is considered that the competition is a trade promotion lottery as there is a possibility that the winner will be determined by an element of chance."Competitions in which entrants are required to complete a minor test of skill and then the first correct entry drawn is the winner, are considered to be trade promotion lotteries as they involve an element of chance in determining the winner.The last word is perhaps best left to the lawyers. Jamie Nettleton of Sydney law firm Addisons - which has produced a checklist on trade promotions - says: "promoters should be aware of all the legal issues which may arise and should apply the same high level of diligence as they would apply when undertaking any other material marketing/advertising activities to ensure compliance with the law."To find out more about mobile sales force management visit: salesatwork.comFrom: Trade Promotion Management News Consumer goods manufacturers can optimise the return on their promotions with analytics provided by the PromotionsAtWork SaaS 2012-10-29T00:31:21Z consumer-goods-manufacturers-can-optimise-the-return-on-their-promotions-with-analytics-provided-by-the-promotionsatwork-saas With consumers watching every dollar they spend and retailers cutting back on their inventories while demanding a premium for the best product placement on their shelves, consumer goods manufacturers are under pressure to provide generous promotions. At the same time, manufacturers cannot afford to lose money on trade spending. How can manufacturers provide exceptional value for retailers and end consumers while staying within their trade spend budget? Trade Spend Optimisation Takes Trade Promotions Management to the Next Level Trade spend optimisation provides manufacturers and distributors the means to optimise their trade spend budgets. This allows consumer goods manufacturers to develop strategies to develop promotions that meet their needs, as well as those of retailers and consumers. Trade promotion optimisation involves analysing the relationship amongst various parameters. This analysis is used to establish a promotional calendar for the manufacturer and retailer that will generate the highest amount of sales without going over the trade spend budget. Some of the parameters included in a trade spend optimisation analysis include the following: Timing and frequency of promotions Pricing The impact of forward buying Product dependencies Seasonality These parameters are used to generate predictive analytics, which use historical data trends to identify what factors have the most significant impact on sales. This analysis can be used to simulate different promotions to determine which one will generate the most sales, while staying within budget. Get the Data for Trade Promotions Optimisation with PromotionsAtWork Dale Hagemeyer, the Managing VP of, Industries Research for Manufacturing, Gartner Inc. was recently quoted, 'Having the right data and having it clean are both critical to the Trade Promotions Optimisation engines making better predictions.'[1] The PromotionsAtWork SaaS provides a tool for single point entry of data, which ensures accuracy. The advanced data management features of this trade promotions management solution allow the data to be easily accessible to both management and the field representative. This software solution provides the detailed performance analytics needed for trade promotions optimisation. Using trade spend optimisation can help maximise the value of your promotions to both retailers and consumers, while at the same time staying within budget. PromotionsAtWork provides you with accurate data and analytics needed for success. To find out more about PromotionsAtWork, visit[1] Source: WhaTech IT SalesAtWork simplifies complex data analysis needed to manage a mobile sales force to keep the team focused 2012-10-22T01:30:30Z salesatwork-simplifies-complex-data-analysis-needed-to-manage-a-mobile-sales-force-to-keep-the-team-focused When it comes to managing a productive sales team, keeping both the management team and mobile sales force focused on customer satisfaction and productivity is essential for success. In order to stay focused, a sales manager needs to have an efficient means of collecting and analysing data. Additionally, this information needs to be communicated to sales team members on a regular basis. What is the most efficient means of collecting and disseminating data for focused mobile sales force management? Sales Team Focus Is Data Driven The key to keeping a mobile sales force focused is to have data driven leadership. In order for focused mobile sales force management to be effective, the data must be accurate, accessible, and organised. Some of the data a sales manager needs for focused mobile sales force management includes information about accounts, the call cycles for various territories, product lines, and performance data for members of the sales team. Of course, this information must be in a format that is organised so it makes sense to both the manager and the members of the sales team. Additionally, the information must be in a format that can be accessed by team members when they are in the field. Frequent Communication and Real Time Data Exchange is Essential Traditionally, the data needed to keep a sales team focused was compiled in spreadsheets and only accessible when the team member was in the office. Moreover, the only time this data could be updated was when the team member reported it during a team meeting or filed a sales report. Old fashioned spreadsheets resulted in an unfocused and inefficient sales team. Often managers found they were making leadership decisions based upon out-dated information. The result was lost sales and complaints about poor account service. With the introduction of mobile sales force management solutions, such as SalesAtWork, managers can access both data, as well as performance analytics. Moreover, this information can be disseminated to the mobile sales force in real time. Another key ingredient of focused mobile sales force management is collaboration amongst the managers and team members. Digital tools, such as SalesAtWork, facilitate the exchange of data, which allows real time communication to update data and provide flexibility for the member of the sales team in the field. Setting the Standard for Excellence Since everyone approaches problem solving in a different manner, keeping a mobile sales force focused requires setting standards, especially when it comes to data reporting. This facilitates the collection of relevant data in a format that is easily accessible. Standardised pen and paper form used to be the common means for a mobile sales force team member to file sales reports. This method often led to errors and delays in compiling management reports. Mobile sales force SaaS applications can pre-populate forms so the data is accurate for management analysis. To learn more about how mobile sales force solutions can work for you, visit Source: WhaTech SalesAtWork's trade promotion management tool PromotionsAtWork provides analytics to track the return on investment of promotions 2012-10-15T03:40:29Z salesatwork-s-trade-promotion-management-tool-promotionsatwork-provides-analytics-to-track-the-return-on-investment-of-promotions In today's highly competitive business climate, distributor and suppliers need to make every dollar count. Even though promotions constitute the second largest expense of distributors and suppliers, more than 80 per cent of companies do not measure the return on investment of their promotions.[1] Part of the reason these businesses do not track their trade spend ROI is the complexity and amount of data involved in trade promotions management. How can a SaaS like PromotionsAtWork facilitate the tracking and management of trade spend accounts?The Complexity of Trade Promotions ManagementIn order to assess the ROI of a promotional campaign, a supplier or distributor must evaluate the cost of the good, trading terms, and the secondary costs of the campaign. Since these costs can vary from account to account and product line to product line, using spreadsheets and manual calculations become unwieldy very quickly. Another source of complexity is that the negotiations about trade spend happen in the field, thus a promotions representative might adjust terms while at a store. The use of manual trade promotions management methods to monitor ROI break down at this point, since the financial staff and management do not find out about the change until they read the field representative's report.PromotionsAtWork Helps Monitor and Manage ROIA comprehensive trade promotions management solution like PromotionsAtWork gives management real time accurate data so they can determine the ROI of their campaigns. Since distributors and suppliers report almost 90 per cent of promotions have a negative ROI [1], management needs to have cost information readily available so they can make adjustments to minimise losses.Some of the features of PromotionsAtWork that facilitate the assessment of ROI include:One time data entry of pricing profiles for individual products or product groupsAccount terms for products can be entered and adjustedCost lists can be managed across all branches of the systemThe analytic functions of PromotionsAtWork assess different aspects of a an account portfolio.This information can be adjusted and monitored in real time by both management and field representatives, PromotionsAtWork facilitate not only the assessment of ROI, it can also improve the ROI of a business's promotional campaign.Learn more about PromotionsAtWork at[1] WhaTech - IT Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers win from trade spending 2012-09-25T22:23:13Z consumer-packaged-goods-cpg-manufacturers-and-retailers-win-from-trade-spending Until about five years ago, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers often thought of their trade spend programs with retailers as unavoidable expense without much value. However, a shift in the thought process of CPG manufacturers to a Consumer Development Fund (CDF) approach to trade spend has enabled manufacturers and retailers to see benefits for both parties. What is a CDF approach to trade promotions and how can a comprehensive trade spend software solution, like PromotionsAtWork, help manage a trade spend campaign?The Elements and Benefits of a Consumer Development FundConsumer development funds can approach trade spend promotions in two difference ways, or as a blend of the two approaches: as an integrated CDF or as a tiered CDF.The elements of an integrated CDF include the following:Pooled funds across the majority of customer servicesA clear and transparent listing of the cost of each serviceThe customer selects services based upon the funds the manufacturer has allocated to themThe characteristics of a tiered CDF include:Subsets of customer services are aggregatedCustomers are divided into two to three tiers, with clear and specific qualification parametersEach tier has a specified funding budgetDefined metrics to assess the performance of the accountMost CPG manufacturers use a blend of these two CDF approaches. Whether a CDF uses one type of CDF or blends elements of the integrated and tiered CDF, these approaches have the following benefits:Increased collaboration and decision making between the CPG manufacturer and the retailerThe impression of cost sharingExploration of the benefits for the end consumerPromotional goods and services have a certain 'cost' associated with themPotential decrease in the cost of the promotionFunds are directed to high performance accountsWhile the benefits of the CDF approach are significant, both field level representatives and managers need to have real time access to detailed account information, price lists, account performance metrics, and other essential data. Spreadsheets are prone to errors that can undermine even the most effective well-planned CDF program. Additionally, spreadsheets do not provide a means for team members and management to work collaboratively. Trade promotions software solutions, such as PromotionsAtWork, streamline the management of CDF campaigns so the CPG manufacturer receives the greatest return on their investment and increase retailer satisfaction.The Features of PromotionsAtWork That Facilitate Trade CampaignsThe PromotionsAtWork software suite of applications provides the following features to ensure the success of CPG manufacturers' CDF programs:Advanced data management systems allow one-step data entry of price lists for specific product ranges and account tiers.Enhanced collaboration tools that allow an expedited approval process for account adjustments and team problem solving to develop solutions for poorly performing accounts.The system provides real time team and account performance analytics so management can intervene to curtail any losses due to lacklustre results.To learn more about how PromotionsAtWork can benefit your trade spend promotions, visit WhaTech  Creating Liquid Networks in the Workplace: Efficiency and Productivity Derived from Collaborative Software 2012-09-13T06:44:32Z creating-liquid-networks-in-the-workplace-efficiency-and-productivity-derived-from-collaborative-software As the world continues to be connected by the invisible web that is the Internet, more and more software solutions are being created which utilise this interconnectedness. In the book Where Good Ideas Come From, written by academic Steven Johnson, the idea that cloud, social and mobile technologies can improve businesses is ten-fold. Johnson indicates that this ability to communicate quickly and fluidly throughout an office – a la what he dubs ‘liquid networks’ – is paramount in increasing both innovation and efficiency.The future for these kinds of information networks is fast approaching. The sales force management, a software solution built by SalesAtWork, is an easy to use system for mobile sales. The motto here is: do more with less. As one SalesAtWork team member pointed out, “…above all, it gives the greatest return on investment, as it is the most comprehensive and cost effective mobile sales force management solution in the market.“  In the business world, time is money (although some of us wish this wasn’t the case). What better way to maximize profits and increase productivity is to create a situation where better decisions can be made quickly in a way that is both better informed and authentic.The more efficiency a business has the more it is able to save money and, in turn, the more it is able allocate that money to more specific needs. For instance, one of the main perks of implementing a sales force management solution, something that SalesAtWork does extremely well, is increase administrative efficiency. With such software, the data only has to be implemented once for it to be integrated with a businesses pre-existing programs. Also, all data is then stored in a centralised base where it can be easily found, processed and utilised. Not only does such speed of data access increase efficiency and save money but it also has the ingenious side effect of increasing innovation. In other words, by decreasing the lag time between idea and action - via having the ability to quickly locate the piece of information needed to create change - one can effectively increase the productivity of innovation.What other impressive side-effects does implementing a sales force management solution have?   Also, consider the different facets of ‘savings’ that a business will find when utilising such software. A business will likely see a decrease in printing expenses, an increase in sales force efficiency - due to the fact that salesperson will spend less time doing paperwork and more time making phone calls - as well as decreased telephone calls. What do all these savings have in common?  All of them are the result of a better form of information technology, one that is more fluid and precise. In the end, it comes down to logic. Indeed, the less time a salesperson has to spend dealing with tedious tasks, the more time they can spend on more human enterprises, like communicating with third parties and generating more business leads.In Where Good Ideas Come From, Johnson claims “There are good ideas, and then there are good ideas that make it easier to have other good ideas.”  The sales force management software from SalesAtWork is a good idea. Furthermore, it is an idea that allows for other good ideas to spawn, ultimately creating a workplace that is fluid, efficient and productive. Oh - and it save businesses money, too.More information: www.salesatwork.comSource: WhaTech Trade promotion management : Too Many Spreadsheets Leads to Too Many Errors 2012-09-11T02:59:44Z trade-promotion-management-too-many-spreadsheets-leads-to-too-many-errors In the FMCG marketplace, businesses of all sizes find themselves using every tool possible to gain an edge against the competition. Most look to innovative promotions to set themselves apart from the competition. Surprisingly, the results of a survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group suggest many businesses still use 20th century spreadsheets to manage these complex 21st century trade promotions. So how are all the spreadsheets working for managing trade promotions?The Problem with Too Many SpreadsheetsAccording to the Aberdeen survey, 78 per cent of businesses use Excel spreadsheets as their primary tool to coordinate their trade promotions amongst their retail partners, their sales teams, managers, and finance departments.[1] Some of the problems these businesses encounter when using spreadsheets to manage a number of trade promotions in multiple regions with a myriad of products include:Sales team members in the field lack access to essential data and informationData entry errors and misreading numerous spreadsheets leads to mismanagementDifficulty tracking deductionsThe Search for SolutionsAnother finding of the Aberdeen survey is that 60 per cent of the businesses surveyed stated they are looking for a more efficient means of managing their trade promotions. These businesses identified three primary attributes they needed in a trade promotions management solution:StandardisationControlCentralisationWhile some companies struggle with developing their own in-house trade promotions management applications, others have opted for trade promotions SaaS applications, such as PromotionsAtWork, which is offered by SalesAtWork. Businesses who have adopted this comprehensive trade promotions solution find they can manage their promotions much more efficiently and effectively than they could with hundreds of spreadsheets. Additionally, businesses that adopted the PromotionsAtWork application found they had the advantage of being able to focus on their promotions, as opposed to in-house IT research and development of a trade management program. This enabled these businesses to enjoy a significant return on their investment.Given the stiff competition for consumer dollars in today's marketplace, trade promotions management enterprises need to focus their time and energy on developing and implementing innovative trade promotions. Businesses find when they replace 20th century spreadsheets, with 21st SaaS applications like PromotionsAtWork and SalesAtWork, they can manage their programs more effectively and the satisfaction of their clients increases exponentially.[1] information: www.salesatwork.comSource: See the future success of your trade promotions campaigns with PromotionsAtWork 2012-08-31T02:43:22Z see-the-future-success-of-your-trade-promotions-campaigns-with-promotionsatwork Since the ability to forecast revenue and stay within budget constraints are essential to the success of any trade spend promotional campaign, SalesAtWork proudly releases the details of the sales budgeting features of their PromotionsAtWork SaaS solution. So what are these features that can assist you in the financial management of your trade spend promotions?PromotionsAtWork offers a user-friendly interface to enter prices and terms for accounts, which ensures accuracy and ends the need for tedious review of spreadsheets. This allows sales managers to focus on the performance of accounts, as well as their team members.PromotionsAtWork allows your financial management staff to enter budget allocations and the anticipated trade expenditures according to accounting period, product, and the same of the account manager.When your staff uses the sales and budget features of PromotionsAtWork, the can use the price and terms profile associated with the account. This allows staff to price budget items accurately to ensure the integrity of financial and account manager reports.With PromotionsAtWork, management can control data entry by establishing limits for accounts so only product ranges associated with the account can be entered. This prevents mistakes that can cause loss of revenue.When using the PromotionsAtWork sales and budget features, you can add notes for future reference. Additionally, these notes can be used to facilitate collaboration among members of the finance and management teams.The PromotionsAtWork sales and budget interface allows you to colour code budget items and accounts in order to track changes easily and efficiently.When the pricing or terms change for a product or account, you only have to enter the data once in the main sales and budget interface and then automatically update the budgets for all the accounts. This ensures both accuracy and consistency across accounts so reports reflect the true performance of accounts, products, and team members.If you think these features of the PromotionsAtWork Saas suite will help you streamline the financial management of your trade spend promotions operations, or if you want to learn about the other ways PromotionsAtWork can help make your business work more efficiently, visit SalesAtWork Offers Comprehensive TPM Data Management with Its PromotionsAtWork SaaS Application 2012-08-23T06:50:33Z salesatwork-offers-comprehensive-tpm-data-management-with-its-promotionsatwork-saas-application The heart of any trade spend promotions management solution is the way in which it manages and controls data. SalesAtWork is pleased to announce that their PromotionsAtWork offers the latest TPM Data management features. So what are these data management features that set PromotionsAtWork apart from the rest?PromotionsAtWork provides the ability to create customised fields for accounts. Some of the items users can include are multiple addresses with geo-coding for each site, contact information for the locations, operating hours, the range of products, financial details, and billing information. Users can also develop their own account classification and channel system.Accurate team data management is essential for a successful promotional campaign. PromotionsAtWork allows you to build teams and control access to sensitive data by the role they fill on the team. You can also delegate territories and accounts to a specific team. Management can also track the success of each promotions team.PromotionsAtWork allows you to create customised profile of the brand owners that your business serves. Once you classify products by brands and categories, you can link products with specific accounts. This feature facilitates the creation of accurate budgets and forecasts by your company's finance team.When you use PromotionsAtWork, you can also make profiles of your suppliers with the range of products they offer. To facilitate ordering, you can specify product codes the supplier uses.Since incorrect pricing and discounts offers can ruin the profitability of a popular promotional campaign, the developers of the PromotionsAtWork SaaS program included the functionality to create price lists. Once these lists are created, you can link them with customers so your field representative can give accurate quotes every time. You can also establish the terms and conditions for discounts for both brands and each product.PromotionsAtWork also makes it easy to calculate and report accurate gross margins with the entry of set up cost lists. Managers can monitor this financial data in real-time, so they can quickly make adjustments if needed.With all the time-savings data management efficiencies included in the PromotionsAtWork TPM SaaS program, business that implement this system will have a favourable return on their investment.More information: www.salesatwork.comVia: SalesAtWork: A Sales Force Management Tool That Makes Business Sense 2012-08-14T21:38:10Z salesatwork-a-sales-force-management-tool-that-makes-business-sense In today's challenging economic climate, businesses need to make sure every cent they spend is justified by an acceptable return on their investment. SalesAtWork is a sales force management solution that provides significant benefits to organisations. These benefits provide savings in both time and money, which justifies the business's investment in the SalesAtWork SaaS system. What are the costs involved in deploying SalesAtWork and what savings can a business expect?What Kind of Investment is Involved in Implementing SalesAtWork?When a business deploys the SalesAtWork sales force management SaaS, the estimated costs per month, per user, the organisation can expect include:The Cost of the Mobile Device, such as a 4G i-Pad at a total of $720 -$60.00 per monthThe Cost of a Data Package by a Mobile Communication Provider -$30.00 per monthThe Cost of Software -$60.00 per monthSince organisations vary greatly in their administration processes, these costs are not included in this analysis. As illustrated above, a business can expect to incur an increase of $150 per user over their baseline cost. When including administrative and other overhead costs, a sales force management solution needs to provide $250 to $300 in savings to make economic sense for the business that deploys them.In What Areas Can A Business Expect to Find Savings?While this analysis does not include all the areas where a business can expect savings when they implement a sales force management solution, the most common areas where businesses report savings are included in our analysis.*Increased Administrative Efficiency: Since the SalesAtWork software integrates seamlessly with the business's existing software programs, data only has to be entered once. All the information is stored in an accessible centralised location so no time is wasted looking for misfiled or illegible paperwork. These time savings can reduce the average administrative cost of $4,000 per month.*Decrease in Printing Expenses: While it is not possible to eliminate all hard copies of forms and reports from business operations, the use of electronic communications can reduce the costs of ink and paper by 5 to 20 per cent.*Increased Sales Force Efficiency: Since a sales force management solution eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and decreases the need for the salesperson to go into the office, the sales staff can make 2 to 5 per cent more calls each week.*Decreased telephone costs: Since SalesAtWork provides users all the data they need to do their jobs, few phone calls are required, which save both time and money.* Reduced Loss of Sales: SalesAtWork provides the mobile sales force with product inventory data to avoid issues with backorders and sales of out of stock inventory, which can increase sales by 8 per cent.Increased Compliance with Promotions: SalesAtWork provides the mobile sale force with accurate information about promotions so miscalculations are avoided.SalesAtWork Provides an Excellent Return on InvestmentBased on our analysis, SalesAtWork provides improvements in efficiency and productivity which provide a significant return on a business's investment in this mobile sales force software solution.More information: www.salesatwork.comSource: Improve promotions planning, upgrade from a spreadsheet to professional trade promotion management tools 2012-08-13T03:46:32Z improve-promotions-planning-upgrade-from-a-spreadsheet-to-professional-trade-promotion-managment-tools If your organisation is still using spreadsheets to plan trade spend then you are making life hard for yourself and not reaping the rewards offered by next generation trade promotion management (TPM) tools.Trade promotion is a complex, dynamic process that needs high levels of understanding and the correct tools to achieve return on investment. SalesAtWork's solution let companies quantify and optimise investment in their trade promotions giving companies insight into the potential financial return of a trade promotion before commencement of the campaign.SalesAtWork’s TPM solution, PromotionsAtWork is a secure on-line software service suitable for any manufacture or distributor of consumer goods. The system is by design easy to use with a simple 10-step framework to achieve top and bottom line improvements.PromotionsAtWork caters for forecast reporting needs of all key stakeholder involved in sales, supply and profitably. The role-based structure ensures precise planning of sales and promotions.PromotionsAtWork sales forecasting allows for dynamic management of promotion across customers, groups and products. The "what if" feature lets companies plan a promotion using the information at hand. Built in controls and alerts reduce potential issues arising from dual promotions for a single product on the same day or days.PromotionsAtWork offers flexibility in forecasting trade spend promotions, users are able to examine data across a single forecast period or across multiple forecast periods.Through auto approval based on account manager or sales-reps profiles a trade promotion campaign can be put into action without delay.The rich forecast abilities of PromotionsAtWork pull everything together in one place with predictive analytics and reporting for all sales channels. PromotionsAtWork provides a 360-degree view of pre-promotions campaign analysis.Contact SalesAtWork to see how you can improve the planning of your trade promotions.More information: www.salesatwork.comArticle Source: Pental ‘cleans up’ its Trade Spend Promotion process 2012-08-01T04:30:02Z pental-cleans-up-its-trade-spend-promotion-process Pental has been providing a superb range of day to day cleaning products in Australia and New Zealand for more than 50 years. Building on its motto of simplicity, Pental has recently implemented SalesAtWork, a simple to use, yet advanced, cloud based solution to better manage its process of Trade Spend Management.‘Our business has needed to change rapidly’ said Charlie McLeish, Chief Operating Officer at Pental. ‘As part of our change we needed to move off controlling the process of Trade Spend with spread sheets. We invest millions of dollars into promotional spend programme's with our customers each year and we needed to be able to have absolute clarity as to what manufacturing impacts this has, what monies we must accrue and then match, the effectiveness of our spend and how our account teams are performing’.‘We reviewed the market and what we found was that the entry level for software systems in this area was hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no ceiling due to the high level of consulting required. This was not affordable. As part of our search we came across a new Australian developed product from SalesAtWork that covers this area and is offered as a cloud solution. For an affordable usage fee per month, we had access to a system that delivers on what we required in a very much simpler manner than solutions we reviewed both locally and internationally’ said Charlie.SalesAtWork has been providing Sales Force Management solutions to many leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand for many years. Operating on all the latest mobile devices such as iPhones, iPad’s and Android devices, SalesAtWork has been at the forefront of this market with its cloud based affordable solution. As a complement to its Sales Force Management solution, SalesAtWork has released a Trade Spend Promotion Management module using the latest technology. Colin Rosen, Chief Executive at SalesAtWork said ‘Trade Spend is the second largest spend after cost of goods sold. While the ROI is easily measurable even with higher price system investment decisions, in the current market the affordability factor of what must be spent now, outweighs the ROI over time and prevents a large portion of the market making decisions. With its new PromotionsAtWork module, we are trying to enable organisations globally, with a path that is affordable, modern and easy to use. Pental has been one of our early adopter users to gain the benefits of our model’.‘Without the need to invest in server hardware we are able to access all our information wherever we operate. Our New Zealand office can enter their forecasts and we have visibility across what is happening. We have a central repository for all information and an ability to get a rich set of information. While we recognised SalesAtWork was a new entrant into this market, the attractiveness of the model and the return for our business made it an easy decision. With their cloud philosophy we benefit from all upgrades that occur and keeps us at the forefront of our industry’ said Charlie.SalesAtWork has created an alternative to spreadsheets to manage this whole area of trade spend expenditure. With trade spend expenditure globally running in excess of $100 billion improving the efficiency of its management should be high on the priority of every organisation engaged in sales promotions.More Information: salesatwork.comVia : WhaTech - Content Distribution Look to the ‘cloud’ for efficiencies 2012-07-30T20:31:57Z look-to-the-cloud-for-efficiencies Communicating with field staff has, in the past, often been a costly and time-consuming proposition. But companies like SalesAtWork are offering an alternative solution with efficiencies many organisations have come to appreciate.SalesAtWorks offers a new breed of sales force management solution known as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means companies don't need their own computer infrastructure. Each client pays a monthly fee to use the SalesAtWork system. "This makes it much easier for clients to get going and use a sophisticated business solution, without the need to invest large amounts of capital buying, installing and running enterprise software," says SalesAtWork Chief Executive, Colin Rosen.SalesAtWork has been established for around nine years and as a software services for company for just on six years. It is a Melbourne-based company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland."Companies don't have to invest tens of thousands to millions of dollars in hardware and software to get going. The product is available tomorrow if they want it. They can avoid many months of having to build a model that suits the company by using SalesAtWork," he says.Features include:- Store management- Product management- Territory management- Visit scheduling- Activity management- Orders- Trade Promotions- Asset managementReportingSpatial viewsMr. Rosen says using the software is as safe as using online banking. “Our product is username and password protected. As long as you don’t disclose that, there are no security issues about using our system.”The SalesAtWork software has been designed specifically for those companies that want to concentrate on retail sales and service, not IT and complex software solutions.This is one reasons Teamworks Retail Services chose the SaaS offering Teamworks is a field marketing organization, represented in every state with a staff of almost 350 nationally.“SaaS has been a good reminder that our core business is not software development or operating banks of servers. We’re a retail and sales service company and so long as the server, data and access is secure, and we can import and export data from the system, then there is no need for us to physically own the infrastructure.“It’s SalesAtWork’s job to look after the day-to-day health of the system and this has been good with 100 per cent uptime (in the 12 months Teamworks has been using the product). We don’t incur any R&D or customization expense, it’s done for us and provides us with new features.”Structure and flexibilityTeamworks IT and Systems Development Manager, Simon Clavin, says: "SalesAtWork has given us the structure and flexibility we need to handle our crew and customers. It's tricky enough organising the visits and activities for 250 people each week on behalf of more than 50 customers, but the real challenge is being able to re-organise when things change."SalesAtWork lets us set up rules and task priorities and the system schedules the customer tasks as part of a visit and allocates these to the correct rep. This is how we can put hundreds of people onto an urgent project, like a product recall or a last-minute promotion, and not disrupt our normal bread and butter visits," he says.Using SalesAtWork means most of the activities go to the field representatives electronically. Teamworks representatives receive and transact their work Smartphones fitted with the dedicated SalesAtWork mobile application. In regional areas where employees may only work a few hours per week, they use the SalesAtWork website to print worksheets and then update their results into the website once the visit is complete."It used to take up to 10 days to receive and collate data from large national programs using paper," says Mr Clavin, "this meant most of the customer analysis focused on the end result, as it was too late to deal with issues such as missing promotional material or other gaps."SalesAtWork's Colin Rosen says this problem has been solved with a centrally organised workflow that ensures all the data and information is 'live' and up to date, and customers can monitor important campaigns and make adjustments, based on the feedback from visits just completed.More Information: www.salesatwork.comVia : WhaTech Content Distribution Promotions at Work: A Complete Solution for Trade Promotion Management 2012-07-21T23:40:35Z promotions-at-work-a-complete-solution-for-trade-promotion-management Many sales and marketing managers contacted us after reading our review of the Sales at Work workforce management software and they wanted to know if Sales at Work offers a similar product tailored for trade promotion management. We are pleased to let everyone know the developers of Sales at Work offers Promotions at Work, which is an attractively priced comprehensive software solution for those who own or manage businesses that either make or distribute consumer goods. We have given this product a test drive so we can answer the question, "What features of Promotions at Work can streamline the planning, implementation, and management of my promotional campaigns?"What initially impressed us was the extensive data management functionality associated with the Promotions at Work software, as well as the intuitive workflow and approval processes. This program also provides the ability to select metrics to target and assess the performance of both your team and your product lines. You are probably thinking to yourself, "Well all that is great, but what are the specifics?"Here are the nine areas of Promotions at Work we found that provide quantifiable improvements for your operations that lead to optimal bottom line results for your business.-Data Management: We found that this software allows the user to create detail account profiles that including the ability to assign multiple addresses and geocoding, product ranges, contact information, and billing information. For security purposes, we found the program allows you to determine data access permissions and then associate with them with the type of user as well at the individual user level.-Sales Budgeting: Our testing found this program allows you to establish the pricing and terms to use to create budgets for individual accounts, product line, or by the account manager-Sales Forecasting: Based on our trial of the program, we found the program provides user-friendly sales forecasts, which management can use to evaluate the efficacy of both staff and the promotional campaign.-Promotions Planning: We found Promotions at Work allows user to manage campaigns according to products, teams, and product groups. The easy to use scheduling feature prevents scheduling duplicate product promotions on the same day.-Return on Invest Assessment: As anyone in trade promotions management knows, it does not matter if products fly off the shelves if the sales do not produce enough revenue to generate a net profit. We found this product allows the user to consider all factors so you can set favourable price points.-Promotions Approval: Our assessment showed the program efficiently alerts managers when the spending levels are ready to be approved and allows collaboration amongst all those who hold a stake in the campaign.-Accruals and Claims: The Promotions at work generates a forecast cost for the promotion as soon as it is approved so the organisation's finance can provide accurate reports of the margins and track the claims of the customers.-Performance Analytics: We found this software provides a rich array of performance analytics, which can target parameters established by the user.- ERP Integration: The integration of all the functionalities of this program allows it to seamlessly integrate with most ERP systems.Our testing indicates Promotions at Work definitely acts as a comprehensive tool for trade promotion management.More information: www.salesatwork.comArticle Source: WhaTech Content