The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-01-21T02:02:38Z Vantage FX Stands Strong After SNB Fallout 2015-01-21T02:02:38Z vantage-fx-stands-strong-after-snb-fallout Sydney – January, 2015 In a move that shocked markets creating unprecedented volatility, the Swiss National Bank ended their 1.20 peg to the Euro. The announcement was unexpected and caught the market by surprise. Australian Forex services provider, Vantage FX, remains in comfortable trading ground with more than favourable capital requirements. As a reminder, traders can be assured that client funds will always remain in segregated trust accounts and are kept separate from Vantage company funds as required by ASIC regulations. Trading is unaffected and business is continuing as usual. “The last few days’ events will have changed the Forex industry. Nevertheless, for us business will continue as usual” affirmed Vantage FX Operations Manager, Daniel Bent. Our support team members and account managers are on hand responding to customer queries. Concerned clients, who wish to find out more, please contact your Account Manager or email our support team at Binary Options Trade Volume Quadruples at Vantage FX 2013-07-29T06:19:44Z binary-options-trade-volume-quadruples-at-vantage-fx July, 2013 - Sydney, Australia Since becoming the world's first broker to offer the ability to trade Forex and Binary Options from the same MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading account, Vantage FX has been experiencing rapid growth in both categories. The Australian-based financial services provider has been offering Binary Options trading since 2012 but recent months have seen a surge in local awareness and activity. Antony Goddard, Managing Director of Vantage FX, says "Binary Options are undoubtedly a growth area for financial trading in Australia -- the last quarter saw Vantage FX quadruple our volume of binary trades." Because Vantage FX clients can do their Forex and Binary Option trading via a single MT4 account, the rise of Binary Option trading has led to a simultaneous increase in Forex trading. Vantage FX's parent company Enfinium has recorded a turnover of more than 16 billion for the period May to June 2013, following a 41% increase in Vantage FX's retail forex trading volume. But Goddard believes that figure can also be linked somewhat to the development of trading platforms with wider, less traditional, user appeal. "Traders want their trading platforms to fit with their technology set," he says. "For example, we knew that Mac users didn't want to use the PC version of MT4, so Vantage FX became one of the few traders to develop MT4 specifically for Mac. We've also developed mobile platforms specifically for mobile devices and launched FX Copy for online social trading." As well as developing trading platforms, Vantage FX is providing free resources to help people learn the basics of trading. Says Goddard, "We realise that many people in the local market may be unfamiliar with Binary Options and, to a degree, Forex trading. That's why we've added an Education section to the Vantage FX website where anyone can access our free tutorials and infographics to learn about how trading works. We also offer free demo accounts where users get $20,000 of virtual funds to get hands-on practice in a risk-free environment." "We want to show that, once you understand the basics, trading can be for everyone." Vantage FX Releases Breakthrough Faster, Enhanced Mobile Trading 2013-03-25T23:07:02Z vantage-fx-releases-breakthrough-faster-enhanced-mobile-trading Sydney, March, 2013 Australian award-winning Vantage FX has released a new suite of mobile phone Forex trading applications for MetaTrader 4. The trading apps will be made available to Vantage FX clients for use on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. The apps have been completely redesigned internally with significant upgrades and first-to-market features. Unlike other trading applications which depend upon customising prebuilt off-the-shelf products, Vantage FX’s trading apps are all powered by Enfinium Technology. Vantage FX worked alongside Enfinium developers creating the application, redesigning its functionalities, aiming to improve speed and the user- interface. The Vantage FX trading app will also feature new unique charting features. Traders will now be able to draw and apply analysis tools directly onto charts. Trendlines, Fibonacci retracement and other such items can be added to assist trading strategies. Different styled charts can be viewed and various timeframes can be applied to the charts. These features were designed with iPad users in mind, looking to enhance all users’ experience. The new trading apps will feature: ·         Real-time pricing and execution ·         Ability to open, close live positions & amend pending orders ·         Detailed account history – not just account balances ·         Customisable charts available in line, bar, candlestick or mountain style ·         Chart drawing features ·         Free technical charting indicators ·         Multi-lingual smartphone support The mobile trading apps are all connected to Vantage FX MetaTrader 4 accounts. The new platforms have been created to allow for quicker and smoother logging in and syncing of information. Trades made on the desktop version of MT4 will instantly show on mobile apps and vice versa. Existing live and demo MT4 accounts can be used to login to the mobile apps - new accounts do not need to be created. The Vantage FX Mobile Trading apps for the Apple iStore are now available. The Android version will be released in the coming month. For more information on the applications, please see: Vantage FX Expands with New Servers to Keep Up with Binary Options Popularity 2013-02-25T22:54:11Z vantage-fx-expands-with-new-servers-to-keep-up-with-binary-options-popularity SYDNEY, Feb. 25, 2013Vantage FX has enhanced their global trading infrastructure with the addition of brand new, state-of-the-art MT4 servers to keep up with the company's growth, greatly due to the increased popularity in the newly offered Binary Options. Based in London, these additional servers have allowed Vantage FX to have more than doubled their server capacity.The upgrade will expand on Vantage FX's existing Equinix server network which aims to improve trading execution times and server stability. "This will allow for an overall enhanced trading environment– both automated and discretionary. The improvement will not only benefit our European clients but will benefit our global network as a whole - balancing and easing traffic," says Vantage FX Managing Director, Antony Goddard. These extensions to Vantage FX come at a time with the notable growing interest in Binary Options. Even though, the growth for Binary Options since its introduction has rapidly gained momentum, Vantage FX has seen a dramatic surge in the trading of Binary Options amongst their own clients since their offering in October last year. As the first broker worldwide to provide a combined experience of both Binary Options and Forex trading on the one MetaTrader 4, Vantage FX traders have quickly seized the opportunity with Binary Option trade volumes quadrupling in the last three months of trade. There has also been an increasing interest and curiosity amongst traders who have yet to trade in Binary Options. Staff members have noted an increase in customer support queries on Binary Options and a high attendance rating for the company's free Binary Options webinars presented by trading expert and Futures columnist, Abe Cofnas. "The interest and curiosity is definitely there. People are excited but are being smart about it learning from the webinars and asking us questions," said Rom Revita, Vantage FX Account Manager.For those who would like to learn more about Binary Options feel free to contact the Vantage FX support team or download a free 30-day demo of the platform at Vantage FX Vantage FX are a multi-award winning Australian financial services firm providing innovative online Forex trading capabilities to clients globally. Vantage FX continually strives to provide a client-friendly, interactive Forex experience with trading accessibilities across a variety of platforms all with the tightest spreads. Vantage FX are the first to offer combined Binary Options and Forex Trading on the one MT4 platform. Vantage FX is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Enfinium Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 322081) and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). WebTrader Platform Goes Live Successfully Completing Vantage FX’s 2012 Expanded Offering 2012-12-18T00:01:15Z webtrader-platform-goes-live-successfully-completing-vantage-fx-s-2012-expanded-offering December, 2012 - Sydney, AustraliaFollowing leading Forex provider Vantage FX’s successful beta-test of their new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform, the team has announced the platform is ready for live trading. Vantage FX clients will now be able to trade live on the new WebTrader Platform from any web browser, on any computer. Testers of the new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform have provided positive feedback citing the ability to use the platform on the Safari browser and also how popular features from previous versions have been adapted to the new WebTrader, making for an overall pleasing user experience. “The feedback from testers and clients has been overwhelming so far,” says Antony Goddard, Managing Director at Vantage FX. “We are excited to break new ground and provide our clients with a web-based platform that has been built in-house by our own development team.  This not only separates us from most MetaTrader brokers who use externally developed software, it gives us the ability to provide our clients and white-label partners with superior in-house support,” said Goddard. The live release of Vantage FX’s WebTrader Platform coincides with the launch of the company’s recently redesigned website. Both the refreshed website and new WebTrader Platform rounds out the company’s scheduled expanded product mix for the year. The two service offerings complement and support the brand’s redeveloped 2012 version of the Vantage FX MetaTrader 4, along with the fresh product offering of Binary Options. Vantage FX’s WebTrader Platform provides:• Web trading for Mac, Linux & Windows• Completely verified connection to MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4)• Secure access wherever an internet connection exists• Live price monitoring via an advanced market watch• Real-time charting with advanced technical analysis & indicators• Free customization with simple ‘drag & drop’ control• 14 different language options• No installation of software requiredTo try out the new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform, visit . Current Vantage FX live account holders can just log in with their current MT4 account number and password. For traders who currently do not have a live account with Vantage FX, they can create a new demo account at . About Vantage FXVantage FX is an award winning Australian financial services firm providing online Forex trading capabilities to retail, high-net worth and institutional clients in globally. This year, Vantage FX are winners of Best Forex Execution (Asia Pacific IB Times Trading Awards), Best Forex Broker & Forex Execution House - South East Asia (The DealMakers Annual Banking Awards) and Best Forex Broker Australasia (World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards).Vantage FX is continually striving to provide a client-friendly, totally interactive Forex experience. As a team, we always look to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology, passing on benefits to our clients. Vantage FX is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Enfinium Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 322081) and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).### Beta Test of New Advanced WebTrader Platform Launched by Vantage FX 2012-11-23T03:31:57Z beta-test-of-new-advanced-webtrader-platform-launched-by-vantage-fx November, 2012 - Sydney, AustraliaLeading Australian Forex provider Vantage FX has launched an exclusive closed beta-test of their new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform to a select group of traders. The new Vantage FX WebTrader platform is an improved version of their original WebTrader platform, which was discontinued earlier in the year by Vantage FX and various other brokers such as Alpari, GO Markets and Axitrader following third party provider Xogee’s dispute with MetaQuotes.The new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform will allow traders to access their Vantage FX MT4 accounts from any web browser and computer in the world, including Apple Macs. This release of the WebTrader platform has been timed to coincide with the launch of Vantage FX’s newly designed website. The platform is completely verified and connected to MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The update has looked to improve connectivity, the user interface and customization abilities. Such favoured features as real-time charting and price monitoring are all still available.Vantage FX’s WebTrader Platform provides:•Web trading for Mac, Linux & Windows•Secure access wherever an internet connection exists•Live price monitoring via an advanced market watch•Real-time charting with advanced technical analysis & indicators•Free customization with simple ‘drag & drop’ control•14 different language options•No installation of software required“We’re excited to see the release of such a sophisticated WebTrader platform again” says Antony Goddard, Managing Director at Vantage FX. “Clients will be pleased to see that we have incorporated many of the popular features from our previous WebTrader Platform, which was originally developed by third party platform developer Xogee” said Goddard.  “We’d love to hear feedback from traders from all different countries, user capabilities, trader experience and especially those, always in transit. Our team has been working incredibly hard on the development of the new WebTrader platform and we look forward to hearing from our clients and users.”Current Vantage FX MT4 account holders can simply log in using their existing Vantage FX MT4 demo account login details at: new, invited beta-testers who are not holders of a Vantage FX MT4 account, they will be required to visit the site and set up a demo MT4 account by downloading MT4 at: . Once they have an account via MT4, they will not require the software to trade or access the WebTrader Platform. This will be a one time, initial requirement.A public open beta-testing will be made available in weeks to come. The current beta-test version of Vantage FX WebTrader Platform does not allow connection to live trading servers.About Vantage FXVantage FX is an award winning Australian financial services firm providing online Forex trading capabilities to retail, high-net worth and institutional clients in globally. This year, Vantage FX are winners of Best Forex Execution (Asia Pacific IB Times Trading Awards), Best Forex Broker & Forex Execution House - South East Asia (The DealMakers Annual Banking Awards) and Best Forex Broker Australasia (World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards).Vantage FX is continually striving to provide a client-friendly, totally interactive Forex experience. As a team we always look to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology, passing on benefits to our clients. Vantage FX is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Enfinium Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 322081 and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).### Vantage FX Client Rewards $10,000 Account Giveaway Winners Announced 2012-11-21T03:30:28Z vantage-fx-client-rewards-10-000-account-giveaway-winners-announced Sydney, AustraliaOn the 5th November, four Vantage FX traders were announced as the October winners of the $10,000 prize account giveaway. Each winner received a live Vantage FX account funded with $2,500.The announced October 2012 winners are: •Albert Sundjaja•Isaac Marais•Lasse Bogede•Jasbir WaliaThe competition was open to both existing account holders and to new account holders. New account holders that opened new live accounts in October were automatically entered. Existing traders were required to trade a minimum of 10 standard FX lots on their Vantage FX live account over the month of October. Traders were then automatically entered into the draw.“Here at Vantage FX, we appreciate the relationships we develop” says Antony Goddard, Managing Director. “We want to reward members of our existing community for continuing to trade with us and new members for choosing us.” Such long term members, like Mr Sundjaja from Melbourne, Australia, and Mr Marais were part of the winning party.Winner Mr Sundjaja was pleasantly surprised saying that he was “glad to be rewarded for something I was already doing. I’ve been trading with Vantage FX for 2 years now and have been extremely happy with their service and offerings.”Vantage FX hopes that traders attempt to use the prize to try out their world-first, free 24-hour access to Binary Options trading directly within MT4.With the success of the $10,000 account giveaway, Vantage FX will continue to reward members of the community in the coming months with new offers and benefits.To trial Vantage FX’s award-winning MT4 platform, download a free $20,000 demo hereAbout Vantage FXVantage FX is an award winning Australian financial services firm providing online Forex trading capabilities to retail, high-net worth and institutional clients in globally. This year, Vantage FX are winners of Best Forex Execution (Asia Pacific IB Times Trading Awards), Best Forex Broker & Forex Execution House - South East Asia (The DealMakers Annual Banking Awards) and Best Forex Broker Australasia (World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards).Vantage FX is continually striving to provide a client-friendly, totally interactive Forex experience. As a team we always look to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology, passing on benefits to our clients. Vantage FX is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Enfinium Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 322081 and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). FX Copy reaches 2,550 Social Trading members after only two months of release 2012-11-07T01:38:44Z fx-copy-reaches-2-550-social-trading-members-after-only-two-months-of-release November 2012 – Sydney, Australia FX Copy, the free Forex Social trading network, released in mid-September, 2012, has reached over 2,550 Social Trading members with numbers climbing steadily. The innovative FX Copy platform is a dynamic social trading community where traders can meet, interact, and share with other traders. Members have linked up their trading profiles to their MT4 accounts provided by FX Copy registered partners Enfinium, Vantage FX and GO Markets. FX Copy is a great tool for both trading beginners and also, the more advanced trader. FX Copy provides valuable insight into top performing trader’s activities in the Forex market.  Traders have the power to watch and engage directly with other top traders. With access to real-time and historical trade activity, trading members can successfully track, monitor and even, directly copy trades of profitable traders on a user-friendly platform. “Not only is there the social aspect to FX Copy, what is also impressive is the ability to have at your hand market overviews, personal trading stats and analysis” said Antony Goddard, Managing Director of Vantage FX. “Traders have responded with personal feedback about the ease-of-use and how it has added a new dimension to their trading.” FX Copy has also announced the winner of their Foundation Members competition, Neil Sheldon, being one of the early joining members to experience the benefits of social trading. Winner of the Apple iPad, Neil has said “I’ve been watching and learning a lot recently. I think FX Copy will help me with my trading as I can learn from what the good traders do.” Already, notable members have started to appear, including trader ‘Krill’ who, at the time of writing, is sitting on an all-time return of 704% profit with 225 members following his profile. Members have the option to learn and follow traders like ‘Krill’ and many other top performers. Members can completely customise their user experience to find traders who match their desired trading style using a series of filters and analytical tools available for use across the array of individual trading profiles. FX Copy is completely free and available to anyone to join. To learn more and register, see www.fxcopy.comAbout FX Copy FX Copy is a completely free, new Forex Social trading network, where traders can follow and copy trades of top performing Forex traders. FX Copy is a development and trading brand of Enfinium Pty Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the AFSL 322081. Enfinium clients benefit from direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 80 market destinations worldwide, best price execution, ultra-low trading commission, live streaming quotes, low option margin, high interest earned and low financing costs. ### Vantage FX releases new, exceptional adaptation of MetaTrader 4 2012-11-01T01:54:02Z vantage-fx-releases-new-exceptional-adaptation-of-metatrader-4 November 2012 – Sydney, Australia Leading Australian Forex provider Vantage FX has released a brand-new, significantly developed version of their MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.  The upgrade has a series of new, exciting features built directly onto the existing MT4 software, now with one-click trading, auto-copy trading and one-click partial close.  The improved platform has been designed with an even more intuitive user-interface, including a series of advanced trading tools, new inclusions of customisable indicators and an updated control panel. In a world-first, Vantage FX’s new MT4 also gives traders free 24-hour access to Binary Options trading directly within MT4.  All clients will have free access to trial binaries without having to navigate away from the platform. All available in live real-time, especially advantageous for 60 Second Binary Options trading. “The new platform allows for an enhanced overall user experience for all clients whether in the demo or live trading environment”, said Antony Goddard Managing Director of Vantage FX.  “Traders who are comfortable with the old MT4 will be happy to know that the platform retains all the existing functionality of the older build.  The new platform will give clients the ability to manage their trading account with more ease than ever before.” This calibre of trading software, combined with Vantage FX’s 2012 IBTimes award-winning Forex execution speeds, extremely competitive pricing  and award-winning 24-hour premier support team, make the Sydney-based provider’s offering one of the most desirable in the industry. A full trial version of MetaTrader 4 is available for traders to download now. This 30-day demo version is a mirror of the live trading environment and will show you an exact replica in regards to spreads and trade execution. Sign up for a free $20,000 Demo account today along with a complimentary eBook copy of ‘MetaTrader 4 User guide’ at Vantage FX launches MetaTrader 5 for Live Trading 2012-08-12T13:38:30Z vantage-fx-launches-metatrader-5-for-live-trading Australian-based leading global Forex provider, Vantage FX has announced the launch of the long-awaited MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform for live trading. Well known for its non-dealing desk (STP) execution and extremely competitive spreads on MetaTrader 4, Vantage FX is the first, and only Australian regulated financial services firm offering the long-awaited, completely new MT5 trading software in the live trading environment. Traders can trade 32 currency pairs with real-time, live pricing on Vantage FX’s MT5 platform with spreads starting from 0.5 pips and will benefit from direct access to increased liquidity from over 70+ banks and institutions. The architecture of MetaTrader 5 sets it apart from other trading software, giving traders a new sense of reliability and performance. On the Vantage FX MT5 platform traders will have access to MT5’s advanced charting software, with a variety of different settings available, and more than 79 in-built analytical tools. MT5's Strategy Tester is also a prominent feature on the platform, providing traders with the opportunity to optimise and perfect trading strategies in minutes. “We anticipate trading groups world-wide to start making the most of the superior trading environment that MetaTrader 5 provides. Traders will have the added security by partnering with Vantage FX, as we are a highly regulated Australian financial services firm.” said Antony Goddard, Director of Vantage FX. “Moreover, our strong focus on technology has firmly positioned Vantage FX as a leading global Forex provider with greater opportunities for both institutional and retail clients.” The Vantage FX MT5 platform is available for download from, with a free 30-day demo trial also available here. For more information visit or contact Vantage FX directly on +61 1300 945 517. Sign up for a MetaTrader 5 demo account today! Vantage FX Announces Release of Custom Built MetaTrader 4 for Mac Platform 2012-06-18T08:08:35Z vantage-fx-announces-release-of-custom-built-metatrader-4-for-mac-platform Australian-based online global Forex provider, Vantage FX is pleased to announce the launch of a new MetaTrader 4 for Mac platform – A custom-built platform giving FX traders the power to trade the world renown MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on any Mac computer.Vantage FX is the first and only company to offer a platform of this calibre, with the technology built in-house by the company’s R&D team. Whilst there are some existing solutions for traders wanting to use MT4 on a Mac computer, this is the only custom-built platform available for traders to use with the complete, full functionality of MT4 exactly as though the user is on a PC.“This is not a basic add-on or a plug-in, it is a custom-built platform allowing traders to fully integrate and run automated trading systems or EAs, as well as utilise the 50+ built-in indicators on MT4 that just aren’t possible on other Mac solutions such as Crossover.” said Antony Goddard, Director of Vantage FX.“The ability to use MT4 on a Mac computer is something clients have been asking for us for some time, so we are thrilled with the team’s hard work on developing this innovative technology."Vantage FX offer a free 30-day trial of the application, available from their website at