The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-10-29T00:38:29Z FieldTec will soon release its newest product, CONNECT, designed to strengthen their offering of mobile workforce management abilities in the field. 2012-10-29T00:38:29Z fieldtec-will-soon-release-its-newest-product-connect-designed-to-strengthen-their-offering-of-mobile-workforce-management-abilities-in-the-field CONNECT is a mobile computer device that utilities and local councils can install directly in work trucks that allows a field crew to stay in constant contact with the main office and giving them access to data services previously only available to office bound workers. This type of mobile communication is vital for organisations that typically have many teams at various worksites, and can significantly increase businesses' productivity and efficiency. This off-the-shelf product can easily be installed with no configuration required, and is compatible with various mobile solutions, such as FieldTec's popular FOCUS product. CONNECT is a Wi-Fi ready mobile workforce management solution that can connect through numerous mobile protocols including the 3G network, for fast and reliable connectivity. FieldTec provides comprehensive mobile workforce management solutions for utilities and local government. It is the creator of FOCUS a system that is a proven and reliable mobile solution that is already helping improve many organisations field asset and workforce management. CONNECT makes use of GPS, as an automatic vehicle locator, allowing the main office to know exactly where each work crew is throughout the day. This is a very valuable tool for organisations, such as local councils, giving them a reliable, real time tool for locating its field crews and gaining efficiencies by reducing traveling times between jobs. This product provides telephone communication between the crew in the field and the main office, and includes a VoIP telephone headset capable of hands free communication. The external speakers provide workers with the option of using the auto-answering feature that allows for teleconferenced team meetings at the worksite. CONNECT includes a clear 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen display that is easy for the crew to use in various work environments. The touch screen application allows the employees to use a powerful set of the features simply by following the onscreen instructions. CONNECT includes a video camera that allows pictures to be taken directly at the worksite and reported back to the head office immediately. This feature helps the crew alert the head office instantly of any worksite issues that may occur, so the problem can be corrected quickly and efficiently. The video camera feature also works as a security system by capturing video from the mounted camera and then sending the pictures to the main office. This feature provides extra safety and security for all the company's assets, including the field staff and equipment. A real-time remote support system will change how organisations interact with their employees, and will allow for better and more efficient communication with the client. CONNECT is the perfect asset management solution for any organisation that sends employees out in the field, and want better communication ability. CONNECT will be an invaluable tool for many organisations by providing them with reliable and efficient communications with employees in the field. CONNECT is certain to increase productivity and eliminate wasted time due to lack of communications, which will greatly improve any organisation's management of their mobile workforce. To learn more about FOCUS, visit: Source: WhaTech Content Queensland Urban Utilities now uses FieldTec's FOCUS to enhance customer satisfaction and help prevent system failures 2012-10-22T01:25:17Z brisbane-city-water-now-uses-fieldtec-s-focus-to-enhance-customer-satisfaction-and-help-prevent-system-failures FOCUS Keeps the Water Field Crews On-Task and On TimeQueensland Urban Utilities crews have started carrying tablets equipped with FOCUS, the mobile workforce management tool from FieldTec, which is fully integrated with the Council's systems. FOCUS streamlines communications amongst the field crews, the dispatchers, and the call centre staff with messaging very similar to SMS, except in more detail. This real time communication and flow of information allow the Queensland Urban Utilities to provide exceptional service to their customers.A Day with a Queensland Urban Utilities Crew and FOCUSWhen a member of the Queensland Urban Utilities starts their day, he just picks up his tablet from his home docking station. Once he gets into his truck, the field crewmember plugs the tablet in the charger, inserts the smart card into the tablet, and then logs into the system. FOCUS provides him with his schedule for the day. He can then use the stylus to press the 'In Transit' button and provide an estimated time for his arrival at the job site.Once at the site, the crewmember uses FOCUS to inform dispatch he has arrived at the job site just by hitting a button. The system will fill in the date and time automatically, while providing the crewmember details about the job.The work order screen contains information about what a job involves, what is needed to do the job, and if the crew is able to do the job as allocated by the call centre and dispatcher. When a new work order comes in, a chime alerts the crew. They can either accept or decline the job.When the job is finished, he uses a drop down menu to indicate the point of failure in the system and what action he and his fellow crewmember took to remedy the situation. This assists engineers and management in developing ways to prevent similar system issues in the future. At the end of the day, the crewmember just logs out of the system.When using the FOCUS system, work crews can go directly to job sites without having to start their day by going into the main office. The simple intuitive user interface allows the field crews to direct their attention to completing their work, instead of stopping to do reports. Together, these features lead to expeditious completion of jobs, which improves customer satisfaction.To learn more about FOCUS, visit: www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech Business looking for greater efficiency managing their mobile workforce turn to FieldTec 2012-10-15T03:37:00Z business-looking-for-greater-efficiency-managing-their-mobile-workforce-turn-to-fieldtech-1 Different iconic research organisations recently conducted various surveys which indicated that approximately one third of the entire US workforces can be categorised as independent workers, freelancers, or mobile workers.FieldTec, a leading field asset and workforce management solution provider, understand that businesses today are looking at prudent ways to trim their operational costs including on costs normally associated with full time employment such as superannuation and payroll tax.This is also the main reason FieldTec is continuing development of their scalable and robust solution, FOCUS.Mobile workforce trends and justifications for solution deploymentToday, worldwide mobile workforce is estimated to be in the region of 1 billion people, accounting for approximately 30% of the entire global workforce. United States constitutes approximately 74% of the workforce, while the rest of the world (including; Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and Canada) accounts of 6% of the global mobile workforce.In addition, 67% of US based workers are today using mobile and wireless computing, 58% of companies are considering themselves virtual workplaces, and 89% of fortune 100 companies operating in the US provide telecommuting to their employees.This clearly depicts that scalable mobile workforce management solutions has transpired as a necessity. As a result, business leaders have now been presented by new sets of challenges on learning how to deftly manage a decentralised workforce.In a nutshell, organisations need to take advantage of the latest technology to assign workers tasks and monitor progress now that they no longer have the luxury of strolling over to their desks checking on them.Elements required for an effective mobile workforce strategyMobile wireless: This includes wireless broadband technologyDevices: This includes handheld digital devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, and internet donglesService control: This entails management of wired/wireless remote access in a seamless mannerEnterprise application: This involves all the business processes that are automated courtesy of mobile access.Business Application Platforms: These are basically the foundations and interfaces used to seamlessly integrate enterprise class applications over the network.Factors that are fuelling growth of mobile workforces hence deployment of mobile workforce solutionsThis particular growth is influenced by several factors. To begin with, there has been a steady growth of around 14% between the period 2004-2012 in management, business, and financial occupations. These careers are regarded as having a high potential of being classified as mobile.There is also some heightened pressure for organisations to provide work/life balance program for its employees in order to enable more flexibility and mobility in workers schedule. In addition, the current generation of new workers entering the workforce expects to be provided with some level of mobility with their jobs, and they also tend to have a high level of comfort using new technology.Advantages of Deploying a Modern Mobile Workforce Management SolutionsBusinesses that have taken, or are planning to take the above factors into consideration need to understand the process of managing remote employees cannot be 100% automated. However, to a certain extent the same process of remote employee management can be semi-automated with incredible degree of succesLearn more about mobile workforce solutions at: www.fieldtec.comVia: WhaTech Business Intuitive Mobile Workforce Management Leads To Service Excellence 2012-09-25T23:38:22Z intuitive-mobile-workforce-management-leads-to-service-excellence A recent survey of more than 200 enterprises in the United Kingdom found that 44 per cent of these service providers thought as many of 50 per cent of their employees had failed to make a commitment to excellence in customer service. Additionally, only 14 per cent of these businesses have the means to accurately measure their employees' performance on key customer service indicators. What is the key that many Australian businesses have found to motivate their mobile workforces to provide high quality customer service?Real Time Communication and Access to Data Leads to Greater Customer SatisfactionThe leading cause of dissatisfaction amongst the customers of utilities and government service agencies is waiting for service technicians to arrive for appointments. Conversely, when a field technician has to travel long distances between job sites, he is likely to have issues with traffic or getting lost. This frustration is compounded when the technician gets to the site, only to find the customer is not at home or the job requires skill sets the technician does not have. The combination of customer dissatisfaction and field staff frustration can lead to disaster for a service dependent enterprise.Mobile workforce management solutions, such as FieldTec's FOCUS, provide real-time communication and data that leads to greater customer satisfaction and less employee frustration in the following ways:Call centre staff have the location of field technicians, as well as their qualifications, so they can ensure the closest field worker who is qualified to do the job is dispatched to the job site.The field technician does not have to stop work to provide the staff and management updates about the progress of a job, since the GIS system partially automates this task.The field technician has access to the information located at the company's headquarters to facilitate problem solving on difficult projects. Additionally, the field worker can consult with supervisors and managers on difficult projects, thus reducing the need for repeated service calls.Integration with the company's CMS system allows automated reminder calls to reduce the likelihood of customers missing their service appointments.Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Provide Manager Tools to Track Customer SatisfactionMobile workforce management solutions, like FieldTec's FOCUS, provide management with real time reports to monitor the performance of their field staff. This information allows management to address any issues proactively that might lead to customers' dissatisfaction. Some of the tools that can help managers monitor customer satisfaction and employee performance include:Real time reports of the amount of time a technician spends on a job siteThe ability to monitor customers' concerns by checking notes made by call centre personnelFlexible scheduling in the field allows management to cover the appointments of employees who are absentSince all data and reports located in headquarters are available on mobile devices, management are free to go out in the field to provide coaching and supervision on job sites.The intuitive features of FieldTec's FOCUS will increase the satisfaction of both your enterprise's customers and its mobile workforce.To learn more about how mobile workforce solutions can help your utility, visit www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech  Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Facilitate Smart Meter Transition 2012-09-19T04:47:51Z mobile-workforce-management-solutions-facilitate-smart-meter-transition As more utilities move toward the use of smart meters, they face the challenge of managing the cost of installation and having their customers accept the use of the meters. One of the factors that contribute to the cost of installation is the field technician not being able to access the meter location because of a locked gate or a dog in the yard. When customers have to wait at home not knowing when the field technician is going to arrive decreases their level of satisfaction with the utility and leads the customer's to resist the deployment of the meters. How can mobile workforce solutions resolve these issues?Customers Reminder Calls Saves Money on the Cost of Smart Meter DeploymentMissed installation appointments account for 20 per cent of the cost of smart meter deployment. While most utilities send out postcard a week before the installation of a smart meter, but this method proves to be ineffective. Customers often forget about appointment or the appointment might be at an inconvenient time.Mobile workforce management solutions can prevent these issues in the following ways:When mobile workforce management solutions are integrated with CRM, automated phone calls can remind the customer the day before the appointment.The real time scheduling features available in mobile workforce applications, like FieldTec's FOCUS, informs field technicians when an installation has been rescheduled, so they can go to their next appointment. This improves the productivity and efficiency of the mobile workforce.If the event there is an issue with the installation, the field technician can contact customer service who can then contact the customer. Often the problem is resolved, so there does not have to be a return visit to the home.Studies show the use of mobile workforce management solutions, such as FieldTec's FOCUS can reduce no show rates by as much as 20 per cent.Reduced Frustration Leads to Improved Customer SatisfactionAnother advantage of the use of mobile workforce management solutions when deploying smart meters is a reduction in frustration amongst the customers and the field technicians. Communication is facilitated so there is a reduction in miscommunication. This translates into improved customer satisfaction, which means they will welcome their new smart meter.To learn more about how mobile workforce solutions can help your utility, visit www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech Local Council and Utility Workers Bridge the Gap between Customers and Operation Centres 2012-09-11T04:11:57Z local-council-and-utility-workers-bridge-the-gap-between-customers-and-operation-centres Mobile workforce team members serve as the brand ambassador for every utility or local government service provider. Often these field technicians are the only face-to-face contact customers have with these businesses.A recently published report 'The Road Ahead - The Future of Field Service Delivery' indicates business owners and management recognise the need to give their mobile workforce the tools they need to serve successfully as brand managers.[1] So how do field technicians acts as brand ambassadors and what tools do they need?The Role of the Mobile Workforce A survey reported in 'The Road Ahead' found that 93 per cent of business owners and managers describe the members of their mobile workforce as their 'company face.' Moreover, 89 per cent of the executives in this study reported they viewed their field staff as an essential part of the image their company portrays to the public. Given the prominent role the members of the workforce play in these businesses, management encourages field workers to do the following:Consistently deliver high quality service to customersImprove productivityHave knowledge of and promote company campaignsThe leaders of these businesses look to technology to serve as a communication bridge between their headquarters and their mobile workforce.The Role of Technology in Enhancing Front-Line Customer Service When business owners and managers look for mobile workforce management solutions, they want the technology tools compatible with laptops, mobile phones, and tablets that can do the following:Streamline communications with the members of their field staffHelp create a customer-centric cultureDevelop cohesive relationships between office-based employees and staff members in the fieldMobile workforce management solutions, such as FieldTec's FOCUS, can help field technicians provide the highest level of efficient customer service byAllowing dispatch and call centres to track the location of worker and the worker's progressPermits the dispatch of new service calls in real timeAdjust schedules so no appointments are missed when employees are absentIn addition to facilitating management and call centre functions, mobile workforce solutions improve on-time service delivery, which 81 per cent of business executives identify as a key component of customer satisfaction. As 61 per cent of businesses expect to add staff to their mobile workforce, applications such as FieldTec's FOCUS are becoming essential tools for ensuring the best customer service possible.[1] information: www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech FOCUS integrates with existing infrastructure 2012-08-31T01:17:34Z focus-integrates-with-existing-infrastructure One of the questions FieldTec receives about FOCUS, its flagshipmobile workforce managementsoftware package, is whether FOCUS can integrate with a business's existing IT infrastructure. The answer is a resounding yes.When asked about FieldTec's experience with integrating FOCUS with an organisation's existing software, Mark Hosking Managing Director said, "FieldTec has had extensive experience in integrating FOCUS into corporate and enterprise solutions. This includes the integration of FOCUS into GIS, Asset Management and CRM solutions. Through the use of FOCUS web services and application configurations, most integrations are achieved with very little development."Here is a snapshot of the different ways FOCUS can integrate with your existing software to increase the efficiency of your operations.* Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: The FOCUS call taking module easily integrates into your CRM system and other third party applications. Some of the CRM software suppliers with whom FieldTec has collaborated with in designing interfaces include CARE, Civic, PeopleSoft, and Thinking Windows.* Asset Management Systems: FOCUS works with your existing asset management system, such as those developed by Assetic, Conquest, Hansen (Infor), and Minicom (Ventyx) Ellipse to facilitate the monitoring of job status, asset status, and availability. Additionally, FOCUS can streamline assessing break fix details, asset condition reporting, resource consumption, and asset movement details.* GIS System: Both the FOCUS master unit, which is based in an organisation's headquarters, and the FOCUS field unit interface with GIS systems, such as those offered by Open Spatial, Intergraph, GE and now Google Maps. This makes it easy for call centres to dispatch calls to the technician that is closest to a particular job site and for field staff to find its location easily.* SCADA Systems: In the event the SCADA system indicated there is a system disruption in operations, FOCUS can take this information and give it a priority status in the dispatch queue.If you want to learn more about how FOCUS can increase the efficiency of managing your mobile workforce, visit the FieldTec website at FieldTec Responds to Questions about FOCUS Business Processes 2012-08-23T04:42:15Z fieldtec-responds-to-questions-about-focus-business-processes Since FieldTec made its comprehensive mobile workforce management solution FOCUS available to utility providers and local government, they received many calls inquiring as to how a case progresses through the system.They have decided to provide the public with a detailed description of how a case flows through FOCUS from start to finish. The following details will help answer the question,'How does FOCUS work?'Steps of the FOCUS Business ProcessStep One: When the call centre or manager receives information about a job, the staff member creates a case in the business's existing CRM or Asset Management service. Alternatively, staff can enter detailed case information into FOCUS using the case screen. During this entry, the priority level of the job, the response required, and the deadline for resolution of the case is established in the system.Step Two: The dispatch team uses the data listed on the dispatch screen to assign the case to the appropriate field crew. The dispatch worker will have information about the case as well as detailed information about the crew. Some of the data included on the screen includes:* The names of the people on the crew* The current jobs the crew has to complete* The status of the crew's current cases* The location of the crew and their availabilityStep Three: The field staff member will receive the new case in the FOCUS in-tray on their mobile device. At this point, the crew has a range of responses by using the events interface:* They can use events to update the case status.* Once the job is finished, the crew can outline the tasks undertaken to complete the job.* They can also use the GIS to link assets and properties affected by the work* Questionnaires can also be used to collect additional data as needed.Step Four: The case is ready for review to ensure accuracy of the data.Step Five: Once the data is confirmed, the case is closed. The data is then ready for transfer to other systems for analysis and reports or other functions of the FOCUS system.In the event editors have further questions about the FOCUS system, FieldTec encourages you to contact them.More information: www.fieldtec.comVia: WhaTech FOCUS2 users to share success, at November 28 2012 conference 2012-08-14T07:36:23Z focus2-users-to-share-success-at-november-28-2012-conference FieldTec, Australia's top developer of mobile workforce solutions for the utility and local government sectors, will host the Focus User Conference 2012 in November.Melbourne-based FieldTec will hold the one-day-only event at the Sandringham Club on Wednesday, Nov. 28, in Sandringham, Victoria.The FOCUS User Conference 2012 brings together FOCUS administrators and users, as well as asset managers, operations and maintenance managers, and call centre / dispatch managers, under one roof to discuss how to maximize FOCUS2's tools to improve efficiency and productivity."The challenge for a service organisation is the management of dispersed assets, field workers, vendors and subcontractors. Add to this the demands for increased productivity and maintaining the complete workflow system the challenge can become a critical problem," says Mark Hosking, managing director of FieldTec."FieldTec is focused on solving the challenge through the development of the premier Field Force Management software application – FOCUS2."- Presenting at the conference are representatives from:-Assetic, a full-service Australian firm that provides investment and asset management products designed for local governments.-Barwon Water, Victoria's largest regional urban water corporation with a service area of 8,100 square kilometers.-National Responce Centre (NRC), manager of emergency response call taking and work order field dispatch for major energy, water and state based emergency service organisations.Assetic's Ashay Prabhu's will discuss strategic asset management using the core software tools of myPredictor and FOCUS2's role in asset condition assessment and strategic asset management. Shane Rayner, manager of NRC, will talk about FOCUS' current role in business and how its tools can be further utilized to improve services by direct integration with other FOCUS users. Barwon Water's Alastair shares how the firm uses FOCUS-collected data to improve operational performance.To view the complete itinerary, see www.fieldtec.comThe conference will wrap up with a discussion of FOCUS2's future developments.The A $220 attendance fee includes lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.The event starts at 10:00 a.m.To join the Focus User Conference 2012 this Nov. 28, book online by Nov. 14, 2012 at send an e-mail to Belinda.jackson@fieldtec.comFieldTec is the sole provider of FOCUS, a holistic, integrated, and customer-focused software package designed to help organisations optimise field service operations. The solution's value is the agility it has to manage business process exceptions, in addition to the routine processes that are experienced by most companies. FOCUS is the water industry's most widely used field service application. Clients include the Victorian Water Industry, Wannon Water, Westernport Water and Goulburn Valley Water.More information: www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech FieldTec's website re-design reflects its benefit 2012-08-07T06:33:23Z fieldtec-s-website-re-design-reflects-its-benefit The success of FieldTec has positioned the company as a leader in the development of mobile workforce solutions for the utility and local government sectors. The key element of the success of their flagship product, FOCUS, is the manner in which it streamlines the efficient free flow of information among stakeholders. The new FieldTec website mimics FOCUS in that it brings the latest relevant news and information to users in an easy to read format.What Benefits Can FieldTec's New Website Bring to You?Learn more about FieldTec's partners and you will develop confidence about FieldTec's world-class mobile workforce solutions. Some of FieldTec's partners include:Assetic is a full service Australian firm that provides investment and asset management products designed for local governments.Open Spatial is an Australian business that provides geospatial solutions for both local governments and utilities providers.Microsoft and Orcacle software platforms provide ease of integration with your organisation's existing infrastructure.Find out about the organisations that have implemented FOCUS and how this mobile workforce solution has benefited their organisations. Some of these companies include:Queensland Urban UtilitiesWannon WaterVictoria Building CommissionThe intuitive website navigation allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily in the same manner FOCUS allows users to find the data and reports they need.Discover the latest news about advances in the mobile workforce and asset management fields and the ways these advances can benefit your enterprise.Explore all the scalable technical elements of FOCUS and the ways they optimise the efficiency of your operations.Find out how FieldTec's 10 years of experience influences the manner in which they develop mobile workforce and field assets management solutions.Access information about the consulting services offered by FieldTec that help businesses implement mobile workforce management solutions.View videos that provide real-life demonstrations showing how FieldTec's field management solutions work.Discover how FOCUS can be integrated with your organisation's existing IT infrastructure.Walk through a simulated case demonstrating the business processes utilised by FOCUS. Actual screenshots illustrate each stage of the process so you can see for yourself how FOCUS can facilitate smooth and efficient business operations.What Led to the Re-Design of the FieldTec Website?The rebranding and redesign of the FieldTec website reflects the evolution and advances FieldTec has made in their mobile workforce management and field asset management solutions. FieldTec, in addition to explaining the benefits of FOCUS, wants to provide the latest news and events as an added value to those who visit their site.When asked about the reason for the branding on the new FieldTec website, Mark Hosking Managing Director Fieldtec replied, "The new look reflects the outdoor nature of our client base. We also wanted to let our brand reflect the close working relationship we have with our customers and our partners so we're really pleased we were able to put them front and centre in the new design."You can see FieldTec's website changes at, while at the same time learning how FOCUS can optimise the efficiency of your mobile workforce operations.More information: www.fieldtec.comArticle Source: WhaTech FOCUS Keeps a Mobile Workforce in the Loop 2012-08-06T04:29:18Z focus-keeps-a-mobile-workforce-in-the-loop The field workers of a utility or local government are the lifeblood of these enterprises. They do the important work that keeps field assets operational. Any mobile communications technology used by field staff must meet their special needs. When FieldTec developed FOCUS, they kept the mobile workforce front of mind.The nature of field service tasks often means that the technicians need to get their work done quickly with minimal interruptions. When the field staff need support services from central office, they need access in real-time.FOCUS streamlines communication between those who work offsite and those who work in the office.Field personnel should not spend additional time contacting call centre staff and managers with status updates for individual jobs.Field personnel who use FOCUS only have to input a minimal amount of critical data to communicate effectively with a central office.FOCUS makes use of GIS data to semi-automate the reporting process. This further minimises the time a technician needs to spend on data entry.The free flow of real time information between field staff, the call centre and supervisors facilitates appropriate work allocation. The technician’s job queues can stay full with tasks that match their skill set. This increases their productivity, as well as their job satisfaction because field staff are not sent to jobs that require work beyond their level of expertise.When call centre and dispatch staff know the location of the mobile workforce, they can schedule the field staff for jobs that are close to their current location, cutting down the waste of long travel times.FOCUS can operate when there is no internet connectivity. Field staff can do their data entry and FOCUS will update when the user is back in range.With FOCUS, technicians and personnel in the field can have access to all the support systems and applications in the corporate office. Eliminating the wait for return phone calls or the need to go back to the office. This access facilitates real time problem solving where field and administrative staff can work together to achieve collaborative results.Since most field users find FOCUS easy to use there is little time away from the job to complete training. All FOCUS training is performed by experts with relevant industry experience.When the mobile and office bound workforce of a utility or local government are working together, the entire enterprise will operate efficiently. FOCUS keeps an open line of communication among all operational units of a business allowing for seamless collaboration.The goal of FOCUS is to keep the customer satisfied.More information: www.fieldtec.comSource: WhaTech The Success of Wannon Water Rollout of FOCUS: An Update 2012-07-30T20:28:06Z the-success-of-wannon-water-rollout-of-focus-an-update Three years ago, Wannon Water announced their plan to integrate FieldTec's mobile workforce and field asset management into their existing CRM system, asset management system, GIS, and SCADA telemetry systems. According to a company spokesperson, the goals of this plan included improving the service Wannon Water provides to their customers, increasing the accuracy of their data collection and reports, providing their job site personnel with access to information held at the corporate offices, and allowing management to have access to real time information to schedule staff and monitoring job progress. So what led Wannon Water to choose FOCUS?The Components of FOCUS and Their BenefitsThe components of FOCUS make it the perfect mobile workforce management tool for utilities like Wannon Water. These components include:-Call Centre Functionality-Work Order and Workflow Management-Scheduling and Dispatching Functionality- Mobile Device Functions- Real Time Data Collection and Monitoring- Business ToolsThese components provide utilities with the following benefits:-It allows the organisation to collect essential information about planned as well as unexpected work on a particular job site.-Businesses can easily configure the components of FOCUS to meet the needs of both organisation and their customers.-FOCUS allows field staff to easily collect and enter data in real time, which reduces their paperwork burden and eliminates the need for some clerical staff.-This mobile workforce solution provides analytics based on real time data so managers and supervisors can allocate field staff with the correct skill sets for scheduled jobs.Wannon's Implementation of the FOCUS Workforce Management SystemWannon opted to start the implementation of FOCUS with their field personnel and their call centre staff to improve their response to customer calls related to issues related to their water and services, as well as increase the efficiency of completing planned maintenance of these service grids. Additionally, they opted to integrate FOCUS with their existing AquaTact CRM so the information collected about the customer and their service needs can be classified by the call centre staff before it is transferred to the FOCUS system so the call can be dispatched. FOCUS transmits real time progress reports back to the call centre so the staff can estimate when the field worker is ready for the next task. Once the task is completed, the call centre staff can see how the customer's issue was resolved by viewing the information displayed on the AquaTact screen.Since the rollout of FOCUS by Wannon Water in February 2012, the system has provided a free flow of information amongst the call centre staff, the field staff, the supervisors, and the management staff. Wannon Water representatives reported they believe they will achieve all the benchmarks of success for this project, based on their initial impressions.So How Are Things Progressing Since the Rollout?During a press briefing, Andrew Dilley, IT Manager of Wannon water was overheard telling Mark Hosking, General Manager of FieldTec,"The MIMS project is going really well - thanks to you and your team for this."More information: www.fieldtec.comArticle Source: WhaTech Local government finds solutions in mobile workforce management 2012-07-13T01:47:30Z local-government-finds-solutions-in-mobile-workforce-management People are the most important element for transformation in any public body. Most Local governments do not have the policies, processes and technology that allow them to maximize the energy and creativity of their workforce.This is why government bodies are adopting a whole new category of technology solutions in the form of mobile workforce management to boost productivity and transform their organisations performance.One of the most interesting new technology enables improved accountability of personnel working outside the office providing support services and maintenance. Mobile workforce management has become the driving force behind efficient, work order management, real-time monitoring and reducing paperwork.Previously it was difficult to have control over time spent on each case or the effectiveness of the visit, because companies could not verify that the employee complied with the number of scheduled visits, time spent on each visit or that delivered a satisfactory solution.Mobile workforce and asset management solutions allows local government to supply efficient support services and customer care off site. Providing immediate response by specialists to make optimal use of available resource. Workforce management solutions also organisations benefit from structured data collection about service calls enabling improvements in future customer interactions.More information: fieldtec.comArticle Source: WhaTech - Content Marketing Mobile workforce management maintains the connected worker 2012-07-04T06:25:03Z mobile-workforce-management-maintains-the-connected-worker The success of any enterprise depends on the people who participate in its daily operation. The time management of these people in the past has been handled by manual systems, often Excel spreadsheets. These systems lack any form of automation and irrespective of how experienced an employee is there is always a risk of human error with these manual systems.CRM, business intelligence, cloud computing, mobile devices and GPS are technologies that have recently matured to a point where companies large and small can incorporate them into the operation of their organisation.Global Positioning System (GPS) and the rise of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets with Internet access present an opportunity to be more productive and strategic with the allocation of off site resources.Mobile workforce management technologies help determine the exact location of the “connected worker” relaying real time information which is incorporated into logistic and business decisions. Workforce management solutions are the key to serving more customers in less time, reducing labor costs and staying competitive.Mobile staff can quickly move between sites and projects developing and maintaining the company's business in any region ensuring compliance with the required quality standards and corporate culture.At the same time “the connected worker“ benefits from an atmosphere of ordered routine and structured accountability. Leading to improved productivity and lower levels of absenteeism.More information: www.fieldtec.comVia: WhaTech Mobile Workforce Management Solutions: Get the Right Person to Job Site on Time 2012-07-02T05:56:47Z mobile-workforce-management-solutions-get-the-right-person-to-job-site-on-time One of the challenges local governments and service providers in the utilities sector face is they have to manage an offsite labour force who works on a high volume of projects that take a short time to complete. For example, the typical power company has to manage 500 field employees scheduled by dispatchers or a call centre. Furthermore, the labour cost associated with a large mobile work force can range from 50 to 90 per cent of the gross revenue of the company or government agency. Studies have shown that mobile work force solutions can reduce this cost by 10 to 16 per cent on a year over year basis.How Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Improve Efficiency and Cut CostsWorkforce management solutions serve the vital function of getting employees with the right skill sets to the job site on time. Additionally, mobile workforce management solutions feed real-time data back to the dispatcher or call centre enabling them to schedule the workers to the next job fitting their skill set closest to them. This capability improves efficiency and productivity of mobile workers while decreasing downtime and transportation costs, while improving customer satisfaction, since people have a better idea when to expect a service call and how long the job will take to complete. Additionally, the dispatcher has the information to send the most skilled and experienced technician to complete the job, decreasing the likelihood of repeated service calls because the task was not completed correctly the first time. Businesses report they find a 56 per cent improvement in their ability to schedule workers who have the best skill sets to complete specific tasks, as well as a significant decrease in employee downtime between jobs.Since supervisors and managers have the ability to track employees in real-time, they have the information needed to decrease overtime costs. They also have the ability to know when an employee is not working, which enables them to address issues with absenteeism that can cost the business both time and money. Moreover, workforce management solutions give the supervisors and management team information about employee information requests so they can identify the need to bring in additional staff with specific expertise so operations can continue seamlessly.Workforce Management Solutions Liberates Supervisors from Their DesksBefore government agencies and utility service providers started implementing mobile workforce solutions, one of the organisation's most importance resources, their highly skilled supervisors, had to mentor and manage their teams from afar. When businesses deploy mobile workforce management programs, supervisors and management have access to real-time information from any site. This enables them to go to job sites to troubleshoot problems on the job site, mentor employees, and assess employee performance in the field. Since this reduces the frustration level of frontline staff that experience challenging situations on job sites, employee morale improves, resulting in lower absentee rates and improved employee morale.Mobile workforce management solutions provide a means to maximise the return on investment of the most valuable resource of a large-scale service provider, their skilled workforce.More Information: www.fieldtec.comVia: WhaTech